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  1. Chris

    this from a blogetta whose writings would barely make it to toilet paper where they in physical form

    “While Arsenal under Wenger have historically been a club that are always willing to hand opportunities to their young players, there has been a school of thought that they have lost that identity in recent years.”

    A school of thought ? Lost the identity when we are one a the few clubs who has had years with full home grown squad and numerous youngsters being given a chance ?- and taking it ?!?

    Get a life kid !

  2. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    There is not doubt about it, Arsenal will revamp it’s first team squad during the next summer players transfer window by signing one or two top quality players for their first team and at the same time will sell some first teamers they will deemed are surplus to requirements. But as to who and who the Gunners they’ll sell will be is open to debate because a Gunner who is currently viwed as on the verge of his way out of Arsenal due his poor form and for his being an injury case also could have a turnaround and hits top form for Arsenal to help the club win games and trophies this season.

    But by and large, Arsenal are not in the transfer mode now generally. And that’s because the next window is far away from being open as the last one has just closed a week ago.

    What is of paramount to Arsenal now on which they are focusing with keen interest is to beat Tottenham Hotspur unfailingly in the Premier League week 26 match encounter at Wembley on Saturday. If Arsenal want the Gooners to be happy and elated, then, they MUST win this match by whatever means whatsoever. And in this regard, I Strongly ascribed to tthe general believe and talks in the Gooners camp saying that, the Gunners will put Spurs to the butts of their guns and make a mincemeat of them emphatically in the game by beating them, THFC 0-4 AFC @FT + the added tme.

  3. jjgsol

    I am not sure how undeclared income of £888k, can result in a tax avoidance of 18m euros.

    However, if the latter figure is anywhere near correct, that might explain why he needed such a large signing on fee, although would he not have topay tax on that here?

  4. Haribo 73

    Mmmmmmm. All the players “coming to Arsenal” are the bulk of the players that will more than likely be on many European Football Clubs wishlists in the summer. Now, if you believed every transfer rumour being thrown out by the media, world football would be bankrupt. The only true way to know if your Club has bought a new player? When you see him in a photo with a club shirt on. Until then, rumours are just that, a way to make you buy or read an article.

    • Tony Attwood

      Haribo, I am not quite sure that you have fully understood the nature of the article that you have read, but your comment seems to suggest that you are taking it seriously.

      Perhaps if you look at the name of the author again you might get a clue what is going on. And the comment we oft repeat, that having done this exercise last season and the season before we found only 3% were true.

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