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  1. Pat
    8 February 2018

    Rich people seem to often seek residencies like this. I read recently that the founder of Ikea had his residency in Switzerland to avoid paying tax in his native Sweden. They are always described as ‘reclusive’ as well which is presumably to deter investigation into their finances and spending habits. Roman Abramovich is presumably no different in that regard. No doubt Mr Kronke has various ways of doing the same.

  2. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin
    8 February 2018

    But in this matter of the court order banning the Swiss media from reporting the reason behind Mr Roman Abramovich withdrawal of his residency application permit, But is the freedom to obtain information and dissemination Act as it covers the Switzerland newspaper not being violated by this court order?

  3. Chris
    8 February 2018


    considering how his wealth is important, it stikes me that he did not get approval.
    Then, as we’ve seen lately, he is on an A-List published by the White House, meaning he’d probably be on a list of people part of sanctions the US may enact at a later time…. I’m trying to understand the why of this list, so this is conjecture on my part. Basically he would be deemed too close to Mr Putin which explains his presence on the list

    Furthermore Switzerland has enacted new regulations about the money that comes into its banks. And the ‘dropy our money bags, we’ll count it and keep for you and see you next time’ caricature does not really apply. At least. this is the image that is given – one never knows when so much money is being considered. And as of today, the way it is explained is that any dictator, or his kids, family or close friends and associates are having a quite harder time to show a fortune that comes from acceptable (under swiss law) sources.

    So it may well be that he has run afoul of these new criteria.


    Mr Kroenke, if he was like other US billionaires, probably financed the Trump campaign and got his taxes lowered with the new tax law…. so why hide his fortune when it is taxes lower then the icome of a housecleaner….just invest in someone who makes it happen legally…..

  4. Lee
    30 March 2018

    He has also recently change his country of residency on the 23 March 2018 for Fordstam Limited Company Accounts, Chelsea’s holding company, from Switzerland to Russia.


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