The Predictions for 2018 from Brickfields Gunners


As the new year begins I look back a  rather good year personally as well as for the Arsenal.  A third FA Cup win in 4 years is a great record, and that too against the Champions of the EPL . I like to think that we have progressed in many ways , and have instituted changes for a better future. Maybe it all might turn well for us, but with the PIGMOB around, we will always find the going tough.

While it was not so topsy turvy as in the previous seasons the year was still  fraught with a good portion of intrigue, misinformation and trumped up crisis. That the good ship Arsenal sailed through rough waters unscathed is testament to the fine running of the club. That we dropped out of the top four after 20 years was shocking news in itself. All the others have been out of it without any fanfare.

Am looking forward to another great year in 2018 for the Arsenal, and for Arsene Wenger personally . May both be blessed and successful in their endeavours. Up the Gunners!

May I wish all the Untold faithful a great and awesome year ahead. Cheers!  And here is a lighthearted and tongue in cheek look at our competition .

MANCHESTER  UNITED  will not win the EPL this season and in all probability will have a new manager for the next season . The reasons are as follows –

Mouriinho  will not be able to repeat last season’s cup success . They will not be able to retain neither  the League Cup  nor the  Europa Cup. The EPL is too far gone and so will be the CL and FA cups.

Despite claims to the contrary, Mourinho will not be given the millions that he wants, nor the players he desires, except maybe  for Danny Rose. Or just be simply shown the  exit door !

He will take over as Portugal’s international manager, after that country’s poor World Cup showing. The tea leaves’ patterns  indicate that they will not win any of their group  games.

CHELSEA, on the other hand, will not win the EPL either, and they too will be getting a new manager next season. The fans will turn against Conte as they do not score too many goals in 2018, while Diego Costa will  run rampant and score 90% of  all of Atletico Madrid ‘s goals. But AM will also not be winning the Spanish League.

Roman Abramovich will not be able to finance new players after having to do the patriotic and  White Knighty role in paying off the debts of the ill fated Russian World Cup. What Comrade Putin asks,  you obey.

Conte will be then be forced  leave and  will soon be reappointed as Italy’s new national manager .

TOTTENHAM will also not  only be not winning any silverware this season,  but the traditional St. Totteringham’s Day will be again reinstated in 2018, after a blip of one year. As they will not be winning the EPL anytime soon, a  commemorative 60th year coffee table book and coffee mugs will be commissioned just in time for the opening of their new stadium in 2021. Cliff Jones will be the chief guest of that event .

The delay will be due to financial overruns , exorbitant costs incurred, the post BREXIT shortage of materials, as well as their dwindling fortunes after the loss of their star striker  Harry Kane, who was sold to finance the stadium.  And just like in the great Bale sale, the funds will be squandered on seven new duds. Anyone remember who the earlier duds were?  Does anyone care? Probably Kenneth!  Cue clucking sounds ….!

LIVERPOOL, alas, will also not be winning the EPL or any silverware any time soon . But will not be producing any commemorative or cheesy bric-a-bracs  of not having won  the EPL, nor be building a new stadium .

But their former players will not fail to continue their efforts to ‘big’ the team up to the hilt in the print  and televised media. Woe betide any ex-player who dares to go against the scripted text. And those ex-players who have no managerial experience, will have no qualms and will pass their judgement on the managers of other clubs , and their inability to see the folly  of their ways .

Please bear in mind that Kenny Dalglish is the only ex-Liverpool player to have won the Premier League, but with Blackburn Rovers!  But then again he is also the last Liverpool manager to have won the (then) old first division in 1990!

MANCHESTER CITY. The anointed EPL champions . But there is always a slip between the cup and the lips. Will NOT beat Arsenal’s unbeaten in a season record. Will probably be not signing Alexis Sanchez in the January  transfer window.  Anybody remember Faustino Hernán “Tino” Asprilla Hinestroza ?  The final piece of Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle team? History has a very funny way of repeating itself .

What about you? What do you predict will happen in 2018?

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20 Replies to “The Predictions for 2018 from Brickfields Gunners”

  1. I wrote this yesterday and emailed it to Tony before last night’s games, and when Palace were awarded a penalty , I thought my new career as ‘Predictor Extraordinare ‘ was sealed. Alas !
    But my prediction regarding PIGMOB was spot on!
    Actually their actions aren’t all that difficult to predict.
    Any way here is to another roller coaster ride for the Arsenal in 2018 !
    WOO HOO , HOO!

  2. Brickfields,

    Happy New Year to you, we can always rely on you in the darkest hours!

  3. Thanks , Andrew . Was hoping that we’d win and our regulars be in good mood.
    But good ole Delano was waiting to ambush our celebrations . But we will outlive them all.
    Four away points is not too bad, but we were mugged in the almost cruelest way possible – 2 late penalties would have driven most loyal I fans insane !

  4. Arsenal are not out of the top four place finish race this season but are still very much in it campaigning to pick one out of the four automatic Ucl tickets despite Liverpool strongly contending for another forth place finish this season with Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea appearing to be a very strong candidates for 3 of the 4 Ucl tickets picking at the end of this season. It seems the battle for the last Ucl ticket picking will be between Arsenal and Liverpool for the 2nd season running. But Tottenham Hotspur could throw a fight into the mix of Arsenal and Liverpool to stake a claim for a Ucl ticket picking too.

    Arsenal are still in four Titles campaign this season namely, a forth place finish which is not regarded as a Title but does give automatic Ucl ticket. A Carabao Cup campaign which could see Arsenal win the Cup for the first time in 2 decades.Another FA Cup win the 4th in 5 seasons could materialise for the club this season. And above all, a Europa Cup win by Arsenal for the first time in their history looks to be in the offing.

    So in summary, Arsenal will win the 3 major Titles of: The Carabao Cup, The FA Cup and The Europa League Cup progressively, a treble wins in this season’s campaign. Then grace the wins with a top four table finish.

  5. I predict the PGMOL, and all who serve under her will not in anyway be accountable for anything they or do not do, no matter how much they screw up in 2018.
    I see the refs getting even worse for Wenger after his recent , but very justified words.
    I see a couple key players going soon, but an impressive signing, and an impressive loan with option for permanent signing.
    I see Jose getting sacked in the summer, and Poch getting a phone call from his mate Fergie. I see Tottenham then appointing a Dalek speaker who resides in Burnleh.
    I see our club moving forward in a transition period, Wengers future , I hope I am wrong, but looks cloudy to my crystal ball, he certainly won’t be getting sacked, nor do anything to deserve that fate but not sure how much BS , ref and media bias, and crap against his players a man can take, especially if a major international team close to his heart and a slightly quieter life come calling, challenging him to win the World Cup back for them in Qatar
    But whatever happens, AFC will prevail.

  6. @ Mandy – I’ll go for Dyche being the next England manager after a Russian WC fiasco .
    And another Welshman soon on the dole .

  7. Happy ew Year to all Ua faithful who celebrate it now, and here are my predictions for 2018:

    1) Brickfields will continue to astound us with his ribaldry and sarcasm, very welcome indeed,
    2) Tony will twist another vertebrae out of shape trying to outjive the 24 year old next to him,
    3) Walter and the missus will show up at crucial games and Arsenal will win them all,
    4) The trolls,aaa and other miscreants that infest the internet will continue to exist in their alternate reality,
    5) Dean, the PIGMOB, Reilly and his purveyors of injustice will all be knighted in a giant ceremony at Buckingham palace, after which they will be taken out back and executed,
    6) BREXIT will lead to the separation of Scotland from Great Britain finally, Ireland will be reunited because of BREXIT finally and England will stumble at the first hurdle regardless of what competition it plays in.
    7) Japan will market the first fully robotized AI so some of the aaa can finally afford a real companion, which won’t require a foot-pump to inflate.
    8) Mourinho will lose the dressing room completely and be asked to refund his bonus, before he sells himself to the next lowest bidder.

  8. Think you are right on England Brickfields.
    I really see Wenger leading France to glory ,and despite having no French blood ,will rejoice when it happens

  9. @ omgarsenal – 01/01/2018 at 7:01 pm – I quite like your no: 5 most especially!

    No : 7 – Does seem a distinct possibility but , then again I fear those simple minds ( being rather kind here !) will be enslaved by those AI ‘beings’ !

    That being said ,I like to see this following come true –

    9) Those who have come here to disrupt and divide this site will finally admit that were NEVER Arsenal fans to begin with , and will then go back to start disrupting their own clubs .

    10). Untolders will continue to remain calm , serene and mellow and support the club , and enjoy the beautiful as always . As it should be .

  10. Here we go again, another year!

    May all have the year they truly desire and more importantly the year that they need.

    For me there is at least one sure thing, it’s my pension year. Yeahhhhhh!

    What i would like(concerning football) is for Arsenal to start going forward again and become the team we know they can be.

  11. City will win the league. That’s the only definite thing. We will be battling for fourth with Pool and Spurs.

    I think Mourinho will stay at Manu and Manu could win one cup. I don’t understand why Manu didn’t serenade Guardiola a few years ago, he guarantees a club a league title wherever he goes.

    I predict relegation for Swansea, WBA and Brighton.

  12. In true Brickfield style always amusing and provide some laughter.

    Prediction for 2018: BG will still be here providing many laughters with his posts. Thanks for all the great posts in 2017.

    League prediction: Who cares let’s enjoy the football and feel the emotional rollercoaster watching Arsenal.

    I wish everybody a safe, healthy, and wonderful 2018.

  13. Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it wanted to have a look at a proper club and stadium, and forget the balsa-wood chicken wire coop it was making.
    Cheers Brickfields me old mate!

  14. The tea leaves have said there will be little change in the way the FA (corrupt geriatric run association)will behave. They will always be anti Francophiles as they are pro some place in Middle East.

    Wenger will see his final year through.

    Football as we know it will die.

    Law suits will not involve FA as they are above it all.

    I will still lose the thousands in Season tickets & bets that Arsenal will win everything….

    My love will always be there for the club, team & Arsene Wenger (the greatest man with glasses to ever play the game).

  15. Ten Gurumantras for a Cool 2018

    1. Money is not Everything. There’s also Mastercard & Visa.

    2. One should Love Animals. They are Tasty too.

    3. Save Water. Drink on the Rocks.?

    4. Fruits/Salads are Healthy. So Leave them for the the Sick.

    5. Books are Holy. So Don’t Touch them.

    6. Don’t Shout in Office. It Disturbs those who are Sleeping.

    7. Love thy Neighbor. But Don’t Get Caught.

    8. Hard Work Never Killed Anyone, but Why Take Chances ?

    9. Why Do something Today when It Can Be Done Tomorrow by Someone Else.

    10. Everyone Should Marry , afterall, Happiness is Not the Only Thing in Life .

  16. Thanks guys , for all your input and contributions , but have just to say that I may have erred in reading those tea leaves – I didn’t use any water and the ceiling fan was on .
    So some of those predictions may not come to pass !

  17. Patience is the companion of wisdom.

    It never ceases to amaze me how little people really crave change. It’s always one guy, one select group, those willing to sacrifice life and limb, reputation and asset.

    As I said, the people are ready they simply do not have the will.

    To hold a season pass, yes the vast majority of the stadium is filled by this demographic! And the stafiimnis quiet. The enirates lacks atmosphere and that is produced by those same inhabitants, do they know what it means to support!

    A parent watches their obese child running on sports day, the parent is not ashamed, do they sit quietly now aware that fatty won’t win?

    Only when it directly affects you!

    Do you know who does the most damage to Arsenal? Supposed fans of Arsenal.

    The GAO to city is as wide as them dropping points in the six games that see them to a Champions league (CL) final. It’s about as big as players dropping gears to make sure they don’t miss that or an FA Cup final.

    The game winner De Britney is out, they are now without Heyzus, until, guess what the CL starts again, relying on the jotriously fragile, Sergio.

    They just lost the right back from what is essentially and 18 man squad and they are already playing a make shift left back, who probably adds better balance than an actual left back.

    Sterling is scoring all their goals because they are doing what every team should do and having two options open when any one man Ian on the hall.

    Pep, that very effective manager, had no management experience, he went from reserve coach to 18 trophies just like that. Dismissing someone’s knowledge of the game because they have little experience is answer clumsy as the fools who are ruining a game to make more money for someone else than they or that person could spend on a lifetime.

    Sounded, great assessments, Neville also, I’ll even allow him the odd snipe, he is United through and through, as he should be. And he is critical of us, constructively, he respects the rivalry that much. Carragher, when he focuses is often spot on.

    In fact the worst pundits are Danny Murphy, just a bitter guy, Henry because he’s not sure what to say, he’s over thinking it, which means he cares for something, I wonder what. Alan Shearer cannot hack that he can’t play and Liniker, is a spud, when he and Jermaine, another bitter, career cut short spud, get together it’s like nails on a chalk board.

    But it’s either they are too harsh or cynical or the manager has to go or the players or the ref or the FA.

    It’s never assessed by anyone (really) as an in depth combination of these mitigating factors.

    Yes it was easy to say Dean would do it, but nobody said (other than me) he would do it in spectacular fashion. He threw in the towel, why, because it was already over, not just the job, but the huddle and it is about money, money always leaves a trail.

    I said, where is the news regarding Sky bid, then it released. Not from
    The Culture secretary but The Guardian. You know what happens to that Sky bid? Restructuring and re-application.

    You want VAR, you know who just ensured it happened, Arsenal and Arsene – courtesy of an undeserving young Englishmen who had just decided to focus.

    Never proud, just always proud! Do you love the game more than a club? I do! Wenger does, what is the point in supporting the club if the game is dead. And it’s dying! Empty seats, liquidations, administration, arbitration. Look at the last Olympic Games and the one before and cycling.

    We ‘Arsenal’ are bleeding for the game, I am proud. City play because they get political protection, we have to ask, will someone break my leg, will he be offside if I pay the trap, will my valid goal stand if I break the trap, maybe I should hesitate for a second and make sure I’m onside.

    This is adversity, this builds character, Arsene has learned to fume and think simultaneously, to ascribe sons for other sons.

    Go sacrifice your son to god! What a lesson. Jack had to overcome what would be a career ending injury and he gave up for a bit, but had a daughter and that maketh a man, do you know what’s different about a Jack, he’s calmer on the pitch, his movement Ian even better.

    I would have to stop playing for some reason or anothe, but I’d dream games and when innext played it was as if Inhad learnt through simulation, what I would do if.

    What is different about Jack is, he’s pissed off, but channeling it all. Someone goes for his ankle and they have, he just gets up.

    Who was booked for remonstrating with the official, see their personas, one tubes to work, the other is the prodigal son returned and he’s being even more efficient with the ball, that pass for Alexis was just that, it was so superior it was simple.

    But do you know what else that ball said, who the fuck do you think you are Alexis? It said grow a pair, to the boy who’s impoverished Chilean mother came back from the mayors house with only half the money for boots.

    He’ll play, Dean just made sure of it, Ozil found a wifey, he’ll play, it’s all he wanted.

    Lacazette is almost done acclimatising, he’s now chasing lost causes.

    What is missing up top is wide right and Theo as I said should happen is gone. Not going but gone.

    Arsene took out his own right flank, why? Err dummy he’s financing his own change in personnel, because he has accepted the status quo, when Tony accept that much, you are now ready to tackle it.

    They don’t hate Arsenal, they hat Arsene, he knows way too much and has never said a thing. Bet he does now! Oh I’ll put money on it that, that charge is the catalyst.

    When I listen to your flipppant, pessimism, I think these people deserve Brexit, for their country built of immigrants, exploitation and other people’s blood.

    When I listen to your casual stoicism I think this country isn’t the place for the best league in he world, full tonthe brim with imported talent.

    Last great arnglishmen to win Too national honours, likes pristitutes, cheats on his rather dedicated wife, deinkndrives and is overweight. Yes he sounds English to me. Not even so much British.

    History has taught you nothing, change always come, just later than those who are righteous would like.

    I listen to Sam try and give his best positive vibes and admire his bravery, rather than consider it folly. He dares to believe every game. 60,000 believers, you have an ampitheatre, with 11 lions already used to the taste of man, 7 more baying to be released from their lairs.

    Instead ArsenalFanTV, when statistically changing manager fails and the guy who put together the invincible class of 03’04 didn’t just lose the ability to assemble a squad. No he knew his job and began an empire, the fabrications of which consist of Vieria, Henry, Van Bronckhorst, Amelia, Hleb, Cole, Clichy, Adevbayor, Fabregas, Sagna, Nasri, Wright, Cole .A. His success is his, our undoing, we were rampant.

    When those who walk accross that bridge and over that threshold realise, acknowledge or remember these things.

    We will crush our opponents. No he isn’t perfect, the team isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty, built from the bones of its forebears, not wads of 0’s and 1’s.

    You don’t know what I sacrificed, to affect an investigation, criminal standard burden of proof, so high up, I can barely breathe, against those who are faceless. Do you even grasp how a case is built at that level. How painstaking and meticulous I must be. That Sir Hardly Anyone would want to do it, making the road even longer, without the benefit of many hands.

    When it’s so crazed the levels they’d go to that you are scared for people you love and to attempt to explain is insanity itself because it would sound insane.

    To know what it feels like to say the earth is not flat or to know e does equal MC squared and spend a youth working out how.

    No you don’t, you don’t have the will to, you barely have the will to make a sound when your team are under the cosh!

    So how fickle to expect you to see that a case is being built because it pays to, because it protects national interest.

    It’s like me saying before the American election, Trump will never win, well he didn’t. Certainly not the popular vote and how do a House of Representatives, representing the interests of those states for which they were elected, end up not representing them.

    Oh now people on Facebook want to talk to me, well I’m ok thanks.

    It’s like me going on and on about the reality of economic collapse, so long ago and the timeframe for it, that I deserve letters before my name already. I don’t know an ecomonmist who was earlier than me or more accurate.

    The absence of proof is not proof of absence.

    It’s like me turning to Conor and saying they are investigating the league, midway though a Home game so long ago, I will leave you ignorant to the shape of the current cabinet and PM.

    Or me praying we sold Santi before what happened, happened, because I knew it would happen. It was for him and us undesired it. The guy may ever walk properly again, let alone play.

    Yeah sign for Arsenal and have your legs broken, put anyone off signing.

    Do you grasp what Wenger is about to do, maybe a factor in his separation, or the personal delivery of his daughter to Fitz of the Iniversity of….

    Leicester can’t win a League even if for a season Vardy has Midas glued to the bottom of his boots.

    Do you know how many betting company’s blocked me, why because I lose a lot.

    Yes history repeats itself, every now an again someone goes to the full extent of expressing their humanity, and people are touched that never knew they were gifted anything.

    If I pray anything, it’s that he sells Theo now for his good and ours, that he considers sending Mo somewhere hot after a wonderful Workd Cup performance, for his sake and ours.

    You like Montreal, well he’s seriously injured now, your micro view is distorted even as it is tunnelled.

    Penmanship, I’m just flexing muscles, stretching before the final.

    Writing ambiguously here just in case something happened to me, oh yes it was a terrible 17, as if I was robbed of CL qualifications and the heart, brain and soul of my team was crucified.

    History repeats itself, thengood always fall for the many, because their are only a few good men, but good men always come to the fore.

    We fed back, Untold improved, we lamented on the journalist hacks who cannot actually write a column and they write what we want, while we should Ben learning we write well enough for a broader stage.

    The cronies came and nownteuy by and large are went.

    Change is here, the people are ready, they just lack the will.

    But someone or at least a few good men, will have the will and will rise to the occasion and maybe they will remain, Sir Hardly Anyone, or maybe not.

    A blight on ones health may be the trigger for some works much greater and we are measured by just that.

    You see evil and oppose its equal and opposite.

    When the world superheats, it then freezes, when particles freeze they become dormant, when toxins are frozen to abnormal temeperatures, none remain.

    If you are right then we are all dead, if I am right, we have a chance, literally in hell.

    Boycotting tickets and games feeds the negativity, turning up and making a racket doesn’t.


    In Arsene I trust.


    We need a CB and to play with a back four and a dedicated DM.

    We need a pass key for defences on the right flank. We need to get Cech’s successor asap and he has to be English.

    All of these things finish Empire and allow our youth the freedom of development.


    Sometimes appearing to perfect is costly, sometimes the odd mistake is perfection.

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