“Kick Arsenal” media campaign claims Clichy as latest victim

The long-running campaign which has appeared in most newspapers and on most TV and radio shows, which says, “If you want to stop Arsenal you have to kick Arsenal”, claimed Gael Clichy as its latest victim.

In a wild attack, Middlesboro player “Mido” – one time of Tottenham – kicked Clichy in the head.  The one positive to come out of this was that the madman was sent off.  Clichy was stretchered off, blood pouring from his face.

The attack by a Birmingham “player” on Eduardo a couple of weeks ago and the subsequent denial of any problem by the Birmingham “manager” has led FIFA to start an investigation into that incident.   Cesc Fabregas reported on 16 March how the incident is still affecting the team.

This blog has supported action by FIFA against everyone involved in the “kick Arsenal” campaign from the start, and we are now writing to FIFA to ask them to include the Mido incident in their research – along with the antics of the British media in promoting the “kick Arsenal” campaign.

You can join the campaign to wipe out this disgusting abuse of football by clubs such as Birmingham and Middlesboro – and countles others, by writing to FIFA.  You can email them from http://www.fifa.com/contact/form.html or you can write to FIFA-Strasse 20, P.O. Box 8044 Zurich, Switzerland
Phone from UK : 0041-43 222 7777,
Fax from UK: 0041-43 222 7878.

You can also add comments on the FIFA web site www.fifa.com

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