Looking back at 2017: you will never be able to take that year away from us!

By Walter Broeckx

2017 is behind us. A moment to look back. And with the last minutes of the last match being the perfect PGMO/Dean horror show we all have been too familiar with over the last 10 years or so these images stay in my mind a lot of course.

2017 was the year where surely the last willingly blind people must come to see the awful truth that Untold Arsenal has been saying for all those years: referees in the PL are not worth the money they get paid.

Is this incompetence? Bias? Both? Calciopoli type matchfixing?  We don’t know but that there is something wrong with the refereeing standards in the PL is something that only the willingly blind are still denying. The best league in the world (according to their advertising/propaganda) will have no refs at the next world cup.

Only some world cups ago we had Webb and Clattenburg being handed world cup and CL finals. Now after them leaving the PL and after some of them made statements that should have caused a real stir in the media (but hardly had any coverage after the words were said), we stare down in a big black hole caused by the PGMO: no PL referees are good enough to be represented at the highest levels.

And what does the media say? They remain silent. Too much of their own money at stake? They should shout: scandal! and ask pertinent questions on how this has been made possible by Riley and his cohorts. But they stick to the script: everything is rosy and shiny in the PL and PGMO world.

Now you might say that after having not qualified for the CL for the first time in as long as many fans can remember and not being in the best position for the moment that all is doom and gloom.

I do admit that after yesterday’s match I was really pissed off. We know what to expect from Dean but to pull out a rabbit out of the hat like he did… it takes some doing.

I can also reveal that my original article about the VAR was a little bit over the top. In fact too far over the top to be published. Tony rightfully opted to not risk any court case and the published article was a bit more balanced (or at least less dangerous for Tony’s bank account). Don’t want to put you in trouble Tony. That would be the last thing I want to do.

But for me 2017 will be somehow one of the best years in my life. As the older readers will remember my wife was (well still is) having serious health problems for many years.  Things looked bleak for a long long time. But thanks to a new experimental treatment she has started in 2017 it looks like things have changed for the good.

After having been forced in a wheelchair for every step she had to take outdoors she now has taken two walks outside our house without crutches. The first one on Christmas eve when she walked to her mother when we went to collect her to celebrate Christmas with the rest of our family. I must admit I had tears behind my eyes when I saw her walking that short (for us mobile persons) walk and back to the car.

Just thinking of those walks allows me to see Dean as just the foolish ref that he is; and he will not spoil my life with his antics.

Another big event that has made me celebrate 2017 was the FA Cup Final. Thanks to Andrew I had the fortune to be in Wembley to see the cup final live. This has been a dream of mine ever since I saw the first cup final on a black and white TV at our neighbours somewhere in the sixties. In Belgium the FA cup final has been on TV for as long as I can remember. Ever since that day I dreamed of being in Wembley to feel the feeling.

Andrew made this possible. I do admit that if anyone would have offered me a ticket for the FA cup final no matter which teams played in it I would have taken it. This is the football lover in me that would have taken it.

However having Arsenal in the final made the joy even bigger. That is the Arsenal supporter in me that made the feeling even better. After my dream starting as a 6-8 year old kid some 50 years later I lived the dream.

So I was there for what is and will remain an historic FA Cup Final. I was there in Wembley when Arsenal beat the PL champions Chelsea. They weren’t given a chance before kick off by those in the know. But Arsenal did it and in style!

It was historic because of Arsenal being the first team to reach the mark of 13 FA Cup wins. I was there to witness it from the stands.

It was historic because of Wenger becoming the most successful FA cup manager of all times. A record that probably will never be broken in my lifetime. I hope he will even add to it in the next year(s).

So Mr. Dean do what you want. Yes I will get angry on the moment. But you know the memory of this FA Cup Final will always overshadow even your worse cheating against Arsenal. I just have to close my eyes and think of that lovely day in May and you are nothing but an annoying footnote in the history of my Club.

You can try – and only you know how hard you have tried over the past years. But you will never be able to overthrow the pleasure I had in witnessing one of the most historic moments in not just Arsenal’s history but also in English football. History written by a club and a manager you seem to hate.

Long live Arsenal! Long live Arsène Wenger the biggest manager in FA Cup history. Long live 2017 for having me blessed with some highs that completely overshadow whatever you throw at our feet. You can’t take that away from Arsenal, Wenger or from  my own personal memories.

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16 Replies to “Looking back at 2017: you will never be able to take that year away from us!”

  1. Football is messed up, especially the refs, who play such an important part of the game, but that’s not the only part that is messed up, and that’s the truth.

    Anyway, a good new year to all.

  2. Nice one , Walter . Very glad to hear that your Mrs is doing well. Hope that her recovery progresses on well this year. There are things much greater than football , but any Arsenal win makes life that more sweeter !

    Here’s to another memorable year .

  3. Walter,

    thanks for putting a little perspective back into it all.
    There’s real life and there’s the life that losers are dreaming up for themselves, thinking they are a bigger part – or rather bigger actors – of this world then they really are.

    Those who will be remembered are the winners, among them : your wife, the Arsenal 2016-2017, Arsene Wenger…

    That loser ref will be a footnote in history. In the dictionnary, under Dean they’ll have to write something like :

    Dean, Howard – so called referee, member of the secritive PGMOB, entered refereeing with the aim to push Spurs to glory. Tried all his career to have influence games for Spurs to win a PL Title yet utterly failed. According to Wikipedia failed to qualify for World Cups or European Cups. Only referee in Western World history whose un-professional behaviour has been the subject of political debate. Has not had a statue of himself erecte at Tiny Totty stadium despite all his clumsy and visible efforts for the club he supports.

    That is if they decide to mention him.

  4. Walter, Thank you again for a positive and thoughtful perspective. Best wishes for 2018 and for the continued recovery of Mrs. Broeckz.

  5. Happy New Year, Walter! It is great to hear that your wife’s health has improved. And no one is more deserving of being at our historic FA Cup win than you.

    Thank you for your hours and hours of work to prove that Arsenal is the victim of dreadful refereeing, and how that has robbed us of points for years. Thanks also for your amazingly prompt post match reviews. I always turn straight to Untold for them after a match.

    Let’s hope 2018 is a great year for all of us, for Arsenal football club, and for our amazing manager, Arsene Wenger.

  6. Happy New Year Walter, great to hear about your wife health improvement, I wish her all the best and hopefully she can walk with you to Wembley in the near future.

  7. Walter

    Your personal challenges put football into perspective. Very best wishes for an amazing 2018

  8. A hug and big sloppy one for her indoors Walt, by grace alone are these things sealed.mysterious ways, are things done.

    So I got word of a charge by TfL, one I am grateful to receive the day theybprice hike, meanwhile strikes and delays and all whilst trying so hard to combat climate change.

    The plus is that I win no matter what and it triggers the end game for all cases!

    All on the day:

    Wenger is charged, yet protected by both the UK data protection act and ECHR, he made the correct disclaimer and so I hope he intended so and or contests it!

    The PGMOL are now stuck with VAR, by their own admission, but it doesn’t detract from the fact that the decision is illegal and there are serious grounds for legal action by the gaffer and club, against the PGMOL and FA.

    Universal condemnation of the award of the penalty and how is it an own goal if the shot is on target before deflected?

    I didn’t get angry incidentally, I was affronted and surely vented my vexations, but it was not close to anger, it was the targeting of Callum, a bright young englishment, and the fact that the team refuse to overcome their mental fragility, just smash them, go and play, score 10 concede 9! Just attack, relentlessly. With Jack doing defence, transition and linking attacks whilst playing scintillating final balls, it’s too much!

    Bellerin tweets happy new year and gets abuse from suolosed fans after acknowledging a spot of burn out and poor form.

    And I support Henry and his criticisms on this occasion, but we have to concede that not everyone has that same drive.

    I like what Wenger said about being paid to talk and it being diffficult not to fabricate or talk ‘shite’ essentially when talking at length. Also about not listening to him or anyone else and focusing on ones own performances. Something Mesut said, with Jack also allying himself to the club both through action and words.

    Say goodbye to Coutinho (Nike website shows his shirt at Barcelona before taking it down) see Pogba, Courtois, De Gea one to each Spanish Giant. Hazard, to Real and Kane well is he unbuyable Poch, I’d say so, but stadiums cost the worlds best strikers, as we know all too well!

    Luiz to, some other club as Wenger dismisses link, Cech blows a fuse calmly, nobody has seen that.

    Callum riled up, Hector self assessing, Alexis scoring through the wall, where have I seen that tech, arsenals training manual archives.

    With all of our rivals being dismantled, yet even Pep saying gen expects Alexis stay and Ozil sounding like signing with Jack.

    Butland follows 5 with a clean sheet.

    The environment is perfect for what we need to achieve.

    As Phil said aincan feel it coming in the air.

    I hope everyone’s NYE and day went well, I spent time getting double pay before receiving notification of intention to make attachment earnings, being protected by…. two pieces of legislation, can you guess which.

    So now in we go, a battle to end a war.

    Many poignant things said by random folks of late ehonknow motnhow impacting their words have been and how relevant. But the one here, righteous rage!

    I think Dean may have just lit the fire needed to affect the team Andy the league.

    Have to love your sociopath, but as I doubt he feels remorse that would make him by definition a psychopath, working for probably more psychopaths.

    Oh by the way, if we were to crowdfund and also investigate, you would be protected and essentially with disclaimers could by sourcing and indexing sources say some things with impunity. That was the sentiment behind the intended media arm of EBD! Evolution, the people are ready, just not willing!

  9. Walter, really great news about your wife. Must have started healing when she started coming regularly to the Arsenal with you? (smiley)-seriously though its great to read that shes doing so well. Im not sure if a lot of the older regulars still look in(?)- but Im sure they would be pleased too.
    Seeing the final must have been amazing.
    All the best for 2018.

  10. Well done Walter from a fellow referee and my best to you and the missus and your wonderful family for 2018!
    Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

  11. @Walter, I pray 2018 is an even better year for Mrs Broexcc and your entire family.
    Please remember to discuss the “why” question which you and Tony love to ask the media and pgmo. It’s pertinent to know/explain the real reason why England will have no ref at the world cup, I’m sure there’s an official explanation which I believe is important in discussing the subject

  12. It would be very boring if we discussed why in every article. What I criticise is the fact that why questions are asked so very rarely in many areas of the media.

  13. Walter
    The article published on regarding VAR was close to the mark if that was a watered down version then the anger must have been off the scale.

    Shankley once talllked about the importance of football but the truth is your health and family trump football every time

    Best wishes to your wife , best wishes to you and indeed those who post on here. I won’t extend that sentiment to your team but I guess you would be surprised if I did.

  14. Chem

    Thirty five countries will have refs at the WC.

    There isino doubt that Clattenburg would have been the English rep if he was still a PL ref

    Irrespective of the Clattenburg situation English football does have refs on FIFA and Indeed UEFAs elite list and one Martin Atkinson fulfilled every criteria to be on that WC list save one and that have nothing do with experience, ability, rating or indeed fitness. Atkinson missed out because 47 he is considered too old!

    So that means FIFA can add ageism to its list of dis honour

    What will be interesting, but I am not holding my breath is will a female assistant be included on the men’s WC list ?
    Sian Massey-Ellis seems to meet every criteria bar one no prizes for guessing what that is !
    For me she is one of , if not the best asst refs in England and

  15. Thanks Mr T. Frankly I always felt the same when i read your articles castigating the press for saying stuff without asking why. I never found that to be always necessary. For example, if a paper writes “arsenal hasn’t won the league in 13years” I’m more interested in the question, is that a factual statement? Than the question, why? Because answering the question why? Takes us out of the realms of facts into that of opinion. U may say the answer to the why is the stadium move, another person may say it’s Wenger losing his touch, yet others may say it’s David dean’s departure, or kroenke’s laid back ownership. At the end of the day, the writer must ask himself, is delving into all these possible answers important in discussing the theme of the write up? Or distractions? If the latter, then doesn’t it suffice to state the fact and leave the why question to the readERS to answer?

  16. OMA I didn’t think I had suggested that “why” was always the question to ask, but if I have suggested that then I am wrong. But in relation to the question about Arsenal not having won the league since the invincibles, I personally think that it is interesting to ask why, and it informs the discussion.

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