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June 2021

Arsenal v Bournemouth: the team, the utterly utterly awful referee, and Rooney’s life swap.

By Bulldog Drummond.

It appears that the media, rather than focus on the weekend’s games would sooner continue to take the transfer window to bits.  I can’t say “analyse” the window because they don’t do that – but the headlines are amusing: “Crocked Vincent Kompany makes Pep Guardiola’s spending spree look perverse ahead of Liverpool test” says one, plus of course “Arsene Wenger says key Arsenal players were ‘tapped up’ before 4-0 Liverpool drubbing.”

And here’s another, “Conte says deadline day brinkmanship must stop next season,” which is a bit like saying it is time for the government to act for the good of the people rather than in order to keep itself in power.  But my favourite of the last couple of days was “A life-swap between Wayne Rooney and Oxford’s Vice-Chancellor beckons.”

Or how about “Guardiola claims club could not afford £25m Evans from West Brom”.

In the final press conference Mr Wenger did say that the media were encouraging fans to turn on Arsenal, which is blindingly obvious, but still worth saying.  But perhaps the aaa will actually be happy that the chief negotiator Dick Law is leaving Arsenal (although for family reasons, not because of any bust up), since a lot of the criticism from them is about the transfer activity.

Certainly a lot of the difficulty in the opening period can be put down to the changes in the club management which we highlighted during the club trip to Sydney, which won’t all be resolved until Darren Burgess has arrived and settled in the club.   The media could have gone with “Arsenal in chaos following delay in arrival of new performance coach,” but that would have involved 30 seconds research and that is a bit much to ask.

Before today’s game The Arsenal Supporters’ Trust will be asking a load of questions of Ivan Gazidis.  I have been trying to find out what good the hierarchy of the AST think this will do, but no one quite seems to know.  They just seem to like to do it.

Mr Wenger at his press conference asked the question, “Am I convinced we will be title challengers? Yes,…OK, we lost at Liverpool but we can redress the situation very well and very quickly. Some teams who are the new favourites are not in a better position than us.

“I think we are strong enough, yes. Stronger than last season? I think it depends on what period of the season. We had contrasting periods of the season last year.”

So what team?   Here’s a fairly mainstream selection
Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
Bellerin Kolasinac
Ramsey Xhaka
Ozil Lacazette Alexis

There is a report that Koscielny has an achilles problem that flared up yesterday, but leaving that line up as it is we could see on the beach…

Watch Arsenal Live Streams With

Ospina, Holding, Mertesacker (who I suspect will play if Kos doesn’t) Coquelin, Walcott, Iwobi, Welbeck, Giroud – that is eight because of the Kos situation.  I would love to find a place for Nelson on the beach, but I am not sure the manager is ready.

I’m sorry we don’t have a referee preview this week, but the ref is Anthony Taylor.  He was part of our analysis of the first 160 games of the season in the premier league  last year   His figures within the 14 games he did during this analysis were

All major decisions within his first 14 games
Right 18
Wrong: 26
2nd yellow cards within those games
Right: 0
Red cards within those games
Right: 3
Wrong: 8
Penalties within those games
Right: 15
Wrong: 10
Goals wrongly given within those games: 3

From this we can see that he gets more big decisions wrong than right, he is utterly useless on second yellow cards, his red card distribution is far worse than we would get if a robot handed the cards out at random, and he gave three goals wrongly in 14 games – so there is a one in five chance he will do that today.

Bournemouth had seven yellows in their first three games – so we can expect the referee to miss so very dubious fouling.

Footnote: I am sorry to say we won’t have a post match report today – everyone except me seems to have gone on holiday.

Arsenal v Bournemouth, other commentaries


103 comments to Arsenal v Bournemouth: the team, the utterly utterly awful referee, and Rooney’s life swap.

  • Roy

    The only way to sort these incompetent or bias referees is the clubs to take them to court over professional negligence once the first case is won by a club the refs will be screaming for tv replays

  • Josif


    The real suit should be taken against their employers. Once PGMO have to pay a big sum to the plaintiff, they will have less space to dictate the outcome of the matches.

  • Steve Vallins

    Just a thought wasn’t Mr Taylor the cup final referee

  • Scuba

    He was, and we probably owe him a big thank you from that match. Conspiracy, though.

  • Nitram

    Funny how some people think one or two questionable decision in our favour is proof that a referee gives us a fair shake, where us dozens of decisions against us, are in no way proof that a ref is biased against us.

    Odd that.

    I don’t think anybody ever tries to imply that we NEVER get decisions in our favour, but as pages and pages of analysis show, on balance we get well and truly stitched up, especially by the likes of Taylor.

  • Jax

    i wondered if people would credit Taylor’s cup final performance.

  • ARSENAL 13


  • Steve Vallins

    @ Nitram
    I know The Arsenal have been playing against 12 for years along with a media bias
    I was just pleased a mistake was made for Arsenals first cup final goal and he made a sending off decision which was correct what we don’t normally get as you say one possibly normal display doesn’t make up for the years of bias refereeing

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    The cup final is always a one-off game for the referee as they only ever get to do one. It is also one of the games with the highest TV audience across the world.

    I would expect a ref to do a good job in a one-off like that.

    The real question is why they don’t do it week in week out when clearly they are capable of doing it!

    As ever we need to take the referee out of the game with a quick start and a couple of goals. We then need to be sensible and not give him any excuses for bookings, sendings off or ‘phantom’ fouls near our ares.

  • Nitram

    Steve Vallins

    Thanks for that.

    I’ve just seen Mane rightly get sent off for almost taking the keepers head off and Neville, Tylor and Henry are all trying to defend it.

    When I listen to these people I really do despair.

  • al_the_gunner

    ‘I think I would have gone for it, it’s an unfortunate 50/50 for the goalkeeper. The referee saw the player down and that played on his mind, sometimes it can play on your mind. The goalkeeper had to go for it, the player had to go for it and if that happened in midfield it wouldn’t have been a red.

    ‘Did he give a red straight away or did he wait and see what happened with the goalkeeper?’

    parallel universe!!!!…….

    henry just doesnt know the rules

  • Nitram

    If kicking a keeper, or any player for that matter, in the head whilst standing up then I don’t know what is.

    Now listen to them all stick together.

  • Steve Vallins

    Mane’s sending off
    Haven’t seen it but following the game on BBC text and find hard to believe so many different opinions it’s amazing how we see incidents

  • Nitram


    Sense at last from the panel.

    And yes, at last they mention the insanity of this ‘eyes on the ball’ as an excuse.

    So I take it back.

    Credit to Carragher (never thought I’d say that ever), calling it dead right.

  • Nitram

    G. Neville

    A yellow at best. LOL

    Sounds like he cant help but judge these things as though we were at Old toilet in the Noughties.

  • Steve Vallins

    Most of Arsenals games are shown around the world to massive audiences on TV obviously not as important as a cup final but it has never stopped bias refereeing IMO

  • goonersince72

    Nitram’s post @ 12:26 says it all. Well done!

  • al_the_gunner

    brilliant start for ox!

  • Chris

    Talk about bias…here is what you see on the PL’s website :

    15:02 It’s a double-blow for my FPL team in a mere matter of seconds. I can’t even. As Firmino is taken off, there’s some breaking news filtering through from Emirates Stadium…

    15:04 Yep, that wailing you can hear is the sound of a million FPL managers realising Alexis Sanchez is on the bench for Arsenal. But their north London rivals do start Sanchez – Davinson, for his PL debut. As for Chelsea, Eden Hazard is on the bench, as are new boys Danny Drinkwater and Davide Zappacosta.

    So we’ve got a whole lot of wailing as Sanchez is on the beach, but none about Hazard and Zappacosta….

    And, wanna bet Klopp will ne be criticized for losing 4-0 (at least as of now). They’ll say it was an accident due to the red card, a blip in their attempt to win the PL, etc. wanna bet ?

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebksin

    Afternoon Mr Drummond.
    From Arsenal twitter account, our starting lineup reads:

    Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
    Bellerin Kolasinac
    Ozil Ramsey Welbeck

    This line up is in my assumption Le Prof will play a back three defence against AFC Bournemouth this afternoon. I’ve not seen our bench to konw if Alexis who is the only difference between that of Le Prof’s my starts any yours is on the bench.

    Man City are surprisingly whitewashing Liverpool at the Etihad as Sane has just increased Man City’s lead in the game to 4-0 with 75 minutes on the clock into the match.

  • GoingGoingGooner

    Strange…watching the ManCity Liverpool match…the commentators are saying everything is basically alright with Liverpool and nothing much should be read into the fact that they have shipped 4 goals because it was basically inevitable after that red card. “an asterisk should be placed beside this game” Yoiks!

  • Chris

    Not surprised Sanchez is on the bench. After all he just went half way around the globe a few days ago. Imagine him playing right away and getting hurt….My God would that be an Armagedon….

    Anyways, now we’ve got a game ahead of us with players who know they are now at Arsenal at least until January and will be motivated to get goals scored….

  • Nitram

    Hark, what,s that loud bump?

    Seems it’s the sound of Liverpool falling back down to earth.

    And of course they wont get slaughtered. Mild criticism at worst is all we can expect. For years, Liverpool have been way beyond the kind of hysterical criticism we get at the drop of a hat.

    I mean, one League Cup in 10 years, what more can I say?

  • Gord

    Was Dick Law’s leaving something known quite a ways in advance? Is this why this new person from Australia was recruited? Hence this was just a well handled transition, and not a disaster?

    LiveScore is showing Bournemouth playing a 5-4-1. I guess they will be playing for the break then.


  • Chris

    And in goes number 5
    But I guess it is not Pool!’s fault, it was a referee decision that tipped the game.
    A real scandal.
    Not like the rightfull decisions the refs take with Arsenal.

    As for Henry’s comments, they shine a poor light on a striker whom I did not remember as playing as dangerously as that. Well proves that money and the impression of power make people change-.

  • Gord

    LiveScore revised their Bournemouth lineup to a 3-5-1-1. Is that the final lineup before game time?

    Should a person try to follow commentaries in any of the big newspapers?


  • Flares

    Well I thoroughly enjoyed that and patiently await the apathetic response of the media to what was an absolute capitulation from Liverpool. Can you imagine Mourinho, Sir Alex, Ancelotti or even Guardiola putting out an almost full-strength side that couldn’t cope with a sending off like we saw today? One-nil down and a man down near the end of the first half – they’d put ten behind the ball or at least set up tactically to keep it at that score and try to hit the other team on the break. Liverpool were going great guns until the red card and they just fell apart. No minerals whatsoever, no plan B, no fight and no leadership. Now where have we heard that before and about whom? You won’t hear it this weekend unless Arsenal go down at Bournemouth, which would be a convenient little distraction for Klopp and his pretend-fabulous team. Any top side who have pretentions of winning the title should have the ability, organisation and tactical quality to deal with that situation without folding like an envelope. Liverpool were spineless and not only has their goal difference gain from Arsenal been wiped out, they’re actually worse off. In the space of one match. Jokers. Klopp out!

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebksin

    I’ve seen our bench. In fact it was there all along below our starts on Arsenal twitter account of our starting XI posting. I wasn’t careful to see it.

    Le Prof has on his bench:
    Ospina Mertesacker Coquelin Iwobi Walcott Alexis Giroud.

    This is against mine of:
    Ospina Holding Mertesacker Coquelin Elneny Walcott Giroud.

    Knowing Le Coq is a DM, I included Elneny on my bench because he can play in the defence-line as Le Prof has used him there as a CB in our friendlies and he has proved he is capable of playing there. I did this his inclusion so that he can be the substitute for Monreal.

  • para

    The commentators were lost for words when City scored, more so after the red card.
    Still i am glad pool got their spirits dampened.
    Come on Arsenal.

  • GoingGoingGooner

    yes Wells

  • Gord

    How to go Welbeck and Kolasinac!


  • Chris

    The french commentators are priceless….. look at the poor start of season Lacazette has had…how many games did he play and did AFC play ?!? Starting to sound like english commentators to me….capable of registering the last few days and that is all

  • GoingGoingGooner


  • Chris

    Well, that Lacazette goal had an eerie Henry feel to it – I mean pre-pundit days

  • GoingGoingGooner

    solid half!

  • Chris

    Nor surprising, now he french commentators are saying : Alexandre lacazette has a very good start of the season…

    Just a bunch of lemmings like their english counterparts

  • Gord

    Commentators (or is that common (po)taters?) mentioning that it has started to rain just before half time.

    Taylor ignores a handball?

    The commentaries seem to suggest that Arsenal is the only team committing fouls, and that they are injuring Bournemouth.

    Shots on target 5:0
    _off target 2:0
    Corners 6:1
    Offsides 1:0
    fouls 9:3
    goal kicks 0:1
    treatments 0:6

    %Arsenal possession
    _5 61%
    10 61
    15 61
    20 68
    25 64
    30 64
    35 61
    40 58
    45 60
    45+4 58


  • Chris

    Seeing the replay of Lacazette’s goal, I can’t but not see that Ozil makes the perfect pass that rips open the Bournemouth defence.
    Have yet to hear anything positive about him….: he is halfheartedly defending, he is sometimes absent, etc etc etc

    Wana take a look :

  • Jammy J

    I appreciate that the commentators seem to be doing a good-cop bad-cop thing.

  • para

    Take Kos out is what he said to his player.

  • para


  • Mad Matt

    Loving this! Arsenal being as good off the ball as they are on it.

  • para

    Come on Arsenal dont relax now else you will lose clean sheet.

  • Gord

    I would like to see another goal (or two) from the Gunners. Danny getting a hat trick would be nice. Having Alexis come on and score with his first touch (Welbeck’s header was his first touch) would also be nice. Clean sheet for Cech a further nice objective.


  • Gord

    How about goals to Alexis and Giroud? 🙂


  • Gord

    How does Coquelin get injured?


  • Gord

    Hamstring? Hyper-extended knee? Witchcraft?


  • Near perfect, but there is that thing, Coquelin injured.

    3-0 clean sheet imminent. They have responded, perfectly, Alexis, what issues.

  • para

    Good win lads, well done.

  • Gord

    Shots on target 9:2
    _off target 6:4
    Corners 10:3
    Offsides 4:0
    fouls 14:10
    yellow 0:1
    goal kicks 4:5
    treatments 2:6

    %Arsenal possession
    50 58
    55 58
    60 59
    65 60
    70 58
    75 57
    80 59
    85 60
    90 58
    90+4 59

  • Gord

    Congratulations Gunners!

    Football London apparently called Ozil superb at half time.

  • WalterBroeckx

    I’ve had a terrible stream here at my hotel in Catalunya for the first half so decided not to try to do a match report. But the second half was another stream that ran excellent. But by then I really couldn’t make a complete match report.
    But despite the rain today in Catalunya (yes it rained and heavily today for most of the day) it has been a great day for me.
    Visca Arsenal (or how do they say it over here? ) 🙂

  • Jammy J

    A classy performance! Don’t think anyone had a bad game, so hopefully that’ll instil some confidence into the players, that we are good enough to win the PL.The commentator even told us that Arsenal will finish in the top 7, so that’s another result! Not good enough to finish in the top 4, mind, but according to that commentator, we’re a shoe-in for the top 7, so that’s absolutely brilliant.

  • Scuba

    Best Ozil has looked in about a year.

    More of this, please.

  • goonersince72

    3 points, clean sheet, priceless.

  • Polo

    Great win from the team, dominated the game and didn’t let Bournemouth play. Hmm, where are those ‘experts’ that comment on here whenever the team lose? ‘Disappearing act’ they say.

  • Nitram

    Jammy J

    Very funny.

    Basically, even when we win they cant resist a dig can they. I suppose laughing at them is the only thing we can do.

  • Polo

    Felt for Coq, he haven’t played many games and when he did, he get injured, let’s hope it’s not serious.

  • Jammy J

    Nitram – Literally every time the first commentator would say something about Arsenal (sometimes boarding on being positive), the other dickhead would chime in with something negative. To be honest, it’s no wonder a number of our “fans” are so easily manipulated by them. Everywhere they go, they have supposed experts telling them how awful we are, which is then reinforced by other Arsenal “fans” telling them the same thing. It’s a vicious circle.

  • Polo

    Somehow they find a way to have a dig at Arsenal.

    ‘What was that about Arsenal being flat-track bullies again? Too quick to surrender against the stronger sides, too weak to challenge the big boys for the title, but ruthlessly brilliant when it comes to crushing the weaker sides in the Premier League.’

  • Steve Vallins

    Mad Matt
    It’s something I’ve said many times when Arsenal play well it’s what they do off the ball and without the ball
    Totally agree with you

  • Gord

    Well, I looked over a few pages of Google News snippets on the Arsenal match, and it does not appear that their are any well written articles in the news about the game yet. I think most are crap and some are just boring.

    I did see a link to a page, which shows Reiss Nelson’s free kick against ManU U23.

  • Flares

    This might be a good time to revisit the match prediction of one Judas Pinhead Powderpuff Merson from a couple of days back:

    Merson said to Sky Sports: “This is a massive game for Arsenal. A few years ago I would have said Arsenal to win 3-0 or 4-0, however, I just don’t see that now.

    “I am going to favour Arsenal slightly but something just tells me they are not going to win.

    “I just don’t know how you turn that around, especially after the international break as all the players have been apart for over a week.

    “Bournemouth will go to the Emirates and have a real go and that’s the best way to do it in my opinion.

    “This Arsenal team are good going forward but they are terrible at the back.

    “I am going to give Arsenal the edge but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there was a shock in this one.

    “This is certainly not going to be a walk in the park for the Gunners.”

    Utter drivel. It was very clearly a walk in the park. We kept a clean sheet. Bournemouth didn’t get a sniff. We won by an ‘old school’ score of 3-0 which Judas doesn’t think we’re capable of anymore. How can Sky justify paying Merson for his ‘analysis’ when he can’t accurately summise the capabilities of his old club? Let’s hear his opinion on our mighty conquerors from the last game and their spineless collapse against City today….

  • Chris

    This Merson bloke reminds me of the joke about weather forecast :

    today we will have sunny weather with a chance of rain or today we will have rain with a chance of sunny weather.

    This guy does not even dare to stand up for his predictions and turns them in such a way that whatever the outcome he can say : I was right.

    Guess that at roulette he plays black and red at the same time….

    What do you call someone like that ?

  • Nitram


    “How can Sky justify paying Merson for his ‘analysis’…”

    The problem is Flares, you have to ask yourself, do they really want a ‘fair’ analysis, or do they just want an assassination?

    The fact is they want an assassination.

    Do you think they give a shit about reasoned, balanced analysis when it comes to Arsenal?

    The agenda at Sky Sports, or more accurately throughout the media in general is to paint Arsenal in a negative light no matter what, which explains the inevitable ‘flat track bullies’ comment we have seen already today.

    I wager they’ll be a more positive light cast on Liverpool following there ‘drubbing’ at the hands of City than there will be us following our win.

    The medias take on us is way way beyond ridiculous.

  • Nitram


    I know what I call him, alas I would be banned if I posted it.

    Safe to say he is one of the many ex gunners I wouldn’t piss in should they be on fire.

  • Tony Attwood

    Nitram / Chris, the media certainly know what they are doing – the more negative they get the more audience they get. The only exception I can think of is Liverpool, whose supporters rallied together to take on the Murdoch empire, and have done that quite well. As a result the media has a general view of being positive about Liverpool – although having only just got back from Arsenal, I am not sure yet what they are saying about today’s game with Liverpool

  • Gord

    A few reports suggest Coquelin has a hamstring injury, and Wenger’s news conference supports that diagnosis as well. It isn’t known how bad, but it will put him out for 1 week anyway.

    Which, I guess means that he will be out for the season according to the websites that track injuries by Arsenal players (Untold Arsenal will not take this point of view however).

  • Today we smashed the mighty Bournmouth next Doncaster the Arsenal machine rolls on and on . Was pleased to say I wasthere

  • Scuba

    Sadly, Polo, it’s probably a deserved dig at the moment. We’ve earned that reputation in the last decade. Chelsea next, though, so a chance to working on that.

  • Swapneel

    Great performance by whole team really pleased the way they played
    Would be wrong to pick a few players for praise as all of them played exceptionally well.

  • Swapneel

    And good Alexis was rested after his never ending travels, we need him fresh for coming games.

    I watched the match today on Start Sports Select HD 1 in India
    After we were 3-0 up and cruising towards victory the commentator said the following lines,
    “Arsenal are such a joy to watch when they play to their potential, but they were only that good because Bournmouth them to be”
    I mean WTF, even after turning in such a great performance they take a dig at Arsenal, no mention that other than a one chance where they hit the post we completely nullified their attack.
    And the fans say reporting against Arsenal is not baised, f*cking bs.

    No bashing of Liverpool after today’s performance? Oh they can’t do anything wrong.

  • Swapneel

    “Arsenal are such a joy to watch when they play to their potential, but they were only that good because Bournmouth allowed them to be”

    And those who think this is just one game, let me remind them, we played poor against Liverpool and deserved to lose, but the Stoke match before that was lost because of the referee.

  • Nitram

    If only the mighty Liverpool and Spurs were good enough to ‘Flat track bully’ their way to 6 trophies in 4 years as our pathetic mob have, as opposed to the one each those 2 have managed in 10 years.

    Yet it’s Liverpool and Spurs fans that are happy and ours that just never stop moaning.

    It’s just so odd.

  • Josif


    Can you crack this code:

    Tottenham, Liverpool, Everton, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Chelsea, Chelsea



  • Andrew Crawshaw

    Coquelin’ injury looked to me like a hamstring. He went down clutching the back of his thigh.

    Reiss Nelson played last night for the U23s against Man U and scored the first of our two unanswered goals. From a free kick a little wider than Özil’s today he beat the keeper in the top corner of the goal. A well taken kick.

    Reiss also won the PL2 player of the month award with his 5 goals in our three games. Now of course 6 in 4. I’m sure we will be seeing him in the first team very soon. If not on Thursday then certainly next week in the League cup game..

    Good performance from the team today. Pity about those fans who booed Alexis when he was announced as substitute. Totally unnecessary and uncalled for.

  • Chris

    Well at least the Guardian are not taking gloves with Pool! nor with their so-called fans

  • Did i say 3-0 clean sheet! Bossed it! Bournemouth set up to break, but Howe knew if we turned up they dead, missing a load of key players, they didn’t capitulate, we just got off the bus and did what we should do week in week out, Wenger said consistency, he meant it, lafs.

    Get in Danny, more please, I like you, England wcwryday, everyday, when we play.

    Lacazette – the technician, and dropping into to start and almost finish, now where did I seebtuat before, been doing his homework with those coaching DVD’s of Henry.

    7/7 – 1 down!

    Santo & Coq by Nov is what we need.

    They noted the wanky squadnat pool, and it not being tue first time.

    Guardian, who are either too left wing and as effective as the green party, or toe the line at critical all points when they can demonstrate the power of positively critical media.

    But article on why bsky b bid should be blocked.

    So without much ado, what do props expect if Republicans own our media, Liverpool and United exactly. Kroenke; yep republican, referendum, media driven, decisive in getting representatives to turn over Hilary’s popular (actual vote) win. It was NBC and Meeson is bankrupt so cannot keep anynsavimgs, so I forgive him his crap predictions on behalf of skybet to mislead responsibly and gaming commission, well I got them by the knackers.

    Say it now, GMM global market manipulation.

    Guardian Far East world economic superpower, Europe (& America) need to accept.

    Wenger questions FFP inadequate legislation so it can allow GMM!

    Closing window disadvantages EPL further, but sets president, Jan window should run 15 Dec 15 Jan and early new years Eve kick offs and Xmas eve kick off allow split winter break without affecting into competitions and TV revenue.

    African Cup Nations Africans moved to summer stopping the devalyation of Africam players.

    Coq – Hamstring but mid grade, a month when we dont have a month and Xaka went walkies when at 3-0 he got complacent. Elneny will make the bench and I think can he trusted to come on at 65mins.

    He put out my first choice team to the T and Ozil is doing exactly as he ought, media included when by his own admission he’s not a particularly vocal guy, then he let his football talk.

    Theo needs to step up, because he’s not even getting off the beach, Melanie negative impact, behind ecery great man is a grwat qoman for propulsion, u think its mainly, BJ’s and coffee.

    Mustarfi Per Holding Chambers and Monreal, Jack has to play and Theo and Giroud with Mo and Iwobi.

    Chuba prob not match fit, but would like to see him off the bench.

    Monthly loan and youth watch articles?

    I got more bit they are watching!

    As I tweeted Alexis, IWIT, IMIT, IAIT!

    LIVERPOOL who’s got eggnon their face now, unites got a point more than us at stoke, coming from behind that’s that conplacenxy, Raahford, plays like he was made at Colney.

    Aug ends Kane scores. Spurs good value but Ronald’s got no teeth at Everton, now do a Moyes, he was very good there, underated.

    City take full advantage as expected withbthat squad against ten men who only know how to press, 1 trick ponies missing their key man for 3. And well I dare him to play Coutinho, because if toy leave him out at City, he must be “back and happy” Henry you fool!

    Defecit reduced to four, now clean Chelsea, quick 2-0, this one?,All about game management, collective press same as today, snap shots beat Tibault.

    Shut down Caesar and watch Morata, exceptional movement. Bypass Kante, no.midfield driving, ‘Granot’.

    This month, Arsenal, invoke the spirit of the invincibles please, it is where we start the title win.

    You beat WBA by making Chelsea look average.


  • Chelsea match added time was short, what was it 2-1.

    Vardy should have and should move!

    14 seconds come on there is a person involved FA!

  • Pat

    Alexis got applauded when he came on where I was in the stadium.

  • Al

    Missed this match but good good win. Bournemouth are no push overs, recall them doing the double over Liverpool only a few months ago..

    “Senegal forward Mane was dismissed on 37 minutes after his high foot collided with the face of City keeper Ederson.” – from the BBC website. Kick, that’s what it is. Boots and elbows don’t collide with people’s faces..
    Hope some sections of our fans are able to see how the reporting (spin) in the media is different from ours where it concerns one of the media darlings.

  • Al

    Henry is an embarrassment, guys. I last listened to him more than a year ago at the very least.

    These pundits trying to defend Mane are a joke, when mane’s boot was raised as high as his own head.. come on. Roy Keane blasted Nani for planting his studs into a Madrid player’s midriff, and rightly so. I recall his words were something like intent was irrelevant, dangerous play is and should always be a red card. He also questioned why Nani would think he had 20 yards to himself on a pitch full of other players. Love or hate Keane, for me he was the only pundit who called a spade a spade.

  • Jax

    I’ve so far seen no opinions on Anthony Taylors performance which was quite good. He missed a possible handball (penalty) against B’mouth & didn’t allow an advantage which would have led to a goal scoring chance for Arsenal, but apart from that he continued where he left off in the cup final.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    WOO HOO , HOO ! Nice going guys.
    More of the same please.
    Up the Gunners !

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Humour in Court

    A man was taken to court for calling an Honourable Minister a pig.
    It was his first offence and the judge was in a good mood and decided to show mercy.

    So he discharged him after warning him to desist from unguarded utterances in future.

    The man removed his cap and thanked the benevolent judge profusely, ”Thank you, your lordship.”
    He continued, “Honestly sir, I didn’t know it was wrong to call an Honourable Minister a pig. I won’t do it again. I am sorry.”

    ”It’s okay”, said the judge, ”you may go.”

    ”My lord, may I ask a question, sir?”

    ”Feel free” answered the judge.

    ”Now I know it’s wrong to call an Honourable Minister a pig…
    But is it also wrong to call a pig Honourable Minister?”

    Amused, the judge replied, ”I don’t know why you would want to address a pig as a minister. But I don’t think the pig would mind. It’s not unlawful, by the way. Yes, you may call any pig Honourable Minister.”

    The man smiled and nodded, then he turned to look pointedly at the Minister and said, ”Goodbye, Honourable Minister!”

  • Menace

    I must say that several Arsenal supporters do not like players that want to leave Arsenal remaining in the club. We (I include myself amongst them) prefer players who are committed to the club. Alexis had some applause & some boos. I applauded as he was wearing an Arsenal shirt. You play for Arsenal, you deserve my support.

    The Ox has conceded 9 goals in his last 2 games. Aint that a shame!

  • Menace

    I must credit the PGMOL for the sudden improvement in their officiating. It is not perfect but is certainly better.

    In the Arsenal v Bournemouth game there were several errors in the officiating including a ball going ‘out of play’ in clear sight of the assistant that wasn’t flagged & a corner given when it should have been a goal kick. The assistant seemed to wait for Taylor to decide before raising his flag appropriately (not necessarily correctly).

    I must commend Moss for his red card for the studs first head high boot. The pundits should read the Laws of the game. Most have played, never having read them.

  • Menace

    The sudden stop by Coquelin in mid track was heart wrenching. I think it was a hamstring tear. I hope he recovers quickly.

  • Nitram


    “These pundits trying to defend Mane are a joke, when Mane’s boot was raised as high as his own head.”

    Couldn’t agree more.

    Some of the defences being put up are laughable.

    ‘He was looking at the ball’

    WTF difference does that make? Effectively what that is saying is that it doesn’t matter what you do. No matter how high, how late, how out of control you are, the simple act of having your eye on the ball overrides that and deems you innocent of any wrongdoing ! Simply astonishing.

    ‘If I was his manager I would expect him to go for the ball’

    Maybe, maybe not, but with his foot? Surely a ball 6 feet in the air has to be challenged for with the head, as the keeper did. As far as I’m concerned, in a situation such as this, a player that goes in with the foot, and not the head, is bottle job, and anyone who supports him similarly so.

    When you listen to people like Sheerer you just know they’re going down the route of ‘the games gone soft’ ‘We were tough in our day’ but that, put simply, is bullshit.

    Although at a very low level I played back in the 70’s and 80’s and would never, I repeat never, go in with my foot that high, and if I did I would expect, and I would of received my marching orders. To suggest that ‘back in the day’ that kind of challenge was acceptable is simply not true and a pathetically inaccurate re interpretation of the past.

    ‘He didn’t mean to hurt him’

    I’m not suggesting for one second he did. But when a guy drives at 60 mph in a 30mph high street and kills someone, intent, ignorance of the law, or the mere fact he kept his eye on the road at all times, is no defence.

    Similar to Mane, what the driver did was reckless and liable to endanger others.

    Preventing that is what the speed limit is there for. It’s what the rule regarding raising a foot high, or in to a dangerous position, is there fore.

    As I say, these people are trying to defend the indefensible and as such are possibly putting the future wellbeing of other players at risk. Disgraceful.

    And just as an aside, I remember RVP being red carded for a raised foot back in the day at Highbury, and he never even made contact with the player.

    It was nowhere near as bad as this incident but all the pundits agreed it was ‘dangerous’ and therefore deserving of a red.

    It was a high ball that came over his should. He watched it all the way and raised his foot in an attempt to control it. Meanwhile a player had came in from his blind side a nearly, I repeat nearly, got RVP’s boot in his face.

    It meets all the apologists criteria:

    Eyes on the ball. Didn’t mean it. Had to go for it. Blah blah blah. But it was deemed, and rightly so, a red card.

    If anyone can recall it more accurately I would appreciate it.

  • Nitram

    Corr: …..over his shoulder.

  • Jammy J

    @ AI – Keane also recently said that Arsenal were one of the few teams that he would still pay to watch play. Coming from someone like him, that’s probably one of the nicest things that anyone could ever say about Arsenal haha.

  • Nitram

    Jammy J and Al

    Keane is not always complimentary about us but by and large you do get the impression he is impartial.

    He is as likely to give both barrels to United, Liverpool or Spurs as he is us, which is all you can ask for.

    That’s why it’s sad about Gary Neville.

    When he first started he was a breath of fresh air. I think we all expected him to be, if anything, worse than we all ready had given his apparent rabid love of all things United, which often as not goes hand in hand with a rabid hatred of all things Arsenal.

    But he came across as thoughtful, insightful and more importantly, impartial.

    Alas, although a long way from the worst, those days are long gone.

    Similarly Souness was ok for a long time but he too has sadly fallen in line.

    But back to Keane, he has always been a bit of a maverick and definitely doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

    I hope if he is asked his opinion regarding this particular incident he maintains his stance, and calls it out for the reckless, dangerous challenge that it was.

    It would also be nice if he went as far as to call out the likes of Neville and Henry who seem to think the potential breaking of a fellow professionals neck is acceptable.

    I’ll be honest and say I cant see that happening.

  • Brockfields you’re killing me, tee-hee-hee!

    RVP – u remember that pluck from over the shoulder, wasted talents, he was never injured that much, mercurial talent just couldn’t be f””led.

    Its testament to tue club ask any of tue United legends and what you get is respect, and dispair at some of the poor performances dishonoring the shirt, well unless you aal Gingey, but yes just miffed about everything.

    Henry rinses Ox quite rightly, bye mate.

  • Steve Vallins

    Didn’t go to yesterday’s game or seen any highlights
    Went to the gym this morning and spoke to someone who went to yesterday’s game and the first thing he said the referee made some very strange decisions
    The two he brought to my attention were both advantage decisions where Welbeck and Lacazette were both through on goal and play was called back for a free kick possibly only one up at the time
    Late in the game again possibly three up player through on goal from an advantage situation he lets play go on
    One of Walters ways of slanting the match

  • Al

    Jammy J & Nitram

    Spot on re Keane, has always spoken his mind and doesn’t look to others for validation.. he’s his own man.

    And liked your analogy about dangerous driving, Nitram. If you’re going to run a kid over doing 60 in a 30mph zone intent should never even be brought into play, it’s dangerous driving and you should rightly face any subsequent consequences for that. Thats why Mane should have seen red yesterday however you look at it; contact or no contact.. and the fact he made contact which split open the other player’s cheek and someone still sees it fit to defend him is outrageous.

  • Nitram

    Steve Vallins

    To be honest, although a bit hasty with the whistle, it was a blatant foul right on the edge of the box.

    Also it cannot be said that when he blew we were through on goal. Yes, in 2 quick silver touches we were, but Taylor wasn’t to know that.

    So yes, waiting a moment may of led to Lacazette going through on goal, but again it’s a mute point as the Bournemouth players had stopped playing.

    Anyway, my point is I honestly don’t think there was anything malicious in it.

    Taylors history with us is not good, but I don’t want to fall in to the trap of seeing things that are not there.

  • Steve Vallins

    This view was from someone who never comments on referees performances so it seems more people are hopefully/maybe are seeing the bias Arsenal has to play against in the EPL

  • jjgsol

    With respect to say that RVP was never injured is far from the truth.

    He was always getting injured, until, or course, he went to Manure.

  • Nitram


    Who is that comment meant for?