Bloggettas go into frantic frenzied bonkers meltdown seeking negatives in Arsenal victory

By Tony Attwood

Bloggettas – blogs with average articles of around 100 words – sometimes fewer – often published by their operators several times an hour, with the prime interest in getting negativists to click on adverts, usually by mistake.

Many are owned by newspapers desperate to find a way to make money in their declining markets – without actually putting any effort in. Indeed some newspapers have now gone into multiple bloggetta ownership, remorselessly running the same stories across multiple titles, each with a slightly different headline.

Given that Arsenal have just won three out of three in the Europa, I thought I’d have a look and see how, in the hours following the game’s conclusion the bloggetterati (new word, just invented) handled the situation.  Of course the Europa is not the Champs League, no one pretends it is.  But even so, three wins in three is not too bad.

So what did we get?

‘He’s the worst in history’ – Fans bash Arsenal star on Twitter after Thursday’s game. (Red London)

The twits in question were three short messages about Theo not having a very good game.  Did it warrant that headline?  Does three twits warrant an article?

Transfer Talk: Ozil tells teammates of Man United switch  ( 

ESPN got rather excited about this story.  So excited in fact that they ran it at 1.45am with the headline Mesut Ozil tells Arsenal teammates he’s leaving for Manchester United and then again at 2:25am with the headline above.  In neither case did they find any evidence.  But still, change the headline and it looks like there’s something new. 

Actually I was reminded of the snippet found in an Italian blog – a snippet that ended mid sentence, telling us all that Marc Overmars had signed for Arsenal.  We’ll see in a couple of months.

Arsenal’s Next Big Star Nelson Eyes Future In MMA (Just Arsenal News) 

This one suggests in its headline that Reiss Nelson is off to… well, somewhere.   Of course it might just be that I’m the only one who doesn’t know what MMA is and thought it might be an American league or something like that.  Actually it is just saying that he likes martial arts.

The club is in serious, serious trouble (Pain in the Arsenal)

Remember we had just won three out of three in the Europa as noted above, but the bloggetta chooses to run this thing.  The adverts come so thick and fast it is hard to work out what this is about at first but it turns out that the bloggetta has become concerned about the departure of Alexis and Ozil.

“What makes this so infuriating is that both of these players love the club and the fans, but are being driven away by poor club management. The club’s lack of ambition and desire sent Robin Van Persie out the door to Manchester United, leading him to criticise Wenger and the lack of investment that was being made at the time, and it will do the exact same with Ozil and Sanchez.”  Now considering most people have said that Ozil had become a liability of late, and there is no evidence of anything, this is all a bit confusing.

It is an interesting notion that the situation with RVP whom Arsenal tried really hard to keep, and the current players (one of whom the bloggettas have been criticising every hour on the hour all this season) is directly comparable given the changed financial circumstances.  Hard to see how really.

The Back Pages: 20.10.17 – Arsenal star reveals destination and Everton involved in brawl (e-Football)

This bloggetta takes pictures of the back pages of tabloid newspapers and just re-runs them.  That is it.  Ozil is going to Man U is the story taken from the Mirror.  It just shows how in only needs one bloggetta to launch a tale and on it goes.

Man City ‘to sign two players in January including Alexis Sanchez’ (Daily Mirror blog).

Of course it is always possible something in here is correct.  After all over the last two summer transfer windows three in every 100 players rumoured to be going to or from Arsenal were correctly spotted.

 Arsenal’s Theo Walcott poses alongside Serbian riot police  (The Daily Mail)

Being a newspaper that published the headline “Hurrah for the Blackshirts” praised their “sound, commonsense, Conservative doctrine”, and pointed out that: “Young men may join the British Union of Fascists by writing to the Headquarters, King’s Road, Chelsea, London” I supposed that is not so surprising.

Why A Loan Move Of This Arsenal Starlet Would Be A Superb Deal For Wolves   (The 4th Official) 

Reiss Nelson going on loan to Wolverhampton Wanderers.  What do you think?

In a game of little quality and few chances,  (Sports Keeda)

That is their summing up of last night’s match.

Injury blow as Arsenal defender’s return date is pushed back  (Arsenal Mania)

This article was published in the early hours of this morning, and the implication of course is that Debuchy, after a terrible run of injuries, is injured again.  

The story actually cites another bloggetta, Football London  and says that bloggetta claims “the defender is yet to return to training, meaning he will likely remain in the treatment room for the rest of the month and miss the upcoming fixtures against Red Star Belgrade, Everton, Norwich City and Swansea City.”

Now since we had just played Red Star a few hours BEFORE this was published that does indeed sound a little odd.  It is of course just an old story re-posted to get a few more clicks on it.

Wenger reveals injury scare after Arsenal’s Europa League win (

“Arsene Wenger revealed an injury scare to Jack Wilshere in the first-half of Arsenal’s win over Red Star Belgrade in the Europa League on Thursday (19 October), but the midfielder went on to complete the full game.”

So it goes on and on.  My point as always is the impact this has on young readers who have yet to learn the perfidious ways of the bloggettas, and the impact on the less discerning who see the headlines and scamper on.

It is anti-Arsenal, it is mostly untrue, and it is incessant, and in my opinion, needs to be outed.

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41 Replies to “Bloggettas go into frantic frenzied bonkers meltdown seeking negatives in Arsenal victory”

  1. It’s the “Reiss Nelson eyes future in MMA” that msde laughed.

    But on Ozil being a liablity at Asrenal, it can’t be argued much against that he is not as he hasn’t lead Arsenal to win the Premier League title since he was signed at a club record transfer fee then that was recently broken in the last summer transfer window. It has also been said in some quarters that he’s often seen or watched missing for Arsenal in big Premier League games. True? And he can be seen missing too in the not Arsenal big Premier League games. Just late last Saturday evening, I watched him on TV missed a sitter for Arsenal to give them a 0-2 cushion lead in the game against Watford. Which if he hadn’t missed, he may have killed the Watford game, but Arsenal lost the match and went down from 4th in the table at kickoff at Watford to 6th instead of have remained 4th if they had not lost the match.

    On Theo Walcott, his lack of composure in front goal that has led him to be missing many scoring chances when if he has composure he would have over buried goalscoring chances in games for Arsenal overtime. And his lack of positional awareness in front of goal overtime too has culminated to him been severally caught in offside position in his games for Arsenal. This can not be said are to be strong game points by him for Arsenal. Save his exceptional speed which he hasn’t fully utilise to a greater effect and advantage in his games for Arsenal, these two lackings of him call for an evaluated turn around by him to improved on them quickly in his game for Arsenal. But can he or would he?

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  4. I’m surprised they’ve found time to write anything at all actually given how I thought they’d all still be out celebrating spurs ‘amazing’ point in Madrid.

    Talking of the Tiny Totts, didn’t they try this reserve team malarkey in the Europa league, and got themselves utterly humiliated ?

    If I remember rightly they got less stick for that, than we seem to be getting for 3 straight wins. Oh well, that’s sadly no more than we all expected I’m sure.

    But as for last night, I must say credit were credit is due. When I saw Stewart Robson was co-commentator on BT Sport I was dreading it, but to be fair he was fine.

    No unnecessary criticism for criticism sake. Basically called it as he saw it, which pretty much matched how I saw it.

    The Ref was very good I thought. Not perfect though.

    He should of booked a Red Star player very early for a deliberate hand ball. The commentators said that.

    I also agreed with them that the second yellow was a bit harsh. Yes he caught Coquelin but it wasn’t a swung elbow.

    And in the build up to the goal Theo could easily have been called offside when Wilshere made the initial pass to him. It was very close, but on freeze frame it does look as if he is dead level with the Red Star player at the other end of the penalty box. My point is BT could of made something of it if they wanted. I’m sure they would of, had it been in the PL.

    Anyway, over all a descent performance from the team, with standouts from Wilshere and Cech.

    A very good performance from the referee and his officials.

    And a surprisingly decent performance from BT Sports.

    All in all a very enjoyable night.

    Now for what I’m sure will be a much tougher test at Everton.


  5. A win is a win is a win !
    Did we play well ? We could have done a little better. Is Elneny a good defender ? I don’t think it was his best showing to date. Could we have counter attacked more effectively ? I don’t believe playing the ball around and waiting for the opposition to run back is very helpful. Did we have a bit of luck ? Makes a change.
    Overall, a win is a win is a win. 😉

  6. Another exciting goal from Giroud. It must have been good for the away fans. When we score near the end and it’s a spectacular one, it always makes you extra happy.

  7. Well we do have a habit of giving desperados a lift when need most – alas Everyone this weekend.

  8. Polo

    Thanks for the link.

    What a great article, all supported with statistics.

    I wonder if it will catch on?

    Fat f***ing chance !!

  9. Just learned something that Brickfields should have taught us.
    Regular sex is important for over 40 year old men. It keeps the prostrate from enlarging. Tomatoes & Pumpkin seeds help replace zinc that is lost in ejaculate.

    I hope this little bit of info helps some of our older untolders.

  10. Polo,

    quite an interesting piece and the stat about Giroud is amazing.
    Not surprised however, because phisically he is a gladiator and once defences are tired, he can just clober them.
    The story soes not say anything about change strategy and if fresh ‘wingers’ are substituted as well, maybe there is another angle there.
    Wishire coming back to competition is going to make us much more dangerous I believe, especially now that our Tank can reproduce on the left flank what bellerin has been doing for the past years on the right one : crosses

    Hope he stays fit and plays on for years to come….15-20 minutes per game, he can do that into his forties and bring us a goal every match or 2 !

  11. @ Menace,

    just talked to my companion about your vital information
    She thinks that if this is true, she’d be a therapist anytime she is not in the mood and insurance should cover her services….

  12. @Menance Thank you for the info. I will let She That Must Be Obeyed know of her preventative capabilities.

  13. @ Menace

    I suspect that some of us “older untolders” are getting a darn sight more sex than some of the young kids that come on here moaning and telling us how they could manage the club better than AW!!

  14. A selection of media comments on last night:-

    “Arsenal took until 85th minute to make an impression”
    “Giroud goal relieves boredom on match”
    “Arsenal’s narrow win, against 10 man Red Star”
    “Arsenal kept in game by Cech”

    No recognition of great performance by a team with so many young and inexperienced players.

  15. John L

    Well there’s a surprise.

    Every time we point out this media negativity we get shouted down as paranoid.

    Well now’s a time when they can prove us all wrong and point us in the direction of all the praise we are getting.

    I wont hold my breath.

  16. Another selection of media headlines
    ‘Jack Wilshere can do what mere mortals can only dream of’
    ‘Olivier Giroud scored a stunning winner for Arsenal away at Red Star’
    ‘Gunners show character to win in Serbian cauldron though late Giroud strike’
    Apart from the focus on ten men red Star I thought the media were very fair in the reporting of this game.
    If you deliberately search for negativity you’ll certainly find it John L, but if you search for positivity you’ll find that also as I’ve just proved.

  17. Nitram@1:19 pm
    Well said, and exactly the point UA makes. I don’t read the nonsense and frankly don’t care what the critics in the media or here say. I’m not responsible if they’re blind , ignorant or easily influenced.

  18. Goonermikey: I am in my late 20s (so I guess that qualifies me as a kid?) and can confirm you certainly do, assuming you get any at all. I’m not deluded enough I could do a better job than AW, though!

  19. Mark overman
    I’d say that Mark Sampson has discovered to his ruination that you can’t combine the two.

  20. Jax

    Thanks for that, and fair enough.

    I personally haven’t read a thing today so I’ll take your word for it, but the reason I haven’t is because I know what to normally expect.

    I have mentioned on here many times that I have pretty much stopped engaging with both the written and broadcasting media.

    I can assure you it had nothing to do with ‘deliberately’ looking for negative media, the fact is it was unavoidable.

    I used to read the Daily Mirror which had 2 leading sports writers in John Cross and Darren Lewis, both of which are supposed to be Arsenal fans, but both of them, especially Cross, hardly ever had a good word to say about us.

    I still get the SUN on a Saturday because I like a little bet on the nags. If I’m ever stupid enough to read the football pull out I always regret it. They have a particularly nasty Arsenal hating posse of hacks, amongst them an odious piece of work called Reade, who has a particularly vitriolic hatred of all things Arsenal.

    But if you think the media output on us is not disproportionately negative, not only in regards to what we deserve, but also in relation to every other club, that’s up to you, but that wasn’t my experience.

  21. Nitram
    I wouldn’t have bothered but thought a little balance was required. John L can be soooo depressing.

  22. The Arsenal winning is an aphrodisiac enough for me. Along with those naughty clips that I get sent to me by caring friends!
    And it truly helps that the wife engages in the right type of moaning!

  23. Jax

    Fair enough, but it does beg the question why the negativity at all?

    And to be fair it’s not just what John L provided is it?

    Tony’s whole article is on the back of the negativity being expressed today in the Bloggettas, which as we all know are tied in to the mainstream press..

    For want of a better phrase these Bloggetas are the press’s ‘shit stirring’ arm.

    So okay there may be some positive comments on the face of it, but they are sure as hell propagating the negativity via the back door aren’t they.

  24. Are you referring to Brickfields, or my blurbs about Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeneeeeeeeeeey and his Coooooooooojooooones?

  25. Gord

    Mainly Brickfields.

    Your smattering of exotic continental porn is just the icing on the cake, or, ‘the nipple on the tit’ as they say in those down market mags you find under granddads bed.

  26. Nitram
    Yeah, but Tony deliberately seeks out the negative & ignores the positive. Otherwise what would be the point of the blog if he said ‘well everything in the media garden is rosy.’ I mean he really, really hates the media in a way that makes me suspect he was once unsuccessfully employed there (possibly at The Guardian).

  27. Jax

    Well, as I say, I can assure you I NEVER sought out the negativity. It was unavoidable.

    Seems we’ll have to agree to disagree again.

  28. Nitram
    Not you being negative, John L. I referenced him in my comment at 3.42.

  29. Nitram – those mags were the beginnings of the current West Ham owners. They had a barrow in the West End that exchanged magazines for a pound. Amazing how much money there is in soft porn. Sky was born from the bare breasts page 3 of the Sun. So were several governments because there were several votes swayed by tits.

  30. Thanks for that link Polo. I’ve shared it to Facebook. The Telegraph’s report on the match and even its headline were very positive today. Can’t always say that. They even had a photo of Giroud scoring. One for the scrap book.

  31. @ Menace -20/10/2017 at 11:39 am – and guys . I did want to post this earlier for the information of our older male Untolders , but had wanted to test it out for myself before confirming its veracity.
    The thing we doctors have to endure to ensure that all the evidence is truly factual!
    So The Medical Division of UA proudly presents the following factual article-

    ‘ Men should ejaculate 21 times a month to protect against prostate cancer, study suggests’

  32. Jax
    Tony Attwood doesn’t need me to defend him but have you ever read any of his books? Any other articles? Arsenal history? Bob Dylan? Education? I know you’ve seen and heard his advertising work as you seem to follow the rags faithfully. I might be mistaken, but I don’t guess you’ve had anything published. If so, give us all a link so we might have the opportunity to shred your fact devoid drivel. Most sincerely,

  33. goonersince72
    I won’t address your sneering comment other than to say that like most bloggers Tony probably revels in the attention & support of acolytes, so keep it up.

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