Fifa helping Barceloanus in tapping up

by Walter Broeckx

If anyone still had any idea on what Fifa stands for and on how Fifa is looking at it’s job to see if all the clubs do the things according the rules we know now.

Yesterday on this article appeared and I will copy it like it was written.

Xavi confident over Fabregas

(PA) Wednesday 21 July 2010

Barcelona midfielder Xavi believes Arsenal are merely “delaying the inevitable” by preventing Cesc Fabregas from joining the Spanish champions.

Fabregas was the subject of a reported £30m approach by the Catalan club prior to the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ but the Gunners are reluctant to part with their prize asset, who has five years left on his current contract.

Arsenal appeared to gain the upper hand in the protracted saga when Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola conceded on Monday that the north London club would have the final say on the 23-year-old’s future. But Xavi, a member of Spain’s victorious FIFA World Cup squad alongside Fabregas, is confident a deal will be reached to take the former Barcelona trainee back to the Nou Camp – be it this summer or next.

“We know where Cesc wants to be this coming season, but perhaps there is not enough time for Barcelona and Arsenal to agree a deal,” Xavi told the Daily Express. “Arsenal need to understand they are only delaying the inevitable.

“If we don’t manage to get his signature this season then Arsenal only really have him on loan for a year – because there is nothing they can do to stop him joining next summer.

“I haven’t given up on him joining us this season but, if he doesn’t, it won’t be more than a year before he is back home. His people will have a whole season to sort out the deal between the two clubs and it will happen at the very latest next summer.”

Xavi claims Fabregas told his international team-mates he was keen on joining Barcelona while on FIFA World Cup duty. “We were all with him for five weeks in South Africa and we know he wants to be at Barcelona, he made it very clear,” Xavi added.

“But he will under no circumstances do anything that will upset the Arsenal fans. And that’s probably why we are going to have to wait for him for another year.”

This article came on their news site. Now we call all argue a bit on the notion what “news” is but this had nothing to do with news. News would be : “Eduardo signs a deal with Shakhtar Donetsk”. This is news.

The fact that a Barceloanus player tells that they want Cesc to come over to Barcelona is not news. It is tapping up a player. And we all know that Fifa have made rules against tapping up players. But does Fifa act? No they throw extra fuel in the fire. They publish articles in which they give credit to Barceloanus players to help the tapping up of Cesc. And believe me this is not the first article on about the tapping up of Cesc. There still are articles on the site with Rossel talking about Cesc coming to them.

Fifa is by publishing articles like this helping Barceloanus in making a gap between Cesc and the Arsenal fans. I have warned for it before : Cesc will not leave for money but if he feels that the fans don’t like him anymore at Arsenal he really will want to go to Barcloanus. So Fifa is an accomplice in helping Barcelona to get Cesc out of the Emirates.

Fifa who should be telling Barceloanus : Now wait a minute you. Arsenal have turned down your offer. Cesc has still 5 years on his contract. Arsenal have made it public that Cesc will not leave and that they will not sell. They have made a public statement on this on their website and told this to the whole world (including Fifa). So Barceloanus you must tell your players, your board and all who are member of your club that they should stop speaking about Cesc coming to Barcelona this season or next season. As far as my calculations are right 5 years from now means that next summer he still will have 4 years left on his contract and I don’t know if Fifa thinks otherwise but this still is very much under contract in the part of the world I live in.

So for those who still believed in Fifa as a trustful and honourable organization, you can think otherwise. They will do nothing to help Arsenal but are very willing to spread more rumours about Cesc going to Barcelona and to divide the Arsenal fans on this.

But thanks to the reaction of some Arsenal fans and a very strong article on Goonerholic (credit for this to them) all of a sudden the article was taken of the Fifa website. Thanks to someone attentive I  have the article copied to my computer before this happened. Just the fact that Fifa removed the article from their website confirmed that they are doing wrong in this. And who knows maybe they start thinking a bit about this and who knows maybe they will act and talk to Barceloanus about this. I still doubt they will do this as they usually are an organisation that knows no shame.

But for me they have lost the last bit of respect that I had for them. I think they are a despicable organisation. The only way they can gain back some credibility is by an open apology to Arsenal and their fans for them not action according to their own rules. An open apology for not warning Barceloanus to stop tapping up Cesc. An apology to all football fans over the world for not applying their own rules and punish Barceloanus.

This is the only way Fifa can have some credibility in the future for me. But I won’t be holding my breath to see those apologies appear on the website. And if they do, I will love to acknowledge this on this website. But I don’t think you have to stay up to wait for this to happen.

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18 Replies to “Fifa helping Barceloanus in tapping up”

  1. Remember that both Spain and England are bidding for 2018 World Cup.

    There may be some politics in this………..

  2. You can bet that the fix is in for Spain to host as it was in South Africa.

    Strange how nobody has made the connection between Lord Triesman’s comments that caused his fall from grace and the lubricated passage of Spain to lift the world cup.

  3. I think we should just ignore these things. We definately have the upper hand in this controversy as fabregas has 5 years left in his contract. But if we do have to sell him, i would love that arsenal sell fabregas to someone other than Barcelona (maybe real madrid). Then that would really piss them off. Atleast real madrid can pay a good amount for him. Or we can just keep him till the end of his contract and by that time, fabregas would hav gone past his prime. And barcelona would not be as interested in him as they are now. Anyways, he is stayin in arsenal this season. So we dont need to worry for now. But by next year, i hope either barca pay up a good amount (£55 million pounds) or we shud sell him to another club who can pay up. Either ways, we have to look for someone who can replace fabregas in our team. Thats the most important part.

  4. The process of Fab4s’ departure has indeed been shabby. But it will happen as and when Barcaloaner can come up with all of the cash up-front (maybe thanks to their latest loan) and, via our pre-season friendlies, AW can prove that we don’t need to buy a replacement. Between them, Nasri, Rosicky and Wilshere are busy proving the latter.

  5. As I understand it any player under the age of 25 can buy out the remainder of their contract once 3 years have expired. It would seem therefore that the 5 years remaining on Cesc’s contract is not as secure as it would appear. Hopefully Arsenal will dig in their heels and reject all offers this year. Next year, however, with 2 years expired on his contract a further year would enable him to buy his way out. Our only hope long term is that Cesc will be happy to stay and signs a new contract. We can but hope.
    As for Barca’s relentless tapping surely Arsenal must demand strong FIFA action. A 2 year transfer embargo would suffice. The chances of anything like this happening? Absolutely zero! Such action would only be forced on smaller clubs. The likes of Barca can do whatever they like. It’s just so wrong.

  6. Dats: all European sides have agreed not to use the Webster ruling, and once you work out the sort of numbers, and factr in the tax that Barcelona will have to pay to repay Cesc, it comes out similar to his transfer value.

  7. Barca are a dispicable organisation, as are their fans. They think they can control anything and every player they wish. The fact that Sepp and his henchmen at FIFA allow this shows that their rules only apply to small clubs. If you want to really know what BARCA think of the CESC transfer have a read at the SPORT website (BARCA pro web page). That will make your stomatch turn. According to them the deal is going ahead and by next week Fab will submitt an official transfer request to the Boss so that he and Ivan can show that to the fans and say that they could not do anything about letting him go. They also say that BARCA will not exceed the 40million euros as they consider Fab to be their property which was stolen from them by Arsenal. Bunch of Wankers!!

  8. Phil
    BarceLOANus pay tax?

    Walter I wonder as FIFA is a mnemonic, I wonder what it really stands for….?


  9. Well to me the people running the game are the ones killing it.Fifa is only after money and nothing to improve the game.barca like their counterpart Real are stodge and instrument fifa need to pamper their commercial valued client who always want them at the top so fifa will always back them to the detriment of other clubs. I think the corruption in fifa and most of the other bodies like Caf is just too evident and funny thing is that it seems nothing can be done. Do you know Caf is planning to stage two tourney in 12month talk about devaluing the already devalued cup of nations.We are bored of having it every two years now they want it every year when the simple thing is to shift the 2012 tourney to 2013 rather than have them both but when the aging and power freak officials at Caf just like all the other bad government in Africa they want to stage two tournament for their pocket and detriment of the sport and countries hosting.

  10. You must keep in mind Diba that for the officials every tournament means: staying in the best hotels, eating and drinking as much as they want, gettin extra privileges and maybe who knows some extra l****** company to pass the long nights. And this all without having to pay a thing? All for free. The organising country, and their people, will pay the bill.
    Can you imagine living like that?
    No wonder they want to organise as much as they can cause for the top people this is only more benefits and more pleasure. They are a disgusting bunch, yuk.

  11. Tony why is it that FIFA are above the law ? why cant Arsenal take legal action or something against FIFA for failing to uphold the rules over tapping up how can any organisation break and not uphold rules and be above any kind of punishment.

    particualrly with the money involved in football these days its important that all clubs and rules are treated fairly.

  12. I thought it quite interesting to see Sky Sports interview Shay Given regarding the prospect of James Milner joining Citeh, and Shay stating that it is not his place to comment on such things – apart from that he knew him from their time at Newcastle and that he was a very good player. Shay Given’s comments are nothing less than what you would expect from a professional at a football club when asked this sort of question. Shay Given obviously has respect for Aston Villa and Martin O’Neil and doesn’t want to say anything that might cause trouble between the two clubs. But to me, it has made me more angry with the stream of comments that have come from Barca players regarding Cesc over the last couple months. It just shows a complete lack of respect to Arsenal and its fans. Whatever Cesc’s true intentions are, maybe it is about time he at least showed some decorum in the matter and publicly asked the Barca players to refrain from such comments. (I see it is now David Villa coming out in the press with his ‘Cesc wants to come to Barca’ message).
    Martin O’Neil has also confirmed James Milner asked to leave the club before the WC, but that he wouldn’t be going anywhere unless they got the right price for him. I respect Martin O’Neils honesty with his comments, but I feel that he has just made James Milners position at Villa untenable, as the fans will no doubt get on his back now for wanting to leave. By refusing to disclose any details of his conversation with Cesc (the one where Cesc said it was one of the best conversations he had in his life), I just hope that it actually means that Cesc is happy to stay at Arsenal this season, and hasn’t actually said he wants to go. But I can’t help thinking that the Milner situation is exactly the same as Arsenals with Cesc, but that Arsene Wenger is just trying to protect Cesc from all the flack he might get if his true feelings are known.

  13. Exclusive footage!

    Our secret camera brings you the scenes from Highbury House as the penny pinching AFC board react to news of another realistic bid from FC BustTheFlusher for the worlds greatest midfielder (Well, he is a midfielder, and he did just get an assist to help Spain win the WC. After having ‘assisted’ them win that Euro thingy too. If not the greatest, then surely, the most ‘valuble’):

  14. Cant agree with you any less Walter,what I will like to see is an article on Fifa accounts (as well as Caf,Uefa etc).And why the monopoly of power at the top of the football ruling body why cant the elections be open and fair like any other form of government why must we see the same person as fifa president for more then a decade no matter what he has achieved or how he has developed the game others should get the opportunity,The Caf president has been there since he was a teenager and now he is closer to grave but still want to be in charge with less thinking and archaic innovations all for personal gain.Blatter is running the office for close to two decade now what a sham. It is a shame that events of 1966 WC can replay itself in 2010 and fifa thinks the game has moved forward.The future of the game we love is in jeopardy because commercial entities decides the game.

  15. dont buy any more fifa console games. just pes.

    Fifa is such a hypocritical organisation

  16. Ohhhhhh, I am so mad I could just…… grrrr 😛

    I previously felt Arsenal should be more aggressive in there condemnation of Barca, something like what Alex Ferguson did ( I wouldn’t sell them a virus) before getting a ridiculously large fee for Ronaldo.

    I now believe Arsenal have acted intelligently in the matter by intially realeasing a strong statement and letting all this other BS seemingly go over their heads, the club are in the driving seat and are holding all the aces, whatever Barca say is of no consequence

  17. I am a Barca fan… I think ‘tapping up’ is something used to loosely now. For a team to come out and say they want a player to be labelled as ‘tapping up’ is ridiculous. If all of Arsenal came out and said we want Messi, Messi would be wild at our team. Well no joke… i would hope that most players would want to play along side Messi. If Messi decided to go to Arsenal I am sure it is his own feelings and his own choice… not because of a few news reports. Same with Fabregas… i think fans need to respect the character of their own players more because labelling this as ‘tapping up’ is basically labelling Fabregas’ character as fickle and soft.

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