Arsenal v Money City 1 March 2018 – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

As I am writing this at lunchtime the London Weather forecast for the Emirates is for light snow to continue until about 18:00.  After that it should be overcast but dry.  Temperatures between -1C and Zero and easterly winds of about 17mph.  So if you are going wrap up well.  Also check with before you set off in case the match is cancelled.  I’m sure the pitch will be perfectly OK, it will be the roads leading up to the ground and the supporter areas that may just cause a problem.  Also trains may well be disrupted, so do check that you can get home after the match.

Anyway on to the officials and it isn’y very good news I’m afraid.

Referee – Andre Marriner  Age 46 from the West Midlands

Assistant Referee 1 – Scott Ledger  from South Yorkshire

Assistant Referee 2 – Ian Hussin  from Mersyside

Fourth Official – Mike Dean  Age 49 from Mersyside

So on a day when travel may well be problematic we have an Northern referee team – entirely logical.  With a bit of luck they won’t be able to get to London!

It will be the third time this year we have had Mr Marriner in charge and we are yet to get a single point.

  1. 19 August Stoke 1 – Arsenal 0  Three not given penalties to Arsenal and a Lacazette goal wrongly ruled offside.  This game rather set the scene for the ongoing assault on Arsenal by the PGMO.
  2. 2 December Arsenal 1 v Man United 3  Another three not given penalties to Arsenal and three players should have been sent off,Matic for two yellow cards, Rojo for having his hand on Lacazette’s neck as he pushed him away from the goal (one of the not given penalties) and Koscielny for a last man foul (he was wrongly only given a yellow card).  The other penalty incidents were a Rojo foul on Wellbeck and a Smalling foul on Lacazette.

Scott Ledger has accompanied Mr Marriner in both of the Arsenal Games this year

Mike Dean needs no introduction and rarely brings any cheer to Arsenal players, officials or supporters.  I expect him to be his usual ‘harbinger of doom’.

Historically I used to regard Mr Marriner as a reasonably decent referee but he was one of the referees for the Emirates Cup a couple of years ago and gave some very strange decisions against us, since then he has been very variable, good on some occasions and terrible on others.

Last season we had him on five occasions

  1. Man United v Arsenal 19 November (1 – 1) 67% overall, bias 16/84 and three wrong Important Decisions.  Min25 Darmian swas given a yellow card but it should have been his second (the first hould have come in Min 15 for a foul on Theo),  Darmian should have had a straight red card for a studs up challenge on Jenkinson in Min 33 and Rooney should have had a second yellow card foe dissent right at the end of the game.
  2. Arsenal v Crystal Palace 1 January (2 – 0).  This was a good refereeing performance getting a rating of 82%, Bias wasn’t too bad either at 71/29 and there were no wrong Important Decisions showing that he is capable of refereeing properly.
  3. Arsenal v Watford 31 January (1 – 2)  Again a high scoring performance with 83%, bias however was a different story with every wrong decision being against Arsenal.  None were Important Decisions however, three not given yellow cards being the worst.  A loss we couldn’t blame on the referee!
  4. Arsenal v Man City 2 April (2 – 2)  Again a high scoring performance with 84%, There was also no bias, wrong decisions being 55/45 against the two teams.  However on of his few wrong decisions was probably pivotal in determining the outcome when in Min 8 Navas was only given a yellow card for a studs up challenge on Monreal when it really should have been a red – it was a nasty nasty challenge.
  5. Arsenal v Man United 7 May (2 – 0) – We have no minute by minute analysis for this match.

In 2015-2016 we had him twice

  1. Newcastle v Arsenal 29 August (0 – 1) 76% overall rating and bias against the two teams of 33/67, there were 2 wrong Important Decisions, Min 12we should have had a penalty for a Thauvin foul on Bellerin (for which he should also have got a yellow card) and Min 26 Thauvin rightly got a yellow card for a foul but it should have been his second following the 12th minute not given penalty incident.
  2. Arsenal v Man City 21 December (2 – 1)  58% overall, bias against the two teams of 897/13 and two wrong Important Decisions when Mr Marriner twice failed to give Fernandinho second yellow cards in Min 59 for a foul on Bellerin and Min 61 for one on Campbell.


  1. Mr Marriner is capable of delivering good refereeing, unfortunately he frequently doesn’t.  Whether this is down to luck or influence I’ll leave you all to make up your own minds.
  2. Mr Dean is always a bad omen for Arsenal whether he is carrying the whistle or the sign board.  The sooner this man retires the better as far as the overwhelming majority of Arsenal fans are concerned.
  3. Don’t expect Arsenal to be given a penalty for anything short of a decapitation – and even then expect the foul to be against the headless Arsenal player.
  4. City players will undoubtedly be allowed to continue their policy of fouling Arsenal every play whilst Arsenal players will be penalised for the most minor contacts with City.
  5. Obameyang will be offside even if he is level or slightly behind the City defender whilst City players will have to be at least 2 metres offside before the flag will be raised.
  6. With a level playing field tonight’s game will be difficult, I fear that with these officials in charge it will be beyond even the best endeavours of our players.
  7. If you are going tonight then wrap up extra warm, with 17mph easterly winds forecast the effective temperature will feel like -7C.


65 Replies to “Arsenal v Money City 1 March 2018 – The Match Officials”

  1. Andrew
    I’m almost afraid to watch. Which event will have Marriner & Dean hopping in glee first, a City goal or the scything of an Arsenal player? Odds-makers say it’s a 50/50, lol.

  2. A couple of weather notes at The EPL game overseen by the Four Stooges is apparently still on for tonight. Tomorrow’s game for the U23 is apparently postponed.

    Can you assign Larry, Moe, Curly (and Shemp) to the 4 PGMO idiots? Replacements?

    Apologies to the families of the Three Stooges, for equating their expertice to the crap that comes from PGMO.

  3. I watched that Arsenal game against Stoke and we were poor, very slow and predictable. Three penalties, really. I remember those incidents and at least two of them weren’t definite penalties but that’s just my opinion and that’s what it comes down to, opinion. Again three penalties against Utd. When was the last time one team had three penalties in a game? I’m not sure how you judge fouling but if you were a ref there’d be very few players left on the pitch. I did my own analysis of a game a few seasons back when we played Bournemouth and won and found the bias was slightly against Bournemouth. I’m hardly qualified for the job though I admit.

    Anyway let’s hope we can restore some pride and win this. I hope we can at least achieve more than 70 pts this season. COYG

  4. I’ve just posted a comment on the article that is currently threading but I can’t see it appearin in the comments box. Please what happened?

  5. This might be the lineup, from LiveScore.

    Bellerin Mustafi Koscielny Kolasinac
    Ramsey Xhaka
    Mkhitaryan Ozil Wellbeck

    Bench: Ospina, Holding, Iwobi, Chambers, Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Nketiah


  6. This might be the lineup, from LiveScore.

    According to WorldFootball, the Emirates pitch markins are BLUE today, to counter snow. It is probably a different BLUE than Man$ity wears.


  7. Arsenal.

    Bellerin, Kos, Mustafi, Kolasinac
    Ramsey, Xhaka
    Mkhitarian, Özil, Wellbeck


    Ospina, Holding, Chambers, Iwobi, Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Nketiah

  8. City

    Danilo, Otamendi, Kompany, Walker
    David Silva, Gundogan, De Brune
    Sane,Aguero, Bernard Silva


    Bravo, Stones, Laporte, Zinchenko, Touré, Jesus, Foden

  9. Mythical press conference:

    Press: Why didn’t you call XYZ (some Man$ity player) out of bounds in the i’th minute?

    Official: He was wearing blue and the line was blue, and I couldn’t tell the difference.

    Press: You mean the player is a long skinny thing which at times doesn’t move?

    Official: Yes.

    Press: You mean the line is shorter thing which can sometimes change its orientation and moves?

    Official: Yes.

    Press: Why didn’t you give Arsenal a penalty in the j’th minute when he was cuaght in the throat by a high foot from ZYX (Man$sity player)?

    Official: How can the 6 yard box have a high foot?

  10. More press conference.

    Press: Why did you give the Arsenal player a yellow?

    Official: It was a dive! A player can’t be tackled by a line. It was the most blatant dive you have ever seen!

    Official: I know I got it (that dive call) right. Didn’t you see how much Mike Dean was dancing on the sideline?

  11. Arsenal’s 2 in the middle will be run over by City’s 3. Ramsay & Xhaka don’t do D. I’m not a manager but If I remember correctly the last time they beat City they went 3 at the back. But memory ios not always accurate I realise.

  12. We defend so cleanly…just hug their players, hold their shirts, even make fouls….this is english way of defending

  13. Arsenal don’t defend at all.

    I don’t know who will be our manager next season but good luck to him. He will have to find a decent defensive coach and someone stupid enough to buy Xhaka and Mustafi, among others, after a season like this one.

  14. Look how city (and all other teams) defend with hugging ans tugging and shirt pulling, those small fouls that dont count, and when its a bit of a dangerous play, they trip the opponent. On the other hand, our players they play so cleanly, they can not take the ball easily frok other teams. If we dont go with the flow, we will never get a good defending display

  15. Stats

    Shots on target 4:4
    _off target _ _ 2:1
    Corners _ _ _ _ 4:1
    Offsides _ _ _ _0:1
    Fouls _ _ _ _ _ 4:4
    Yellow _ _ _ _ _1:1
    Goal kicks _ _ _1:2

    _5 43
    10 43
    15 34
    20 42
    25 43
    30 40
    35 40
    40 43
    45 47
    45+3 49


  16. Good goals by City and poor defending by Arsenal. Our attack has been good but shots on goal unlucky. The advantage being played by the ref is poor because many times the foul deserves both a card & free kick to allow Arsenal real advantage. Being kicked, keeping the ball is not an advantage.
    Aguero gets a free kick by jumping, screaming & going down when he loses the ball.

    The boos from our fans (can’t call them supporters) is pathetic.

  17. Typical PGMOL no red card for a kick but a forced penalty. Another fine save by a keeper that seems to be riding his luck.

  18. Where’s the red card for a keeper that runs out with high tackle on his own player!!

  19. I’ve got a winter storm blowing in, so I am working and not following too closely. But there wasn’t a single positive comment here on Untold in the first half. You people WANT Arsenal to fail.



  20. 4th Gen Gooner – keeper was tested. Should have been high in the corner. No one should be able to get to it.

  21. Menace – Should have been high in the corner but it wasn’t so no the keeper wasn’t tested.

  22. We’re having a good spell here, if we could get a goal City might start to wobble.

  23. Neville nowhere near as scathing tonight, obviously been told to wind his neck in and act smug.

  24. You can all hate on City, but, in- truth we would love our team to play the same!

  25. Va Cong…
    Have a laugh at Neville, play the speech that he did when he took over at Valencia on you tube..
    I’m going to do this blah blah
    Knob.. 🙂

  26. Full game stats.

    Shots on target 4:4 _5:5
    _off target _ _ 2:1 _3:1
    Corners _ _ _ _ 4:1 _5:1
    Offsides _ _ _ _0:1 _0:1
    Fouls _ _ _ _ _ 4:4 11:8
    Yellow _ _ _ _ _1:1 _1:1
    Goal kicks _ _ _1:2 _2:4
    Treatments _ _ _0:0 _0:1

    _5 43
    10 43
    15 34
    20 42
    25 43
    30 40
    35 40
    40 43
    45 47
    45+3 49
    50 52
    55 54
    60 56
    65 54
    70 53
    80 53
    85 53
    90 52
    90+3 53

    Looks like we did better in the second half, at least form the stats.

    Have a good day.

  27. Has Arsenal wasted £60m to sign an Aubameyang during the last winter transfer window who can only miss a penalty for Arsenal in an important PL top six big home game against Man City? I think he was a winter window panic buy by Arsenal ion their quest to replace the then departing Alexis Sanchez to Man Utd. I don’t think he was planned signing by Arsenal. But If the signings of Lacazette and Aubameyang by Arsenal in 2 windows of this season have not worked as envisioned it would by Arsenal going by the poor game results they have been obtaining since the turn of the year, what next? This must be a big problem for us the Gooners to start losing our sleeps, Let’s hope results will start to improve considerably for us as from our next game.

  28. I think City scored with their first 3 shots. We missed our shots and even a penalty. Can’t really win if you don’t take your chances. Certainly not against the best team in the PL. 16 points clear by now is saying it all.

  29. they are out screaming, moaning, cursing and booing!!!! ha ha ha! do they want arsenal to win? had arsenal won they would do the same claiming, had they played like that @wembley they would have won a trophy to save their season! what is the essence of winning when top4 is no more realistic!
    true supporters of arsenal, this is a season that things would not work!
    it started with hope but all the haters including our so called AAA and WOBs wish for the season is being play out.
    we don’t win away in PL, we have lost all chances of local trophy and the Top4 which is now coveted because we are not likely to make it again!
    Arsenal is down and haters are out jubilating!!! True supporters be happy, this darkness will soon pass for a glorious turnaround.
    we shall rise again!
    the pit for this moment has been dug for long with all round internal and external forces raging like Storm to blow the team off, we had manoeuvred and weather the
    storm for so long and here we are reeling in pain while they enjoy their temporary moment.
    win lose or draw, the true guns will still be blazing for in our arsenal lies the armoury to beat them all and rise again.
    it is now the team needs us the most and surely in unity we conquer and rise forever!
    let’s the wailers continue wailing! the losers can only see the bleak future, while the winners always see into a beautiful future.
    up Arsenal, up Arsene, up the true supporters.
    next match please!

  30. Ozil got hit in the nose does t look full recovered from flu. Aumberyang just needs to gel and will be off and running. Not enough pressure from arsenal first half 3rd fluke goal was pretty much over. We looked nervous from all the shit storm from media but got our mojo back second half

  31. Thanks for stats gord forgot to mention breath and roll over 5 times stats and non given assaults to arsenal

  32. Marriner did what he always does. If we know it you would expect the players would. Several times Mustafi was waving his arms at a perceived injustice. Just fucking play, if you can. I’ve seen enough of him and Xhaka and a few more. And who’s the holding midfielder Ramsay? Xhaka? Please. Ramsay did track back a bit. Bellerin cost 2 goals. For all his speed he is beaten time and again or turned around. And if Arsenal is about attacking football where are the goals. At this level you can’t miss your chances as Walter pointed out. I agree with Yassine on team defending. Just a friendly wave.

    It seems like we’re just Everton with a nicer stadium. Unacceptable.

  33. Walter,

    And a super 3 goals. Their touches were amazing, not mistakes from our side, more them being amazing. I miss us playing that way. 🙁

  34. so, 19 years of “being in the UCL” trophy will also elude us consistently going forward. But of course, Mr. Wenger is not to blame. He is afterall, as described by some deluded trolls, the best thing that has happened to English Football.

  35. Arsenal_62, you’re unworthy of your nickname. You repeat whatever the pigs from the devil’s herd have been pouring in your ears ever since Arsene Wenger arrived in England. Typical right-wing tactics, name them as you are – deluded trolls, that is. The troll is you, who kicks the team while it’s down. Shame on you and all alike.

  36. Arsenal_62 truly a misnomer. You should be called Uncooked-Spud. Your comments are like you an abortion of reality. Go play in the traffic you moron.

  37. Is it time for a cull in the BBC?

    There are some absolute un-British morons in the BBC. They have no morals nor do they have any shame while being paid by public fees.

  38. Menace: and you should be called a troll idiot, posting from your mud hut in Thailand, you absolute imbecile. But of course, you already know that.

    You all Wenger lovers…unworthy of supporting arsenal. Pretty sure when the man leaves, you all will feck off too. That day can’t come soon enough for Arsenal.

  39. Ah Rob 25. You proclaim yourself a mindreader. Well, if you are offered a job in a fair as a telepath I would advise against it. Untold has run for 10+ years and I’m still enjoying it so I suspect there will a lot to say when the new man comes.

  40. Divide and conquer, my wages should he transferring the start of next week.

    I have assistance for the items I need, I decided to audit the he banks and government one final time.

    I spent 4 days just hanging out.

    I found a second wind, and I have just a year before a potential Brexit.

    My Sunday wen the completely different to Arsenals, so didn’t Lyn Thursday.

    I played with the correct tempo, formation, respected then dismissed my opponents and focused on my own game.

    I observed the influences of officials and my opponents and factored them in. I made headway and picked up valuable evidence.

    I don’t arched neither game, I knew how they both went, different but identical.

    No Elneny, and two indisciplined fools in a team CB and CM and an ineffectual RW in the second game with still the wrong shape.

    But Brickfields didn’t make a joke a couple of articles back, nor did he quietly accept the acid taints of fake fans. He said something, he used some nice rhetoric to voice his displeasure at those sameness fake fans, supported the club, UA an s supplemented the well written article.

    Indeed as I told another, unfitness to wear the shirt! 62 an so many others.

    6th riches, naturally. Waiting on the summer sales. 10 games to make up ten point scoring or win the EL.

    Goodbye Emma, TfL strike taking out ordinary people, not those with money for uber, by drivers working 37hrs earning 65k

    Jeremy Corby backed the obstacle to Brexit shifting May’s position towards a Brexit but which will break this countries back.

    The government scraps levison 2 after its noted News of the world Exec pursuers himself in high court over hacking.

    What this means, we are approaching the cliff edge.

    I’m leaving. Change or die. Watch your club if Wenger walks away, watch what you get if I don’t complete the hailting case.

    Be careful what you wish for, see Chelsea.

    Observe I don’t question the comments, nor analyse the game, I said it.

    Most of England’s deserves Brexit and these Arsenal fans deserve no more CL and the fans can have their fake matches and argue about the officials.

    I watched that bergkamp goal and I wasn’t like, wait nobody scores those anymore!

    I didn’t sign up for this, I didn’t watch or consider the club akd hadn’t more time and a happier week.

    Eat your KARMA!


  41. The best part of today, I found a bereavement coincillong file someone left at a train station.

    Called the number got the mum, returned it tonher when she collected it and She burst into tears and I hugged her kept her number and told her she’s gained an angel, that if her daughter had half the good aura she had she was somewhere better than either of us and she had to deal with the loss, not to worry.

    When I am paid, a said I’d take her for coffee to listen to her talk about her and see her live on her memories.

    Today I was her angel, apparently!

    Another day I did something to show another love, wants and needs in one.

    I remembered who I was some days ago. A child smiled a genuine smile, she made me smile. Her father looked at me funny for smiling a tear her smile. I scowled and he stopped looking at me so aggressively realissng what I thought was I saw.

    My faith in humanity lay in that smile!

    I remembered a daughter, I was reminded by a lesser example of a gift I set aside.

    I cancelled social media and then randomly reinstated it, 2 days prior after a long absence was a response from Shen who would be ky saviour.

    I put four people together in 3 days, and didn’t fall for a chic in the process, with plenty of offers.

    And I knew type 1 2 and 3 would be exposed!

    Today’s something bugged me, but I couldn’t bail what, but it wasn’t what I knew it was, the company!

    And then it was over and I was alone! Back on track, revelling in the progress!

    Burdened with the tesponsibilities I took, I said I would win! I said I would let go and the things I loved wouldn’t return.

    An drew I intend type 1 2 & 3 match fixing was evident.

    2018, observe relentless. Merciless, vengeance, unwavering, dispationate in its pragmatism.

    I accept I am a good man, the best I have found, and thus I may judge and I fondness them wanting and for their crimes I will act as judge, jury and executioner.

    Time to pick up the pen and cleave my enemies in two.

    Enough talking.

  42. In that case Tony, I trust the new manager will be backed so vehemently with absurd conspiracy theories for the next ten years?

  43. Since that didn’t happen with Mr Wenger we wouldn’t be involved, but I am sure that after a six week honeymoon period to blogs and the newspapers will go onto the all out attack: first story, Arsenal appointed the wrong man.


    They write as if they want us to succeed! Yet when we were knocking out everyone’s punching 3 weights above our class today they did not appreciate.

    They were xenophobic to the point of racism.

    He claims it’s the coaches. Yeah we need Bergkamp, Vieria, Pires is home! Coaching Reid’s, Dixon can come in, Kepwn is home. Boils is useless!

    You cry new manager, the two who understand and are ready coached Belgium to 1st in qualification. Martinez or Henry have to prove it at WC!

    No I don’t want to play City football, it’s not even Barca and I don’t want to play Barca! We don’t play Bayern, or Athletico we play Arsenal.

    The players need a leader amongst them, but one of the most should have stepped up.

    We lost by the sameness margin twice! We played them and got outclassed, we lacked key personnel and quality.

    But are we worse than Wigan? Apparently, that is mental, they refused to play humble. Game 2 wasn’t about pride, it was about points.

    Fools baying for a new manager!

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