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June 2021

Arsenal v Bournemouth: their supporters, the journalists, AFCB’s in and out,

By Bulldog Drummond

You may have noticed that over the summer we were enjoying ourselves (or being incredibly prattish depending on your perspective) by writing brief commentaries about the supporters of all the clubs in the Premier League.   They all appear in the “Watching Supporters” section of the web site.

Here’s what we wrote about Bournemouth

“Concerning Bournemouth supporters, many an experienced undertaker has been deceived by their appearance and started embalming on sight.”

If you would like to add a thought please do.

We’re also adding one or two other topics as we go.  Here’s one on journalists.

Certain journalists (for such beings, I regret to say, still do exist despite the advent of digital media), tend to make the same old same old remarks over and over again.  When speaking of Arsenal they suggest that each game contains ‘all the old Arsenal errors just made in a different order.’

Such entities have probably by now fallen through cracks in time like the Daleks in Doctor Who who on buzzing forward in order to exterminate all and sundry suddenly find the ground beneath their rollers getting a bit soggy.  But if any still survives they will not be able to make such charges against the Arsenal of 2017/18 for Mr Wenger has out manoeuvred them all, not least by having the team make different errors but in the same order.  Pretty damn stupid it will make them all feel, I’ll be bound.”

Here’s a comparison of the summer transfer activity for the two clubs.   Arsenal made a profit of £21m while Bournemouth made a loss of £30m.

You’ll know all of Arsenal’s activity in the summer so here is Bournemouth.

Players in Player From Cost
Asmir Begovic Chelsea £10m
Jermain Defoe Sunderland Released
Nathan Aké Chelsea £20m
Connor Mahoney Blackburn Rovers Released
Players out Mark Travers Weymouth Loan
Ryan Allsop Blackpool Loan
Jordan Lee Torquay Loan
Lewis Grabban Sunderland Loan
Sam Surridge Yeovil Town Loan
Ben Whitfield Port Vale Loan
Harry Cornick Luton Town Undisclosed
Sam Matthews Eastleigh Loan
Max Gradel Toulouse Loan
Jordan Green Free Agent Released
Baily Cargill Fleetwood Town Loan
Joe Quigley Newport County Loan
Mihai Dobre Bury Loan
Matt Worthington Yeovil Town Loan
Marc Wilson Sunderland Undisclosed
Adam Federici Nottingham Forest Loan

And a comparison of the numbers…

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Players in free Players in for £ Loan out Released out Sold
Arsenal 1 1 9 3 10
Bournemouth 2 2 13 1 2

I did take a quick peek at Who Scored to see what they have got to say about the game, which isn’t too much because they don’t take their statistical analysis forwards from one season to the next, but where they ask for Man of the Match, someone has put in Oxlade Chamberlain.

We haven’t played that many games against Bournemouth, so we can’t really do too much by way of comparison, but here is the list from 11v11.

Date Match Result Score Competition
27 Oct 1987 Arsenal v AFC Bournemouth W 3-0 League Cup
28 Dec 2015 Arsenal v AFC Bournemouth W 2-0 Premier League
07 Feb 2016 AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal W 0-2 Premier League
27 Nov 2016 Arsenal v AFC Bournemouth W 3-1 Premier League
03 Jan 2017 AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal D 3-3 Premier League

Arsenal also have a match on Thursday this week and so when we come to the team tomorrow we’ll have to be picking that with a spot of forethought in mind (as opposed to the usual picking of names at random as one reader suggested last season.  Just in case you are doing that at this stage you might want to consider their start to the season which is lost against BORUSSIA MÖNCHENGLADBACH and then lost again HAMBURGER SV.

But we’ll come back to that after this game.

Incidentally the Koln came on Thursday is sold out.

Arsenal v Bournemouth

From the Arsenal History Society – the story of Henry Norris at the Arsenal

14 comments to Arsenal v Bournemouth: their supporters, the journalists, AFCB’s in and out,

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebksin

    Notwithstanding whether AFC Bournemouth suffered a lose of £30m or not and Arsenal FC made a profit of £21m or didn’t in the last summer transfer window, the important thing on ground tomorrow Saturday afternoon as far as Arsenal are concern, is for the Gunners to withstand and overcome whatever are the canned cherries the Bournemouth’s Cherries will bring along with them to throw at the Gunners during the course of playing this Premier League match no.4 between Arsenal FC and AFC Bournemouth at the Emirates Stadium.

    The match is going to be tough as I foresee the Cherries packing the bus with 10 Cheirrie behind the ball in their 18 yard area of the field. Thus, making it difficult for the Gunners to breach their goal. And not only that, the Cherries will time when the Gunners switch off momentarily during the game to take a moment rest before resuming their assault on the Cherries’area. And it’s at this time the Cherries will surprise the Gunners by launching an attack on the Gunners goal area to steal a goal in the game and if they succeed or not, they will retreat into their own area to keep packing the bus and wait for another opportunity to launch another attack or counterattack against the Gunners.

    Therefore, I strongly advice the Gunners to be on their guards and be at red alert throughout the playing of this their recovery PL match tomorrow so as not to be caught off guard and be skinned by any rampaging Cherry or group of Cherries rampaging into the Gunners area during the game.

    And finally, whatever be the size and the quantity of the buses the Cherries will back behind their goal tomorrow, the Gunners should keep pounding and hammering on them until they break them to pieces however formidable they may initially looked to be, they will break and break to pieces. And is at that juncture the Gunners in the calibers of Sanchez, Ozil, Lacazette, Ramsey and Giroud when he comes on should make a mincemeat of the Cherries by hitting their back of the net 5 times and not allow any Cherry to hit their own back of the net.

  • Bloggs

    Nitram you are what’s wrong with society today. A snide! Why stick your oar in it’s nothing to do with you. At least Polo has the decency to honour the deal ( not a bet) and your ramblings are quite remarkable for a 12 year old. Just like conspiracy theorists you have been brainwashed by the Editor of this site where ‘evidence’ is twisted to suit his agenda and therefore you are part of the massive stagnation of AFC along with the many others on here. And before anyone starts attempting to stereotype me I have never ever wanted AFC to lose shouted abuse at Wenger or wish him Ill health and would love to give £100 to a charity but I foresee problems ahead.

  • Nitram


    Wrong thread I’m afraid.

    I think you’re getting a bit over excited.

  • Nitram


    “Nitram you are what’s wrong with society today.”

    And not Jong, Trump, May, Putin or the like then? Little old me.

    Did I mention a lack of perspective earlier?

    I give you Bloggs.

  • para

    AW and Players must know that they have to win and perform. For real, this has to happen tomorrow and continue on through the season.

    I think a 4-1-3-2
    Belle Musti Kos Kolac
    Theo Ozil Danny

    would do the trick.
    Can’t see it happening though. Maybe?
    Our players can do this formation if given the chance. Good protection for defence and good attack. Would prefer Reis-Nelson instead of Theo as he does defend well, but that’s me pushing a little far?

    Alexis should be rested as he played and is just coming back and will be also needed for Chel$, maybe come on later in 2nd half.

    Anyhow Ozil is lacking then sub him for Iwobi.

    We have to take more chances at using our team to their full potential and stop shaping the team to fit in under performing players.

    Predict a win if the selection is good and players hungry.

  • Nitram


    You seem to have sussed my friend.

    Cant see why your not managing your own team really.

    “Predict a win if the selection is good and players hungry.

    WTF kind of statement is that?

    So if Wenger plays a different formation to what YOU want and we win, I take it you’ll be back admitting you were wrong ?

    Or maybe you wont, we’ll see.

    And then next week you can do the same again. And the next week. And the next. And the next.

    Until you’re actually right, which of course you will be eventually because that’s what the law of averages says will happen.

    And then you’ll be back for sure to tell us what a dip stick Wenger is for not following your advice, because that’s what people like you do.

    Just like all those that said for the last 10 years plus that we’ll drop out of the top 4.

    Yes, eventually they got it right. Whoopee.

    But the fact is they would also of got it right if they’d been saying the same thing about Man utd. Or Man City, Or Chelsea, Or Liverpool. Only sooner.

    Honestly, arm chair managers. You have to laugh.

  • MickHazel

    Fantastic goal from free kick by Reiss Nelson against Man U. Can’t wait to see him in the 1st team.

  • para


    Its just a heartfelt wish that the players are hungry and AW makes a great team selection that we can get a win that is all.

    There is no other agenda in my prediction(maybe prediction is too strong a word, i should have used “i think”), after all i absolutely do not gain anything from being right except that i become very happy.

  • para

    If it is a different selection to mine, as i said it probably will be, and we win, i will still be happy.

    I have been warning from time about “false posivity”, it builds up inside(where the soul knows it’s false) and then sooner or later it explodes into a burst of negativity, where one then attacks everyone without reason.

    Better to feel what you feel for as long as you feel and not try to bury negative feelings with false positives.

    Just saying.

  • omgarsenal

    Para…..I believe false positives only apply to pregnancy tests, medical exams and diagnoses!
    False positivity is a pop-psychology, faux definition (false content)terminology that was coined by some LSD breathers back in the 60’s. Being positive or optimistic is neither false or true, since optimism or positivism depends ,not on the results, but the belief or attitude a person chooses to take.
    Your explanation of what it is is delightfully convoluted and replete with contradictions,incoherence and rational errors, but we can’t all be real psychologists, can we!

  • Gord

    OT: Officiating

    I hope Walter sees this.

    A married couple in New Zealand, are doing football finals as referees. She is doing the ladies final, and he is doing the mens final.

    Congratulations to both. Hopefully there are few people with an English mindset on any of the four teams involved.

  • Jax

    … Dick Law is leaving. I can’t imagine why?

  • para

    A false positive is when one is feeling negative but refuses to acknowledge that and forces themselves to “appear” positive. Yet deep down inside they still know they are not positive in that moment, hence false.

    “Being positive or optimistic is neither false or true, since optimism or positivism depends ,not on the results, but the belief or attitude a person chooses to take.”

    If i percieve you to be positive or negative then this is true to me and those others who perceive it, yet only the one displaying this behaviour can/will know if they are trying to deceive themselves or not.

    Because perception is tainted by mindset and thoughts implanted,for instance a racist psychologist will not use the data gathered from people he/she is racist against, or at the least taint or disregard it.

    There are many different individual minds coming from different cultures that will and do challenge western psychology.

    Why i am against psychology? Because it has been/is used in the main to find weaknesses in different cultures and then to exploit them.

    I am not a psychologist, i just use my brain as it was meant to be used, to think for myself, and not to “follow” someone else’s thoughts, this does not mean i disregard someone else’s thoughts.

    I love answers and comments because they add to my experience and allows me to evolve my thoughts in areas where i might have overlooked, as reasonings should do.

    So as i said many times, i am not commenting to cause trouble or strife, it is the responses too that help to elevate me and make me not just to think in the box, and i am thankfull for all of them.

  • Menace

    09/09/2017 at 1:34 am – Comment of the day!!