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June 2021

The list of every one of the 40 players tipped to be leaving Arsenal this summer.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Yes the list now covers 40 players who are apparently leaving the club.  And I’d better reassure you straight away, that not all of them actually did leave.

What is interesting however is that several players have left without ever once being mentioned by the wild ravings of journalists either in their papers or their bloggettas.  In other words the media once again gets the players who are leaving wrong, and instead tell us that men who are not leaving are!  How incompetent is that?

Until the window shuts it is not possible to say how high our media’s failure rate in terms of predictions is going to be but certainly it looks to be rivalling last season.

Of particular interest is that although there had already been 12 separate rumours relating to Alexis, even in these final days of the window, there was still time to create a couple more.

Many other stories have gone on and on through the transfer period, including for example Coquelin’s transfer to Valencia – and of course it might still happen, but it seems unlikely.  But despite the endless failure of these predictions to materials (although “according to reports” they were all going to happen) the media has continued to pump these out day after day, hour after hour.

Do they really think that we seriously believe any of this, or are they just, once again, treating us with contempt?   I suspect it is purely and simply the latter.


No Player Club Notes
1 Akpom His loan to Brighton was not a success after a long injury spell so it seems the club are looking to try another loan to regain his pre-injury sparkle
2.1 Alexis Man C Guardiola making £50m offer his summer priority.  £50m.  Talk Sprout says it is done.  Mirror says he is finalising.
2.2 Alexis Chelsea Will play out contract and go on a free to Chelsea.
2.3 Alexis Man U Has already agreed deal
2.4 Alexis Nowhere Mr Wenger has said “he is staying”.  Or in some reports – he stays until we get Lemar
2.5 Alexis Real Mad  Mentioned in lots of places.
2.6 Alexis ??? Arsenal had enough; anyone can have him for £80m
2.7 Alexis PSG The club has met with Alexis’ agent for PSG move (Express).  The Independent agrees saying it is £80m for Arsenal and £400k a week for Alexis
2.8 Alexis Bayern Evening Standard says this is the deal.  Elsewhere though Bayern have “given up on Sanchez”
2.9 Alexis Alexis to decide Mertesacker has said that Alexis should be allowed to decide where he plays despite his contract.
2.10 Alexis Resigned to staying “Sources close to the player say he is increasingly resigning himself to the idea of staying at Arsenal for another season.”
2.11 Alexis Man C to wait The story is Man City are perfectly happy to wait til next summer for a free, and certain the CAS will not ban them from any more transfers over Argentine fiasco.
2.12 Alexis PSG give up Having done the big deal in order for Qatar to show the world they are still there despite the blockade, they aren’t giving PSG the money.  Wenger says they want MBappe
NEW Alexis Man City Offered Sterling in part exchange
NEW Alexis Man City Man City execs have flown to Chile to complete the deal although quite why was never explained.
Completed Takuma Asano Stuggart He’s staying put as there is no work permit for UK yet.
Completed Ismael Bannacer Empoli Never once mentioned
5 Krystian Bielik Birmingham City keen to extend loan for another year. Norwich keen. Also Nottm Forest.  Could go to Leeds – but he went on the Ozzie tour so if he goes out it presumably will only be on loan.  And we might need him for the first couple of weeks.
6 Bellerin Barcelona Barce are getting him on a cut price deal (details of which are unclear).  He’s bought a house in Barcelona.  He has asked for a transfer and Arsenal has refused. Barcelona have given up and are looking elsewhere. No he has already gone. No not going anywhere.  See also above.
Completed Marc Bola Bristol Rovers Loan.  Not predicted anywhere
8 Campbell Fenerbahce Currently in talks to sign.  No its Greece.  But no, sadly he was injured playing for his country and will be out until the end of the year.  Not been given a number for the season
9 Chambers Newcastle Or it could be Everton.  There seems some uncertainty.  Palace made a bid of £20m (Mirror) no £16m (Telegraph).  TalkSp said last week it happens this week to Palace
Completed Crowley Willem II News reports say this transfer is going through and that he is about to be presented to reporters.
11 Francis Coquelin  Valencia This story has been going on and on and on… The update is a series of stories in blogs saying he’s no good anyway.
12.1 Debuchy Newcastle Being made available on a free.  No he’s off to Nice.
NEW Brighton Last minute switch of venues
13 Elneny Leicester Arsenal have accepted a £10m bid but the player is refusing to leave.
Completed Gabriel Valencia The Sun says he is going for £11m
15. Gibbs Newcastle Watford, WBA Didn’t go on the summer tour and was injured for the Borehamwood game.  Watford don’t like the price so the suggestion is, AFC have cut it in half.  Mail is reporting Newcastle interest.  TalkSport said WBA this week. That was 2 weeks ago.
NEW Gibbs He’s not going anywhere.
16.1 Olivier Giroud  Marseille He wants to play more games.  Marseille to make an offer right at the close of the window to force Arsenal to deal.
16.2 Giroud West Ham They really want him as they need more pace!
16.3 Giroud  No move Wenger wants to keep him hence the new contract signed earlier
16.4 Giroud Everton Despite already signing over 150 players this summer, Everton want Giroud as well.  “We’ll see who we’ve got when the window closes and pick a team from that” said A Spokesman.
16.5 Giroud Borussia Dortmund  Apparently this is the one that really is true.  Honest.
Completed Kaylen Hinds Wolfsburg £2m transfer – never predicted anywhere.
Completed Jenkinson Newcastle Newc just promoted, need players, but no real noise concerning his move except from Daily Mail. In the end he went to Birmingham.
Completed Glen Kamara Released  Signed for Dundee.  Not mentioned anywhere.
20 Koscielny Marseille He’s just had enough and needs to leave.
21 Matt Macey Untold’s own speculation was he didn’t go to Oz, and is too old to be the 4th keeper in the club next season but then Martinez went on loan, so he’s staying.  Our one transfer out speculation, and it went wrong
Completed Emiliano Martínez Getafe One year loan.  It was not predicted anywhere.
Completed Stephy Mavididi Preston Loan; not predicted.
Comleted Savvas Mourgos  Norwich No details, went to Norwich.  Not predicted
New Mustafi Inter Although the Indy then said Inter can’t afford him.   Oh no its Juventus.
Released Stefan O’Connor Newcastle Not predicted anywhere
27 Ospina Fenerbahce Some are just saying “to Turkey”, but since Martinez loan, keeper talk has all gone quiet
28.1 Oxlade Chamb Liverpool! or Chelsea Chelsea is said to be making a final push but Sky says no chance of the deal going through
NEW Ox Chelsea Deal done according to several papers
29 Özil Real Mad They realise they should have kept him.  Mr Wenger says, he is staying.
30.1 Lucas Perez PSG, Deportivo La Coruna,  Fenerbahce, Newcastle He’s an “outcast” according to “reports”.  He didn’t go to Oz, but it is said that the proposed deal in Spain has broken down.  Mail says Spain is back on for £12m.  Newc now the real deal.
NEW Lucas He’s not going anywhere
31 Reine-Adelaide Nice The Short Fuse: Arsene Wenger, for reasons unknown, “doesn’t want” Reine-Adelaide at the club any longer
32 Sanogo Released
33 Santi Caz Not so much that he is going but that Arsenal must send him packing – until suddenly he posted pics of himself in the gym and said he was doing double training.  Surely those early stories about “never play again” can’t just have been made up can they?
Completed Wojciech Szczesny Napoli or Juventus Every newspaper seems to have this one.  He doesn’t want to be here.  Yes he does, the club doesn’t want him. £10m deal about to be done with Juve.
Completed Nathan Tella Southampton Deal done and completed – he was released.  Not predicted
Completed Jan Toral Hull £3m transfer.  Never predicted.
37.1 Theo Walcott West Ham Ray Wilkins says he must leave to protect his career.  Daily Star says he is going to West Ham.
37.2 Theo Newcastle The 4th official says this is the transfer that will happen
37.3 Theo Everton £30m on the table, so we are told.  Suddenly this old story is headlined “Sensational” in “The 4th official” blog
NEW Theo Southampton A player swap is about to happen
38 Danny Welbeck Everton Trouble is they have already bought two forwards
Completed Chris Willock Benfica Arsenal wanted to keep him but he decided to join one of his brothers
40 Jack Wilshere Sampdoria, Palace The Metro has this one and they are sure he’s off.  Express says £6.2m offer rejected.  No its Palace on loan (Mirror).  Wenger says he needs to sit down with Jack.
NEW Wilshere ??? Simply, he’s off, according to the Guardian.  Real Betis says the Sun.


Cohen Bramall has also gone to Birmingham, another true story that the media missed.  Apologies we missed that one in all the excitement.  It makes it 41.

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And  Marcus McGuane: The Indy says “Arsenal risk losing talented youngster Marcus McGuane as Juventus and Manchester United enter race”   This looks to me like another “Arsenal too slow” story.

So there we are.  Almost over.  Soon we’ll know how many were real and how many were just plain fantasy aimed at keeping gullible consumers of tittle tattle reading for another five minutes.

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28 comments to The list of every one of the 40 players tipped to be leaving Arsenal this summer.


    Why would u waste your time compiling this trash?

  • PV4

    Thing is, if they cover every player, they can confidently say ‘I told you so!’ Bell-ends.

  • Nakew

    Too much fake news/junk news/no news in this days. This is why I only follow you & few other arsenal bloggers as arsenal news source. I thank you for making info. browsing easy for me.

  • Reality check

    Just desperation. Lord Wenger is fast turning out to be an incompetent mnanager at the top level. Untold need a much bigger distraction from what lord Wenger is trying to pull this time round.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Thank you , SHA for diligent endeavours in compiling and filtering all this transfer crapola and hoopla created by the press . Saves much of the faithful’s time , so that we could take care of more urgent and pressing matters. Like work and family.

  • Dom

    Trouble is, some ‘so called’ fans need to be fed rubbish so that they can wallow in their misery and have a go at the club and manager for being incompetent in keeping our players. Unfortunately for them, when they are faced with the reality, they shift their arguments to club and manager incompetence because we have too many rubbish players (most of which in truth would be welcomed by any PL team). Then they can again relax in their bath of self pity and self righteousness until facts and figures disturb them again.
    What a world !
    Roll on next match 😀

  • MaTHEW, why would you both trolling “this trash’?

    Reality Check is delusional, go figure, projection is one symptom serious mental health problems. He’s a lord, I would have he Knighted, but a Lordship, my my!

    What is Lord Wenger, glad you used capitals for both titles, but pray what is he pulling? As far as I can tell, he’s playing the figures by each season, pretty well. Unless you want us to spend 200m on Neymar, or 150m on Mbappe and Coutinho each? If these clubs trade at astronomical prices amongst themselves, it eventually evens out, they are monopolising the very best players.

    And yes after that infamous crash when United became the first PLC in football, financially they have had the muscle. They have only spent around 200m every year since Fergie left and still needed Europa to make the CL, so pray what are people on about.

    We are out of Cl because of cheating, in most games, for instance, the 2-1 City, with both goals being offside, would have us in top 4 on it’s own.

  • gouresh

    what will happen, if Alexis and the OX leaves? so much for telling us that players will not be sold to rivals. wasn’t there a statement when Samir & Cesc [i think] were on the last yrs of their contracts that the club came out and said that this will NEVER happen again. all fun and games.

  • Stephan

    Dwain kaya

    We were cheated out of the UCL spots?
    This is the kind of thinking that ensures we will continue in out stagnant state according to our Legend, TH14.
    There is no club, I repeat,no club in the League who has not had one decision or the other go in favour of them or against them.
    It’s not possible
    You seem to forget this same refs gave us the Rub of the green in the FA cup victory.
    Let’s look at our team for once okay.
    There is no institution that is perfect, sondont maje it look that way. You can’t blame the owner alone when there’s someone directly involved in player training, tactics and purchases.
    We have 2 years of Wenger, so I think we should all enjoy the ride.
    It will definitely be fun

  • para

    I wonder how we are going to let those with their heads in the sand(so they cant see the Arsenal problems) know the result of the next game?

    A win and they will raise their heads again, a loss and they will go deeper into the sand.

  • Sam Sayed

    Who the fuck is Oxlade Chamberlain? Admittedly he is a player with potential, but he has had just one okayish season last year. And now he thinks his head is too big for Arsenal? Apparently, he turned down the move to Chelsea and wants to join Liverpool – yes the same Liverpool which humiliated Arsenal by making the Suarez bid public and blatantly lied about the Suarez;s buyout clause. I think Wenger needs to tell Oxlade that he has three options (1) Extend his contract with Arsenal (2) Sign for Chelsea or (3) Rot in the reserves as Arsenal has no interest in a dealing with Liverpool and then see which big club comes to sign him next year after an year in obscurity.

    I really hope Wenger takes a hard stance with him. Enough is enough – there is no point in being loyal to players who are not loyal to the club.

  • para

    Anyway seriously:

    Arsenal in “transfer shambles” the media proclaims.

    Or is this just Arsenal getting back to basics, that is, making money from the sales of players.

    What ever…
    I gon fe I lunch.

  • Jimbo

    All this constant garbage we get from the media about everybody wanting to leave Arsenal.From what I understand Arsenal have always had first choice on most players unless the money elsewhere is too massive.I can honestly say I haven’t regretted any of the Arsenal players leaving our club,with most of them being considered over the hill.The only player Wenger ever wanted to keep was Fabregas the rest he was happy to let go..

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    The reality on ground now is that from Arsenal’s 25 man first team list of last winter campaign, only Gabriel and Gibbs have been moved on by Arsenal. While Szczesny was not of that winter list, nevertheless, he hss been moved on too.

    Arsenal look to want to move on Perez, Debuchy and likeky Mustafi either on sales or on loan out deals. And will have to move on Sanchez and Chamberlain to avoid certain financial loses happening to club before this summer window is closed tomorrow night’s. But the Ox has appeared to be undecided as to which club he’ll head to after agitating he wants to leave Arsenal this summer as his request to do that has been granted by Arsenal. But he’s now stalling on his moving away from the Gunners after rejecting the reported massive £180k new weekly wage offered to him by Arsenal to exend his contract at the Emirates Stadium. Medis reports had it thst he’s been dictating the position he wants to be playing from on the field for Chelsea to Antonio Conte, the Chelsea manager who will not have none of that. Even Le Prof too has not entertained such dictation from him either. Let’s wait and see if Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool manager will accept the Ox positional playing dictation and match the £180k/ week wage he was offered to extend his staying at Arsenal. But I will want Arsenal to still sell him during this transfer 2 dsys deadline period.

  • Jammy J

    Stephan – “There is no club, I repeat,no club in the League who has not had one decision or the other go in favour of them or against them.” Is that honestly all you can come up with, to refute the claims of an anti-Arsenal bias?

    The article below gives a fairly basic, but very good, idea of the way in which Arsenal are constantly up against the odds, when it comes to refereeing. You state one match as an example of how Arsenal are not discriminated against. What about the prior FA cup finals to that one, where the ref tried his absolute best to get the opposition to win? The fact that you have to use only one single example, says it all.

  • Swapneel

    @Sam Sayed
    Completed agree with you
    If he is not in last year of his contract, he should be put in reserves to send message across to all the players
    Our club is too soft in such matters and needs to take firm stance

  • omgarsenal

    Boy 2 losses in 3 games and the knives are out for the club and Wenger! All these fools believe everything they read in the media and online….but NEVEr actually believe what has on their website. They are the ONLY accurate reports supporters can believe yet everyone ignore them!

  • Nitram


    The only reason I ever put my head in the sand is to avoid reading and hearing the kind or non stop whinging people come out with.

    I can take being beaten.

    I can take being drubbed.

    I can take a terrible performance.

    I don’t like it. It hurts. But it’s not the end of the World, because I have the ability to put it in to perspective.

    One dire performance against Liverpool hasn’t suddenly made us the worst team in the World, or Wenger the worst manager.


    I love it when we win.

    I love it when we stuff a team, especially a Utd or a Chelsea.

    I love it when we win a cup.

    It makes me happy. It gives me a massive buzz. It can put a smile on my face for weeks.

    But it doesn’t mean we are, all of a sudden, the best team in the World. It doesn’t make Wenger the best manager in the World, because, as well as the downs, I can also put the ups in to perspective.

    The problem as I see it is whenever something ‘bad’ happens to Arsenal it is blown completely out of proportion. When something ‘good’ happens everything possible is done to undermine it.

    Hence winning 3 Fa cups, 3 CS’s, finishing 4th 3rd and 2nd in the PL over the last 4 years is dismissed out of hand, but losing a match to Liverpool is the end of the World.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

    What other Club would get the abuse we do after:

    Winning the FA Cup, Winning the FA Cup, Being Runners up, Winning the FA Cup ?

    No other Club would, that’s the truth of it.

    So for crying out loud, stop whinging, enjoy the good times, deal with the bad, and get some perspective.

  • Pat

    Gibbs is going to West Brom. On the Arsenal web site.

  • Cheadle

    I agree with you Nitram.

    I think the scale of Wenger’s achievements at Arsenal cannot be fully understood or appreciated at the current level of emotional hijack being experienced by many fans and pundits.

    Wenger (Arsenal) is not being evaluated by any kind of “human” yardstick and this has been going on for years. Despite a decade of being written off, Arsenal have remained a top team. Our top four “demise” has been wrongly predicted every year going back ten years yet Wenger consistently confounded his critics.

    The scale of the knee-jerk reaction to this loss is perplexing to say the least.

    Apart from momentary excitement a “thrashing” carries no extra weight and only a handful are actual defining moments.

    Liverpool beat Arsenal 5-1 when Brendan Rodgers was coach
    Arsenal once lost 3-6 to Man City
    Mourinho’s Chelsea defeated Arsenal 6-0
    Arsenal defeated Chelsea 3-0 last season
    Arsenal enjoyed a comfortable 3-0 scoreline against Van Gaal’s Man U
    We handed Spurs 5-2 defeats two seasons in a row
    Sir Alex’s Man U once lost 1-6 to Man City at Old Trafford!!
    Bayern Thrashed Barca 7-0 over two legs in CL in 2013
    Barca-PSG (6-1) just last season
    And Brazil 1-7 Germany. WC 2014

    Excitement for Supporters? Definitely! but when viewed in perspective thrashings do not always predict the future.

    All that is required is to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down, put in the hard work, apply the right attitude and make the predictors of doom eat humble pie as we always do!

  • Gibbs hail Arsenal and Arsene, Gabriel reveals desire to return to Spain and old manager and asked Wenger personally.

    Walcott muted as VVD makeweight.

    Perez wanted by a third club.

    Alexis bid rejected

    Dortmund after Ozil, not happening sorry.

    Liverpool move for Ox who is likely regretting his rash choices!

    Debouchy serious interest from Seagulls.

    Go, Arsene, go, go, go!

    Aurier, just up the anti, and Carvalho!

  • Nitram



    You have picked up on on exactly the point I was making.

    Yes, these bad days hurt. Of course they do.

    But that’s all they are. A bad day at the office.

    As for Liverpool, I’ve seen all this from them before. They almost won the PL in the not too distant past but blew it big style at Crystal Palace. Just imagine if we had done that.

    Similarly spurs imploding at Stamford bridge?

    Against the magpies anyone?

    Why are we not hearing from the media and ex Liverpool players things like:

    “we’ve been here before and still we wait for our first title since 1990”

    “This is typical Liverpool. Magnificent moments followed by magnificent failure”

    Because these are the sort of things we get all the time.

    How many times did we get a ‘shift of power’ in North London before they finally finished above us. Even with that, it was Arsenal that actually WON something last year, which is what it’s all about supposedly, so in reality it’s debatable whether there was a ‘shift in power’ or not, at all.

    As I say, our fans and the media go apoplectic whenever we have one of those days but when it comes to the likes of Spurs, Liverpool etc, it’s brushed of as, well, just one of those days.

    The only time to make any real judgements is at the end of the season, not after 3 f***ing games for crying out loud.

  • jjgsol

    I am delighted to see the positive posts today, as against the negative ones that came out of the woodwork since Sunday.

    There are so many of today’s posters that I agree wholeheartedly, I cannot name them all, so all I will say is thanks and let’s move on.

  • jjgsol

    I am sorry to see Gibbs go. I have always liked to watch his enthusiasm and attacking spirit.

    I am happy to wish him well, which is not what I will be wishing some of the other departees, such as Ox and Sanchez.

    Their lack of gratitude, fueled by simple greed is so clear.

    I daresay neither of these 2 will find anything other than money when they discover that Klopp and Pep are not push overs.

    I wonder what it was that pep saw, or didn’t see in Sanchez that he was happy to let him go.I wonder if his views will actually change =if and when he gets him under his control again.

  • alexanderhenry


    Who cares about how many players the press thinks are leaving or joining arsenal.
    More importantly, have you actually got anything to say about the ox transfer? Do you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing?

    Also, Wenger must have been aware of the situation with the ox so why did he say this on July the 15th:

    ‘I expect him to stay, 100%. No matter the speculation, he will stay.’

    The word ‘expect’ makes it a slightly ambiguous statement, but why come out so strongly when the clearly the situation with the player was nowhere near resolved?

    Wenger was being disingenuous I’m afraid. If Alexis goes that’s even worse. Wenger’s been even more forceful in backing him to stay.

    Anyway, despite all that I think £40 million for the ox is a pretty good deal.

    Also, is there actually any chance of you giving some sort of opinion on matters not related to press speculation and bad refereeing decisions at some point?

    I mean, for example: how do you rate arsenal’s chances this season?

    How do you think the transfer window is going?

    Who would you like to see come in or leave?

    What improvements would you like to see after the Liverpool defeat?

    Do you think wenger should return to a back four?

    What do think arsenal’s strongest XI is?

    ..that sort of thing.

  • Wenger must have been aware of the situation with the ox so why did he say this on July the 15th:

    ‘I expect him to stay, 100%. No matter the speculation, he will stay.’

    Well, to me it is blindingly obvious: to play a double hand. On the one side he hoped the Ox might stay, on the other to jack the price up. There is an alternative possibility, that he was ordered by Kroenke to sell but I think that’s an outsider.

    I’m not surprised you have to ask the question, but it is rather obvious.

  • Alexanderhenry


    Making statements like that makes no difference to the selling price of a player.

    What it does do is make the manager look dishonest .

  • I shall try to explain how it works at lunchtime. I’m doing the allegations about the £200m story at the moment.