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  1. markyb

    Not with good aold Mickey officiating

  2. Chris


    your Hodgson list of teams coached is missing some. He did coach Neuchatel Xamax in Switzerland (1990-1992) and the swiss national team (1992 – 1995 / 6 wins, 3 draws, 7 losses) as well as another swiss team FC Grasshopers Zürich (1999-2000) as well as Inter Milan (1995 – 1997 / 37 wins, 11 draws, 13 losses) plus in Sweden Halmstad from 1976 to 1980).

    So his stats are better I believe

  3. Chris

    I believe the table on Wikipedia is missing some teams he coached that are mentionned higher up on the page.
    well…wikipedia does not always have everything right it seems… !

  4. Chris

    Just saw on TV that Pierce Morgan is pretty much taking credit for your prince Harry meeting his future wife.
    I mean some guys just have absolutely no limits….and no class

  5. Merlin

    Yet here you are!

  6. Swapneel

    3-1 to Arsenal
    Second half in progress

  7. Menace

    How the TV bias looks for off side in an Arsenal goal but ignores Benteke when Palace score?

  8. Swapneel

    2 goals by Sanchez in second half after Palace had pulled level

  9. Swapneel

    Watching on Stream so not that smooth, but commentator is definitely biased regarding Sanchez saying he is playing great bcoz transfer window is upon us

  10. Tony Attwood

    3-1 up and Lacazette taken off Coquelin on. Presumably Alexis centre forward.

  11. Swapneel

    Now commentator has problems with Lacazatte been substituted, saying he should rebel.
    Martin Tyler is fcuking b**tard

  12. Swapneel

    3-2 to Arsenal final score

  13. WalterBroeckx

    Match report is on line

  14. Merlin

    Very impressed with Wilshere today. The ‘pretender’ (Loftus-Cheek) was withdrawn after pretty annonymous performance.I think Jack has just played himself back into the England side.

  15. Menace

    The whole lot of the TV pundits need an education in honesty as do the officials.

    Bellerin being held by his opponent within inches of the assstant who ignores the fouling & gives the throw in. What is the point of assistant if all you look at is who put the ball out? Select bunch of cheating bastards this PGMOL lot.

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