Arsenal: The 7 biggest transfer stories of the hour, and recent games with Swansea

by Bulldog Drummond

So now we have established after endless errors on my part that Swansea City won the Football League trophy and not the FA Trophy.  They are altogether different things.  Glad we got that sorted.  But I often wonder why there are people who want to tell me I’m wrong but don’t give the right answer.  Probably just like to see me work I guess.  Still, it is good to be told where the problem is so it can be corrected.  Thanks to Sir Hardly who finally sorted it out and told me.  In return for a glass of the red stuff.

Now on to the rest of the confusion.  Here are the latest mind-bogglers, for those who wish to have their mind boggled.  I have decided not to report where each story comes from to avoid embarrasing the poor sausages who thought them up.  I mean I might confuse the FA Trophy and the FL Trophy but that is nothing compared to the cock-ups these guys make.

Real Madrid president prepares £88million bid to seal last-minute transfer of Arsenal target

This one tells us that Real Mad are going to sign Mauro Icardi who Arsenal once enquired about.  I think they sent a postcard a few years ago.  It has nothing to do with contemporary Arsenal reality.

Aubemayang to Arsenal: Deal is happening because of Lacazette – Sky Sports pundit

So a pundit says Aub is coming because Arsenal are unhappy that Laca isn’t scoring goals.  Oh.

Olivier Giroud agrees contract with Chelsea but Arsenal miss deadline

Of course they do.  That is what is always said.  Never that the deal was never close, or that the player didn’t want to move, or that Arsenal didn’t want to do the deal at all.  No, it is always Arsenal are too slow.  And the evidence is… missing.

Balague: Arsenal working on secret signing in addition to Aubameyang

But of course they can’t tell us who, because… it’s a secret.   That was really worth it wasn’t it.

Big Twist – BBC Journalist Confirms Aubameyang To Arsenal Deal May Not Happen 

Well yes, I think we heard this a few days ago.  The German club want to bring in their own replacement first.  It’s not exactly news is it?
‘Welcome to Arsenal’ … Gunners fans confident they will sign Brazil star before deadline 

That’s Malcolm.  We’ve had that one before.

 Arsenal star set for new position when Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang arrives

Another obvious one since Lacazette has been playing centre forward and that is Aubameyang’s position so something has to give.  Sadly the story doesn’t tell us what the new position is.

Mr Wenger didn’t give much away either saying, “What is a good warning for us is that Liverpool are an attacking team – you cannot criticise them for not attacking, they are very dangerous going forward and they didn’t manage to score against Swansea.

“That is a good warning for us that we have to produce an absolute total offensive performance.”

Bizarrely Swansea have won five of their 13 Premier League matches against Arsenal – only Chelsea and Manchester United, (seven each), have done better against Arsenal.  But Swansea haven’t done so well of late.  Here are the last five

Date Game Res Score Competition
31 Oct 2015 Swansea City v Arsenal W 0-3 Premier League
02 Mar 2016 Arsenal v Swansea City L 1-2 Premier League
15 Oct 2016 Arsenal v Swansea City W 3-2 Premier League
14 Jan 2017 Swansea City v Arsenal W 0-4 Premier League
28 Oct 2017 Arsenal v Swansea City W 2-1 Premier League

Of course it is easy to put any mistakes down to Mr Wenger but we might want to remember that the first meeting between the two sides was under Herbert Chapman when Swansea had emerged from the Third Division South for the first time ever and beat Arsenal 2-1 to march on to the FA Cup semi-final.  I wonder if there were “Chapman out” shouts at Highbury.

The Swansea manager, Mr Carvahal, as noted in a previous piece was manager of Sheffield Wednesday, and they beat Arsenal 3-0 in the League Cup in October 2015.  Mr Wenger will remember that too.

Swansea and Arsenal





7 Replies to “Arsenal: The 7 biggest transfer stories of the hour, and recent games with Swansea”

  1. Arsenal have won four out of six league games played at Liberty Stadium since Swansea’s return to the top tier in 2011.

    Swansea have won two out of six league games at Liberty Stadium in the same period.

    The only draw took place in the FA Cup match in 2013 when the game ended 2:2 (with spectacular Kieran Gibbs’ volley).

    One interesting thing: in all six league games Arsenal have scored the first goal of the game.

    Arsenal are yet to win an away league game this season in which Alexis Sánchez didn’t score. The Chilean has scored against Everton (5-2), Burnley (1-0) and two goals v Crystal Palace (3-2). Given that he is no longer an Arsenal player, we have to find other source of goals.

    The worst Arsenal away season with Arsene Wenger in charge was 2005-06 – the one in which we played the Champions League Final. We won just six out of 19 away games in the league and lost nine.

  2. Anyone fancy getting David Luiz in for Giroud, makes a lot of sense to me if we can carry it off, he could play in a back 5 and holding midfielder in some games switch between the two roles.
    We also get a player that Chelsea payed £50 million for in a swap for an 31 1/2 year old with less than an eighteen month contract.
    We are also not perceived as a club making a top four challenger stronger.
    The new guy doing the transfer dealings is certainly earning his wedge if he carries all the deals off.

  3. We’re going to sign the PEA, We’re going to sign the PEA, We’re going to sign the PEA, hope the PGMO don’t mash him up.

  4. My positive position on Arsenal beating Swansea City in the PL tonight’s at the Liberty Stadium remain unchanged. Arsenal will beat Swansea, period! Therefore, there’s no point to continue dwelling on the subject. For, even without the arriving Mkhitaryan and the yet to arrived to the Ems, Aubameyang lining up for Arsenal starting XI in this match, the Gunners who are adequately equip to deal with anything the opposition Swans have in their apt to throw against them will beat the Swans regardless, and withstand the Swans opposition in the match without being hurt in the game. Gone were the days when Swansea used to trouble Arsenal. But nowadays, Arsenal are the ones constituting troubles for the Swans and they will certainly trouble them in tonight’s PL match if to say the least. We’ll all see.

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