From our correspondent in Spain: Barca and Arsenal – the secret agreement

By Walter Broeckx

Our man on the spot.

Well another few hot days in Cataluña over here but that is not what you want to here, if you want to hear it.

But I have been doing the round of the sporting things they call sports news papers over here. Mind you I don’t buy them. No I just read them in the shop but I will not allow myself to even give those companies any eurocent (penny in your case) of my hard earned money. Money they can use to carry on in the way they are doing.

So I do buy myself a Belgian newspaper to keep the shop keeper happy. But no way I would spend money on As, Marca or any other Mundo Deportivo or what ever they are called.

In the Belgian newspaper there was an interesting article about Vertonghen who was saying that he hopes to join Vermaelen at Arsenal. But he thinks it could happen next summer as Ajax is not really are interested in letting him go. He would love to come to Arsenal and said that with the departure of Vermaelen he lost a very good friend at Ajax and a reunion at Arsenal would be great. Arsenal is following him but you know by now that Arsenal doesn’t buy you after one game.

But back to Cesc land and the stories they fill their pages with and make their headlines.

The newspapers have come out over here with the story that Arsenal and Barcelona have a secret agreement. Oh yes, they know it. The first thing that enters my mind is: how on earth can a newspaper know anything about a “SECRET” agreement? If they all seem to know it, you cannot talk about a secret agreement.

But the agreement should be that Arsenal sell Cesc to Barceloanus. Wow, I’m baffled and speechless. I couldn’t have made that up. Selling Cesc to Barceloanus in a secret deal. Lucky that the newspapers in Spain have pulled of the masks and now the agreement is no longer a secret.

Cesc will be flying to London on Thursday and then it all will be done. That is off course if Arsène Wenger is not being himself and being stubborn. Because Arsenal is stubborn according to the Spanish press in their attempt to hold on to Cesc. So lucky the doomers and gloomers have told us that Wenger is stubborn so we can feel relaxed now and be sure that Cesc will stay.

For today they ran out of stories it seems. So then they came up with the news that Cesc would get the number 4 in Barceloanus. The same number as his big example Guardiola had in the past. And the same number he has at Arsenal. I don’t know what they want to say by this bit it filled up a whole page with 2 pictures, one with Cesc and one with Guardiola both in the number 4 shirt. So I think this is all what it is in fact.

Oh yes and the fact that Barceloanus made a loss of some 77 million in the last season is maybe more important for us but in the Spanish newspapers it is just a very small headline or even page 2 or 3 news. But in some papers they talk about some total debt of 442 million euros. So how on earth are they going to find the 40 million for Cesc they are talking about which will be offered to Arsenal? Well I think that will be for next year’s debt figures. But it is amazing how low profile this news is being kept in the newspapers. It is mentioned but in very small print compared to the Cesc headlines anyway.

Well that’s about it for the moment and now I’m going to try to get some sun and try not to do an imitation of a boiled lobster. And be sure I will follow the papers over here and inform you if I get the time and a computer.

Greetings Walter


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26 Replies to “From our correspondent in Spain: Barca and Arsenal – the secret agreement”

  1. I like you blog, Tony, but I’ll stop coming unless you get rid of the very annoying flash images, particularly the bouncing indicator. I come to read about Arsenal, not fund car insurance, on-line trading etc.

  2. A real comment, Walter (and NetBugger, oh sorry, Bulger),

    Having just returned home here to Spain after a 12day break inside the AC (Arctic Circle or Agonisingly Cold) and returned to biased newspapers, I have to agree with all you say.

    It’s all about Cesc and how we (The Arsenal) must sell him and ¿how dare we ask for what he’s worth? After all, he was born there and all that crap.

    At least I’ve been here long enough to realise that it’s most probably no worse that the UK press. Thereagain, I don’t read that either, preferring to read Tony’s and Walter’s blogs for factual (and sometimes fictional) info.

    And if there are some who don’t like the blogs, they know what they can do.

  3. Secret for where? To As, elmundo & Marca; £80m for Cesc when he is 27 and hav won us the league and Champions league!
    Barceloanus cu*t

  4. And today I read a story telling that Cesc is going to tell it in his face, Wenger’s face that is, that he is going to Barceloanus.

    If my memory is still a bit well, which I doubt after a few days in the hot sun, this is the same as when he flew over to London before the world cup and then said his future is in Wenger’s hands. So I think they just took that article back and put it on the front page, again.

  5. I thought that we had one the race to keep him for another year… but again these stories are coming up n at a time when Barcelona are broke! Where are they getting the money from??????????

  6. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow i wonder man i think from now their is no secret agreement kkk

  7. fkin retard barc -asslonians.. i will happily go to jail for killing this mongers!!

  8. Ahraaz – Barca don’t have the money. The whole Cesc thing has two purposes

    1: To stop Real Mad fans laughing at them with the “You can’t even keep your own kids in order” joke

    2: To stop Barca fans asking where all the money went. They aren’t saying “We ain’t got Cesc because we can’t afford him” they are saying, “we ain’t got Cesc because Arsenal stole him and won’t let him come back”

  9. Gooneraside – I am glad you read the fictional stuff as well. These vampires are quite a problem.

  10. Netbulger – I am sorry you don’t like the adverts. The fact is that the blog actually does cost money to keep going and although I am willing to fund it as much as possible, I do like to get a little bit back.

    But I take your point and will see what I can do.

  11. I agree wid u Tony… its like a big publicity stunt from Barcelona which makes us look like the bad guys! Tony do you see this move happening in this transfer window??

    PS: Plz start a Facebook page of this blog..

  12. first you steal the guy and now you B*tch and won’t let him go back to where he came from. What’s the purpose of retaining him? Do you think Arsenal is gonna win anything this year? The guy did enough, give him a break. In the past we have seen that retaining a player by force doesn’t, neither would work this time. It is obvious Cesc wants to go back to Barcelona. He doesn’t want to be old and trophyless.

  13. Cisco

    Thank you for your contribution. It gave me more amusement that I have had since being called a Tottenham supporter.

    God you guys crack me up.

    “Stole him”. Great.

    Would you like to say something about Barca not being able to pay their players in June. I think one or two of us actually told Cesc about that. It may have had an impact.

  14. Barcelona and their HE’S OUR DNA dialogue!! Arent their rules about transfers! But then Barcelona are “God’s Team”

  15. the fault for having an imbalanced team lies fully with Wenger, no-one else. I fully understand his reluctance to pay silly money for English players e.g £25m+ for energetic journeymen like Milner or our inability to pay £30m for Rooney or Ferdinand,but why does this then mean we pay around £4m for rubbish like Diaby and Denilson and then give them years (ie 100 games +) to realise their “potential”, whilst also giving them unjustified salary increases? Why did we let Upson go in 2002 ( when he was still good) for £1m , preferring Cygan and Luzhny and then not bid £6-7m to land Scott Parker any time in the past 3/4 seasons, or Joe Hart before he went to Birmingham on loan? The reason is he puts his trust in his silly purchases like the above, plus Eboue, Almunia and Fabianski and then will not be swayed, hence their continued, damaging, presence at the club. I hear the perpetual nonsense from Wenger’s most ardent fans (both here and abroad),that the stadium has severely hindered us. This is just a convenient and illogical excuse that does not stand up to scrutiny. We have inexcusably persevered with two of the worst keepers the club has ever had- how much would an even average keeper have cost us say 3 years ago? We’ve had an abundance of small, lightweight attacking midfielders, but one defensive midfielder and insufficient central defenders for some time. Is that down to no money or a flawed transfer policy? Apparently skint, we spent £35m on Arshavin, Ramsey and Nasri in a six-month period- all central midfielders. We had £40m from Adebayor and Toure’s sales- ring-fenced and only to be used for transfers as the club admitted- where has this gone? So, in my opinion, Wenger is totally to blame- cue the ” but who could do better?” rubbish. We’ll never know, will we!

  16. What a dull Hurling season (Summer to those of you not blessed with Irish blood) it would have been had we not had ‘The 25 player with 21 having to be under 8, homegrown rule arrgghhhh’ or the ‘Cesc’s going to Barca’ stories to amuse us. Thankfully all such nonsense is almost at an end and a pigskin is being readied for some serious kicking about on Saturday at Les Ems.
    Thanks Tony, for doing what 20 billion of Feefa’s money and all that hooha in Sth Africa couldn’t, helping passing the dreary season.
    Roll on Anfield , pleeeze.

    The Algenon F Beatter story has disappearred somewhat in recent days. What odds that’s the secret deal that Barca have with the Ulan Bator Gardeners? They never really wanted Cesc, just wanted to keep us off the scent.

  17. All barca fans have the same notion. You stole him. give him back to us for cheap. We made him what he is.
    These guys need to go to a physc ward and get themselves checked out. To be honest, both barca fans and cesc stories are getting on my nerves. Im sick and tired of reading same thing over and over again. The newspapers reprint the same thing. While the barca fans say the same things too. And to make things worse, they refuse to listen to logic.
    And the logic is someple : “euro 60m upfront” and he is all yours.

  18. what’s with all these barca trolls? been seeing them in many other blogs recently.

    as mentioned in an article here – i really hope arsenal fans don’t take the bait – they’re all just trying to drive a wedge between Cesc “Abandoned by Barca at 15” Fabregas and the fans.

    don’t fall for it guys, we need to keep showing our support for our captain and not make it a SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY that he leaves this or the next season!

  19. Tony, I know this is off topic but if the squad size has to be 25 registered players and from the below we have 26 players of interest right now that one of these 26 will have to go out on loan IE wiltshire? or Wojciech Szczesny.
    Also does that mean we are finished in the transfer market as to keep the number at 25 we would have to sell in order to make room for the new player IE centre half or Goal Keeper.

    Arsenal’s current first-team squad contains 26 players, of which 13 are counted as home grown, and seven are Under-21s.

    The breakdown is as follows.

    1 Manuel Almunia (May 19, 1977)
    2 Abou Diaby (May 11, 1986)
    3 Bacary Sagna (February 14, 1983)
    4 Cesc Fabregas (May 4, 1987)
    5 Thomas Vermaelen (November 14, 1985)
    6 Laurent Koscielny
    7 Tomas Rosicky (October 4, 1980)
    8 Samir Nasri (June 26, 1987)
    10 Robin van Persie (August 6, 1983)
    11 Carlos Vela (March 1, 1989)*
    14 Theo Walcott (March 16, 1989)*
    15 Denilson (February 16, 1988)
    16 Aaron Ramsey (December 26, 1990)*
    17 Alex Song (September 9, 1987)
    19 Jack Wilshere (January 1, 1992)*
    20 Johan Djourou (January 18, 1987)
    21 Lukasz Fabianski (April 18, 1985)
    22 Gael Clichy (July 26, 1985)
    23 Andrey Arshavin (May 29, 1981)
    24 Vito Mannone (March 2, 1988)
    27 Emmanuel Eboue (June 4, 1983)
    28 Kieran Gibbs (September 26, 1989)*
    29 Marouane Chamakh (January 10, 1984)
    30 Armand Traore (October 8, 1989)*
    52 Nicklas Bendtner (January 16, 1988)
    53 Wojciech Szczesny (April 18, 1990)*

  20. RedGooner, you have to understand that those with asterisks* are under 21, and do not count in the 25

  21. 1. Cisco mate maybe you were still sucking your mumma’s titties back then, whilst the rest of us were watching football: But if you look back, on the player we supposedly ‘stole’ from Barca …

    He played in the youth ranks since he was 3ft tall, as a defensive midfielder!! I mean what sort of a team has a player as skillful and as exciting to watch as Cesc, scoring 30 goals sometimes in a season from a defensive position:


    Infact nobody ever ‘stole’ Cesc Fabregas at all, the fact of the matter is my oily and rather ignorant friend that he LEFT Barca of his own accord ON THE ADVICE OF HIS FATHER since even after being young player of the year 3 times and scoring hatfuls of goals whilst playing as a defensive player.

    EVEN after all that your beloved ‘club of God’ didn’t see it fit to even allow him 90mins of bench warming! So if anybody is ‘bitching’ then I am afraid it is not Arsenal. Neither is it Barca …. it is just you, all alone chatting shit.

    I think this now proves Mr Cisco that your football knowledge is a bit like your countries national sport;

    A load of bull that should be banned! Jog along son

  22. Cisco,
    will Barcelona let Messi go to Newell Old Boys in Argentina¿ Did Barca steal Messi?
    So shut up about stealing Cesc as every club does the same.
    And now off to see what they have invented today in the lying papers

  23. Tony, Walter, Phil. can you look into Darren Dein`s involvement in this long drawn-out saga. Might be nothing, might be something. Cheers in advance.

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