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  1. walter

    I think testing Maitland-Niles in the previous games was with the eye on this match. Maitland-Niles is very quick and so could be important to chase the fast Liverpool counter attacks.

  2. Josif


    Arsenal record v Liverpool in the first five years of Wenger:


    Two defeats with a four-goal margin (1997-98, 2000-01).

    Three doubles for Liverpool over Arsenal (1996-97, 1997-98, 1999-2000).

    Zero goals for Arsenal at Anfield in five games.

    Arsenal final position: 3-1-2-2-2

    Liverpool final position: 4-3-7-4-3

  3. Ferg


    Thanks for that little present.

    I think I’ll just go out tonite.

  4. GoingGoingGooner

    I think Dennis will be OK. When there is a true difference of opinion, no one is the victim. Hey, maybe we can create an opening here.

  5. Dwain Kaye

    Miles switching off, 2-0 down to 3-2 now 3-3.

    69 minute; Freudian slip by linesman who attempts to keep the ball in play for a Liverpool counter attack, before cognitive recognition occurs and continuous reaffirms control and he twitches and raises the flag to signal the throw. Absolute certainty, NBC (American owned).

    Carragher commontates but the fight back is so good his excitement demonstrates honest enthusiasm for the sport.

    His assessment biased but fairly so today. Gen delights in an attempted auto cue quip but the latter kore experienced pundit quietly sniffs it out.

    Interestingly even Pro Evo which allows the changing of player stats is biased, but the main director is a Man U or Liverpool fan and stated in interview he did exactly not what I have suggested.

    EA have also done likewise without the option to to fix.

    Granit amazing strike, Alexis brilliant finish, and Ozil the play was delightful and the finish iceman Val Kilmer!

    Mustard I features because Montreal needs replacing immediately.

    Jamie is also correct in stating a GK is probably a bog difference with such an easily breached defense.

    Lacazette needs to net a winner, I almost can’t watch.

    Jack has been brilliant and taking the knocks, what do you mean outside chance at the plane Jamie, Garett is no fool, he knows he’s one of the first names behind Kane and Sterling on this form.

    Or comes in…… rash! Let it spur you more than him, nobody comes back and does well, let the boy know Mesut!


  6. Dwain Kaye

    Foul rotation in case you didn’t isn’t already note it! Fiminio should be off!

  7. Dwain Kaye

    Now it’s putting isn’t in even when I don’t put an is

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