Arsenal in confusion. No money and the canon has come loose.

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

These are indeed tough days for the media as they desperately try to find more and more problems that are inherent in Arsenal.  Take for example

1: The huge problem that scuppers everything or doesn’t depending on forgetting what you said last time around.

The Star tells us that Arsenal want THREE new players to strengthen the squad in the summer – but face HUGE problem.  Blaming the Mirror as the source they say, Arsenal will be pulling out the punches to sign a new goalkeeper, a new centre-back and a new defensive midfielder.

“New head of recruitment Sven Mislintat, who aided moves for Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, has been given the task of finding the targets.”

But, oh dear, “it will have to be done on a shoestring budget, as a new kit deal will not kick in until the following season.”

Which is a bit curious because it was the self-same Mirror that ran the story, “Why Wenger should be applauded for running Arsenal at a profit – after all spending big doesn’t guarantee success.”  They also ran the headline “Only in football could you come in for criticism for running a strong, successful business with impressive profit figures”

2: Jack is leaving, talks break down  (Goonersphere)

Oh dear because the Telegraph recently ran “Wilshere close to accepting new Arsenal deal.”  Maybe it was the booing of him by sections of the crowd that changed his mind.  The Express had him about to sign a new contract last January.

3:  Piers Morgan slams Arsenal (The Sport Reveiw)

Never mind, because most people around Arsenal really can’t stand Mr Morgan and would happily slam him.   Mr Morgan himself was criticised from criticising Ariana Grande for failing to visit her injured fans in hospital like what the Queen did.

4: Express: Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger gives bizarre metaphor to explain poor form

Now when the Express starts to use big words like “Metaphor” you know we are probably all in trouble.

What Mr Wenger actually said was “You go up by stairs but come down by the lift.”  It is what the Mirror calls a metaphor which actually it isn’t (it is a saying).  “All the world’s a stage” is a metaphor because it compares one thing with another with the use of the verb “to be” in the middle.

To be a metaphor the phrase has to describe one person or object considered to have similar characteristics to another but which is not normally considered in this way.  As with “The mind is an ocean.”

5:  ‘No player on the planet that is worse’

This assessment of Ozil comes from  This Is Futbol which is a bit different from the assessment given by paininthearsenal a while back that noted under the headline, “Mesut Ozil the record-setting genius

6:  Sportskeeda 

This firm describes itself as a venture-backed media company based in India which is determined to change the way sport is followed across the globe.  I am not too sure they achieve that aim with the headline “Arsenal going nowhere with shambolic Mustafi and Koscielny.”  Does that really change the way sport is followed?

7: Gordon Strachan accuses Sky of turning up volume when fans boo 

That Daily Mail headline was followed by the story that “Strachan suggested it was simply ‘100 people’ booing and when Shreeves insisted it was far more booing inside the Emirates, Strachan replied, “How would you know you weren’t even there.”

The broadcaster refuted Strachan’s claims and suggested the ex-Scotland boss was cynical

‘I am being cynical because the world is cynical because we know how that happens. Booing’s nothing.’

But a journalist passing a comment about a match he wasn’t even at????   Wow.

8: The Loose Canon.  

The Loose Canon (TLC) describes itself as a “labour of love set up by the former FromTheTerrace managing editor and freelance Sky News football pundit, Joe Broadfoot.”

I wonder, when he set it up he realised that The Loose Canon is a Holy Book of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It was commissioned by the Second Council of the Olive Garden and is dedicated to St. John the Blasphemist, Saint of Freakin’ Awesome Holy Texts.

Pesky business finding insults.

15 Replies to “Arsenal in confusion. No money and the canon has come loose.”

  1. If I was to comment on this site disagreeing with you guys in the angry, swearing and insulting way like Menace then my comments wouldn’t be published and I would get banned. How come Menance can get away with it? Is it because he agrees what this site is about?

  2. fascinating all these stuff about is it now time for wenger to go as if they have not being saying it for the last ten years

  3. So, first of all I go to Arseblog and read an intelligent, articulate, well thought out blog on the current situation. Then I come to Untold. Quite frankly, you should be embarrassed.

  4. Watched it last night on French TV, they’re saying the same thing “time to go.”

  5. Are you guys for real? This Blog heading says in white letters on a red background – “Untold Arsenal: Supporting the Club, the Manager and the Team”. Yet many of these ‘Boos Brigade’ and ‘Toys Throwers’ come here to comment on or condemn what the Blog stands for and expect a welcome party and pats on the back for being so perceptive!

    Sorry, go throw your toys on those blogs you mentioned and boo there to your hearts content and let Untold continue supporting the Club. A true fan stays with the team in good and bad times, especially now. Quit insulting and abusing them it does not help the situation.

  6. Bobome: I don’t think the people necessarily want to boo the manager or the players but when it comes to performances of what we are now getting pretty accustomed to then people feel annoyed at having spent their hard earned money on these players and manager who give out something like the last few games.

    The media will now not stop till AW is gone. It’s a shame he has to go out like this

  7. Sorry Sir I disagree with you. Those you are defending have a choice as to where to spend ‘their hard earned money’ and if their choice is to pay to watch Arsenal play they should man-up and take responsibility for their choice. Every choice we make in life has a consequence and not all of them are acceptable or to our liking. Why then look for someone to transfer our dislike for the outcome of our conscious choice?

  8. If you want your money back stand outside the City stadium, they have bought most Arsenal players & staff so they might take a few ‘fans’ to make it a complete copy. Spouting your anti Arsenal bile on Untold is a waste of your hard earned benefits & unearned income. So are we untolders fed up of your anti Arsenal garbage that might be welcome elsewhere.

    We have the patience & belief in Wenger & his methods. Even in defeat we support the only manager to take his team undefeated through a whole season despite the PGMOL sloping the playing field.

  9. “Even in defeat we support the only manager to take his team undefeated through a whole season despite the PGMOL sloping the playing field.”

    Menace when Wenger loses a game — blame the Ref, PGMOL, FA, Media, Pundits, Trump, global warming

    Menace when Wenger wins a game: he has won despite the corrupt ref, PGMOL, FA, Media, Pundits, Trump, global warming. Win-win for Lord Wenger.

    Quite embarrassing. And Stupid. And Idiotic. And only on Untold, because this persistent drivel will not be “told” anywhere else.

  10. Mind your language old boy! Menance sure got under your skin! Walk to where ‘it will not be told’ and save us the trouble of having to remind you of where you are.

  11. I love how people come to Untold to say how other sites are so much better when Arsenal loses or draws, yet always seem to forget how to get to Untold when Arsenal wins.

    You know to really stick it to us at Untold, you guys should definitely also click on some of the ads around the site before you leave. That would really show us. I mean just go crazy, we know rational thoughts are not your strong suit.

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