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June 2021

With Arsenal, if everything seems to be going well, you’ve overlooked something

The aaa Arsenal laws……..

by Don McMahon

I recently read the history of Murphy’s laws created in 1950 and found that they resembled a certain mindset we too often see on UA:

  1. Everything that can go wrong will

    ……No matter what Wenger or the players or the board do, we are doomed to suffer the nefarious consequences, because we are The Arsenal and we are doomed.

  2. If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the first one to go wrong

    …….  Wenger is a master, according to the aaa, of finding the worst case scenario, training his players to achieve it, and then blaming someone else and the referees are simply doing their job, which is to make the wrong decisions against AFC regardless,

  3. The things that go wrong are the hardest to get right

    ……Arsenal never seem to learn from their mistakes because they are so incompetent and useless that they cannot even manage to find solutions to the simplest things that anyone with eyes can see clearly are right,

  4. Piers Morgan, Merson, Wright and the other pundits are optimists

    ……..There is so little hope that AFC will get it right that being a pessimist and spewing angst and vitriol is the only rational behaviour that supporters should display (aside from aerial banners  and black scarves),

  5. If you perceive that there are four possible ways in which something can go wrong, and circumvent these, then a fifth way, unprepared for, will promptly develop

    ……Wenger never changes his tactics, strategy, training regime, etc. because he knows that whatever he does will lead to disaster, which he secretly wants,

  6. If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something

    …..Success, harmony among supporters, satisfaction in winning, trophies (or pseudo-trophies) etc. are no indicator of things going well since Arsenal are only as good as their worst game,

  7. Everything takes longer than you think

    …….Particularly transfers when it comes to AFC since Wenger, the Board, Silent Stan, the transfer team etc. are so incompetent and dither so incessantly that a snail could close the deal before they do, and injuries follow this rule to perfection,

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  8. You never appreciate a lost opportunity until you try and replace it

    ……Wenger is so blind and unskilled as a manager that he not only misses out on superstars who are snapped up by far better adversaries but he buys useless and disappointing replacements at twice the cost or relies on kids to do a man’s job,

  9. If nobody uses it, there’s a reason

    …..Wenger’s tactics, training methods and approach to the game are so flawed and he has lost the plot so profoundly that he is trapped in ancient history and is a relic of the last century.

  10. You get the most of what you need the least

    …….AFC have collected so much deadwood and supported so many losers as players that it has become a tradition at the club for a player to get injured and be carried for years without contributing anything. As well, accusing the referees and the PGMOL of being biased against Arsenal, in actual fact, proves that AFC are getting what they deserve,

  11. Nature always sides with the hidden flaw

    ……Wenger is constantly found out by better sides, better managers, better players, better referees, better supporters, and so on. It doesn’t take long for anyone with eyes to see, to find him out and to realize that his entire system is corrupted, decadent, and unsustainable because he is so outdated, ignorant and arrogant,

  12. Enjoy today, tomorrow will be worse

    …….We won yesterday but we’ll soon be exposed for the gormless fools everyone knows we are and we will be, once again, humiliated before the Footballing world, unlike any of the other top EPL teams (hmmmmm)! We have been on a downward slide since Chapman’s era and will soon be relegated to the 67thdivision of the Metropolitan Sunday League.

Anyone care to add to this litany of aaa commandments? 


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24 comments to With Arsenal, if everything seems to be going well, you’ve overlooked something

  • Chris

    When it rains it pours

    …. Arsenal are so soft and so without backbone, lacking so much training in defending and having so little defensive coaching competence that taking a goal is a switch to taking a handfull, especially against Top 4 or Top 7 or any team in the last 16 of a CL game.

    This Law applies only to Arsenal, applied to other teams the corollary :

    a few drops don’t mean it rains

    Is used.

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebksin

    I am a Goonner who has been criticising Danny Welbeck overtime for his profligacy in front of goal and for his very low output PL goals scoring for Arsenal. But not for his workaholic efforts on the field of play for Arsenal as he has that in him which is second to Alexis Sanchez only in the Gunners first team squad rank and file.

    Yesterday at the Ems against AFC Bournemouth, Welbeck exonerated himself from my further criticising him as he scored a brace for Arsenal on their road to a 3-0 home win over Bournemouth to give themselves all the points in the match. But the big question I’ve asked myself now is, will Welbeck keep this his newly discovered goals scoring ability for Arsenal and not lose it but keep up doing it for Arsenal and on regular basis for them too, more especially in the PL games and in their other competitions as well? Time will see.

    Despite the Gunners 3-0 home win over the Cherries yesterday which looked comfortable. I must say I am not totally satisfied with the overall performance of the Gunners in the match as they looked to lacked steady communication inbetween themselves in their play as they sometimes looked erratic in their passing that is misjudged to collect by their colleagues or under passing the ball which failed to get to the intended Gunner but collected by the opponent Cherries.

    However, the Cherries had freedom in the midfield to subject the Gunners back three defence to series of test which they passed without conceding albeit with the helps of their retreating colleagues who helped in defending. But no proper DM job shielding was offered by Ramsey and Xhaka at the Gunners midfield base to provide proper protection for the Gunners defence-line which led to them and Cech been subjected to barrage of attacks by the Cherries but the Gunners successfully thwarted off.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    14. If you select the right people for the right job , success is sure to follow .
    Everyone and his dog knows this.
    Except the top people in Arsenal.
    Square pegs can go into round holes if the right mallet is used. And the required force . After all the correct force can turn carbon into diamonds . What do we get ?
    Coal !

  • What happened yesterday ,where are the AAA. Sewer Rats they are back in the Sewers nibbling on the undigested. Liverfall crushed 5 – 0 and no news wonder what the whorelist would be saying if it was the mighty Arsenal,Controversy send off my ass can’t imagine, they never talked of Lacazate’s goal. No wonder those ostriches hind their head in the sand but we always see their A….

  • Brickfields Gunners

    An interesting and apt observation
    that I received and have reposted.

    The British make things needlessly complicated.

    E.g. take the word *Ultracrepidarian*

    It means _”A person who gives his opinion and advice on matters outside of one’s knowledge or competence.”_

    Here, in India, we simply call him a ** ‘Chutiya’ !

    ** Cuntsy will be a good and near enough translation , I think , me not being a Hindi speaker !

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Another message –
    Don’t know who wrote this.. Hats off to him

    Man O Man!
    When without money,
    eats vegetables at home.
    When has money, eats the same vegetables in a fine restaurant.

    When without money, rides a bicycle to and from home.
    When has money rides an ‘exercise bicycle’ at home.

    When without money, walks to earn food.
    When has money, walks to burn fat.

    Man O Man! Never fails to deceive thyself!

    When without money, wishes to get married;
    When has money, wishes to get divorced.

    When without money, wife becomes secretary;
    When has money, secretary becomes wife.

    When without money, acts like a rich man.
    When has money acts like a poor man.

    Man O Man! Never can tell the simple truth!

    Says share market is bad,
    but keeps speculating.
    Says money is evil, but keeps accumulating.
    Says high positions are lonely, but keeps wanting them.
    Says gambling & drinking is bad, but keeps indulging.

    Man O Man! Never means what he says and never says what he means..

    Life is not about what
    you couldn’t do so far,
    it’s about what you can
    still do.
    Wait, don’t ever give up…
    Miracles happen every day.

    $2 seems too much to give a beggar but it seems okay when its given as tip at a fancy restaurant.

    After a whole day of work, spending hours at the gym seem alright, but helping your Mother out at home
    seems like a burden.

    Praying to God for 3 min
    takes too much time but
    watching a movie for 3
    hours doesn’t.

    Waits a whole year for
    Valentine’s day but always forget Mother’s day.

    Two poor starving kids sitting on the pavement
    weren’t given even a slice of bread but a painting of them is sold for hundred dollars.

    We don’t think twice about forwarding silly jokes, but we will rethink about
    sending this message on.

    Think about It..
    Make a change, because you can ….
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    1) Give a smile or gift to someone. Each time you gift a smile, it will make someone’s day. You gain.

    2) Donate a wheelchair to a hospital. Each time a sick person uses it, you gain.

    3) Participate in building an orphanage, or a hospital or a school or a college.
    Anybody uses it, you gain.

    4) Place a water cooler in a public place. When someone drinks the water, you gain.

    5) Plant a tree. Whenever a person, animal sits in its shade or eats from it, you gain.

    6) And the easiest of all is, share this message with people. Even if 1 applies any of the above, you gain.

    I just did.

  • para

    For a site that does not like negativity, even for me(who likes to be balanced) it seems to be falling slowly into negativity.

    Being positive does not mean attacking the people that are negative about things you love, it means being truly positive about the things that affect you positively.

    So, Untold, this is a concerned reminder not to dwell in the realms of negativity for too long, this does not mean that you cant be negative, just do not forget the positives else we flip completely to the negative side without realising it. 🙂

  • Gord

    What would you like us to be positive about?

    I put up a link to a story out of France, about Wenger’s history at Monaco. I don’t think I seen anyone comment on that. A couple of people have mentioned Reiss Nelson’s free kick at ManU, and I put up a link to a video snippet of that. I seen that the U18 lost (to Chelsea?). I don’t think there was a report up at the last time I looked there.

    I think it was nice that Arsenal loaned Lucas Perez back to Deportivo. I am not sure that loaning Campbell out again is going to be too useful. He is now a rather well travelled young man, but it doesn’t look like he is going to be playing in any of the top leagues/teams.

    I would like to see more people from FIFA in court, and ultimately in jail. But that isn’t a very positive feeling.

    I put up a note about a husband and wife referee-ing family in New Zealand getting the women’s and men’s finals. I think there was a note about a young woman starting to see officiating duties in Scotland.

    Similar to the sentence on FIFA, I have not seen any indication that 😈 Mike Riley is going to be spending timein court or in jail, and that is not really a positive thing either.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Am sure that the Arsenal fans must be in meltdown mode as we slip two places down within 24 hours !
    This they cannot blame on AW .
    Just take everything with a pinch of salt . And a shot of tequila with that !
    Am sure you’ll be more than cheerful after doing that a couple of times !

  • colario

    Gord I didn’t see your post on Arsene until we were on to the next piece.

    If any ‘Arsene must go’ believer is reading this I ask you to take account of this fact.

    Only one former Spurs player and manager and now ‘pundit’ has won a league championship medal since 1961. That is only one in the last 56 years. Compare that to at least 66 Arsenal player have won a league champion ship medal.

    Who is this one solitary spuds player to have won a champions medal? Why Glen Hoddle of course but sadly for spurs fans not for them, for Monaco and their manager was Arsene Venger.

    When Arsne was appointed manager of Arsenal the then Manure* manager MacRednose sneered ‘what does a Frenchman from Japan know about English football?’ What he didnt say was that he knew Arsene’s record in Europe, he knew Arsene was a good manager.

    Back in 2004 after the Invincible year Arsene could have continued concentrating on winning trophies (that is what any other human being would have done.) Instead he led the club in to building one of the best stadiums in Europe.

    As in the thirties when Arsenal led the way in football there was hatred of Arsenal everywhere so today.

    The article that Gord refers to mentions Chris Wrey. He was awarded ”Footbnaller of the year. When he received his award he passed it to Arsene saying it was really Arsene’s award.’

  • Kampala you squeal like a child and spit venom constantly let me ask you

    When did you last watch Arsenal live . If ever
    How much money have you ever handed over to the club
    Do you ever buy any merchandise or contribute in any way financially

    So remember this people who can answer yes to all those questions can say and think what the fuck they like . End of

  • goonersince72

    Gord and Colario

    Well said and thank you. All of this negativity is nothing new. As my name implies, I came to the club in April 1972 seeing my first match at Highbury (v WHU). Not a kid, I was out of university and working so I came to be a supporter as an adult. If you recall, 71/72 was the next season after the Double. I think Arsenal came third – and were vilifed! Even some of the home fans! I asked my colleague who had invited me, a long time season ticket holder from near Hampstead Heath, what was going on and he told me to get used to it if I was going to be an Arsenal supporter. And he was right. I just tune it out. We could go on for pages, and some do, on the reasons the media and ex-players criticise the club. I don’t care the reasons, it’s just negativity toward a club and recently a manager with values. A club that doesn’t spend what it doesn’t have. Sort of how I’ve tried to live my life. I support a club that I respect. I certainly would like to see the club win the EPL again and UCL trophy. But I’m a supporter, not a fan – short for fanatic. The fanatic’s support is minute to minute, game to game based on results. A supporter takes the long term view and never presumes to know more than the professionals who direct and manage the teams in reality, not in their heads. So support the Arsenal. That doesn’t mean one can’t be critical but the vitriol and negativity directed toward the club and Manager from some on a dedicated Arsenal supporting website is just absurd.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ colario – 10/09/2017 at 7:01 pm – RE : Your statement that -” Only one former Spurs player and manager and now ‘pundit’ has won a league championship medal since 1961. That is only one in the last 56 years.” , may well be true , but there are other Spurs players and pundits (not sure if they were managers) who have won league championship medals .
    Chris Waddle and Sol Campbell( Am not entirely sure that those Spuds fans would acknowledge it !) come to mind .
    While Bale is still winning stuff at RM .

    And it was George Weah who gave his medal to AW . Although his cousin Cris Wreh did contribute to AW’s first double in 1998 with Arsenal.

    Here is an interesting read –

  • para

    Trust me, i do understand.

    I just dont want Untold to go to one extreme or the other without noticing it.

    It’s very hard to be balanced, i know, i fight with it every day, there always seems to be more negative things affecting us than positive, the world is so unbalanced and has been for a long time.

    But we won and i’m letting that bring me back from the other side to the middle. 🙂

  • Brickfields Gunners

    A smile says everything about you . A very lovely and fitting tale.

    A man and a woman were traveling on a train .
    Woman : ” Every time you smile , I feel like inviting you to my place .”
    Man : ” Awwwww….. Are you single ?”

    Woman : ” No , I’m a dentist !”

  • Nitram


    What a strange guy you are.

    You come here, a blog you hate, full of people you cant stand, expressing views you vehemently oppose, and yet here you are, day after day.

    Are you a self harmer?

    Did you have a troubled upbringing?

    Do you persecute small animals?

    Was you abused as a child?

    Was you bullied at school?

    Come on, let it all out, you know you want to.

  • Here’s a rule: “It’s okay to contradict yourself if it makes Wenger look bad.”

    Arsenal players have no passion, which means Wenger has lost the dressing room; and how dare Giroud celebrate a goal, can’t Wenger control his players?

    Arsenal players have no backbone, they’re weak, they don’t like it up ’em, and that’s Wenger’s fault; but Xhaka and Coquelin are reckless and undisciplined, too eager to fight, and that’s Wenger’s fault.

    Wenger is too loyal to certain players, Walcott should have been binned years ago; but he won’t give Lucas and Campbell a chance!

    Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitum, and especially ad nauseam.

  • Jammy J

    colario – “what does a Frenchman from Japan know about English football?” I believe it was actually Tony Adams that said that, and not Sir Red-nose.

  • Jammy J

    @ Hannibal – Sorry, I didn’t realise that you have to be financially wealthy, in order to properly support Arsenal (is that what you call what you’re doing?). Once again, an absolutely ridiculous argument that is easily torn apart (something that you can never seem to achieve, whenever someone puts an argument to you).

  • Menace

    15. We have billionaire owners. Why don’t we buy more famous players with their money.
    …….We are the only billionaire owned club that don’t spend because Wenger is tight. The billionaire owners of other clubs just make money available to Jose, Antonio & others. Why doesn’t Wenger spend like them? He must be tight.

  • Coyg

    So Nigel Pearson’s an AKB then! Unless to hind a head is a real and presumably unpleasent thing! The truth is we used to moan about GG a lot too, “play Limpar and spend some f#”*ing money you b#”*ard!” Being a miserable pessimist in the company of fellow gooners is part of our cultural heritage. Tbf though, we tend to stand up for the club as soon as one of our rivals has a go, like when the Tottenham turkeys start chanting for another wenger xmas! Im pretty sure the real extremists either side of this ridiculous divide number relatively few, but it only takes a few opinionated loud voices to create a media circus show, especially nowadays! Up The Gunners!ĺ

  • Oldham Gooner

    My favourite article rule, and by favourite, I mean one that made me laugh the most, was rule no. 9.

    But hats off to Uncle Mike, that sir, is the Hydra of Arsenal hating, from AAA, journo’s, and pundits.

    Last week a United fan had a laugh at my expense when we got beat by Liverpoo’ and the week before by Stoke.

    He kept schtum this week though, and when I dropped it to him in convo, he told me “Well, we’re top of the league.” “Oh, have you won the league already???”

    Ah, if only all Arsenal fans were believers in Untold ?

  • Coyg

    Yeah gotta agree with that! If youre referring to the website i think you are, i genuinely think its been significantly infiltrated by undercover spuds and/or the gutter press over the last couple of years! The weird anti-wenger crowdfunding is bordering on surreal!