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June 2021

So with one day to go, who is still in our 25 man senior Squad?

by Andrew Crawshaw

Additional commentary by Tony Attwood

This list is, I hope, correct as at 15:27 on Wednesday before the transfer window shuts tomorrow

Player Position Homegrown
1 Mathieu Debuchy RB N
2 Per Mertesacker CB N
3 Laurent Koscielny CB N
4 Alexis Sanchez Forward N
5 Andre Lacazette Striker N
6 Lucas Pérez Forward N
7 Mesut Özil Mid N
8 Olivier Giroud Forward N
9 David Ospina GK N
10 Nacho Monreal LB N
11 Santi Cazorla Mid N
12 Shkodran Mustafi CB N
13 Joel Campbell Forward N
14 Granit Xhaka CM N
15 Saad Kolasinac LB N
16 Petr Cech GK N
17 Mohamed Elneny Mid N
18 Aaron Ramsey Mid Y
19 Jack Wilshere Mid Y
20 Theo Walcott Forward Y
21 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Mid Y
22 Rob Holding CB Y
23 Calum Chambers CB Y
24 Danny Welbeck Forward Y
25 Hector Bellerin RB Y
26 Chuba Akpom Forward Y
27 Francis Coquelin DM Y

By my reckoning I make it two more players to go out through the door to allow remaining players to stay in the squad.  If we are to bring anyone else in then it makes an additional player to go for every incoming player.

Of the 25 players who can be registered only 17 can be foreign grown.  Thereafter the rest (up to 8) must be homegrown.  The way the rules are constructed means that a team could have a squad of 17 players all of whom were foreign grown.

We do indeed have 17 foreign grown players and so it is quite feasible for our final pruning to be entirely from the remaining group.  Or put it another way, the homegrown rule isn’t going to cause us any problems.

Also it must be remembered that for the Europa League a completely separate group of players can be registered.  It seems unlikely that this would be the case, but it does mean that some players can be omitted from that list.

Finally, the list for both Europe and Domestic competitions is re-registered in January, therefore it would be possible to manipulate the list for Europe for the easier group stage, by leaving out a couple of seasoned players, and then bring them in for the second half of the competition.

There are several players in the list above who have not featured for the club of late and so could go on overseas loans which might be arranged after the window closes, but if we need two names now I’d go for Campbell who is injured and Akpom.

Players Under 21 but included in the First Team Squad

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Player Position Homegrown
28 Alex Iwobi Forward/MF Y
29 Ainsley Maitland-Niles CM/Wing Y
30 Jeff Reine-Adelaide Forward Y
31 Joe Willock CM/Wing Y
32 Reiss Nelson Forward Y

This secondary list of five is particularly interesting as these players have clearly not been loaned out on purpose and therefore could well be part of the PL2 squad and the League Cup and occasionally PL squad in the first half of the season.

23 comments to So with one day to go, who is still in our 25 man senior Squad?

  • Gaarrow

    Ox now out but Campbell omitted.

  • Gaarrow

    Sorry the list has Campbell in it. Ox out, Iwobi 21yrs in May 17.

  • Mike T


    Only 2 GK, I think you are required to have 3 as a minimum.

    Isn’t Macey still at Arsenal? If he is then yes he is HG but now over 21

  • insideright

    Given their injuries the obvious thing would be not to register Cazorla and Campbell and that takes care of the first half of the season.

  • Gaarrow, the 21 year rule has a set date – players have to be under 21 on that date – the date they become 21 during the year does not affect matters.

  • Godge

    Macey and Iliev, both goalkeepers, are over-21, meaning we have 29 players for the 25-man squad.

    You are not required to have three goalkeepers in the 25, Huddart, an under-21 goalkeeper could be the third.

    If Iliev is left out because of his recent recovery from two seasons of injury, Ox and Sanchez sold, Campbell left out because of injury, Debuchy goes to Brighton, Perez to Spain and Akpom to the Championship, that leaves us with room for three signings.

  • para

    It is for (pretty)sure that Ox and Alexis are not going to be there tomorrow, that leaves 25 exactly.

    So Arsenal has finaly (visibly) landed at a level where they realistically belong.

    I(must admit) among with many have been slightly deluded due to our previous successes and expected Arsenal to be challenging with the “super rich” clubs.

    Now it is time to take off those rose glasses and get the team supported. If we did manage to win PL, lets accept is as an achievement and not as a deservation.

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Mr Crawsaw, from your list of 27 Gunners list above, but for their long layoff injuries from which it looks they won’t recovered from them this summer, I don’t think Le Prof should list the names of Santi Cazorla and that of Joel Campbell in his first half of this season’s 25 man list. And it is arguably looking like the Le Prof’s axe which has been dangling to fall will fall on Mathieu Debuchy and Chuba Akpom to leave the club either on sales if Arsenal can find the buyers to buy them from now till the end of the deadline day tomorrow. Or alternatively loan them out if they can find the clubs that will take them.

    Nevertheless, if the four Gunners of Debuchy, and Akpom are moved on and Cazorla and Campbell are not listed, from your list of 27, the numbers will cut down to 23. Thus, leaving 2 vacant places in the 25 to be filled in. But will Le Prof fills in all these 2 vacant places or reserves one of them for Cazorla to fill it in in his 2nd half of this season’s list and bring in one top quality senior signing preferably a midfielder since it looks Mustafi will be staying this summer and not go to Inter after all? But I can’t be sure on that as anything can still happen in that regard. At any case, if he leaves, then Le Prof has to bring in a top quality new centreback for Arsenal between now and tomorrow night’s.

    Finally, Le Prof should not sign any senior player for Arsenal between now and tomorrow who is not a top quality that ticks all the boxes. I mean he should eschewed signing a new player within the next 30 hours this window who is a squad player. We don’t want a new senior team squad player but a top quality one. But if he cannot find one or agree fee to sign one he has found, let him leave signing any more new senior team player or players for Arsenal till during the next winter window to try his luck. We the Gooners will bear it with him.

  • Josif

    Arsenal have sold Ox to Liverpool for 40 million pounds and still have no cash for major signings.

    Tony, I think it’s time for a serious Untold Arsenal article about Arsenal finances.

  • Nitram

    £40 Million for the Ox would be a result.

    No great loss.

  • Paul the gooner

    If we do not sign anyone of note tomorrow, I think the supporters have every right to shout very loud.
    I have read what John Cross in the Mirror has reported.Very interesting about Sanchez.Not liked in the dressing room for many reasons and I believe that some players showed their contempt for his inclusion in the starting line up on Sunday.I will be very surprised if he stays.70mill cheerio.

  • Mike T


    For this season to be counted as an under 21 the player had to be born on or after 1/196


    The dilema is that if you don’t include three senior keepers in the squad
    and one of your senior keepers gets injured then the likelihood of being granted a concession to get a keeper on loan would be nil.

  • WalterBroeckx

    As Campbell and Santi are out for a long and yet unknown time Arsenal could not list them and thus free up space

  • Swapneel

    I would be quite surprised if we sell Ox to Liverpool after Suarez fisco.
    It one thing to lose players to Mega rich clubs but its quite shocking we are losing one of our talented player to Liverpool

  • Usama Zaka


    For financial reports/analysis/editorials Swiss Ramble is ideal. Untold may/may-not have something in works.

    As for something current about football and AFC’s finances the Arsecast 436 (just out this week) discusses with James Montague about his new book “The Billionaires Club – The Unstoppable Rise of Football’s Super-rich Owners”

    Additionally, I think, this Monday or the next one, A Bergkamp Wonderland Podcast will invite Swiss Ramble and James Montague (the new book author) to everything financially related to Arsenal. So keep an eye on that one.

  • Josif



    The thing is, the club is proud of its financial success. We have made a profit in terms of net spending this summer and we still don’t have money for a new signing unless Alexis is sold. Then we won’t have time to make such a big transfer.

    I know that there was a story about Arsenal being in danger to break short-term cost control rules that are applied only in Premier League due to enormous wage bill growth in the last few years. Daily Mail ran it back in June and UA briefly mentioned it (can’t recall if there was a special article dedicated to that issue).

    If we have sold Gabriel, Gibbs, Ox, Szczesny, Toral and loaned out Perez, how come Lacazette’s and Kolašinac’s combined wage is a problem to the extent we can’t sign anyone else?

    If anything, this financial issue might unite Arsenal fans around in hate towards Kroenke. Baby steps but that’s OK with me. Maybe one day all Arsenal fans will be united in support for our players and the manager regardless of their names.

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    Regarding goalkeepers both Macey and Iliev are over 21 but currently neither are listed on the official Arsenal web site as being members of the first team squad. As far as I’m aware there is no requirement for a club to list three goalkeepers over the age of 21. I currently have no idea who our third goalkeeper is going to be. I’m sure that along with a number of other issues will become clear in the next 48 hours

  • Hunter13

    well arsenal need to make a choice at some stage….how long will the owners force wenger to squezze silk out of a fly’s ass….. i dont like usmanov but he said something right : ‘ the current set up is wasting wenger;s best years’

    ok …we get it…they used his early success to push on the stadium move..timing and conditions allowed it …but this is now is so bad.

    The manager wants to keep his best players and some piece of shit with mustache from texas wants profits…. as if theprofits mr ewenger has been bringing 20 years now are not enough….

    need to decide…glory or profits ? mr wenger has devoted his life’s work to this club ……fuck you mr hilllwood and mr kroenke and mr chips whatever

    i have been banned from all arsenal forums because i believe arsenal football club was a shithole prior ro mr wenger…this man civilised a garden of alcoholics with no future or any sort of plan of how to navigate the industry of football…. ive been called a wenger fan…dman fucking right… the only person who gives everything he’s got for the club…fuck the players, the fans and the owners

  • Hunter13


    who the fuck authorised that?

    whot he fuck is xhaka to play central midfield where fabregas dethroned mr patrick vieira? oh ill bring the ball out with the outside of my left, right in the middle of the park…fucking idiot…..

    and you too alexis..fuck you and your instagramms..pulling your shorts on the halfway line…mamma mia all the time like some drama queen ..

    Koscileny beat them up please…. instill order !!

  • Hunter13

    sell them all and bring up the u-17 with iwobi as captain…cunts

  • Hunter13

    personally i feel it kicked off last year….i think….alexis throwing hissy fits forced koscielny to take action..who is a clam guy go to war with him..he is silent but i want him in my squad. mr koscielny values the fact mr wenger brought him at arsenal and gave him the opportunity for career at top level…brand sanchez can fuck off…lolo is my kind of player

    i mean i might regret it if he stays and scores 50 and we humiliate mourinho 5-0 but currently he reminds me of the kardashians…..

  • Hunter13

    and aaron …for gods sake man…in the box all the time…lol… keep it together..please bring back rosicky..someone with quality on ball…haaaa

  • Menace

    £35million for an Ox! damned expensive beef!