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  1. Brickfields Gunners

    I for one am not at all flustered by our apparent non activity as the transfer window closes . But if our recent record of scoring in the dying minutes of games is anything to go by , AW might just give us a big 11th. hour surprise!

    And for a change , the uncertainty surrounding the other clubs are quite a welcome change . A reversal of fortunes , that gladdens my heart . And that has totally dumbstruck the so called experts .Not that they were not dumb before !
    More implosions please !

  2. Josif

    My prediction for this season were:

    1.Manchester City, 2.Arsenal, 3.Manchester United, 4.Chelsea, 5.Liverpool, 6.Tottenham, 7.Everton.

    These seven clubs won over 50% of available points last season so I reckon there is a slim chance someone would make a breakthrough to Top 7.


    Manchester City – they have enormous talent upfront, full-back positions addressed and a manager who wants to win things by playing football properly. Their weak spots are central defence (they’ve been trying to sign Jonny Evans as a back-up for injury-prone Vincent Kompany) and central midfield where they don’t have a Matić-type of a midfielder. Still, given that they have Agüerooooooo, De Bruyne, Sane, Jesus and two Silvas, they look well-equipped to win the league.

    Arsenal – there are worries about Alexis’, Özil’s and Ox’ while some players like Jack, Gibbs, Chambers and Perez have unknown future ahead of themselves. Hopefully that doesn’t ruin the atmosphere in the team. On the base of squad depth and quality, Arsenal look to me as the second best team in the league, behind Manchester City just because our central midfield relies a lot on Ramsey-Xhaka axis. If Santi was fit, it would also mean a better performance from Coquelin. We don’t play CL this season which should be a huge plus for us.

    Manchester United – yes, they thrashed West Ham but The Hammers were incredibly poor and without a few extremely important players (Antonio, Lanzini, Carroll). Matić is a huge reinforcement, Lukaku will score loads of goals but I still reckon they have weaknesses in the central defence and on the left full-back position. The way they have been suffocating their greatest talent Martial is awful.

    Chelsea – just like AC Milan had suffered whenever Berlusconi was distracted with something else, Chelsea seem to be going through a rough patch whenever Roman Abramovich decides to send his current wife on loan to Vitesse…sorry, to divorce his current wife. Diego Costa imploded, Hazard is injured and Fabregas is past his best. Matić’s replacement Bakayoko is injured and their central defence lost Terry’s presence on the pitch and, more importantly, in the locker room. However, they have a top manager and quite a few quality players across all the lines of their team so they should stay in Top 4 even with a Champions League distraction added to their woes.

    Liverpool – they are likely to play Champions League football but their best player has been on strike for a while as he wants to force his move to Barcelona. They had a thin squad last season and couldn’t deal with Mane’s injury/international commitments. With Salah they have improved their attack but their defensive issues are still very visible with a naked eye, especially at set-pieces. Mane is a top, top player, arguably one of the best in the league but I don’t see them having a striker who can bag 20 goals given that Sturridge is crocked again.

    Tottenham – they have Kane and Alli to score around 40 goals in the league, Son who can add 10-15 more but I don’t see them making an improvement to their last season. They have lost Walker while Rose has opened a can of worms that could destroy their harmonic team. They have been trying to sign Davinson Sanchez from Ajax and Serge Aurier from PSG but neither of those transfers look close to realization. Wembley, CL football, thin squad that is one Alli’s/Kane’s injury away from lack of goals. They haven’t signed a player since the last transfer deadline and that signing was one of the biggest flops ever Moussa Sissoko so Levy maybe thinks Poch does well on the market only with players with a fee up to 15 million pounds.

    Everton – too many new signings and I believe they will take Europa League seriously so they might seriously struggle. Their next four league matches will say a lot about their league campaign as they play both Manchester clubs, Tottenham and Chelsea. Paying 45 millions for prettier version of “Charlie Adam 2010-11” though… Madness.

  3. Super Singh

    Not worried about the other teams, but am worried about the man in black? And our players getting kicked to piece’s. somebody’s gonna tell me that I’m on my on this thought.

  4. Super Singh


  5. Brickfields Gunners

    When 1,000 hard core fans WOO HOO , HOO the Arsenal , its such a deligjtful sight to behold !

    A person asked his Guru a question ‘

    *My workers are not true to me.*

    *My children, my wife and the entire world is very selfish.*

    *Nobody is correct*

    *The Guru smiled and told a story.*

    *In one small village there was a room with 1000 mirrors.*
    *One small girl used to go inside and play.*

    *Seeing thousands of children around her she was joyful.*

    *She would clap her hands and all the 1000 children would clap back at her *

    *She considered this place as the world’s happiest n beautiful place and would visit often.*

    *This same place was once visited by a sad and a depressed person.*

    *He saw around him thousands of angry men staring at him *

    *He got scared and raised his hands to hit them and in return 1000 hands lifted to hit him back.*

    *He thought This is the worst place in the world and left that place.*

    *This world is also a room with 1000 mirrors around you *

    *What we let out of us is what the society will give back to us .*

  6. Josif

    “What we let out of us is what the society will give back to us.”

    Why didn’t Trump get back a pile of turd from the society then?

  7. Jammy J

    According to Guillem Balague, Arsenal are very close to selling Gabriel for £10m. If this is true, then that really is a shame. He was a bit rough around the edges, but I really thought that he would turn out to be a top defender. His last few games for us, he played exceptionally well, making some brilliant last-ditch tackles. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be true, but it seems to be coming from a very reliable source.

    With Chambers also possibly heading for the exit, I wonder if we’ll invest in another CB or if somebody like Belik will be promoted to the first team. Hopefully it’s the latter!

  8. Andy Mack

    Josif, We’ll see what Trump ends up with when the music stops…

  9. Josif

    @Jammy J

    I hope Chambers will get his chance. I reckon he is a real gem and a home-grown player which is something post-Brexit journalists tend to ommit from their analysis.

    Chambers, Holding, Koscielny, Mustafi, Nacho, Bielik. Six central defenders with an option (that I hope we won’t have to use too often) to play Kolašinac on the LCB.

  10. Brickfields Gunners

    @ Josif – A tsunami of crap awaits him, don’t you worry . Stay clear !
    As I see it he is being pelted in the late night shows. Go Steve Colbert!

  11. Brickfields Gunners

    Some fine decisions were often by miscommunication or lost in translation.

    Business was terrible and not picking up.  I had to fire somebody,  and I narrowed it down to one of two people, Debra or Jack. 

    It was an impossible decision because they were both super workers. 

    Rather than flip a coin, I decided I would fire the first one who used the water cooler the next morning. 

    Debra came in the next morning with a horrible hangover after partying all night.  She went to the cooler to take an aspirin. 

    I approached her and said, “Debra, I’ve never done this before but I have to either lay you or Jack off.”

    “Could you jack off for now?” she says. “I feel like shit. If you can wait, I’ll do you at lunchtime.”

    I had to let Jack go. 

    Tough being boss.

  12. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    I think Le Prof wants to streamline his oversized senior team squad of 33 players in number to somewhere to the size of say 28 in number this season. The lack of getting about 4 – 6 on the fringe Gunners at the Emirates Stadium this summer sold to recoup looks to be hindering Le Prof’s plans to further import 1 – 2 more senior team top quality additions for his first team squad this summer. A situation which if allowed to linger past the transfer deadline day could mitigate against their PL win hopes this season.

    If Le Prof can overcome these 4 – 6 on the fringe Gunners dumping themselves at Arsenal this summer to thus further reinforced his first team squad with at least 2 top quality additions of a holding midfielder and a versatile midfield playmaker, and with no Champions League football to contend with by the senior team Gunners but an Europa League football to play in at later stage, I think Arsenal will undo the 2 Manchester clubs to the PL title win this season.

  13. Oludotun

    I think the transfer window can be regarded as a success for Arsenal… We addressed the areas that needed some critical upgrades.
    I pray we avoid injuries as much as possible.

    Wenger’s decision of making Alexis and Ox stay is most laudable – I hope they play to their true potentials (moving forward from last season).

    In Lacazette, Giroud and Walcott, we have goals a plenty. Alexis should of course provide aplenty too. That’s 4 guys with record of double figures.
    Ozil, chiefly and Iwobi now have serious assignments of assists to fulfil.

    Getting the balance in the midfield will be key for us this season – shielding the defence by keeping pressure on the opponent is a tactic that will be germane to great performances.
    Xhaka should be a mainstay, especially for the league – he is a new Cazorla for us (nobody has his qualities) – an eye for critical passing range. Others can mould around him as occasion demands.

    Gabriel leaving is not problem, once Chambers is staying (looks mature now and HG)… I think Gabriel never fully broke the cultural barrier. Kos, Mustafi, Holding and Chambers should be the main CBs…. Monreal has more than covered the LCB…

    It’s a headache for Wenger to find a good balance and motivation for gamedays…

    I feel very optimistic….

    PS: I hope the guys in black give a level field

  14. Dwain Kaye

    Afternoon on this wonderful sunny day from Cambridge (had to pop back fro some cycling and a few choice compounds) and some philosophical waxing.

    I said last season Chelsea are the threat and low and behold they werte, threat posed by Chelsea this year, none, they are now a selling club and I could see Hazard heading out the door moments after Coutinho as the La Liga rivalry hots up, advantage Real, the base of Barca and that midfield is nothing and nowhere and real have a season and a half to replace, Ramos, and….. Ramos. 😀 They finally got the Galacticos fomula right. But Barca are going to pump 263Neymars into their problems, before that deal is exposed and France and Qatar put it down to a GDP deficiency.

    Politics and football did someone say?????

    These two key sales, likely sales will define our season, neither player is replaceable with anything available to the two clubs.

    Chelsea have a team, minus a lynchpin and Hazard is no fool, so minus one mercurial talent as Chelsea sell off assets to legitimise rubles. Americans and Ruyssian coluding, I heard that it happened, I think in Tesvo or maybe Asda???? Putins bikers and some Republicans….. no dreaming…..

    So lets just put Chelsea in 4th or less, because seriously they need 11 players to challenge in the league and Europe and Ok lets say Roman spends and doesn’t pocket is, fine, well 11 players wont gel in a season let alone a fortnight.

    OK so Spuds, well I said they will learn about stadium costs and Spuds, be happy, all that effort for second was, to avoid selling Walker, sorry Kane, no I mean Aldervireld is free, oh he could play for us all day, Toby, you heard Of Sol Campbell right????? Do not sign, you walk into any club on the planet son. Sign and he’ll ask for £80m, again!

    2 down ok, so Liverpool, well Mane, such a good player, too direct for us, otherwise I’d have said allday £30m, but we;;, it’s Liverpool,. it all just gets mediocre when you take out the S Americans and 3 isn’t enough, Salah is decent I must admit, but they look a little tired from last season and GK, they need to get their Pickford out, Oh sorry wrong Merseyside club, great buy, Rooney for Barkley, smart move.

    And well the rest of the league, nothing much to worry about, they will be mostly getting beat twice by us, United, City and…………… this is the crux, Liverpool,, Spurs and Chelsea are all lacking the depth, Spurs are missing invention and will get found out, they onl;y just scraped the opening day win. Liverpool cannot continue that press all season, with the magic that leaves Phillipes boots to worry oppoisition players and even with Fimino, he will quickly be starved of supply and he does get a bit frustrated now and again.

    Quite rightly the threat comes from the bookies favourites, United have a team, finally, and they are now in Jose’s preferred formation, and he will win Fergie esque Fellaini, Monreal Blind,Lindgard and Rashford allow him to mix it up and ipact games with subs as he loves to. But he will need the luck of the Gods (referees help) and I can’t see that quite happening. He needs something, Oh yes, Identity, A shcoles or a Keane. The Manc machine is now fully operational, yes, but the affinity witht he fans is missing and so is a Giggs, that craft and guile is missing. For me the sale of Herrera and Darmian, could give more balance and allow 2-3 acquisitions in attacking areas that could make the difference. I’d be wanting something that looks like Rashford or Martial and a replacement for Matas invention. Valencia needs an understudy and Shaw needs a teacher. He needs his attacking full back to impact the game, both defensively and offensively, but Matic was exceptional, he’s very happy with the move and so he should be, he will fill in for everyone.

    They will be top 3

    City, the slickers have it all on paper, (if you watched love Island you will get the reference it was good I did get hooked, for those who watched this series, it was my maiden and possibly my last, the people made it) Aaaanyway on paper that squad is a monstrosity, or almost one, I do think they need thaty last full back and I do have questions about Stones and Mangala, but without significant or unlucky timing of injuries, that is as good a back four as any, they seem to have gelled under Pep extremely quickly.

    The centre of midfield is designed to keep things ticking and get the attacking quartet on the ball as quickly as possible and that will be achieved. Up front they possibly have the most mobile unit in any top flight and I would say that if they can find their swagger and temper it with some humility. They will beat anyone on their day and that might be their undoing, I can see them progressing in every competition right up to the semis or at least quarters and Pep may have to gamble on rotation or simply get a headache over which competition to prioritise, with the board sure too demand focus in Europe even over the League, which they will also want.

    Inexperience and acclimatisation to the rigours of English Footballing demands may take their toll, no xmas, no sunshine and a slip up in either main competition towards the end may be too much.

    So to my (our?) beloved.

    No one is going to see us coming, if we can win without rushing back the choice CB pairing, and can keep it ticking over until Alexis returns, we are in.

    I hope we make a few moves late on, because if we can pick up a Cb and RB, we are solid at the back, and Monreal on the left of a 3 for certain games is good for me, although I would rather revert to type and go back 4, as both Manchester clubs are likely to do.

    If we can buy a CB RB and LB we can win the league with what we have. My bag is this…….

    If we just do it all now, get in a reasonably spritely and composed LB just in case, a similar right back and a replacement for Mert now. that’s the back for for a decade.

    If we get ina real DM, it puts real pressure on Coquelin and Mo to buck up and they can get loads of game time seeing out won games and lesser fixtures in any competition.

    If we buy in a RW of consummate ability, Alexis’s smile will be all you need to know we can win and Ozil will play, he needs motivation, more than most it seems, but give it him and wonders you will see.

    Ronald is building on what Moyes did and well, more expansively and quicker, Lukaku’s goals will be hard to replave, He vould get a Welbeck, it works for them, the combinations they need, Giroud is not for sale. 10/10 for a work in progress. top 6

    DM – W Carvalho Available Knee healed, not high priority position for clubs of our quality facilitates Aaron late runs, pressures Xaka and Couquelin

    RW – Ryad Mahrez Available especially now we’ve played creates space for Lacazette, Ozil and Alexis, Galvanises attack

    CB – Laporte, Manolas, Virgil VD nobody is getting cheaper in this world of artificially inflated prices

    RB – Serge Aurier tenacious Sebastian Corchia snapped up :(, reliable, quick, exceptional crosser Available RB Alaba

    LB – Henri Bedimo allowing a Lyon double dip??? They’re French the iron is hot

    Out Welbeck, Surplus
    Out Walcott, suits player and club
    Out Monreal suits player and club, financial situation and style of play
    Out Gabriel, suits player I think maybe he’s not acclimatising
    Out Lucas Perez suits club and player, game time (NO HURRY)
    Out Kieran Gibbs suits club and player game time Kalasinic is real deal as I knew and said

    • Oludotun

      You expect 5 new players….???
      Brickfields has never done better with the jokes…
      You must have just arrived planet earth to know Arsenal dealings…

  15. Jammy J

    @ Josif – I’m still undecided on Chambers, but would love to see him create a strong, defensive partnership with Holding, for many years to come. The Arsenal scouts must have definitely seen something in him, to pay £16m+, when he wasn’t even a proper starter for Southampton.

  16. Dwain Kaye

    I would like 5 and 3 are available from us, it would be of the greatest economic and on pitch benefit with Kroenke figuring in exchange rate which could be gone by summer bearing in mind we sill have 100m in this seasons we’d get another 40m from only selling the most likely last 3 and 45-50 with the other 3. So mathematially it is pretty much on the money, you have to simultaneously move in and out. But titles should not hinge on Chambers or Gabby at full back lose Kos or Mustarfi and we can’t rotate, and Theo and Danny are not suiting us in position sporadically and somewhat lacking dynamism out wide. And you want Xaka and Coquelin responsible for protecting a back for with a title challenge are 6ou from AFC fantv? It’s doable with exactly two wks to go and thats a team for TH14 to inherit. The Dmid RW are perfect the CB is needed if Gabby goes expect the economist to sure up and have a card. Full backs are massive in modern game, Bernardo Silva vs Monreal or Gibbs #carnage

  17. Flares

    Draxler rumours flying about again this morning, which I don’t mind at all. Love to have him on board. No sense carping on about Trump, people. Nothing is as it seems. The media reporting on Charlottesville has been lopsided at best. Stand up Wes Bellamy, your race war awaits you. Trump a racist? He loves money first and foremost and there’s no dollars in that unless your name’s Al Sharpton, who incidentally is a friend of his going way back to the 80’s and the high water mark of casino’s and boxing in Atlantic City.(Trump was an outspoken supporter of Sharpton during his Tawana Brawley indictment and also counted Don King amongst his closest business contacts. King refers to Trump as my ‘white ally’.)

  18. Josif


    Trump couldn’t waito to defend neo-Nazis with a neutral speech. If USoA had the same neutra stand in WW2, the whole Europe would have been speaking either German or, in the best case scenario, Russian.

    Nazis like Trump. In their eyes, he is their Second-amendment-wall-building-white-supremacist Leader. If I were a member of any minority in USoA, I’d ask for asylum in Canada.

  19. Flares


    It’s because of people like you that crooks like Obama and the Clinton’s get their feet under the table and ruin a whole lot of lives. Trump did the right thing, he criticised the Right and the Left, two sides of the same coin intent on division and social unrest. You can keep trying to paint Trump as a Nazi all you like, it simply looks embarrassing for you. Do some research on who’s really behind AntiFa and Black Lives Matter and what the end game is. Trump has the backing of people like Kissinger, Cheney, Rumsfeld, the Bushes and the Jewish lobby who control the media, including Zuckerberg and Michael Bloomberg. Don’t be fooled.

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