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  1. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    With the FA regulations and procedures guiding the recruitment of players that will make the senior 25 man official list of any Premier League club as it’s highlighted in this article posting, but I don’t know if the number of the none home grown players in the current Arsenal senior 25 man list is saturated already or not. But assuming that Lucas Perez, Mathieu Debuchy and Gabriel Paulista are successful sold this summer, then of course there will be 3 rooms that will become vacant to lodge in 3 more foreign top quality player signings this summer in the Arsenal 25 man list after haven lodged in Kolasinac and Lacazette already early this summer. So, as regarding the maximum 17 foreign senior team squad players allowed by the FA, Arsenal can still do 2 – 3 more senior foreign player signings this summer before the window closes on 31st of this month but if they sell the 3 foreign Gunners I’ve mentioned above.

    But haven said my aforesaid, the future of 3 top Gunners who all have only a season left on their current deals at the club to rundown before it’s expired, and who are being hyped by the media to leave Arsenal this summer is not yet certain. For, it’s only when this summer transfer window is shut we will know for certain if they’ll remain at Arsenal for this current season campaign at least up to the end of December this year if they haven’t renew their deals at the club by then when Arsenal could take a final decision to sell the trio in January widow but at a lower price than if they sell them now this summer. But if the club is looking to be winning the league and the trio are playing a vital role in that regard, Arsenal could decide to keep them till the end of the season but lose them on the free if the club can still not get them to renew or extend their staying at the club.

    But as for the 8 senior players who must be British in the Arsenal senior team squad, I believe that is the main reason behind Le Prof wanting to keep Oxlade Chamberlain and Jack Wilshere at the club this summer but could still sell Gibbs and Jenkinson. I think the 8 British senior players that will remain in the Arsenal 25 man list for official registration this summer should in my thinking be: Macey, Chambers, Holding, Bramal, Ramsey, Wilshere, Chamberlain and Walcott. From the look of things in the context of the 8 British senior players Arsenal must have in their official 25 man list with the FA this summer as we can see, it has become imperative for Le Prof to keep Chambers this summer unless he has other solution to solve the problem.

  2. Andrew Crawshaw


    The rule is that a squad can contain no more than 17 overseas players. To get to the 25 one can then include home-grown players. These are players who are qualified to play for England or Wales or who have been with an English or Welsh registered academy for a minimum of three years before their 21st birthday. If you have more than 8 home-grown players over 21 years old the number of places available in the 25man squad for overseas players reduces accordingly.

    Thus players like Bellerin, Coquelin who joined Arsenal before their 18th birthday count towards our Home-grown numbers.

    Fabregas still counts as a home grown player due to the time he was with us before he turned 21. Once you get the home-grown status you don’t lose it.

    Hope this helps

  3. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    @Andrew Crawshaw, thanks for the explanations. I was of the thinking that the 8 home grown who have clocked 21 and above must be British in the 25 man list. But with what you have explained, and as Coquelin and Bellerin being counted as home grown, does that means their inclusion into the Arsenal 25 man senior team squad this season in which they will certainly be included could jeopardize the inclusion of Chambers and Bramal in the 25 man list? For me, it will be a shame if these duo are not included in the final list.

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