2 years 5 months after it was predicted, “New Thierry Henry” will finally sign for Arsenal!

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Yes it was in June 2015 that we first pronounced upon the fact that Nabil Fekir was about to sign for Arsenal, and we knew that because the bloggettas were full of it and full of it and full of it again.

He turned up again in the following month, but then when he did not sign, all went quiet, and everyone pretended they had never suggested he would sign, until August 2016 when there he was again, ready and willing to come to Arsenal.  Or so we were told.

Anyway, as you may have noticed if you have been paying attention he STILL did not sign.  What is wrong with the man.  These pundits know what’s what so why was he not here?  Did he miss the train?  Did he go to Uzbekistan by mistake?

But never let a failure of prognostication put our bloggetta friends off.  They are back at it full time today:

Revealed statement points at Nabil Fekir signing for Arsenal (Red London) 

Done Deal? Comment That Indicates Nabil Fekir Will Be An Arsenal Player Soon (Premier Soccer Chat) 


One more?


Try this one.

Arsenal ‘almost done’ with £60m deal to sign highly-rated attacker in January.

Red London tells us under that deadline [Don’t you mean “headline” – Tony] [I know what I mean – Hardly] the Daily Star are exclusively claiming that Arsenal are working on a deal which will see them sign Lyon playmaker Nabil Fekir.

  • Well there you are.  It’s in the Star.

Must be true.

13 Replies to “2 years 5 months after it was predicted, “New Thierry Henry” will finally sign for Arsenal!”

  1. For all I should believe, Arsenal are not yet in the mode of next January transfer window, but are arguably in the mode of improving on their standing in the Premier League table this season towards which they are gearing up to annihilate Tottenham Hotspur from the Premier League match between the duo clubs at the Arsenal Stadium on Saturday.

  2. Sorry, cant think about new signings as I am too busy raging, being furious and despairing. That’s when I’m not being scandalized.

    Arsenal fans rage at referee appointment for Tottenham game – here’s why
    Arsenal fans furious as Mike Dean is chosen to referee North London derby
    ‘Proof FA hates us’ – Arsenal fans despair ahead of Tottenham showdown
    ‘Scandalous’, ‘A sick joke’ … Arsenal fans react to huge announcement ahead of NLD

  3. Did I hear REF MIKE DEAN again? In a North London Derby? I thought we got rid off him a season ago when we signed online protest against him officiating any of Arsenal Matches? Now I know the FA wants to see the last of WENGER this season. Dear UNTOLD let’s start early to mobilize Arsenal Fans to attend the Match Day with placards and banners against bias officiation. Hopefully we may game his excesses.

  4. Should organise a massive wave of betting on a spuds penalty, nice little abnormal betting pattern

  5. @Markyb,
    You are so right but what an indictment against the FA and the integrity of officialdom. 😉

  6. Why is Arsenal no more buying Thomas Lemar.What a perfect combination between him,laca,iwobi and fekir.

  7. Not surprising the wave of speculations regarding supposed done deals for Arsenal. We seem to be the subject of some really interesting stories. Nabil Fekir, maybe! Leon Goretzka, not likely! Sterling, ridiculous and not gonna happen ever! Edward Nketiah, old story! I do expect more rumors to build momentum in the coming weeks. There’s still Julian Draxler, Lucas Moura, Arda Turan, Thomas Lemar and what not to sign up for Arsenal in the media.

  8. I’ve put on two bets, both involving Spurs being awarded a penalty. Unfortunately, the only bets that I could find also involved either Spurs winning the match or one of their players scoring separately.

    So many times have I seen the officials for a game and thought to myself that I should bet on the other team being awarded a penalty, which they inevitably do, but I never actually put the bet on, so I thought that I would put my money where my mouth is this time around.

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