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  1. atid

    16 were transferred out and 9 were sent out on loan.

    You have left off Sanogo, Oconnor, pileas, da graca, hinds and Bennacer

  2. WalterBroeckx

    Opposed to some I don’t mind that Debuchy is still an Arsenal player. He might be useful when Bellerin needs a breather every now and then. Feel a bit sorry for him how his career was hampered by some Stoke thug…

  3. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    There we are as the official list of the 25 senior team squad Gunners has been released today and some of the 25 who were touted will be sold, loaned, not listed or released against their wish to leave Arsenal are still in the squad for the remaining long campaign of the first half of this season. What a strong head has: Wilshere, Cazorla, Debuchy, Chambers, Mustafi, Akpom and Adelaide who all but remain at the club.

    But of a concern, looking at the list of the Arsenal loanees, I can see that the promising right back/wingback Cohen Bramall who was signed by Arsenal not long ago has only a year on his contract to rundown before it’s expired. Hmmm. Has Le Prof not considered him a good prospect on a long run for Arsenal? Hence, his contract is not extended before loaning him to Birmingham City? But it could still be extended if Le Prof deems it fit.

  4. Stan The Man

    Contrary to prevalent popular hysteria about the impending doom that is sure to befall us in this season, I believe very firmly in our boys.

    Not signing on the last day of the window does not translate to a relegation. People need to wait and see how the season turns out before burying the whole club.

    I have a good feeling that things might not be as bad as many think they will be.

    We have to wait and see.

  5. Gord

    OT: Corruption news

    Dejan Lovren testifies in Mamic corruption case


    Luka Modric was involved in this case (as a witness), and is under investigation for perjury.

    Marca reports that PSG is surprised that UEFA is investigating them for FFP violations. Marca has (at least) 2 articles on this story.

  6. Andy Mack

    Unfortunately the Adverts are causing problems again… It keeps squeezing and covering the text .
    Anyway, If I have understood the bits I can read correctly then I’d comment as follows;
    I believe the rules for loaning GKs is a bit easier, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see Illev loaned out in the next few weeks.
    As much as I rate Debuchey highly, I think his inclusion could cause issues following his regular media moans. IMO We’d have been better off cheap.
    Similarly I’d have tried to get Akpom out on loan as well, as he really needs to play and prove himself this season, or he could disappear next summer into the lower leagues.
    Although I’m not unhappy with the squad, it does need some confidence and I think one more buy may have helped with that, so in their head they can feel that things have changed since the pathetic showing at Liverpoo!. I know Ox has gone but another change would have firmed up that feeling IMO.
    Having said that, hopefully that game will galvanise the squad to greater things…

  7. Andy Mack

    Should have said “We’d have been better off selling him cheaply.”

  8. T2T

    I know pundits keep saying this was a bad transfer window for us but we replaced Gibbs for last season’s best LB in the Bundeliga – surely an upgrade. For years many have been crying out for a world class CF, Lacazette is such a player – or at least very close. Although we’ve loaned Perez, I believe it’s an upgrade in our starting XI and Giroud is a top class Plan B. Will we continue with a back three or revert to a back four? Either way, we have strong defensive players; Koscielny, Mustafi, Mertesacker, Holding, Chambers, Kosalinac, Monreal, Bellerin, Nelson (and Debuchy). We need to work on the organization. Our attacking players are also great. Our weakest area is midfield, something of a novelty. I’m looking forward to Cazorla getting back. What Wilshere can do is also exciting. Xhaka needs to stop getting silly cards and making unnecessary misplaced passes while in our own third.

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