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June 2021

Football is facing an existential crisis created by its greed and its insistance on controlling debate


By Sir Hardly Anyone

We’re not going to publish it but some of the abuse received by Untold following our various commentaries on the match against Swansea was really a little extraordinary and over the top. I mean, we’re used to getting it from some quarters but this was a little out of the ordinary.   At least the bits I could understand.

Anyway, things move on, and hopefully those people who got very exercised by events and comments are now relaxing a little.  So let’s see what else we have available to contemplate.

Consider this:

Lukas Podolski admits he wants to return to former club (Daily Cannon) 

That is in the Arsenal section of some of the news accumulators.  Which means you might think of Podolski turning up again at Arsenal.

Except the article begins.

Lukas Podolski wants to play for Cologne again someday.

The 31-year-old is currently playing in Japan for Vissel Kobe, but has made no secret of his desire to return to Germany one day.

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So what else can we find?

Ipswich Town news: Arsenal plotting January signing of Tristan Nydam

ARSENAL are plotting a swoop for Ipswich Town wonderkid Tristan Nydam.  That was in the Express.  Personally I am glad Ipswich have a wonderkid, and I hope he does wonderful things.   What worries me much more is that if you have a plot, surely the idea is to keep it quiet, not to have it as a giant headline in the Daily Excess.

Anyway it is not the real big deal because that is something else.

Arsenal make Napoli star Jorginho top target ahead of January transfer window – reports

It really is good to see our old chum R E Ports still making up tales.  He’s Jorginho and he is coming Arsenal’s way in January according to TalkSprout.

Liverpool needed Arsenal star

I must say you know the old transfer window is in difficulty when it is not only not open for another two months, but that the punditerati are talking about transfers that failed to happen three years ago.   This one is Brendan Rodgers at Celtic saying that things only went wrong for him at Liverpool! because he didn’t get Alexis.

Become a Member now for Chelsea & Arsenal tickets 

That is actually a headline on the West Ham United Official Site this evening.  Seems they are having difficulty getting rid of some tickets in the Taxpayers Stadium.  But the exciting news for West Ham’s directors is that as and when the State Aid club go down so their payment to the state per match (already a fraction of what it really should be in commercial terms) goes down with it.  To almost nothing at all.

That’s the way to make a profit.

Ex-Spurs star thinks Arsenal have made the signing of the season 

Squawka is here with this one and tells us that Kolasinac is the signing of the season.  Given that he didn’t cost a penny I think that is not hard to argue with. 

Arsenal reportedly keen on talented £19.8m-rated midfielder 

The Transfer Tavern is excited about midfielder Jorginho, who according to reports is a target for Arsenal.  However it then notes that the “move is unlikely to happen in January.”


UEFA crackdown on Cologne’s ugly invasion of The Emirates

Arsenal Shorts go with the statement that “FC Cologne have been charged £53,000 and have been ordered to pay Arsenal compensation after a chaotic Europa League clash with the Germans back in September.”  They also say that all charges against Arsenal (well actually I think there was one, of blocking a staircase) were dropped.

It seems an awfully small fine to me.

Arsenal: Two moments that challenge the rise of stats 

I love the way that I find new websites each day.  Today it is “It’s Round and It’s White” with the headline above.  Their finding was “The first is two successive passes from Granit Xhaka; the second is the first goal and the ‘assist’ that Mesut Ozil claimed.”

This article is a scream and well worth a read because in the Xhaka section it takes two attempted passes that go wrong, but which they say count as completed passes.  And a conclusion appears to be drawn from those two.  The writer also claims he has a physics degree.  It’s a good job I don’t reveal what my degrees are in.

And to finish…

Lessons so far: Arsenal performing better than many expected 

This is from ESPN.  The trouble is the link doesn’t seem to lead to the story.  At least not at the moment.  What teases they are.

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8 comments to Football is facing an existential crisis created by its greed and its insistance on controlling debate

  • GoingGoingGooner

    Mmmm, Troy Deeney charged for violent conduct…same bloke that people were pleased to quote after their match against Arsenal. Same bloke that showed no class with his comments…karma is a bitch is it not, Troy?

  • Jared

    Who would have thought that gouging someone in the face is “violent conduct?”

  • WalterBroeckx

    That is what you get when a player can go out on the field to whack Arsenal players without the refs taking action. He then thinks that he can do as he pleases. And in fact the ref again allowed him all the freedom to “express himself” (= be a bully) but this time the FA finally took proper action.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    I’m sure that Deeney ‘cojones’ comments will not be taken in consideration at all as it only referred to the Arsenal players, and not the other fine player of the other EPL clubs .

  • Brickfields Gunners

    And in other news of interest ……

    At a recent wedding reception , someone requested the following , “All the married men , please stand next to the the one person who has made your life worth living .”
    The bartender was nearly crushed to death !

  • Brickfields Gunners

    And in medical news –

    -Roentgen’s law​: The length of a radiologist’s report is inversely proportional to the certainty of his diagnosis.

    -Cochrane’s Aphorism​: Before ordering a test decide what you will do if it is
    a) Positive or b) Negative.
    If both answers are the same don’t do the test.

    -Indoor anachronism​: – Patients who need to be admitted the most always refuse to get admitted. Those who can be sent home want to stay on.

    -Saddam’s law​ in Medicine – The arrogance of a patient’s relative is inversely proportional to his ability and willingness to pay hospital bill.

    -Murphy’s Law​: If any thing can go wrong it will.

    -Gattuso’s extension of Murphy’s Law​: Nothing is ever so bad that it can’t get worse.

    -Adam’s Law​: Fractures used to heal even when there were no orthopaedic surgeons.

    -Palcebo rules​: Placebo’s work only if they are expensive.
    Placebo’s sometimes work better than real drugs.
    A sympathetic physician is often the best placebo.

    -Machiavelli’s law​: A patient /relative who say in his first visit that he has full faith in you has already consulted at least three other doctors for his problem.

  • Josif

    The only shocking thing about Deeney’s conduct is that he didn’t get a red card instantly. Instead of that, both him and Allen got a yellow card. I don’t what the ref was doing if he didn’t see the incident. He should have his eye-sight thorougly checked.

  • Jammy

    GoingGoingGooner – The same bloke that was seen kicking a student in the head with a few of his mates. Apparently he was jailed for 10 months for it. There was also another story of him getting pepper-sprayed by police outside of a club not too long ago. He’s an absolute scum-bag, yet still someone that the British-press believes deserved some lime-light (as long as he’s ridiculing Arsenal, that is).