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  1. para

    You did mean play Arsenal III on Tuesday?

    After all we are playing Arsenal II in PL.

    I don’t know where Arsenal I has got to.

  2. Ogban

    I believe we should go with the ‘Bate’ team with Iwobi for Wilshere. West Ham will rotate massively. They have no chance in the Cup given the quality of teams left in the competition. PL survival must surely be their priority.

  3. Markyb

    Yep, it’s rock paper scissors on selection

  4. para

    ” Antoine Griezmann has apologised after initially telling his social media followers to “calm down” in response to outrage he sparked by painting himself black as part of a fancy-dress outfit.”

    I really don’t know what all the fuss is about;
    Is he apologising to white people that he wants to be black?
    Is he apologising to black people for taking so long to admit it?
    and what about the brown people? Do they get an apology that he did not want to be brown?

    OK, I made this point to show how silly the whole situation is.

    On the one hand institutional racism is stopping blacks from higher jobs in any great numbers, (see refs, managers, pilots, etc etc) and yet people on the street feel almost ashamed when a white person paints himself black(after all it’s not because they do not want to hire black footballers like in those days when they did not want to hire black actors and actually wanted to take the piss out of black people), which still happens in media by the way.

    But maybe this is just another attempt at reproducing “the blackface” era, who knows anymore. Crazee!

  5. Pat


    Nasty little pop at our team in your first comment. With friends like you who needs enemies?

  6. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Mr Attwood, afternoon Sir. I agree with your starts and bench for this our Carabao Cup quarter final match against the West Hammers tomorrow night at the Emirates Stadium. But having known how the Hammers have been resuscitated from the dead by David Moyes and have thereafter become resurgent in their recent game outings in the PL which saw them holding Arsenal to a draw game in the PL at London Stadium last week, do you believe the Arsenal starts and bench you’ve made above are strong enough to beat the Hammers in this Carabao Cup encounter? I certainly don’t trust some of the starters you’ve started can play the top quality game required to give us victory over the Hammers who will play all their best..

    Taking into cognisant Le Boss and the Gunners have a score to settle with jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool team in the PL at the Ems on Friday night and must be seriously thinking on this big game, but then, I don’t think Le Boss will jeopardise the outcome of this Cup game to the detriment of Arsenal success in the match. For, he has never won the competition before. It’s the only domestic Title in England that’s missing on his CV. Therefore, if you’ll allow me, let me then do some changes to your starts and bench that I believe will beat West Ham and give us victory over them in this Cup game.

    Well, I take a look at your starts and bench again and after a second serious thought that hinged on our big game on Friday against Liverpool, I’ve decided to go by your starts and bench for the Cup game because Le Boss has to rest all his leading Gunners for the big Liverpool game which Arsenal MUST win. Let’s hope the starts and bench you’ve made for the Cup game will beat the Hammers. I believe they will.

  7. para

    Hey, i’ve seen worse pops my man, but mine is actually heartfelt and not that serious.

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