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June 2021

Dramatic change in approach to transfers appears to be affecting the market


Seven Transfers Arsenal are said to be involved in, and the changes noticed in the pre-transfer talk.


By Sir Hardly Anyone

The notion of a transfer index which charts all the players said by the media to be coming to or going from Arsenal, was of course set up to show how stupid such tales are, lay bare the contempt with which football journalists treat the fans who pay to watch the game, and make plain the fairly obvious: that not all transfers work, and just because club a want player x that doesn’t mean they can have him.

When we started the first index I don’t think any of us thought we would see any changes in the behaviour of those we target – the journalists and their camp followers – at least not for a long time – and yet just 15 months into the campaign there are changes afoot.

These come in two types.

First the serious consideration of what is behind reports emerging from clubs.  For example Neymar’s bust up with Nelson Semedo wasn’t just reported as a shock horror event.  For although some of the media are still utterly stuck in the old mould, a few like the Independent examined whether the reported argument was either part of an attempt to get a transfer to PSG, and even if so whether PSG will pay the asking price because of the FFP and tax implications.  Or whether it was a bluff by Neymar to get a new contract with his current employers.

Second the abandonment of the old tale in the Express of some Spanish web site you’ve never heard of that Arsenal are about to buy player Z – while the Spanish web site (if it can be found at all is found to be quoting the Express as the source.  Again, this of course still goes on, but it is slowly being replaced by opinion pieces along the lines of “The player Arsenal really need to make the midfield work is…”

That’s an interesting step forward, since although one might disagree with the commentary, at least there is a commentary to disagree with, rather just six lines of background about how Wenger is under pressure and last season was a disaster followed by one line saying “according to reports…”

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And thus and therefore, what do we now have?

1: Jakub Jankto

So we get “Will Arsenal consider signing Udinese’s Jakub Jankto to strengthen their midfield options?” which is a valid question, although because not everyone has evolved into the new style it is still quickly mutated into “Arsenal have reportedly reignited interest in Udinese midfielder Jakub Jankto, who is also being tailed by Juventus and Inter Milan.

The Sun is now the source about this 21 year old midfielder “hailed as the next Tomas Rosicky in Czech Republic”

2: Joshua Zirkzee

He’s with Feyenoord and reports say Arsenal have beaten Ajax to the striker.  He’s 16 and originally came from Den Haag’s academy, scoring 33 goals in 27 appearances for Feyenoord’s youth teams.

3: Arda Turan

The Barcelona midfielder left training on Monday morning, allegedly, and at once the story is he is leaving Barcelona.    The club then denied any bid but the press of course know better and the speculation is Arsenal, although Besiktas, Galatasaray and Fenerbahce are also mentioned in dispatches as a destination.

4: Lemar

Boring boring story… apparently according to John Cross of the Mirror the £52m paid Lacazette will be “eclipsed” by the signing of the midfielder.  Well I never.   Talks between Arsenal and Monaco about Thomas Lemar are ongoing, according to Dharmesh Sheth, apparently.

5: Barclay

The Daily Star, (a sort of version of the Daily Express for those who still have their teeth) says six clubs are now chasing Ross Barkley all over the pitch and he is “destined” to leave.  But destiny my friends, like fate, can be cheated.  [I say that’s a bit profound for a football blog isn’t it?  Even if it is written by a knight of the realm – Tony.]  Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United are interested and Everton have said he can go, apparently.

6: William Carvalho

The Star again is on this one claiming six clubs want to deal: Manchester City, Tottenham, Man United, Arsenal, West Ham and Chelsea.   £25m to £30m is the new going price, and Tottenham are the leaders in the hunting pack.

And Crystal Palace are now joining in too, according to that well known source the Croydon Advertiser, but Sporting Lisbon midfielder William Carvalho is now a transfer target for Juventus.  Apparently.  Gazzetta dello Sport says the deal is on its way.

7:  Caen’s Yann Karamoh

Of course no report would be complete without a “race” and here we have it between Tottenham and Arsenal, all over a £9m player who is the “next Kylian Mbappe” – which is odd since I don’t really think we’ve had this Mbappe yet.

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7 comments to Dramatic change in approach to transfers appears to be affecting the market

  • Dom

    Yes SHA, reports have slowed down somewhat thank Goodness, probably down to the gutter press having exhausted every possible avenue to annoy Arsenal fans.
    However, AW’s considered position regarding the transfer market of the future, the ridiculous increase in the value of players, the relative merit of the length of players’ contracts and subsequently the decreasing importance of un-renewed final year contracts is going to slowly seep into their relative consciousness and energize them again 🙂

  • Is Olivier giroud staying at Arsenal next season or going to Everton

  • Pat

    Dom, you are probably right! Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    I am much interested to see the no.4 on your list of 7 numbers happen for us finally this summer. And if the no.6 on your list is of high quality we can depend and count on it, let that number also happen for us this summer as well. Because we will need those two or the like of them or even better than them if they can be found and gotten to enable us achieve our goals next season. Right? Yes, why not? Let Le Prof please try harder more that ever to get those two for us this summer.


  • Andy Mack

    sashakassim, no one knows the answer for certain but I’d be very surprised is Giroud left us.
    Although if he did leave us, I would ask ‘why would he want to join Everton?’…

  • stefan melzak

    Just thought I’d mention this. The controversy over the launch of Kroenke’s ‘blood sports’ channel is really blowing up. The papers are all over it.

    For you non Brits on here, animal cruelty is an absolute no no in the UK. Rightly or wrongly it’s considered only a close second to child cruelty

    Could this be the thing that rids us of our dreadful leech of an owner?

  • Andy Mack

    stefan melzak, How can an owner that’s taken only a tiny bit of money (maybe £3m per year) and supplied certain services (possibly not worth that 3m, but we don’t know that) be called a Leech?
    If you slate him for not putting more money into the club then there’s some justification, although most supporters don’t want our club run that way.
    But to call him a leech really just shows how little you understand if the situation or of the alternatives…