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June 2021

Liverpool – Arsenal: 4-0

By Walter Broeckx

A few unexpected changes to the starting line up. Holding takes the place of Mustafi who drops to the bench. Bellerin on the left again and The Ox on the right are the wing backs.

The biggest news however comes up front. Alexis making his first start of the season at the expense of Lacazette who drops to the bench. If Giroud plays and scores it would be his 100th goal for Arsenal.

Arsenal XI: Cech, Holding, Koscielny, Monreal, Bellerin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Xhaka, Ramsey, Özil, Alexis, Welbeck

On the beach: Ospina, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Coquelin, Walcott, Lacazette, Giroud.

The first thing of importance is the fact that Atkinson has been replaced by the 4th official. The first attempt is from Liverpool after some 5 minutes when Can heads well wide. It has been a midfield match so far. The first chance is for Arsenal when Alexis plays the ball to Welbeck who half pulled stumbled when he took his shot that went over. A low cross from Liverpool finds Salah at the far post but Cech with a brilliant stop in two times prevents the opening goal. The second stop Cech had to made was when the ball bounced from Bellerin. No score after 15 minutes.

Arsenal losing the ball in their own half when Xhaka took the wrong option (always take the easy pass in your own half…) and Liverpool can cross and Firminho can head the ball in. 1-0 after 17 minutes.  I hate to say it but Xhaka with the wrong pas option again being costly.

Arsenal lose the ball again but this time the effort goes wide as Cech made sure he came out right. Lovren then stops Welbeck from going away on the flank and gets a well deserved yellow card. Welbeck then almost can block a clearance from the Liverpool keeper but the ball bounces kindly for Liverpool.  Welbeck then gets an underserved yellow card when Moreto kicked him and pretended it was Welbeck who kicked him. Gomez is the next one for Liverpool to get a yellow card when he stops Ramsey on a promising run on the flank. The Liverpool keeper can punch away the free kick. Salah forces Cech to a good save with a low shot on a Liverpool counter. Salah then clearly in an offside position when he scored, a correct decision from the assistant.  Still 1-0 after 30 minutes.

Mane has a wild shot after a ball was cleared and it went well wide but all the shots coming from Liverpool so far.  Bellerin losing the ball when he could have started an Arsenal attack but Xhaka comes to the rescue this time at the expense of a corner. Alexis with scores but the flag had gone up for an offside. No replay is shown of this incident. And that is always something that makes me suspicious. Arsenal showing a bit more fight in the last 10 minutes or so and going forward but then you leave yourself open to the counter. Mane does what he usually does againszt Arsenal and curles it in the far corner. 2-0 after 40 minutes.  Xhaka got booked in the process of that goal for a late challenge.

Arsenal attack but the shot from Holding from a promising position is blocked. Meanwhile we have seen half a dozen of replays of unimportant incidents but none of the not given Arsenal goal. They probably are looking for some magnifying glass to focus on the studs of Alexis? The Ox looks absent, Bellerin on the left flank doesn’t work so we don’t have anything going forward on the flank. Arsenal go in at half time being 2-0 down.

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Coqeulin came on for Ramsey at half time. Arsenal trying to put pressure on Liverpool but the only result is Özil being booked after 49 minutes.  Welbeck almost winning the ball from the keeper but again he is lucky to escape with a goalkick. Bellerin on the right flank in what looks a 4 man defence now and The Ox also more on the right flank.  Liverpool get a corner after Can headed the ball wide. Probably new laws of the game?  Monreal losing the ball to Salah but Cech denies him with great stop and the rebound is fired over. Arsenal get a corner and they clear it and Bellerin has a bad touch and Salah can go on his own an this time Cech can’t stop him. 3-0 after 57 minutes. Again a personal error leading to a goal.

Arsenal again losing the ball without pressure deep in their own half but luckily Salah makes a foul when trying to go past Monreal.  After 61 minutes Lacazette and Giroud come for Alexis and The Ox.  Arsenal have a bit of a promising situation in the Liverpool penalty area but in the end the shot goes well wide. But after that Liverpool again dangerous on Arsenal giving the ball away to easily. After Giroud heads it to Lacazette who shoots wide Bellerin has to save a ball from the line after Cech could only half stop the first effort after again a bad control from an Arsenal player.  Holding gets a deserved yellow card after having a bad control and trying to make up for it.  Arsenal still 3-0 down after 75 minutes.

Liverpool attack and Salah sends a cross to the far post and Sturridge heads it over the line. 4-0 after 77 minutes. I have never seen an Arsenal team making so many technical errors so far. The match fizzled out and Giroud didn’t score after a free kick as he headed over.

Bad passes, bad controls, wrong decision making… you can’t win a match if you play like that and if you play against a good team like Liverpool you will get punished for it. And if you add the lethargy some players showed at times compared to the fighting spirit of Liverpool players you can not be happy.

I do admit I don’t understand the starting line up with Bellerin on the left flank. It didn’t work last week and surely didn’t work now. I hope we have seen the last of this. What I also don’t understand is not player Per. If you look at the first goal one might wonder if Per would have defended the centre more?  I think some players are not up to the Arsenal standard we might expect. I hope the international break will get the players back focussed and hope they do a better job than what they did today. The Stoke defeat doesn’t count for me as a real defeat as it was down to the referee but this was all to us being not good enough in this match.

For me some players can leave before the end of next week and give some of the youngsters a chance.







55 comments to Liverpool – Arsenal: 4-0

  • 5th Gen Gooner

    Have to agree. Bring on the youngsters who are dedicated to the cause and let the Dandy Dans go.

  • To be honest I feel for Wenger he looks shattered and a little lost

  • 5th Gen Gooner

    Have to agree. I think he’s realised things have run their course and he is now stuck trying to justify it.

  • 5th Gen Gooner

    I think it’s a reality check for Wenger, nobody wants our players. The only two we can offload are the only ones we want to keep although I’m not sure about the Ox.

  • tobi

    As for me, I still can’t comprehend what I just watched. That was a sad match, feel for the fans

  • Scuba

    That was atrocious. What’s so damn hard about having our squad business done and being ready to play at the start of a season? It’s getting pathetic.

  • Josif

    I watched Arsenal losing 4:0 at Anfield before. It’s fourth Arsene’s defeat at Anfield with that margin (1997-98, 2000-01, 2013-14, 2017-18). I have seen Arsenal losing 8:2, 6:0, 6:1…

    I don’t see any hope unless there is a real change in the club. I don’t know what is a problem but there is obviously something weird going if we sign players last season only to put them up for sale this season while half of our first-team players either want to leave or don’t want to extend their contracts.

  • Lanz

    I hope we get over very soon this period of uncertainties. Twas the same problem in the second half of last season. Too many uncertainties- Sanchez, Mustafi, Ox, Ozil. Hope it all gets sorted say, Tuesday!

    So sorry folks!

  • Sheworeayellowribbon

    Josif. Remember we lost 5 0 at Stoke in the double season in 1971.

  • Vinnie Losada

    That was a thoroughly unprofessional display. The midfield setup was strange in the first half, and the players looked like they didn’t want to be around each other at times. Here’s hoping it’s just a slow start to the season, and not the level to expect in the future.

  • Josif


    That was a different thing. What I wanted to say is (and somehow forgot to write): “…but after all those big defeats before I saw a glimmer of hope.” Right now, all I see is a huge mess and no hope that things will turn around in the foreseeable future.

    Two years ago, situation looked bright. We looked like a team that Arsene can leave to his heir comfortably. Right now…

    Liverpool were playing without Coutinho, FFS. With a goalkeeper who had his first game in 7 months. Two not-so-convincing full-backs and bloody Dejan Lovren in the defence. Watford put three past them.

  • Nakew

    a team of average & below average players beaten world class, class & above average (bar welbek) players 4-0. Why? I cannot blame the players – even welbek. I know preparing, selecting the right team and leading from touch line is the manager’s job, but i don’t know why this happen repeatedly in every season. Last week refs deny us three points – this week arsene does.

  • yj

    This is a disgraceful performance and a club of the stature of Arsenal should never be disgraced like this by Liverpool. The defeat is not even the main issue, the performance is. There was no fight,desire, team spirit. They looked like 11 strangers.They couldn’t even get a shot on target. Arsene needs to be a tougher manager because most of these players are too comfortable in their comfort zones. The only player that seems to have fight,desire and team spirit is Sanchez, and he wants out. What a shame.

  • kwzariel
    27/08/2017 at 6:37 pm
    u f…ed the 1st half.
    I still believe ur better than klop but buckle up.
    Horrible night ……. f..k.

  • Alex

    Arsene Once a great man to be reduced to this ?

    Who is this Xaka and what is all about his play ?
    A midfielder at the calibre of Arsenal that cannot run or dribble ?And 35 Mil for this c..p?

    Le prof just go please !!!!

  • Paul the gooner

    Lanz sums it up.3 players who may well go, I do not have an issue if 2 off them go, keep Sanchez.He picked a too attacking formation.No use bringing on a holding mid
    fielder when you are 2 down.Ramsey is too ill disciplined for that role.Play him in the nos 10 role.
    We need to do some serious business before Thursday.What a state we are in.Cannot buy until we off load.We listened to the CEO telling us, we will go for 2 to 3 stellar signings.If we do not, we will be playing in front of 40,000.

  • Dom

    First time I have seen Garry Neville give a fair account of what we all saw today. I’m not a Wenger out zombie but I think Arsene had better start dealing with a number of issues such as team selection and player positioning and responsibilities. I have no idea why we are persevering with Bellerin on the left and the Ox on the right. Why start with Welbeck ? Yet again he had an opportunity or two to take a shot…wrong guy, right place. What role did Ramsey play today ? Has Xhaka forgotten the basics of passing the ball correctly ? No tracking back, no commitment from anybody; I know Holding is young and shows promise but we really can’t afford his inexperience and Monreal’s hesitant defending. I can’t remember such a poor showing EVER !
    The really good news is that we can’t play any worse than we did today, so I expect from now on that our fortunes will improve .

  • Olami

    I can’t believe what I just watch. How can i justify this performance. This has happened too many time and still we never learn. What is really going on. Arsenal need saving and i don’t from who. I will accept arsenal losing knowing that everyone turn up but this is disgraceful having Chelsea players fought hard with 3 goals down only with 9 men.

  • Bobome

    I dreamt the match was 4 – 0 and wasn’t sure Arsenal won. Now I know who won. Arsene ‘whats gwan’?

  • Something has to be done by the Arsenal board to save this football club. Arsene with due respect to him is the problem and its all about now. Are those players not good enough to be ran over like that?

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    While Petr Cech has been trying to talk us we the Gooners to believing that mediocrity can lead to winning the Premier League title this season, I must say Le Prof deliberately caused the downfall of the Arsenal Gunners today to the Reds of Liverpool at Anfield just as he caused their downfall to Stoke at the bet365 Stadium last week with his wrong starts for these two PL Arsenal away matches. As a matter of facts, Arsenal have not won a PL match at away against any top six opposition team in 13 game attempts as of their today’s away match against Liverpool at Anfield. What is that? Is that not mediocrity by Arsenal.

    If Le Prof had taken to me advice and start my starts for this our Liverpool PL match today and also adopt my bench for the match, in all honesty of truthfulness, would Arsenal have lost this match? More so, so humiliating? Never!!! I believe Arsenal would have won the match had Le Prof played my starts and used my bench for the match. The worst that would have happened to Arsenal in the match would have been a share of spoils by Liverpool and Arsenal.

    The tempting question that begs for answer now is, can Le Prof motivate the Gunners to come to a winning way in the Premier League after the international break and keep on winning consistently? And would he need to hire a top seasoned technical adviser on game starts making who will be advising him on how he should be making the correct Arsenal PL game starts and bench as it has appeared he has suddenly lost the plot to make the correct Arsenal PL game starts with his starts for our Stoke PL game last week which we lost and the ones he did today for our Liverpool PL game which we lost again as the evidence he has lost the making of correct Arsenal PL game starts.

    Mr Attwood and Mr Broeckx, Sirs, I am very serious and not joking. Something positive has to be done from now on to save our PL title winning ambition this season from falling away. In this regard, this UA site authorities should not be shy from advising Le Prof appropriately.

  • Steve Vallins

    Why buy players and not play them
    Why play players out of there natural positions to accommodate others
    The 2 league games Rob Holding as played this season he’s had no protection in front of him
    Our defence is exposed to far too many 1 on1 situations
    IMO the easy part of football is when you have the ball the difficult bit is when you don’t have the ball and the discipline of getting back into the right position we lacked this today
    Sorry I’ve written this because I’ve never seen a display like this from Arsenal only a couple of observations I’ve never cricticised Arsenal or Arsenal before
    Hope it can be put right

  • Vanya Dickens

    Our players are not good enough. They are not coached well enough. Enough now. The season in the league is going to be a travesty unless we sell the dead, limp wood and blood some hungry youngsters. Ozil is not a scapegoat, he is just a lazy goat. Monreal still turn ‘s his back on the ball when someone shoots. WTF! I am feeling hate in my blood this evening. ARSENE the buck stops with you. You pick the players, you coaches the players, you buy the players. They are failing you, the fans and the club. I am ashamed.

  • para

    🙁 : ( : ( 😳 😈

  • Bloggs

    Same again? Or was it the ref? Was it the fault of the fans? Was it Sky’s fault? What about all ex Arsenal player’s fault for daring to have an opinion and criticise the glaring mistakes and lack of coaching. Can’t wait for the gun tooting Canadian to rant about my lack of grammar whilst having sex with his sister. Bloody hilarious and by the way I am sat in a hotel bar in Liverpool because I’m a proper Gooner unlike most on here.

  • Cheadle

    We have a team of fit and experienced internationals who looked like they had no idea why they were out there in the first place.

    I can’t think of any logical reason for such a collapse so early in the season

    logical reasons such as:

    Fatigue, lack of match fitness, injuries, old age, hunger/poverty, hangovers, domestic W A G problems, illness, travel sickness, food poisoning etc.

    There is simply no clear cut organic explanation for their collapse. Perhaps we may never know why we have to accept that it happened.

    My tunnel vision is that they will see it is a wake up call coming at the right time. No doubt the players have been scarred by this debacle and they will want to make things right. Perhaps we will look back at this day and be grateful for the early season slump.

  • BFG

    Like yer style Bloggs & this lot are getting a bit knee jerky on here all of a sudden! What will this site be like come xmas & Arsenal are in dogfights with West Ham while being brushed aside by Huddersfield. Be patient – you have been for over a decade.

  • Pat

    Well, if Walter says we were bad, we must have been bad!

    We have had some big losses like this before so I just hope we come back from this one better organised, not making so many mistakes and with a fighting team spirit. Roll on the end of the transfer period!

  • Pat

    I’ve just bought a ticket for the Bournemouth home game on 9 September and I expect to see a completely different performance. What happened today wasn’t like Arsenal. Red Army!

  • KR

    Great post Bloggs

  • KR

    Pat it was exactly like Arsenal where have you been? We concede goals for fun no midfield players out of position both new signings benched a dressing room that has just told us by this performance they have zero respect for Wenger. We are not title contenders and will not make top four, it’s going to get worse until Wenger has the decency to resign and hopefully krone sells.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Shocking, awful, possibly disrespectful in some cases.
    Something needs to change, I am not saying the manager, but that was unacceptable, on a number of levels. The selection suggested muddled thinking, something is clearly wrong.
    Sort it, end of

  • Mandy Dodd

    Walter, nice honest review, am I right or wrong, but is this amongst the most pissed off write ups you have done? If it is, I am in agreement with you. I was shocked by that. I am not sure all were playing for the club, or manager today, and couldn’t agree more with your last sentence.
    If some players don’t want to be at Arsenal, Wenger shouldn’t have picked them, bring in or buy in those that do. I wonder of this has caused friction in the dressing room, wonder what a loyalist like Kos really makes of , say Ox, and others if reports are true. Baffling starting line up, the players must take the blame, but so must the manager today. Seo should have started, putting Ox in there sent out all kinds of wrong messages, if reports are true
    I am numb , Arsene, up your game for all our sakes. Never thought I would write that.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Reading tweets from Geoff Arsenal, suggesting an unexpected tightening of purse strings by Stan is causing a few issues.
    Cannot vouch for this, but may explain what is starting to look like a fire sale , are we really going to lose mustafi and Gab with no replacements?
    The test will be if Wenger is allowed to keep players running contracts down

  • Bobbyraz

    So what exactly are u saying then

  • Ajay

    How can a team be a cohesive unit when they are being asked to play in position they’re not used to. Kolasinac a natural left wing back on the bench a second game running. Bellerin a right back on the left. Ox a CAM playing right wing back. Welbeck the focal point of our attack?? Where was Lacazette?? You expect Sanchez to team up with Lacazzette not friggin Welbeck. You can see Sanchez pressing with no support. Xhaka 35 million for a guy in his second season can not even pass properly or defend. Ramsey forgetting what his role is and roaming around instead of giving cover to his back three. Selling Centre backs with no replacement players coming in. All of the Arsenal deadwood still taking in their wages and bleeding the club of monetary resources better spend else where. Why would any new player come in knowing their going play second fiddle to Arsene Wenger’s pets?? I have been disappointed with performance’s but last night I was just disgusted by the lack of ambition and hunger to win. And to think two more years of an owner making profits and a manager who has no idea how to assess, trim the squad, acquire players and play them in the right positions is going to cost us even more.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Almost each and everyone of our players are full internationals and are supposed to be experienced . There can be no proper and logical reason for them to play in this fashion. Implosion it was .
    There was no hard work or graft exhibited by any of them . Am not sure what is going on in their minds , but not them trying was painful to watch. None of them took responsibility to correct our imperfections. Sadly they were bereft of ideas and solutions.
    I hope they go off and think about what they did wrong and see the errors of their ways, and come back more mentally well tuned and ready to truly PLAY for this club.
    Am not sure who will be leaving and who staying , but I hope whoever plays , does so because he truly believes in this club and does truly wants to be successful and be a winner .
    Up the Gunners !

  • Jax

    Sanchez had the ball in the net? That must have happened when my stream froze, because I completely missed it, and have no info from any other source. Did it actually happen, or is this another Walter fabrication?

  • Pat

    I see the first big loss the trolls and negatives are all here. Blimey, what would be like if there was a REAL catastrophe in the world around us. People in Britain are losing their homes and don’t have enough to feed their families. Arsenal lost a football match.

  • Jax

    Pat incase you’ve not noticed it there are actually at this very minute real catastrophes occurring in the world. It’s just that you wouldn’t normally expect to read of them on a football blog.
    The positivity will return when the team gives the fans something to be positive about, which doesn’t look like any time soon to be honest.

  • Goonermkey

    It must be catastrophe Pat a bloke who went to an away game said so………..

  • Zuruvi

    OMG. This was total shambles.
    I wrote an article before the season began saying that we have 32 players but they are too many who are NOT of Arsenal-quality. They are good players but NOT good enough for Arsenal or at least to take Arsenal to the next level. I suggested we sold about 11 of this bloated 32-man squad and buy at least 4 quality players to replace them.
    Xhaka is not really good enough for Arsenal (yet).
    Welbeck is NOT good enough to lead the Arsenal attack. Man Utd sold Welbeck because he simply can’t score many goals in a season. He is NOT prolific. Welbeck normally scores less than 6 league goals in a season. Only in two seasons has Welbeck managed to score 9 league goals. The dude has NEVER ever had 10 league goals in a season. Why bench prolific strikers and put Welbeck to lead the line? Why? Why? Why?
    Why play a right-back as a left wing-back?
    Our midfield is weak. We fail to purposefully dominate strong teams, (we just pass the ball sideways and not penetrate when we face the stronger teams).
    Why, why, why do we so frequently suffer these high-scoring and embarrassing defeats?
    Yesterday’s defeat HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH REFEREEING. We were just pathetic. Poor tactics. Poor team selection. And heartless performance by the players.

  • Vroon

    Wenger has the perfect job in the world: Lots of money, no stress of getting sacked. I don’t think he cares about the club anymore.

  • Polo

    The only thing I can think of as to why AW play Bellerin and Ox in those position is for cover in case if there are injuries or fatigues. He need to trim down the squad and probably think he need cover in those positions. The demand of playing in the Europa League could be the reason, long flights and then play PL games a few days after.

  • Flares

    I confess to being deeply disturbed by yesterday’s result, but won’t be treading the tedious and well-worn path of knee-jerk hysteria favoured by many commenters here and elsewhere. I believe it was the icon George Best who expressed his dismay at modern players and their inability to play effectively with both feet. Professional footballers should have intricate knowledge of the role and requirements of every position in the team. The ‘playing players out of position’ excuse doesn’t wash. Midfielders should be able to play right across midfield, wingers on both flanks etc. This Arsenal side has played this Liverpool side before, more or less. They knew what to expect. Liverpool attack fast and in numbers, their defence is suspect and they are a liability at set pieces. Know your enemy. Stoke was a bad day at the office. This was a lazy, uninspired and unfocused non-performance from a team who should, as a collective, be having a very good look at themselves. This team is good enough, it’s already shown that. They have the ability but the effort and unity was a shambles. The blame lies squarely with them, not the manager or staff. We know Wenger would prepare scrupulously for a match if this magnitude. The finger of blame points elsewhere.

  • Menace

    Good report Walter. The Lovren foul on Welbeck was more that meets the eye (Welbeck felt more on his eye!) with a yellow card saving Lovren from further punishment. The Arsenal bookings for getting kicked (Welbeck) & for a slide (Ozil) that didn’t touch an opponent were special.

    The Liverpool pace in attack was superb & ripped the dozy Arsenal defence to create chances & goals. Our slack offence is pathetic. There is no pace nor hunger. Dock the squad of wages for two weeks & lets see if there is change. If that doesn’t get results get the kids in. They seem to have more style & aggression. I missed Kola Bear & his obvious reading of the game with quality passing. Put him in as midfield defender & nobody will get past.

    COYG & Bloggs have a pint on me.

    I’ll be at the ems for the next few matches & hope to see some football from our team.

  • Menace

    Incidentally Walter the Can header that got a corner is not new laws. It is the PGMOL book of Laws against Arsenal.

  • WalterBroeckx

    you must felt smart when writing that line didn’t you? A Walter fabrication?
    What about this from
    “34 – The ball is played into Alexis in the box, and he finds space and curls it into the bottom corner… but he is flagged for offside


    Well at least I was watching the match.

  • You noticed the ref hey, good man!

    Last 3 Liverpool games he’s got the line up impossibly wrong. I do not think him a fool, or mad.
    Not won against a top 6 in 13 did someone say?! 😉

    Fire sale, did someone say, why would our chief exec do tha!

    Buck stops with Arsene, like nobody here has worked before, manager wants half. Department gone, he does it himself right! Hr wants to deal with a disruptive employee, he does it himself, in fact dept head tells him o need a Jew line manager l, who hires!?

    If I think the harvest will come when all about famine rages, I will wiu heavy heart sent my disloyal child into the hills.

    Fools, Wenger out, when since did pundits want to help our team? Its not ARSENAL they want him out of, more PL. That was Ox and Co’d past chance. It was a game you do not taly in your points total calculations.

    AW I’ll sign in Jan.

    No more back 3, Coquelin DM Aaron and ozil ahead, Alexis left, iwobi right and Lacazette. But within four days I expect 4,players

    I am more ashamed of SOE Arsenal fans than tue worse performer in yesterday’s game

  • Coyg

    I couldnt watch this yesterday and haven’t yet been able to bring myself to endure watching any footage of it so cant comment on the performance! I did listen to it on the radio however, and noticed that the Arsenal fans seemed to be vocally getting behind the team, even when we were 4 down! Well played them gooners!

  • Olanipekun

    For the second game in a row I’ve had to hide from ridicule because of the crap that keeps calling itself tactics. Again I knew withing 10 mins we were going to lose (that starting lineup was everything that was wrong), but I hoped we’d at least make a game of it and have something to say for ourselves…

    But no. No a thing to smile about. Why were Mustafi and Kolasinac on the bench? Liverpool! have a speedy, relatively lightweight attack (excepting Mane, possibly), meaning we needed our fastest defenders on the pitch. I can’t blame Holding one bit in this game. The boy did his best under the circumstances. He had no cover whatsoever. Welbeck worked hard but should not have played this game. Ramsey is only useful (apparently) when we besiege an opponents goal and have fast defenders playing. Ozil, as usual, did nothing of note for most of the game. The list goes on…

    I’m beginning to wonder if we shouldn’t have sold Bellerin to Fartca when they wanted him. Passing and crossing seem to have vanished from his repertoire. Or maybe the new formation is killing his mojo.

    I don’t see Alexis (or anyone else, for that matter) agreeing to a new contract after this fiasco. I wouldn’t if I was in their shoes.

    Lastly, I seriously think we fans deserve unreserved apologies from individual players. They should apologise for what they did wrong, even if only so we know they know where they messed up. Some of those players make more in a month than I’ll make in my entire life on my current job. There’s no way I’m going to agonise forever over players like that. With those kind of wages they should be self motivating all the time!

  • Jax

    My apologies.
    I did watch the game, but on a dodgy stream. After reading your article I thought that I didn’t see the “goal: and checked the Guardian’s minute by minute report and it wasn’t on there either, so wrongly assumed that you’d made it up. I mean your stuff is a bit myopic isn’t it?
    Sorry once more.

  • Josif


    Stoke wasn’t a bad day in the office. It was a daylight robbery.

  • Bobome

    Just playing DA (devil’s advocate or devil’s attorney, make your choice). Did AW put some of His doubtful team members out there to prove their feigned loyalty? And if they failed, as they did, justify their being sold by 31/8?

    If so then AW must be very good at Poker and this transfer business of players. For me, it is too premature to draw any conclusions. Still, there is 105 league points to play for.

    Wait and see.

  • Chris


    I’ve been wondering about Ox on the right, whether it was some way to try to keep him at Arsenal because he wants to play there, or some other eason to do with his ‘expectations’ (well we as fans do have expectations as well, one of them being the players perform which they did not – but then we are just sht stupid guys paying).

    I’m not a Chelsea fan but I wonder if when they lost at the Emirates last year 3-0, if they experienced such a total meltdown, or is this just an Arsenal thing ?