Burnley v Arsenal. A fairly easy line up to predict.

By Bulldog Drummond

In approaching this match we must concede that by and large on home against away form through the season, Burnley are the superior side.

In the current league form overall we see six wins, two defeats and a draw in the last nine for Arsenal although we have to note all the non-wins were away.

Date Game Res Score Competition
09 Sep 2017 Arsenal v AFC Bournemouth W 3-0 Premier League
17 Sep 2017 Chelsea v Arsenal D 0-0 Premier League
25 Sep 2017 Arsenal v West Bromwich Albion W 2-0 Premier League
01 Oct 2017 Arsenal v Brighton and Hove Albion W 2-0 Premier League
14 Oct 2017 Watford v Arsenal L 2-1 Premier League
22 Oct 2017 Everton v Arsenal W 2-5 Premier League
28 Oct 2017 Arsenal v Swansea City W 2-1 Premier League
05 Nov 2017 Manchester City v Arsenal L 3-1 Premier League
18 Nov 2017 Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur W 2-0 Premier League

Burnley’s last nine shows five wins, three draws and one defeat in nine, with their last three games being wins.

Date Game Res Score Competition
10 Sep 2017 Burnley v Crystal Palace W 1-0 Premier League
16 Sep 2017 Liverpool v Burnley D 1-1 Premier League
23 Sep 2017 Burnley v Huddersfield Town D 0-0 Premier League
01 Oct 2017 Everton v Burnley W 0-1 Premier League
14 Oct 2017 Burnley v West Ham United D 1-1 Premier League
21 Oct 2017 Manchester City v Burnley L 3-0 Premier League
30 Oct 2017 Burnley v Newcastle United W 1-0 Premier League
04 Nov 2017 Southampton v Burnley W 0-1 Premier League
18 Nov 2017 Burnley v Swansea City W 2-0 Premier League

This is the first time that Burnley has won three top flight games in a row in the top division since 1974/1975 – a season in which they achieved the feat several times.  The table below shows what happened in the fourth game in each of those runs – but sadly in doing this we do have to note a defeat of Arsenal at Highbury.  But that is what we were like at that time.  More on this below…

Date Match Res Score Competition
31 Aug 1974 Burnley v Coventry City W 3-0 League Division One
07 Sep 1974 Arsenal v Burnley W 0-1 League Division One
14 Sep 1974 Burnley v Leeds United W 2-1 League Division One
21 Sep 1974 Derby County v Burnley L 3-2 League Division One
05 Oct 1974 Tottenham Hotspur v Burnley W 2-3 League Division One
12 Oct 1974 Burnley v Manchester City W 2-1 League Division One
15 Oct 1974 Burnley v Ipswich Town W 1-0 League Division One
19 Oct 1974 Stoke City v Burnley L 2-0 League Division One
23 Nov 1974 Burnley v Newcastle United W 4-1 League Division One
30 Nov 1974 Luton Town v Burnley W 2-3 League Division One
07 Dec 1974 Burnley v Queens Park Rangers W 3-0 League Division One
14 Dec 1974 Wolverhampton v Burnley L 4-2 League Division One

If you were around in 1974/5 you will recall why Arsenal lost to Burnley at that time.  That season we missed relegation by just four points, while Burnley came way above us in 10th.  The relegated clubs at the end of the season were Luton Town, Carlisle United and… Chelsea.  The following season Arsenal vastly improved missing relegation by six points and at that point Bertie Mee thankfully retired.  (Burnley were relegated).   So all that hard work of three sets of three successive wins ultimately turned out to be for nought.

The time before this, when they got more than three wins in a row in the top division was between October and November 1968, when they claimed six victories in a row.  They then went seven without a win, including consecutive defeats in the league of 6-1 and 7-0.  That season they came 14th and Arsenal came fourth.

The Guardian’s take on the match is interesting: Fresh from victory in the north London derby, Arsenal will be hoping for more of the same at Turf Moor, yet Burnley could be fresher still by virtue of not having played in the Europa League. But I think Paul Wilson might perhaps be a little confused here.  Arsenal don’t use the same team in the Europa League, and so no one from Thursday’s game is expected to play today.  (Couldn’t someone have told him?)

So it looks like we are in for a low scoring game, since the three Premier League meetings between the teams at Turf Moor have generated just four goals – one for Burnley (in a 1-1 draw in 2009) and three for Arsenal.

And indeed all the negative signs are there.  Burnley have kept the opposition out in six of their last nine league matches, including each of the last three. Indeed have only been seven goals in six league matches at Turf Moor this season – fewer than at any other stadium.  And Burnley have used just 17 players in the league this season, fewer than any other team.

Here’s the team:

Alexis    Lacazette    Ozil

Kolasinac                                    Bellerin

Xhaka                  Ramsey

Monreal    Mustafi    Koscielny


And here’s the beach

Ospina, Debuchy, Coquelin, Elneny, Wilshere, Iwobi, Mertesacker

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109 Replies to “Burnley v Arsenal. A fairly easy line up to predict.”

  1. How are Coquelin elneny and Debuchy in are squad when we have quality young players like Nelson Maitland – Niles others who showed on Thursday how to play. loyalty is fine but wenger looses the plot to often in this regard.

  2. I do hope that we score early and force them to come out and attack.
    I remember a game from a few years back where they defended resoutedly until very late in the game , where we scored s couple of goals.
    Patiently , patiently should get us the points.

  3. This is indeed the strongest starting 11 but unbelievably only the 2nd time this season we’ll be seeing this. Last week’s 2-0 vs Spuds was the 1st time ever! This season! Kan U believe this?

  4. It would be good to have a striking option on the bench, I know Welbeck was carrying an injury on Thursday but Giroud was only suffering with grass stains.

  5. This just a predicted line up both welbeck and giroud will be on the bench, and we should win with that starting 11 all things been equal, burley team are attacking side I don’t see them packing the bus because both teams needed the 3 points to go 4th. The match will be exciting.. Don’t miss it.

  6. Ozil was apparently taken ill and is out and so Iwobi will play

    Arsenal XI: Cech, Koscielny, Mustafi, Monreal, Bellerin, Ramsey, Xhaka, Kolasinac, Iwobi, Sanchez, Lacazette

    Subs: Mertesacker, Wilshere, Giroud, Ospina, Welbeck, Maitland-Niles, Coquelin

    I’m still in Cyprus so it is off to the pub in the hope that they are showing this match and not something else. I might try promising to buy a beer to get them to put the right match on.

  7. Knobby I don’t think Welbeck was injured. Mr Wenger said that he only gave him one half, as last time he came back from an injury he then did his hamstring in the second half, so the half time sub was planned. He and Giroud are both on the bench,

  8. Özil obviously has been visiting Theo! Come on Alex we need you in Nigeria form!


  9. I’ve just checked the Gunners Premier League match scheduling and I’ve seen that starting from this afternoon at Turf Moor against Burnley, the Arsenal 1 will play 3 PL matches in 7 days which includes the visits of Huddersfield and Man Utd to the Emirates Stadium to honour their dates on Wednesday 29 Nov for a medium PL game and on 3rd December in a big game before the Arsenal II will come to their aid to rescue them from match playing congestion to give them a respite when Arsenal host Bate Borisov in the Europa League.

  10. I can eee that Oezil is completely missing from Le Prof’s 18 for this match. Why? I don’t know. But we all expect him to start this match. However, Iwobi from has been dragged from Arsenal II to replace him in the Gunnets starting lineup for the match. I hope he’ll focus totally on the game throughout he’s playing for Arsenal in the game today and be conscious of his awareness on field so as not to give the ball away cheaply to the opponent as he did in our last Spurs PL game at the Ems when he was brought on in the 2nd half, but only to give away the ball immediately to Spurs with his first touch and passing. And Spurs almost punish Arsenal. But they were luck to escape being punished.

  11. The usual cheating being supported by the commentator. The Burnley fan in clear sound proximity using choice language but then it is ok for English is their primary language.

  12. They have had 2 yellows, so it is possible we’ve had a free kick. Apparently we are way ahead in the fouls count.


  13. Burnley 17 runs & jumps into Ramsey injuring him & cnut mMason gives a foul against Ramsey!! What a fucking cheating bastard!!

  14. Shots on target 1:0
    _off target _ _ 2:7
    Corners _ _ _ _ 5:3
    Offsides _ _ _ _2:2
    Fouls _ _ _ _ _ 2:9
    Yellow _ _ _ _ _2:0
    Goal Kicks _ _ _6:3
    Treatments _ _ _0:3

    % Cumulative Arsenal Possession
    _5 46
    10 65
    15 65
    20 56
    25 52
    30 57
    35 57
    40 53
    45 53
    45+3 55

    Johann Berg Gudmundsson (and his cojones) watch:
    _4 Aarom Ramsey obstructs
    11 Granit Xhaka trips
    15 He dribbles
    15 Shot hits post

    Is Ben Mee related to Bertie Mee?


  15. There’s no doubt that the northern bias of Mason & his two blind mice shone through in the first half. Cech being fouled every corner & nothing being seen. It is such an unbelievable attitude this PGMOL officiating. Open air, full visibility rape of sporting honesty & fair officiating.

  16. What bothers me most is the complicity of the media and football authorities. I often think we play in a parallel universe

  17. The diving of Barnes will not be investigated by the FA because he is so fucking brilliant at it!

  18. What are the rewards for refs like Mason I wonder? Thicker pay packet, more stars or perhaps one of the big games… maybe it’s nothing more than a pat on the back but either way he wants it.

  19. From the Daily Mail:
    > 77mins: Lee Mason has a word with Sanchez after some dissent.

    > He’s angry by a lack of decisions going his way.

    > No yellow, just a talking-to.


  20. The FA are part of it so there’s no point looking to them. Despite all the fuss about cheating/diving etc. when it comes to the teams, players and managers targeted for abuse they look the other way and pretend all is well is their fantasy world.

  21. Mason gets demoted….

    Ccccooommmmeee ooooooonnnnn uuuuuuuuuu ggggguuuunnnnneeeeerrrrrrssss


  22. What a turnup for the books! The Mason gets a poke in his heart & is forced to give a penalty that was so clear a push to everyone, as he had been giving Barnes foul after foul for diving.

  23. Well, what a result. We all did not expect that one.
    Maybe he was told that it was a pen on Bellerin and he had to make it right.
    I know, i’m just dreaming now.

  24. Knobby..since its Arsenal it has to be dodgy…even though it was an obvious push to Ramsey back

  25. Shots on target 1:0 2:2
    _off target _ _ 2:7 3:12
    Corners _ _ _ _ 5:3 5:5
    Offsides _ _ _ _2:2 4:2
    Fouls _ _ _ _ _ 2:9 8:14
    Yellow _ _ _ _ _2:0 2:0
    Goal Kicks _ _ _6:3 12:4
    Treatments _ _ _0:3 0:3
    Penalties _ _ _ 0:0 0:1

    % Cumulative Arsenal Possession
    _5 46
    10 65
    15 65
    20 56
    25 52
    30 57
    35 57
    40 53
    45 53
    45+3 55
    50 57
    55 58
    60 60
    65 60
    70 63
    75 62
    80 63
    85 62
    90 63
    90+4 63

    Johann Berg Gudmundsson (and his cojones) watch:
    _4 Aaron Ramsey obstructs
    11 Granit Xhaka trips
    15 He dribbles
    15 Shot hits post
    58 Shoots wide
    79 Cross of his is blocked

    In other news:

    Koeman, you’re getting sacked in the …. Oh, he was already sacked. Play on. 🙂

    Over in Belarus, BATE have now “earned” their 12th straight title.

  26. my commentators said that Mason got it spot on and that he missed the earlier penalty when Bellerin was taken down.

    Our second half was very good. The final finish wasn’t there but we really took the game to them. Kolasinac in particular was causing them problems.

  27. WorldFootball is in denial. They show the game as 0:0, and Arsenal in 6th.

    Probably just a glitch. 🙂

  28. Didn’t see that coming! We’ll take it though. Hotpots never made any effort to win the game, just relied on Mason, then shock horror! Cool Sanchez.

  29. Nailed on pen, could have two with trip on Bellerin earlier on but can’t gave it all. I know Mason will be slaughtered by our media but nothing new there. Well done Arsenal!!

  30. ..could have had two with trip on Bellerin earlier on but can’t have it all…

    My thoughts; first half they didn’t allow us any space, Kola motm and a much better second half. Up the gunners!??

  31. And now all the media will be talking about is how Arsenal got away with a soft penalty in added time.
    Obviously it was a blatant penalty, nowhere near the Monreal/Sterling shoulder against shoulder penalty that the same media found totally justified…

    Also, you can be sure there won’t be any mention about the fact that Brady should have been off 20 minutes into the match, that the same Brady should have conceded a penalty on penalty. Not a mention either of the free kick given against Ramsey when he was elbowed in the head.

  32. Hannibal
    They will be forced to give us the odd penalty, some are too obvious to ignore (even then they ignored an even clearer one against Bellerin). It doesn’t mean when they give us a penalty they are not bent.

    Interesting that the team you support wins and your comment is to attack fellow fans instead of congratulating the team.. weird, to say the least. People like you make me uncomfortable, and I sincerely hope you don’t live in my neighbourhood.

  33. WOO HOO , HOO ! Well done the boys !
    Maybe next time around Burnley will try and play football rather than trying to display their cojones !
    And maybe we won’t get Mason for the rest of the season ?
    Up the Gunners !

  34. Your right and I do naturally enjoy the win , difference is I don’t present excuses before a ball is kicked . I reside in Highbury Square ( part time ) just so I can watch Arsenal

  35. A win and a half that.
    A gutsy team performance. No argument about the penalty. Mason gave Burnley a number of fouls where the contact had been debatable at best, he didn’t leave himself with any choice when the game got tough.

    My only gripe about the performance was that the lads made it difficult for themselves by an occasional lack of movement on the edge of the Burnley penalty area. Ozil creates space for everyone with the quality of his vision. When he’s not there, it can slip into a showcase for statues.

    Three hard-won, hardfought, points. A great afternoon’s work! COYG!!!

  36. And speaking of dissing your clubs


    Number : 10
    Golfer: “I think I’m going to drown myself in the lake.”
    Caddy: “Think you can keep your head down that long, sir?”

    Number : 9
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    Caddy: “Try heaven, sir. You’ve already moved most of the earth.”

    Number : 8
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    Caddy: “Yes, sir . . . . You miss the ball much closer now.”

    Number : 7
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    Caddy: “Eventually, sir.”

    Number : 6
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    Number : 5
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    And the Number : 1 . . . . Best Caddy Comment:
    Golfer: “That can’t be my ball, it’s too old.”
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    Bonus . . ..
    An old favourite . . . about the Golfer who has been slicing off the tee at every hole . . ..
    He finally gives up and asks his long suffering caddy . .. .
    Golfer: “Can you see any obvious problems . .. . ?”
    Caddy: “There’s a piece of s**t on the end of your club.”
    The Golfer picks up his club and cleans the club face . . ..
    Caddy: “No sir, it’s at the other end”

  37. I suppose Mike Riley phoned Pawson at Huddersfield, and told him to make damn sure that Man$ity win that game.

    Come on Huddersfield!

  38. Nice golfing jokes Brickfields. I hope my Mom will be on the links again next season.


    The Independent, Pundit Arena is calling the penalty controversial. Dorks!

    And Football.London is bashing Iwobi.

  39. WIFE: “Honey let’s play a game.”

    HUSBAND: ” Okay. What’s the game about?”

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    Its been 4 HOURS NOW…
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    What do YOU think she meant?

  40. My best wishes to you mum , Gord.
    Hope these jokes will get her feeling better .

  41. Apologies if this has been raised already (I’m on my jollies in India and a little behind). It’s just that that bastion of neutrality, the BBC, are saying Burnley. Deserved a point and “Petr Cech was the busier of the two goalkeepers”. Yet the stats say we had 17 shots and Burnley had 8. Each having two on target. How the f does that make Cech busier???

  42. The husband throws an orange at one wall and goes to the opposite wall. As he is right both times he get double her salary!

  43. Did Man$ity deserve the penalty to tie the game?

    I don’t know how Pawson could have done anything to stop an own goal, for the opening goal by Huddersfield?

    But, he is now throwing around yellows, more to Huddersfield than Man$sity.

    Come on Huddersfield!

  44. Metro reporting that Burnley manager felt Arsenal were always going to be given the game by officials.

    Yahoo, Joe.co.uk reporting penalty was controversial.

    Come on Huddersfield!

  45. Good try , Charles , but don’t’ t you think that a wife would change the parameters if she saw the orange?

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  46. That’s a good away win at Turf Moor. Clean sheet as well. That’s how good sides play in these games. Back in the top four and look like they belong with this win following the North London Derby. I’m especially enjoying the stout play of Mustafi and Kolasinac. Now I hope they come through the upcoming schedule unscathed by injury and with most of the available points.

  47. Come on you Gunners!!! Well done and welcome back into top 4 again. Has been a while away ain’t it?

  48. Yes the BBC are saying one thing and Arsene Wenger is saying another, and not for the first time. I know who I believe!

    Arsene says the first half was even but in the second it was all us. The danger with ten against ten in one half was that they might score on the counter. The penalty looked like a penalty and we could have had one for a foul against Bellerin earlier.

    One nil to the Arsenal, one nil to the Arsenal (and so on) ….!

  49. Interviews are up at Arsenal.com, although nothing yet about the U18 thrashing the Tottenspud yesterday.

    Apparently Mesut was so sick, they took him back to London before the game. Anyway, there is an interview about that.

  50. Brickfields,

    The husband should’ve walked right. As you know (an I’ll know in the near future) the wife is always right…..

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