Santi Cazorla dropped from Arsenal’s 25 players list; Man City only have 18, Spurs just 20

By Andrew Crawshaw and Tony Attwood

We recently published our complete database of players associated with Arsenal – which is of course awash with numbers and data.   So to round the whole thing off, we prepared a simplified list as a reference point for the future.  And then we found a problem.  The headline above tells you what it is, but we’ll take you through it step by step so you can see…

List 1 – Untold’s Arsenal players over the age of 21 and who are in the First Team Squad

Name Position Homegrown
1 Mathieu Debuchy RB N
2 Per Mertesacker CB N
3 Laurent Koscielny CB N
4 Alexis Sanchez Forward N
5 Andre Lacazette Striker N
6 Mesut Özil Mid N
7 Olivier Giroud Forward N
8 David Ospina GK N
9 Nacho Monreal LB N
10 Santi Cazorla Mid N
11 Shkodran Mustafi CB N
12 Granit Xhaka CM N
13 Saad Kolasinac LB N
14 Petr Cech GK N
15 Mohamed Elneny Mid N
16 Aaron Ramsey Mid Y
17 Jack Wilshere Mid Y
18 Theo Walcott Forward Y
19 Rob Holding CB Y
20 Calum Chambers CB Y
21 Danny Welbeck Forward Y
22 Hector Bellerin RB Y
23 Chuba Akpom Forward Y
24 Francis Coquelin DM Y

15 overseas players and nine home grown – meaning we only have 24 in the 25 list.   The issue of the final player is looked at in table three.

List 2 – Players under the age of 21 who are members of the First Team Squad

Name Position Homegrown (once 21)
1 Alex Iwobi Forward/MF Y
2 Ainsley Maitland-Niles CM/Wing Y
3 Jeff Reine-Adelaide Forward Y
4 Joe Willock CM/Wing Y
5 Reiss Nelson Forward Y

There is also some chatter around that Krystian Bielik will also become part of the first team squad.

List 3 – Players over the age of 21 who are not yet included in the official First Team Squad

Name Position Homegrown
1 Deyan Iliev GK Y
2 Matt Macey GK Y

Now we saw this as having some surprises, with Debuchy, Wilshere and Chuba Akpom all remaining, but we do have plenty of games so hopefully they can be used either in the League Cup or Europa League to allow some squad rotation at least.

The other problem which was pointed out when we published the last lists on Wednesday was the appearance of only two goalkeepers when commonsense (at least) suggests that we should have three at least.  We have two goalkeepers who logically could/should fill that gap in Illiev and Macey.  Both are over 21 and currently both still listed as Academy Players.  Illiev has just returned to playing for the U23s after a two year lay-off due to a serious knee injury and I guess will stay at that level for now leaving Matt Macey to step up for the First Team and take the 25th slot.

But now we have the official lists published by the Premier League (see the link below) and we got it wrong.  Santi Cazorla is not in the 25, but both the young keepers are.  Here is the list as published on the official site (although removing their cockup of writing the word “Yes” instead of a * for home grown at one point.)

  1. Akpom, Chuba*
  2. Bellerin, Hector*
  3. Cech, Petr
  4. Chambers, Calum*
  5. Coquelin, Francis*
  6. Debuchy, Mathieu
  7. Elneny, Mohamed Naser Elsayed
  8. Giroud, Olivier
  9. Holding, Robert Samuel*
  10. Iliev, Deyan
  11. Kolasinac, Sead
  12. Koscielny, Laurent
  13. Lacazette, Alexandre
  14. Macey, Matthew Ryan*
  15. Mertesacker, Per
  16. Monreal, Ignacio
  17. Mustafi, Shkodran
  18. Ospina, David
  19. Ozil, Mesut
  20. Ramsey, Aaron James*
  21. Sanchez, Alexis
  22. Walcott, Theo James*
  23. Welbeck, Daniel*
  24. Wilshere, Jack Andrew*
  25. Xhaka, Granit

As Walter said earlier, these are the players who will now make up our team till January, they need and deserve our full support.

Just as a footnote, it is interesting that Chelsea have only included 21 players, and Manchester City seem to have just 18 (these figures according to the Premier League’s official site.)  Manchester United have used all 25, as have Liverpool.  Tottenham however have just 20.

Now although these figures come from the official source they have been counted by Tony whose maths is notoriously odd, and proofreading skills close to -1 so just to check, here is the Manchester City list.  The * relates to a home grown player… there are four of these and 14 overseas players.

  1. Aguero Del Castillo, Sergio
  2. Bravo Munoz, Claudio Andres
  3. Da Silva, Danilo Luiz
  4. De Bruyne, Kevin
  5. Delph, Fabian*
  6. Gundogan, Ilkay
  7. Jimenez Silva, David Josue
  8. Kompany, Vincent
  9. Luiz Roza, Fernando
  10. Mangala, Eliaquim
  11. Mendy, Benjamin
  12. Mota Veiga de Carvalho E Silva, Bernardo
  13. Otamendi, Nicolas
  14. Santana de Moraes, Ederson
  15. Sterling, Raheem Shaquille*
  16. Stones, John*
  17. Toure, Gnegneri Yaya
  18. Walker, Kyle Andrew*

Perhaps they think that’s enough but more likely they just can’t find any more home growns.  Or maybe either we or the PL has got this wrong.  And as for Tottenham, they have quite a decent record in avoiding injuries according to the records we ran earlier, and maybe their austerity programme over the new stadium build really is starting to bite.   Here’s their list.

  1. Alderweireld, Toby Albertine
  2. Aurier, Serge
  3. Davies, Benjamin Thomas*
  4. Dembele, Mousa
  5. Dier, Eric Jeremy Edgar
  6. Eriksen, Christian
  7. Gazzaniga, Paulo Dino
  8. Heung-Min, Son
  9. Janssen, Vincent Petrus Anna Sebastiaan
  10. Kane, Harry*
  11. Lamela, Erik
  12. Llorente Torres, Fernando Javier
  13. Lloris, Hugo
  14. Nkoudou Mbida, Georges-Kevin
  15. Rose, Daniel Lee*
  16. Sissoko, Moussa
  17. Trippier, Kieran John*
  18. Vertonghen, Jan
  19. Vorm, Michel
  20. Wanyama, Victor

So that we think it is, until someone says otherwise.

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41 Replies to “Santi Cazorla dropped from Arsenal’s 25 players list; Man City only have 18, Spurs just 20”

  1. No….
    Dele Alli or Harry Winks or Davinson Sanchez in the Spurs squad????
    Think the lists are incomplete!?

  2. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Bieluk is added to our first team squad. He picked up a shoulder injury in the U23 game against City and so wasn’t fit to go out on loan this window. He came to us as a DM but has spent the past two years at CB. I still fancy at some stage he will revert to DM.

  3. I noted this morning that Reiss Nelson has been selected as one of the candidates for the PL2 player of the month. After scoring 5 in the three games played this shouldn’t be too surprising. Interestingly the nominations have been made by the managers of the opposition teams which is a novel way of selecting the candidates ( but one with a degree of merit I think)

  4. Heavy – the issue of over and under 21 does not relate to the players actual age now but his age on a single date nominated by the League. So players can indeed play while over 21 if they were under 21 on that nominated day.

    I can’t look up the actual date at the moment, but if Andrew is still around he’ll be able to tell us.

  5. Ha, got it

    An Under 21 player is defined as one who is under the age of 21 on 1st January in the year in which the season commences. So lots of 21 year olds sneak in.

  6. John, please read the note about the under 21 rule. Here is the list of Tottenham players as shown on the PL site. And please do note, this is not a list created by me – I have simply copied it from the Premier League’s official site
    Under-21 players (Contract and Scholars)
    Alli, Bamidele Jermaine
    Amos, Luke Ayodele
    Austin, Brandon Anthony
    Bennetts, Keanan Chidozie
    Bowden, Jamie Patrick
    Brown, Jaden
    Carter-Vickers, Cameron
    Clarke, Rayan Romario
    De Bie, Jonathan
    Dinzeyi, Jonathan Toko Lema
    Duncan, Dylan
    Edwards, Marcus
    Eyoma, Timothy Joel
    Foyth, Juan Marcos
    Freeman, Charlie
    Georgiou, Anthony Michael
    Glover, Thomas William
    Griffiths, Reo Revaldo
    Harrison, Shayon
    Hinds, Tariq Devontae Aaron
    Lock, Matthew Joseph
    Loft, Ryan
    Lyons-Foster, Brooklyn
    Maghoma, Christian
    Maghoma, Edmond-Paris
    Markanday, Dilan Kumar
    Marsh, George Owen
    Miller, William
    Mukendi, Jeremie
    Oakley-Boothe, Tashan
    Ogilvie, Connor Stuart
    Okedina, Jubril Adesope
    Oluwayemi, Oluwaferanmi Joshua Chibuzo
    Omolabi, Moroyin
    Onomah, Joshua
    Patterson, Phoenix MacLaren
    Pochettino, Maurizio
    Pritchard, Joe Cameron
    Reynolds, Jamie Joe
    Richards, Rodel
    Roles, Jack
    Sanchez Mina, Davinson
    Shashoua, Armando
    Shashoua, Samuel
    Skipp, Oliver William
    Statham, Maxwell Louis
    Sterling, Kazaiah
    Tainio, Maximus Mikael
    Tanganga, Japhat Manzambi
    Thorpe, Elliot Morgan
    Tracey, Shilow
    Tsaroulla, Nicholas
    Walker-Peters, Kyle
    Walkes, Anton
    Whiteman, Alfie
    Winks, Harry

  7. I can’t do any more on this now as I’m off for my usual saturday night out, but in essence if you think that the lists are wrong all I can do is refer you back to the Premier League’s official site which has the list of the “25” and the registered under 21 year olds.

    The one thing we’ve done is separate out our list of five or six under 21s who are likely to be coming out of the big list of youngsters and playing with the first team this season. The PL list simply lists all the registered players.

  8. The easy answer is to look at the year they were born in. The relevant date is the 1st of January of the year in which the season starts. This year is the 2017 season so any player born in or before 1995 counts as over 21. A birth year of 1996 or later and they are under 21.

    Also to clarify the homegrown rule. To count as homegrown a player must have been with a club registered with either the English or Welsh Football Associations for a period of at least three years before their 21st birthday. The time doesn’t have to be continuous. Once a player meets the homegrown criteria they keep the classification even if they move overseas and later return. The players actual country of birth and his International registration have no bearing on them being homegrown or not. If we were to sign a Scottish or Northern Irish player after their 18th birthday they would be classified as overseas. (No idea why when a Welsh player would be homegrown but they are the rules!)

  9. The question of ages of players becomes even more confusing for International tournaments which may span more than one season. Then the relevant date is Jan1 in the year the tournament starts so players may be 22 when the final knockout games occur.

  10. Arsenal like most Clubs list all U21 players, down to Academy Scholars (16 year olds) in their official list of U21 players to the FA. I saw that Bramall was included in out list when I looked earlier despite him being on loan.

  11. The Arsenal’s official 25 man squad for the remaining part of this season’s PL first half of the season campaign is okay to me even with Cazorla not included in the list. What is of paramount for Le Prof to do now is to ensure that his 18 man match day squad selection and the starters therein, is totally based on the merit of complete physical fitness, strong technical capability, correct mental state of mind and top form if possible for him to do so week in week out in the PL matches. He has in last summer window bolstered his squad by reinforcing it with two top quality additions of Kolasinac and Lacazette. But along with their colleagues in the Gunners in the squad who Le Prof will be selecting to start and playing in Arsenal PL games, I strongly advice him not be starting his players out their preferred/suitable positions of play on the field of play. However, Le Prof reserved the right to convert any Gunner to another position on the fiekd in his team.e.g. Bellerin as left wingback when Kolasinac manned the left centre back. This will even make Bellerin to become versatile able to operate in two positions for the team as time goes on.

    I think Le Prof should not wait until Arsenal play a League Cup or Europa League Cup games before he’ll start playing Wilshere, Debuchy and Chambers. He can before hand gradually start playing them to full game fitness by introducing them into the PL games whenever Arsenal are leading comfortably in the game with say 15 minutes to the end of the match when it will not be risky for the team when he brings them on.

  12. Oga Tony, is the 56 youths Tottenham’s under21 players not too many? How many academic schools have they? Three I suppose that will share these 56 youths in 18 players each with the remaning 2 likely going to their U21 team? What of their U23 team? From where are the players in it gotten from? From this same 56?

  13. OT: Sorry, but I had to mention this.

    Interesting to hear about Liverpool slapping a £200 Million Euro price tag on Courtinos’ head on the last day of the Spanish transfer window.

    Of course they deny it. But then they would wouldn’t they. Just like they denied there was a ‘buy out’ clause in Suarez’s contract.

    Wonder if they’ll be ridiculed on the back page of the SUN tomorrow in a similar way to how Wenger was ridiculed this morning, thus:

    Wenger “Alexis will give 100%”

    The Sun: “Next you’ll tell us Ozil will track back” Ha ha, snigger snigger.

    Maybe we’ll get something similarly derisory towards Liverpool from the SUN tomorrow, you know, just in the interest of balance. Something like:

    Liverpool “We refute Barcelona’s claims that they were quoted a price of €200 million for Philippe Coutinho as absolutely false”

    The Sun. “Of course you do. Next you’ll be telling us there never was a buy out clause in Suarezs’ contract” Ha ha snigger snigger

    What do you think the chances of that are anybody?

  14. Just to expand. The reason for my post above is not really to have a go at Liverpool, although I’m certainly not above that, butrather to highlight yet again how the media ridicule Arsenal at every opportunity, whilst either trivialising, or ignoring altogether, similar things done by any other Club, or there players.

    But not only that, bellow is an example of how they not only ridicule an Arsenal player, Ozil in this case, but they have to completely manufacture, or at least manipulate the truth, to do so:

    This from Joe Miles in the Sun today:

    “MESUT OZIL is widely regarded as one of the best midfielders around, but his world-class ability is underlined by his tendency to be a little lazy.”

    Is that so Mr Miles?

    This from Dream Team FC (a statistics site) in May 2017

    “But here’s where it gets intriguing – Ozil has covered the second highest distance throughout the campaign, racking up almost 319 kilometres in 32 games.

    When worked out by average per game, Ozil comes third only to Monreal and Granit Xhaka, who covers an average of 10.19 kilometres each Premier League match.

    Alexis Sanchez, who looks like a busy player and has been described as being like a Duracell bunny for his work rate, only registers an average of 8.52 kilometres per match this season – a full 1.45 kilometres less than Ozil, who travels an average of 9.97 kilometres each match.”

    Are you telling me this character Joe Miles hasn’t seen those stats? Are we expected to believe the SUNs Sports section don’t know these stats?

    Of course they do, and if they don’t they should be ashamed.

    So having this pop at Ozil is totally without foundation. All it is is part of there ongoing agenda to ridicule him at every opportunity.

    Nothing to do with the fact he plays for Arsenal of course.

  15. Nitram
    I am in no way excusing the media for their hang to “dramatise(read: attack Arsenal individuals)” stories, but think about it.

    Ozil has covered the 3rd most distance in matches, yet that does not mean that he tracks back.

    Try to consider that his distance covered could all be “forward(attacking)” movements and not tracking back enough.

  16. para
    How about you try to consider that if Ozil were to spend more time and energy tracking back he would then not so often be in an advanced position to instigate attacks and provide chances and assists.

  17. Ozil’s message on Facebook, class. Please extend the contract Mesut.

    ‘It’s September 2nd, 2017. I’m with the German National team right now, and yesterday we took a big step towards the World Cup in Russia after beating Czech Republic 2-1. During the last couple of days my DFB teammates have been asking me about how everything is at Arsenal at the moment. They claimed to have read about the current crisis through the media, as pundits and former players are commenting on a daily basis. They say that this could be the worst team in years, even decades.
    I’m writing this text together with people that are close to me, and we’ve got something to celebrate. Although no match was won, or trophy was lifted today, Arsenal and I are celebrating our anniversary! Four years ago I was transferred in a last minute deal from Real Madrid to Arsenal – Arsène Wenger convinced me. He told me about the great history of this club, about its living legends such as Bergkamp, Vieira and Pirès, who owe a large part of their success to the manager. Arsène told me how he would help me to develop as a player, and this is something every player wants to hear, as it is great encouragement.
    Although I initially struggled when coming to the Premier League, I accepted the challenge. I started as a left-winger at the beginning, and in all honestly, I am not a great admirer of that position for myself – I’m better as a ‘number 10’. When playing in the centre I can control the game and generate chances. The Premier League is physically much more demanding then La Liga or the Bundesliga. 1-1 draws are much tougher, and the smaller clubs also have very strong teams that can easily catch you out. Furthermore, there is no winter break, meaning the season is extremely long and exhausting, especially when you are playing at European and National Team level too.
    We have achieved a lot in our four years together. Three of the 13 FA Cup victories have been accomplished in the past four years, with the other ten taking 75 years for the club to win. This is in addition to our three Community Shield wins. After all, six titles in four years is quite something. However, this only makes myself and the team even more disappointed for not playing a role in the title race at the end of last season – this is something we hope to change this year.
    Personally I’ve had to accept a lot of criticism during my time in London. ‘Too expensive, too greedy, bad body language, and lacking fight’ – this is what people have said about me. Some of these comments are made by those who do not know me, some are made by former players – both successful and unsuccessful during their time here at the club. Although criticism is something that all football players have to deal with, I nevertheless expected legends to behave like legends – my advice to these former Gunners: stop talking and start supporting!
    I would like to thank all the Gooners that have always supported me and believed in me. When I leave the Emirates after a game, I see the fans standing along the street cheering. When I’ve played well, I hear you sing my song, and this makes me incredibly proud, giving me goosebumps every time. I have been privileged enough to have met both Brendan and Charlie. They support the club despite their illness, and their strength and positive messages constantly motivate me. Moreover, I’m thankful for all the other personal relationships I’ve made over the past four years.
    Even though I personally do not know how my career will continue after this year, I look forward to my fifth season with Arsenal. This is because Arsenal is a great club with great people and great traditions. I am glad to be able to wear your shirt, Gooners. I’ve had so many great moments in the last four years and I really appreciate what this club means to the people of London, the UK and all over the world.’’

  18. The Spuds squad looks as dull as the England one does.Lots of running and hoofing yet little flair.

  19. Para

    Where in Joe Miles piece does he mention tracking back?

    He accuses him, or at the very least infers that he is lazy, which he clearly is not. As I said, Mr Miles must know those stats as they are freely available. So other than for the malicious intent of propagating the myth would he do it? I know there was also the bit about tracking back,that youknow full well was just another way of propagating the ‘he’s lazy’ myth.

    Any ridiculing of Liverpool in the SUN today?

  20. Para

    Where in Joe Miles piece does he mention tracking back?

    He accuses him, or at the very least infers that he is lazy, which he clearly is not. As I said, Mr Miles must know those stats as they are freely available. So other than for the malicious intent of propagating the myth would he do it? I know there was also the bit about tracking back,that youknow full well was just another way of propagating the ‘he’s lazy’ myth.

    Any ridiculing of Liverpool in the SUN today?

  21. “Any ridiculing of Liverpool in the SUN today?”

    I take it that’s a no then !

    I’m still waiting for Stephen, and Para to a lesser degree, to show me all the similar abuse aimed at Liverpool and Spurs.

  22. Oleg well done, I’m going to put it up on the newest page 2, Mesut, Mesut good! Did he say what i said or what! I want to go, pah, pay me what you owe me!

    U21 rules a player who is as of the1 Jan 21 or under is eligble to remain unamed.

    City had one space for Sanchez as the do not have the mandatory 8 players with home grown status, i.e. trained in england for 3 years or more they have opted to leave the 5 remaining gaps in, hence why they wanted Sanchez, to create a total first team, sending Sane and Bernardo into the pecking order with Sterling and De Jesus. With the 18 they have one full match day squad and will have to rotate effectively. It’s actually still an excellent squad, not team. with their ability to dominate games and the quality of subs and reserve players, they are vastly less likely to suffer injury. Their problem is the demands of Tue – Sat, Wed – Sun, they will vastly remain fit and they hve enough players who will be eligble as U21 come Jan 1. The problem they have is they can only buy one player now, unless he is Home Grown and the talent is gone really.

    Spurs have named only 4 home grown players, leaving the rest as under 21’s likely they are considering reinforcements if necessaru in January, but demands of financing the stadium are kicking in and Dean has said, only if you must and the first half goes well, a loss at Chelsea didn’t help.

    In terms of depth, Man U are strongest for quality replacements for the first team, but some of their reserve players expect to make the 11 and so motivation could prove costly. Jose is a master of switching in and out players once he has his squad, but after 3 years, they don’t buy his £$%@ any more and it dies. tjos os his first full year, expect a decent push from most players as they vy to make the 11 to 15 regulars. Full Backs and CM beware, and CB’s.

    Liverpool have depth but lack quality in a few areas, Klopp can say he’s happy with Coutinho situation, I doubt he is and I very much doubt Coutinho is, he’ll play towards the end of the season, to say I still have it, but I expect he wont be used as much in the first period, unless required, CL could be the focus for him in the earlier fixtures, but with Lallana out, things got tricky. Ings can carry and allow Fiminio to drop one back, but even then. Out wide, Oxlade and Salah wll struggle with CL as will Mane you cannot simply break in the CL. Teams will ask you to play through them.

    All of these teams will make it out of their groups, bar Spurs, likely Eric Pierre will want to showcase along with Reus, (they leave when the other leaves and EPA said he’s outy)! He;s better than Ryad, Draxler and if you put him with our other trio, OMG, he’s the Bastian S of Eingers, boy is smart as @£%!

    This is why we are in the driving seat, we have 9 Home Grown players, plus another 2 on loan, plus 5 in u21’s. If we offload Theo and Welbeck and I simply cannot see them making the cut in a year, for Elite class, I would be happy obviously if they do. we have 7 and potentially two returning from loan.

    And the five who will all still be U21s which means even without Theo and Danny and Jenkinson, we can make up the 8 using anyone one of the 5 still under 21’s and Cohen who would also be in that category. 13 players, 6 not needed to be registered, this is why I would also look at Butland, because a HG keeper is massive and well worth the outlay and I think he’s the British no:1 and potentially on his way to the level of Khan, Neur, Buffon, Shmeicheil (senior, although Junior is very good and could be the next Van Der Sar), he’s just gifted.

    that would give us 8 without using the under 21’s Theo or Danny and allow 5 spots assuming Ospina can go, Cech can teach and challenge for 1 jersey with young upstart and without Monreal Debouchy and potentially the two Wingers who aren’t forwards but can’t cross or score without space to run into. 6 spots in first team if you were to offload Elneny, which I feel might be fair after the season he’s about to have, not playing so much!


    As I said United and the other giants are full, their problems are who to offload, who is better and who will actually go, witht he wages they have. Liverppol are gonna prove they are not with it and go back to struggling to sign the quality and Coutinho is off, it’s just a delay of the inevitable, and they damaged their chances of signing these quality players, first with Suarez and now Coutinho! TUT TUT!

    Spurs just simply can’t sign anyone, STADIUM costs and Toby, you know Sol right!!! Yhey will crash out, it’s either them or Liverpool we are making top four, with a shout at winning it!

    City are so narrow, as I said, Pep which is it, the CL, you can, but you’ll have to sacrifice a whole load of games in PL for a maybe, one each side of 16, quarters, and semis, thats six tail end games my son! Same for United and Chelsea! Spuds haven’ the depth, Chelsea if they can keep the first team and get Morata and Michu scoring, maybe and United, Jose has to get the second team playing in the league for the first team who are obviously first choice, because they get CL. Tough call!

    Meanwhile ARSENAL can return for Lemar should Monaco crash out, We can go for William if Sporting fail in Europa especially at the hurdle called Arsenal. Lyon, nice full back, hows CL places looking in Ligue 1? And well Reus just came into the equation. with or without Lemar!eDD

    “Mbappe could be [the next] Pele,” he said. “There are no limits to how far he can go.

    “I wanted him too, but €180m is too much for us.” – Said this boy, but well PSG are not F-ing around so…..

    Wenger has not lost faith in his chase for Lemar’s signature, though, revealing he will come back in for the player when the transfer window reopens.

    “Yes, we bid €100m for Lemar but the player wanted to stay in Monaco,” Wenger said in an interview with Telefoot. – Investment, but again he’s not worth the cash, but the links to Monaco are there and it is a statement of intent, more than a solid move. – He’s wisening up!

    Belgium qualify first courtesy of that man, TH14 what have you done and imagine he has to make him excel next year to qualify for the ARSENAL job, urgh!

    And that man Mesut, I have nothing to say, I said it, but no better………… INTENT!

  23. Goonereris: it’s a nice basis, but some of that is not correct, for clubs with a huge stature shirt sales can be massively impacted by a marquee signing CR7 increased shirt sales recorded by the addition of his specific details on the back in one season the difference was so noticeable he paid for himself as with smaller clubs, Everton will likely get a big boost in sales with the acquisition of Rooney. Transfer fees can be recorded in a number of ways, but the payment method varies so significantly that upfront payment in full is always prefered but rarely happens, that is why Pogba took so long to wrangle. Where as Upfront payments take far less time, and may often be the deciding factor even when another club offers more money. And the Contractual liability should record the inflation of the players value so when a player is signed for say £1m and signs a 5 year contract worth £1m he is essentially worth the value of his contract plus his wages over five years. However further inflation can occur if a player suddenly scores the same number of goals in a league to a similar player who is valued at £30m, however consistency age, physical or technical atributes affect the value depending on the market value of players with those attributes.

    PSG have replaced City, who replaced Barcelona, who replaced Real Madrid with these practiced, Whilst Juventus and Chelsea have often been willing to delve into these trenches as and when it suits them. One Elite club who spend big occasionally but rarely in excess is Bayern, who lure Germa players witht eir dominance and offer european and S. American Players CL football and the potential to always request a move to a more competitive league with a club of a similar stature, Bayerns dominance is engineered by Germany, go figure.

    The difference with PSG even over City is the direct link to global politics and conflict, they are knowingly affecting the role of FFP knowing that sanctions against the club cannot legally affect the players, CL qualification and financial implications are negligible. Sanctions can be imposed, but they intend to have done their dealings and have a squad where most players are unbuyable due tot heir excessive wages and transfer fees.

    It Baulks at the draw of Barcelonas Prestiege, or Reals search for perfectio. It mocks the German engineering or draw of the challenges of the EPL and certainly makes short work of the Italian League whether Juventus face a challenge or not.

    However it is almost the surest sign of reform yet, the signings are aimed at ting the league for the next five years minimum and challenging for the CL crown, at the expense of the likely sanctions against transfer likely youth play purchases and senior acquisitions, not that it will matter after Mbappe. Liverpool held onto Coutinho, hoping Barcelona will have problems in acquiring players, with little regard for the player, this is not what I like to se, it was ideal for him and he should kick up a hell of a stink, I will not thing any worse of him.

    Interestingly, What this all means is that Bayern and now PSg along with City sit at a side table of the top tier, with Juve casualy perched amongst the on the periphery. They each have thought ahead, without being menacing in the mean.

    Real can suggest that they may be able to cling to that elite table cloth a season or so more, but with the departure of CR7 and Ramos, they surely enter a shift, Hazard brings something of CR7 with him in attitude. Laporte displays resolute characteristics that Ramos epitomises and De Gea will return the spirit of Cassilllas to it’s home and at Barcelona you don’t keep you take goal kicks distribute with your feet and shot stop occasionally.

    Barcelona are looking like a slightly disheveled Joan Collins, Dembele saw them return to type, remembering the impacts of Eto, but without the replacement for Iniesta, they are a little offf colour and PSG just signed the hot new striker, expect to see them in for Lukaku, or Dybala, with the latter looking the most likely. However I simply cannot see them ceasing with Coutinho and I doubt the player will let it slip either, which I guess Liverpool know, but tbh, I cannot see Barcelona breaking the bank for him, some of that oks charm still lingers on. And neither Suarez nor Messi are relics just yet, with a few more miles available to each.

    Interesting is what is occurring at ARSENAL, Spurs, City and United. If Spurs make easier work of the stadium than us, which seems likely with all that .gov assistance and with United finally back to something of their past balance and with a squad in need of something I can’t quite grasp, the return of EPL clubs in the EPL latter stages en masse seems likely and more dominant than ever with all the money the league generates. However City will have to produce the missing 8 players in one season id they really want it all. Where as ARSENAL buck every trend, with a mixed core of quality players who are neither unsellable, nor unbuyable at a reasonable premium and a 16 strong core of Home Grown Talent and a 3 players who quality is questionable, 2 or 4 players with contracts ending depending how you see Mesut and Alexis panning out, with two Full backs out on lon for experience who need only make the squad rotation cut for an Elite club and 4 senior players with a few seasons left at the top of their game, (Santi, Cech, Giroud, Koscielny) what you discover is a fine blend of everything a top club needs, something only replicated at Real Madrid.

    Interestingly enough the Underspending overachievers and long term Galactico searchers are in the same kind of boat, two top leagues, money or sunshine their call.

    City meanwhile have merged something of the two, opting to buy young British talent, whilst developing with U21’s scouted from the globe and blending in some rather pricey big buys from roundabouts.

    The dynamic at the top is changing and Barcelona are lagging behind, Real have the monumental task of replacing the irreplaceable and Bayern are ending their Era along with Dortmund and Athletico. Juventus are a victim of their own success, succumbing to the lack of competition in the league and the swindling draw of Serie A, whilst City and Qatar UTD have laid firm foundations, regardless of tactics employed and United maybe not withthe same draw as once before, look a reasonable prospect if winning is everything to you ( somethings don’t change) while the Spuds and Chelsea may have to fight to keep their top talent along with Arsenal to stake a realistic claim for that Elite Badge.

    But always one for the underdog, I stilll feel somehow, everyone is missing something at ARSENAL, something bubbling and gurgling away, disguised beyond the bad press, something lurking. Something hinging on two mens choices. If they stay and those fullbacks come of agem you are talking about just 3 signings A DM, CB and RW. Because Iwobi and Reiss and Chuba seem to have something and the rest all have 8 years in the tank, which can only be found in a few places.

    City, PSG, Bayern Real and ARSENAL have been arming themselves and one thing I know is somethings money can;t buy and only one of those clubs in itse;f has a heart and soul, built from adversity. You want to wear this BADGE, somethings wrong with you! Something found in french immigrants, German Kerdish Muslims, something in Chilians who wash cars and get money from the mayor via their mum for their first boots.

    We Are the Queens ARSENAL!

    SFO sent and recorded and signed for in about 7hrs.

  24. Everything you say is absolutely spot on, Nitram. I have seen many people disagree what you’re saying, but not once have they ever been able to provide evidence to back that up. The bias against Arsenal, however, is extremely apparent and it is not hard to provide example after example after example, of when it happens.

  25. Nice point Nitram. Good to remind people about the lies Liverpool told about Suarez’s contract every now and again.

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