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June 2021

New Arsenal fake news reveals concerted effort to undermine Arsenal at every turn.

By Tony Attwood

This is an example of how the media is constantly seeking to undermine Arsenal by twisting every scrap of news – even the most positive news – into a tale of chaos and disaster.   The whole issue centres on a fairly ordinary, planned, change of support staff within the club, which is actually a totally positive and progressive move – but has been reported along the lines of being an example of the chaos that, it is alleged, is part and parcel of the daily world at Arsenal.

You may have seen the story emerging over the past couple of days: Dick Law, the negotiator at Arsenal, and a man described as “a close ally of Arsene Wenger” is to leave.   Shock, horror, more Arsenal turmoil.  Rats leaving the sinking ship (although to be fair no one is calling Mr Law a rat).

But in reality the story isn’t quite like this at all, and if you have five minutes to spare I’d like to explain how “Shock News” (a close relative of the completely invented Fake News) works, through this example.  I think example helps us all interpret the way the media is running its constant “Arsenal in chaos” story, and thus allows us to spot more such stories in the future and see them for the complete bullshit that they are.

First, some of the headlines (and in these do note phrases like “massive blow” and “closest ally” both of which turn out to be either untrue or irrelevant – or both.)

LAW ON YER OWN: Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger dealt a massive blow as close ally behind the scenes Dick Law walks away from the club.  The  Sun.

Arsenal’s chief transfer negotiator Dick Law will step down at the end of the month, leaving Arsene Wenger without one of his key allies at the club.  ESPN.

Arsene Wenger loses one of his closest Arsenal allies with transfer negotiator Dick Law stepping down  Telegraph.

Arsene Wenger loses close Arsenal ally Dick Law amid huge pressure.  Metro.

And picking up on the tale a little late…

Watch Arsenal Live Streams With

Dick Law to leave! Can Arsenal pick up the pieces following change? Just Arsenal News.

So you’ve got the idea.  Dick Law is leaving, and it is a story being cast in every case as a further blow for Mr Wenger in terms of a power battle that is pulling Arsenal apart, hour by hour.  It’s like the jostling for position in the Conservative Party, as everyone puts their own personal ambitions ahead of the well being of the country.  Or in our case, Arsenal.

But the tip off that this is fake news comes when we notice that what is missing from all these stories is any background – a background that I am sure all the writers knew about – given that even Untold, with its team of half a dozen volunteers managed to pick it up through the summer.

Back on June 19 I tried to preface a review of what was going on with the opening line…

“One of the unsung benefits of Mr Wenger signing a two year deal, is that it gives the club plenty of time to set up some changes to the staffing ready for the manager who will take over after Mr Wenger departs.”

This was a preface to a discussion about the appointment of Darren Burgess as a new director of high performance.   Darren Burgess is currently working with Port Adelaide (the Australian Rules club) in Australia.  The story I picked up was that Burgess was specifically chosen by Mr Wenger, and the arrangement was apparently brokered by Ivan Gazidis with Burgess reporting directly to the manager once he arrives later this month.

Burgess will oversee all areas on the technical side of the club apart from scouting, and is regarded as one of the very top experts in fitness and conditioning in sport.   As such he will have overall control of medical matters, player fitness, psychology which is increasingly becoming seen as a highly significant part of football performance, and the analysis of performance at Arsenal.

The idea was also put forward that Tony Colbert, whom the media had suggested might be under threat of dismissal, will stay, along Shad Forsythe, the head of head of athletic performance enhancement who prior to 2014 worked with the German national team.

A few days after that story we found another suggesting more preparations for when Mr Wenger leaves: the appointment of a new head of player contracts, Huss Fahmy who has worked with Team Sky since the time of the inception of the Team in 2010.  Our comment was “it is worth noting that his job at Team Sky was always reported as legal and commercial affairs.”  Which means negotiating and tying up contracts.

At the time I wondered how Dick Law would fit into this, particularly since Fahmy’s job title at Sky was as commercial and business affairs director, which involved him in negotiating image rights and partnerships with outside organisations from both a legal and commercial perspective. He is a qualified lawyer and a director of the British Association for Sport and Law.  We suggested at the time Mr Fahmy “will be expected to be more prominently involved with closing negotiations.”   Obviously we had no knowledge that all this was in preparation for Dick Law’s departure.

So my point is that rather than the leaving of Dick Law being a sudden catastrophe, another sign of Arsenal in chaos, more disruption etc etc, it is clearly part of a careful, planned overhaul of Arsenal’s management which takes into account the inevitable desire of people over time to move on to new jobs, to return to their home country, etc etc.

Thus what we have is a long and detailed process of careful restructuring being headlined instead as Arsenal in total chaos.

As I said at the start, Untold doesn’t have a dedicated team of journalists searching out these stories – our Australian branch for example consists of my youngest daughter who works in Sydney.  Indeed I’m certain the newspapers that have been running these stories know perfectly well what the reality is but are choosing to run the shock horror chaos version instead.  The bloggettas probably have no idea of what is going on, but just follow in their wake.

Using phrases like “key ally” and “massive blow” the fake news teams make stories up which, with a few minutes research can usually be readily spotted.  But the ceaseless projection of these tales wears down readers’ resistance, and in the end more and more people buy into the story.

So what is a positive story (Mr Law wanted to return to his homeland and with Mr Wenger leaving in a few years the club has started to restructure for the future) is turned into a negative story – a massive blow to Wenger.  And such tales happen every day.

From the Arsenal History Society

Arsenal in February and March 1915: the abandonment of football is announced and the result is… curious

41 comments to New Arsenal fake news reveals concerted effort to undermine Arsenal at every turn.

  • WalterBroeckx

    And I read somewhere that Mr. Law is going home for personal reasons. That might be sickness, family problems…. so it isn’t that he is suddenly taken a plane to the USA and leaves Arsenal in trouble. No it seems that this is “negotiated” between the involved party’s.
    Quick before my free internet runs out… 😉

  • Sunnyman

    “and with Mr Wenger leaving in a few years the club has started to restructure for the future”

    Best part of this article, I simply cannot wait for him to leave.

  • Beat on the Brat

    You’ve only got to read one of James Olley’s muck-raking articles or Tony Evans’s poisonous snipes in the Evening Standard to wonder why some sections of the British media appear to relish in the dischord at the club. The media line before 2014 FA Cup was ‘trophy drought for ten years’ but there’s no such clarion call for other clubs I could mention…

  • So you prefer old news to a spot of research eh?

  • Jax

    Your article leaves us (well me anyway) none the wiser Tony. If you’d said that Arsenal may be looking to create a dedicated DOF role and Law didn’t fit into that it might have offered a more reasonable explanation. The club have issued a bland catchall “for personal reasons” statement, but ‘they would, wouldn’t they’.
    Personally I think he’s first out of the door.

  • Wolfgang

    This is nothing new. If you are winning ,everything will be fine.The problem is repeated losses despite playing good football and dominating stats don’t connect with fans.
    These guys come to see a winning team.And despite what the fm says,he shd be indebted to the strong English core defence of Adams and company.
    He shd know beating B’mouth aint going to lift the pressure.His displeasure with Cech for saying winning is more important than pretty football,shows how deluded he is.

  • Arthur

    The press needs to stop seeing itself as the world’s arbiter of truth.

    It’s not.
    The press is blinded by biases and a lust for personal attention.

    As a result of such lies, Arsenal fans have EVEN MORE stresses and worries dumped on their heads.


  • Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

    Dick Law is going back home to defend his wife Irma in a huge lawsuit.

    I know it was a bad joke, but he said “personal reasons” very clearly.

  • Got to say I think your being a little over-sensitive here

  • Nitram


    “The problem is repeated losses despite playing good football and dominating stats don’t connect with fans.”

    Nor it seems does winning 3 FA Cups and 3 Community shields.

    “These guys come to see a winning team”

    Missed those 6 trophies did we Wolfgang?

  • Jax

    I didn’t read your article as carefully as might have. You’re obviously of the same opinion as me inasmuch as Law didn’t look as though he was going to fit into the new structure so he went.

  • para

    Wolfgang 🙂

    To add:
    Fans want to see a clear strategy, to take more authority with our players and the ability to adjust by the manager and great effort and determination by all the players against ALL teams.
    That’s all.

    The media is what it is, stop wasting effort on them now. Please don’t let it turn you against your positive stances.

  • para

    Sure fans did not miss the winning of those trophies.

    What the fans do not want to see is complete failure to even attempt to win (some)games. It is hard to understand the level of determination, ability and co-ordination displayed in some games, almost as if the team is somewhere else rather than on the field.

    As long as the team consistently puts in hard work and shows determination in the games, fans will stand behind them even in a loss.

    But non-performances like at Liverpool and many other games are not understandable, that is all.

  • Nitram


    “Fans want to see a clear strategy”

    And what clear strategy is that?

    And by ‘fans’ who are you speaking for? Just yourself? Me? Your mates? The 60,000 in the crowd? The Millions around the World?

    Ridiculous. IT’s what YOU want to see. Trying to speak for ‘Millions’ of others always comes over as a bit pretentious don’t you think?

    Anyway as far as I can see, as a club they HAVE followed a clear strategy from day one of the Stadium build.

    -It was stated that we were going to follow a self sustaining model, and that is exactly what we have done.

    -Wenger has always, and I repeat always emphasised how he puts the WAY we play football at the forefront of his footballing philosophy.

    You may not like either of the above, but they are, and have been for over 10 years ‘a clear strategy’. It seems you missed that. A clear strategy that’s has qualified us for CL football, year in year out, finally missing out by just 1 point last season. A clear strategy that has won us 3 FA Cups, £ CC, and 1 championship RU spot in 4 years.

    “to take more authority with our players”

    What does that even mean?

    “and the ability to adjust by the manager”

    Is that actually a serious statement?

    “and great effort and determination by all the players against ALL teams”.

    Yes this is true. But surely that is true of EVERY team? Or are you suggesting we are the only team that ever falls short in this respect?

    And what of Liverpool yesterday?

    My point is, you, like many others seem to be looking for some kind of Nirvana, where our players never have a bad day. Our manager never makes a mistake.

    This I’m afraid is never going to happen. But the problem as I see it is we are not allowed a bad day, as per Liverpool last week, without it being turned in to an apocalyptic event.

    Conversely as often as not when we win against the big teams it’s because they were shite, and not because we were good. Or like yesterday. Yes we were expected to win, well except by Merson of course, and we did. But following a potentially moral sapping defeat it was important to win in style and we did. But still it has to be derided.

    We win trophies there immediately down graded to ‘non’ trophies.

    As per your ally Wolfgang with his “These guys come to see a winning team” some don’t even see them as ‘wins’ let alone trophies.

    But to be honest I know that doing this is a waste of time, because it seems no matter what Arsenal, Wenger and the players do it is never going to be enough for you.

  • Chinedu Nwosu

    Well done untold. Many arsenal fans have bought into all these tale tale tells and have overtime become disenchanted in everything about arsenal. This is basically the works of Wenger out brigade in the media who uses effectively their media outfit to do everything to get Le Prof out of arsenal and out of their way. This is usually orchestrated by the very phantom news of arsenal “going for any star player wherever such can be found and the tale end is usually that Wenger was unable to complete the deal or that the player turned down arsenal because of Mr. Wenger” it is an orchestrated pull him down campaign on going against Mr. Wenger. These army of see nothing good in arsenal until Mr. Wenger leaves do not give a hoot to the damage being done to arsenal image so long as Mr. Wenger gets the booting. So so terrible!!!

  • colario

    To my knowledge, the term ‘fake news’ is a relatively a new phrase to describe false news. False news has its beginnings at the beginning of life as we know it. So should we be surprised that there is false news about Arsenal?

    When the voyeurs of ‘my opinions are facts’ talk up their favourite team they are vomiting out ‘fake news’ about their team.

    So it is not just Arsenal at the receving end of lies.

  • colario

    Ouch! ‘receiving’

  • Menace

    10/09/2017 at 7:55 am Force yourself to wait & hold your breath!

  • Nitram


    “So it is not just Arsenal at the receving end of lies.”

    I don’t believe anyone is saying that. I certainly am not.

    It’s like I would never say we are the only team to be on the end of poor refereeing decisions, or that we are never the beneficiaries of poor decisions.

    But I believe we are on the end of a disproportionately high amount of fake news, and what’s more fake news that as often as not is particularly malicious, and often as not seems to be part of a concerted effort to undermine our football Club, and our manager in particular.

    If you believe that the likes of Liverpool and Spurs, who have been far far less successful than us over recent years, receive anything like the criticism, ridicule and down right abuse that we do, then I’m afraid I’ve missed it.

  • Chris


    right on, you expressed it as well as I would.
    I did not see any meltdown about Pool!
    I’ve not read many critical articles about Spurs with their not complete squad, yet all sorts of BS about too many players in the Arsenal squad. Yet if Mr Wenger were to announce we have only 17 or 21 players available, imagine the outcry we’d have.

    I’m sick of all that BS we’re being thrown at, but games like yesterday do a lot to keep me happy about football.

    One of my best friends is a Pool! fan. Guess what : he never stops bantering me how Arsenal cannot win….I mean….and he is dead serious, telling the stuff we read from the blogettas : injuries, no spine, losing against top 4 teams, best players leaving each year, etc.. It just fascinates me to hear that coming from someone i like and who is intelligent.

  • Jammy J

    I check the Sky Sports app on my phone every single morning (god knows why) and after Arsenal lost to Liverpool 4-0, at any one time, there was at least 4 different articles stating how awful Arsenal are. Either written by ex-players, pundits and other such “experts”.

    This morning, there is literally not one single article written about how awful Liverpool are (made even worse by the fact that their defeat was heavier than ours). Not one single article! Compare that to the way Arsenal were treated and it is a stark contrast. How the hell can anyone say that there isn’t an anti-Arsenal bias in the media? What’s your excuse for this one? It’s just so painfully blatant, they don’t even try to even hide it.

  • Jammy J

    Also, the commentators specifically said during the game that there were no jeers as Sanchez came on (and I certainly didn’t hear any). Well, according to the media after the match, he was booed as he came on. So which one is it? Are they trying to create turbulence where there is none? Or was it just such a small section that only the amazing hearing of the media were able catch it?

  • Jammy J

    Wolfgang “His displeasure with Cech for saying winning is more important than pretty football,shows how deluded he is.” –
    What’s deluded about that? Do you actually understood what deluded means? Seriously, what do you think is deluded about wanting to play the most attractive football that you possibly can?

  • Nitram

    Jammy J

    “This morning, there is literally not one single article written about how awful Liverpool are (made even worse by the fact that their defeat was heavier than ours). Not one single article! Compare that to the way Arsenal were treated and it is a stark contrast.”

    I cant remember which one of the neg heads it was, but following yet another accusation of how paranoid we all are on UA, I challenged him to find all the similarly negative articles about Liverpool and Spurs from their ex players.

    And guess what? Nothing. Not a jot.

    So he did there usual trick of laying low for a few days then re appearing with exactly the same accusation, but again without a single thing to support it.

    So lets ask them again now shall we? Come on, show us the similar outcry at Liverpools capitulation yesterday.

    “Are they trying to create turbulence where there is none?”

    Of course they are. Actually it seems to of got to the point where the more bizarre it is the more people actually just want to believe it.

  • Jammy J

    Nitram – It’s absolutely interminable, isn’t it? They’ll happily insult you, but never offer any sort of evidence to back them up. How can people be so stubborn and set in their ways, that they stick with their incorrect opinions, even when faced with evidence that says otherwise? Why do people find it so hard to admit that they’re wrong? If somebody could prove that another PL team gets anywhere near as much stick as Arsenal, then I would be more than happy to change my view about it.

  • You have to choose, either smarten up and realize we can either be strategically productive or the same fans who always complain and knee jerk can have their talking points for over the pint and tue whole world can know our pioneering next moves.

    No disrespext but it was Wwnger who got Mesut, Alexis, Xaka, Andrei, Mustarfi (via Mesut) the rest we made or Wenger got in or developed and tbh our tracafwr and contraxt polixy has sucked for 7 years.

    So bias surely as this would likely spin into ‘Làw leaves, will woeful negotiations now end”

    Law, one for the team sunny!

    They cant say.much unlwss Coq is AW fauot so back to Lemar, Alexis, he only knows 110% performance is of no concern, you buy a winger and sign the death, or untol he sogns for a Chilean team because he can’t stop.


  • Nitram

    Jammy J

    “One of my best friends is a Pool! fan. Guess what : he never stops bantering me how Arsenal cannot win…….”

    I feel for you mate, it must drive you nuts, but I have to admit I am very lucky with this. Although a lot of guys I know at work just follow the party line as perpetuated in the media, my closest friends are the complete opposite.

    The closest being Liverpool, West ham, United and Spurs fans. We talk long and hard about all things football and are on the same page most of the time.

    Regarding Arsenal they all to a man cannot believe the stick we get, and even more, the negativity of our own fans.

    This is the kind of people they are. Following our drubbing at Anfield my mate never said a word. Eventually after a week he rang me up. Not to gloat. Not even to just talk about it. Nope, he called to sympathise. Not with the defeat, although he did eventually, but with the shite storm that was still going on a week later.

    Basically he was just gob smacked at the sheer intensity of hatred and bile that was being thrown in our direction. Not surprisingly he had specific issues with Talkshite and you’ve guessed it, Durham in particular.

    His words were, “what have Arsenal ever done to upset that man?”

    As I say, I count myself lucky having such friends, as in a sea of negativity and abuse it is nice to talk to people whom empathise, and even sympathise with what it must be like to have to listen to the never ended tirade of negativity that we, as Arsenal fans have to endure.

  • Nitram and Iammy J

    Have you ever wondered why, the so called fans/supporters, who are for ever dissatisfied with Arsenal and the Manager, win, lose or draw. Always seem to have the solutions and and answers to Arsenal’s fictitious problems, but are unable to solve their own day to day problems in their live’s.

    I’ve always thought supporting a Football Team is by choice and not a life and death situation. So those of you, who are so unhappy supporting Arsenal FC and all the negativity it brings into your life. Simple solution is stop your interest in Arsenal FC, then hopefully happiness may return.

    Or is it not that simple?

  • Nitram


    “There is a way of playing with 10 men and this was absolutely not it. Liverpool’s response to Mané’s dismissal did not offer great encouragement about their competitive courage and, not for the first time, it was difficult to imagine how Jürgen Klopp can achieve his ambitions if his side are going to defend this generously. Liverpool crumbled far too easily and once City sense weakness they can be merciless opponents.”

    Thanks for the link.

    A very accurate summery of the game. If it’s all over the media then maybe I will have to swallow my words Chris, but somehow I doubt it.

    Maybe Para should read it and think on when he sees fit to infer that Arsenal, Arsenal players and Wenger are unique in there ability to have a bad day at the office.

    Does that performance make Klopp a bad manager ? The players lazy ? The Club directionless ?

    Of course not.

    It was a bad day at the office, and I’m sure all those ex Liverpool players out there, though disappointed, will not be writing Liverpool off after one match, as were all our guys.

    Maybe we’ll see a plane flown over Anfield next week? A few black scarves maybe?

    Maybe it will inspire Durham to have a daily ‘Liverpool flattering to deceive yet again’ item in place of his daily anti Arsenal rant?

    Or maybe not.

  • Chris


    the fun thing is when I tell my Pool! supporter friend that I’d like to know what trophies Pool! have won for the past 10 years and how many CL games they played….
    With all his baravado and fan’s positivity – and with all his anto Arsenal bias, he cannot answer that one.

    So in the end I just smile….

  • Sorry to disappoint but i was at the game and unfortunately some did boo when Sanchez came on

  • Benne

    One could turn those comments on there head and say

    If other people’s comments get you so upset ( after all it’s only a game ) maybe you should stay away and look for some other sport that doesn’t get you so worked up

  • Colin G

    Agree with all the Durham comments which at times verge on criminality
    After the Pool defeat he was shocked why Arsenal fans were not outside the Emirates demonstrating.

    What is the role of Durham and the puppet who sits next to him? They are shock jocks selling advertising from a sinking radios station pandering to ‘geezers’ sun readers (the Murdock link) they are not objective journalists.

    Sinking radio station ? Independent surveys indicate their listeners are leaving in droves, check how many phone calls they receive even though they broadcast the phone number every few minutes. Check the constant stream of calls to Radio 5 and the subjective nature of the calls – listen to Wrighty Sunday night I guarantee there will be Liverpool fans with something to say.

    Oh for the days of 6:06 and the brilliant Danny Baker (no Arsenal fan, disliking the big boys in equal measure) a true football fan, biased, hypocritical and passionate with his Millwall, referee, officialdom rants in equal measure. Sacked by the BBC for his football passion………. A true football fan to disagree with, but respect.

    Does anyone else find the Durham and his alongside puppett (does he sit on his lap?) find their false laughs and geezer talk irritating?

    Any way I don’t listen any more. I recommend BBC 4/5 or L B C for non music fairly balanced and adult sensible radio journalism along with the
    blogs of course .

  • Jammy J

    Hannibal – Ridiculous rebuttal. We actually enjoy watching Arsenal play, but find some fellow “fans” unbelievably frustrating. We can’t change who supports Arsenal, so why should we stop watching because of that? Our point is that the WOB clearly don’t enjoy supporting Arsenal; every single aspect of it apparently, so why don’t they go support someone that is more in line with their ideals, like Man U, PSG or Real Madrid? Literally everybody would be happier.

  • Nitram


    Untold Arsenal: Arsenal News; Supporting the club, the players and the manager

    “I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well that it becomes an art.” A Wenger

    That is what is emblazoned across the top of this site. It is there for a reason. It is there to attract supporters of a like mind.

    That is why I come here.

    You are not of a like mind, yet you cant keep away. Why is that?

    This is not to say you haven’t got the ‘right’ to post here.

    This doesn’t mean your point of view is wrong even.

    It’s just I cant figure out for the life of me why you would want to express it on this site, a site that you clearly don’t have any affinity with. A site full of posters such as me, that you fundamentally disagree with ?

    It’s like an opera fan going to a rock concert and then doing nothing but moan about the music.

    I just find it very strange.

  • Lol Nitram, all over his face!

  • Nitram


    “If other people’s comments get you so upset ( after all it’s only a game ) maybe you should stay away and look for some other sport that doesn’t get you so worked up”

    Are you really that stupid?

    To expand on my concert analogy:

    You are the Opera fan that goes to the Rock show. You do nothing but whinge and whine about the guitar solo. Then the drummer. Then the light show.

    Do you think that’s acceptable? Perhaps you do, but for any right thinking person it would be completely unacceptable.

    Can you not see you’re just going to annoy everybody who just want to enjoy there kind of music in peace? Of course you can, but you don’t really care about that do you.

    In fact, if you’re honest, it’s the reaction you want isn’t it? Because if we take this back to basics all you really are is a ‘shit stirrer’ aren’t you?

    I mean, why would you be there in the first place if not just to stir up trouble?

    Similarly, why would you be here if not just to stir up trouble?

    Then you wonder why people have a go at you.

    As I say, I just don’t understand the mentality of people like you.

  • Liverpool didn’t have a bad day, try play with that inferiority complex that saw them slip up in the league twice, poor Stevie, love you man. Klopp doesn’t have a plan B, press, counter press, difference being Dortmund could also play football, amazing sale of Ox, he needed to learn passing and movement, he couldn’t so jogged on. He’s perfect for that team and once Chelsea offer for Mane aftee Eden leavea, Fiminio follows suot and Coutinho isn’t held as a slave, he’ll play anywhere he likes. If you have a weal mind that’s what you do.

    Also they haven’t the discipline and tactical awareness to play damage limitation.

    They score on the break because the top 6,either get complacent after dominating, hence always goals against run of play.

    Buying offcuts from Chelsea and Arsenal, when you cannot replace a butter like Moreno, have to tap up S’hampton and former Southampton players or offer 10m more than any other team, you see that they need a sustained run and to keep players and vuy in, vut again owners wothout thw financial clout. Henry is working to a 20yr plan its obvious, if they win a league in my lifetime I’ll run Hyde park bare bum.

    Next season United offload a few and fill with what Jose wants, City will probably try squeeze off Silva and Sergio because of English player quota, wxpwct non xommital glimpses of brilliance from them this season.

    Chelsea and Liverpool will be looking at 5-6 because I think .gov north London will be protected, why they go first in Wembley and owner is an astute businessmen.

    10 years top 4 Arsenal, City, United and Spurs. Chelsea will offload Costa and Eden and replace the latter and flesh out tuw squad. Conte may as out his contract. Liverpool will be back tobeing happy winning tue Merseyside derby.

    Expect Napoli, Dortmund, Sevilla, Lyon, Athletic and Athletico to be raided by the giants, Roma may be able to stay in touch with Juve due to the location.

    But the era of super elites has begun;

    If you are not Bayern, Juventus Real or Barcelona, you don’t.matter on the continent. And the Manchester.clubs are just too big too.touch, they are international relations issues. Spurs and Arsenal produced and that’s how we tag in plus we sold big names, Monaco followed that model, opting for CL money over the league by selling premium to direct rival.

    Chelsea are in the asset pool with Dortmund and Napoli, Sevilla and Athletics have to keep man in tje dugout, but Athletic can’t cope.

    Liverpool have two assets Mane and Phillipe and when the latter leaves, so does Fiminio and that’s that. Same Chelsea lose Costa in Jan and Eden summer I expect and that leaves just Ceasar. Tibault maybe. Kante, is gonna get stuck or have to leave England, PSG would be very happy with a tireless and 60m would do it.

    Matic showed that chelsea are cashing in and trying to transition. Liverpool should have sold Coutinho, now nobody will want to go there, Stevie G was bad enough example, but now Luis and Phil. They just had to make 130m and not spend it, and buy good full backs not forwards.

    But thanks for knowing nothing. Chelsea and Liverpool went backward on and off the field. It’s why Conte is pissed and Klopp is getting found out, like at Dortmund, he wants to go up a tier and the club won’t invest the readies to compete with the dominant forces.

    If Cohen and Carl make the cut next summer we are a CB DM and RW and then pull out your xmas stocking. You can have a 400m clone of CR7 if you like.

    Its my format, by all the parts and sacrifice to do it, then pay what it costs for cherries.


  • Last season I said Mbappe, Arsene is like tried to sign last summer. You have to assess who is considered bigger than us, who is available and what do these other clubs need.

    Buy what they haven’t prioritized, I think Carvalho in Jam is possible and makes sense
    I wish Sporting a bad season.

    I hope Danny turns it up, ive had it with Theo, sorry mate. Mo yoy are up next, show me some defensive capability son, I know you can pass and create, shame you can’t risk losing poseaaion a bit more, for those defense splitters. We need that humility and solidity in midfield. Didn’t even get a look and Francis.


  • Coyg

    It is definitely not that simple! For some of us Its a love affair with all the tumultuous passion that goes along witb it! Thats why we get so irrational and unreasonable and upset and ecstatic and delirious and we wouldn’t have it any other way! You don’t choose The Arsenal, The Arsenal chooses you!