Shock horror: Alexis sneezes proving he will leave. Oh and he’s injured too.

by Tony Attwood

Think back if you will, to August 2011 when Samir Nasri left Arsenal to go to Manchester City.  He announced that he was moving for two reasons.  One was because he was utterly fed up with the constant harping and criticism against Arsenal in the media.  And because, he said, “Arsenal have good fans but not that passionate since they moved from Highbury.  City fans are really passionate. When we played against City, the crowd was amazing. That’s what I want.”

Since then Le nouveau Zidane has had three decent years with Man City, and three not so good years ending with a loan with Sevilla for whom he clocked up 23 league starts last season.  Man City would love to sell him, but sadly for them, no one seems to want him.  The fans don’t seem so passionate either.  Perhaps the trouble is that since 2014, apart from the League Cup, Man City haven’t won anything.

Of course Arsenal haven’t either, because the FA Cup is not a trophy, but I suppose if there is a hierarchy of things since 2014, and if we do count City’s League Cup, then in some people’s eyes the FA Cup in 2015 and 2017 is an improvement on no trophies, especially after a huge amount of money being spent.

Nasri’s problem – that of a player who forced his way out of Arsenal – might yet turn out to be akin to that of Alexis; although obviously as yet we don’t know how and where Alexis’ career will go.

There’s no suggestion that Alexis could get himself tied up with the sort of drugs case that just seems to be part of the Manchester City’s and Nasri’s misfortunes at the moment (they are also under investigation by the Court of Arbitration in Sport as mentioned in this morning’s notes, as well as being suspended from transfer arrangements for academy players, following wrong doing) but it is well to remember that not everything is greener everywhere else.

“For us Alexis Sánchez is a loss, of course,” he added. “But we have all the other players prepared in pre-season and they are all ready. It can happen in pre-season.”

As for a move to PSG Mr Wenger said, “I just think we are not open – what I said to you many times – to any offers, anyway. It’s a long time I didn’t speak to Nasser, [Nasser al-Khelaifi, chair at PSG] because it’s certainly very busy to complete the transfer of Neymar and it’s a long time that I didn’t speak to him… I think if you read the French papers, they are on Mbappé’s case to finish their transfer market.”

As for the transfers out of Arsenal of the players that won’t be in the 25 Mr Wenger said, “Yesterday I had the managers’ meeting and was talking with the other managers in the other clubs. It looks like everywhere there is many, many players and a bit of congestion at the moment everywhere.”

Ramsey and Ozil could be ready for Friday’s game, although Ozil is considered a “major doubt” in some quarters, and actually Jack Wilshere could also be ready, but I am sure he will be given a run out with the under 23s first before anyone considers him for the first team.  Mertesacker might be available, but at the very most I’d only expect him on the bench.

That leaves Coquelin, Gabriel and Santi Cazorla certainly out for the opening game, along with Alexis – which is pretty much what we knew anyway.  Plus of course Koscielny who is serving the second of three matches suspended.  Mustafi, like Alexis would not be considered yet having come back late to the club.

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6 Replies to “Shock horror: Alexis sneezes proving he will leave. Oh and he’s injured too.”

  1. I just realised it will be “nice to Arsenal year” for the media as we are not in CL and when we are the last UK team in Europe they will have no one else. :B

    Seriously, If Manc really want him they will bid what will convince Arsenal,£100m.
    If not he stays.

    For me, it’s he’s right to go if Arsenal let him, he’s been good for us. If we were in CL it might not have been a problem.

  2. I don’t think not been in the CL next season will constitute a problem for Arsenal in recruitment of new top or world class quality players in the current summer transfer window. What I think could constitute a problem for Arsenal is, if Le Prof fails to sign some three more new top quality recruits this summer to re-strengthened his senior squad in some still weak positions in his first team squad. Notably in midfield area where a 2nd top class midfield enforcer is urgently needed and a top quality versatile midfielder is equally required. And of course, whether Sanchez remains or not, a proven PL top goal scorer addition this summer should not be ignored by Le Prof but taken with utmost seriousness.

    Do Arsenal need to sign a defender this summer? The answer to this question is capital NO! Arsenal have eleven defenders already in: Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Chambers, Holding, Bellerin, Elneny, Mustasfi, Kolasinac and Maitland-Niles who will be manning their back-three, back-four defense-line, defensive midfield holding and attacking/defensive wingback positions this summer. That’s assuming they’ll all be kept at Arsenal this summer. And not to talk of Gabriel and Gibbs who are looking to be on their ways out of Arsenal this summer.

  3. Really don’t think he’s leaving…Arsene is being cute. If we have a good season, get close to the top and qualify for CL where would Alexis choose to go then ? PSG is fragile as is City. Anyone here prepared to put money on either winning the CL ? I think not…perhaps our Alexis will remain after all.

  4. Alexis will remain for this year despite illogical campaign from some Arsenal supporters to drive him out of the club.

    Also, I reckon Mustafi will play on Friday night as Arsene specifically mentioned him among the players that returned.


    Bellerin Holding Mustafi Nacho Seo

    Xhaka Elneny

    Özil Iwobi


    I boldly predict Mesut will be fit for the game and Rambo will be on the beach to get enough Vitamin D before our trip to Stoke.

  5. With every day it does look like Arsenal are preparing to let him go if the right “price” comes.

    We forget sometimes that it is a business, and there comes a time when business will take priority over the football.

    However, they also have to prepare in case the right “price” does not come.

    Hence the signals pointing both ways.

    That’s how it looks to me man.

  6. I’m hoping Wenger does a special & plays Giroud & Lacazette together up front. It will open Leicester up for the long ball attack with Giroud to guide aerial missiles & Laca to sprint into open areas.

    Kola is the master of accurate delivery from defence as Ozil, Xhaka & ElNeny are from midfield. I’m looking forward to see the team playing again. Only shame is the late Friday night kick off -sport has turned greedy!

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