Has the successful anti-Wenger movement now made Arsenal unmanageable?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

So now we see what we get when the wild and whacky world of journalists, bloggers, pundits the AST and ArsenalTVNews get their way, and the manager goes.   Maybe it will all run smoothly.  Maybe Arsenal already have a new manager in place.  Maybe it is not Brendon Rodgers.  Maybe it is.

The simple fact is that when someone or some group announce that everything will automatically be all right if only x will happen, generally speaking it doesn’t work.  Because all situations are far more complex than that.

With Arsenal we will of course see, and now the first suggestions are being made by the media as to just how much money the new manager will have to spend.  That figure seems to be coming in at around £50m for the summer – although if there are a few successful sales that might be bolstered a little.

The problem with the sales of course is that much of the squad has been so denigrated by the Anti-Arsene movement that their value has declined along with their self-belief which makes major money sales less likely.   True Liverpool paid £35m for the Ox, but there aren’t many more who Arsenal will willingly let go whose value is now that high.  The years of ceaseless bitching have done their job.

The current list of possible incomers for the top job include Max Allegri, Mikel Arteta, Leonardo Jardim, Julian Nagelsmann, Joachim Löw and Luis Enrique to take some of the names mentioned in the Telegraph and being bandied elsewhere.  But would they want to be pilloried at the first opportunity by the Guardian, the aaa and the rest?  Perhaps not.  Indeed why should they when there are far more comfortable jobs elsewhere.  Indeed it is possible that given the way the aaa has so cleverly got itself into the heart of the media, Arsenal may now be utterly unmanageable.

But there is a general view that a new centre back and perhaps a new goalkeeper might soak up the available dosh – although the latter depends on how well any of the young keepers have been doing.  Whether we need a central midfielder also depends on how much the new man believes in Elneny, Xhaka and Wilshere.

The Telegraph, to stay with them for a moment, particularly note Mainz centre-back Abdou Diallo as a possibility, which is a rather different approach from the headline “Arsenal need a realist who will get rid of half the squad” (which also appeared in the Telegraph).

The change of management also delays the negotiations with Aaron Ramsey, Petr Cech and Danny Welbeck and any attempt to get Jack Wilshere to accept his new deal.  There will of course also be a resumption of the eternal Héctor Bellerín to Barcelona stories.  That I think goes without saying, although I just said it.  Just in case it didn’t.

And of course with no manager in charge actually everything will remain on hold until the appointment is made – which could take a while – one more of the inevitable consequences of the action of the Anti-Arsene gangs.

But it is strange how fast the media can change.  SportsKeeda for example reruns an old Untold story on the players who have left Arsenal for better things only to find that it was the management of their playing by Mr Wenger that actually made them any good.

They go for Petit, Song, Flamini, Adebayor and Hleb.  Not a complete list but certainly a fair start.

So who might come into the squad as and when a new manager is appointed?

1: John Stones. 

Source: Metro, Caught Offside and Sun.

Liverpool are also interested.   And he’s English which will help in dealing with any new PL and FA restrictions once the UK leaves the EU.

2: Bernd Leno. 

Source: The DaisyCutter

He’s Bayer Leverkusen’s goalkeeper, aged 26, and he has played over 200 games for them.

3: Jan Oblak. 

Source: Football London

The £87.5m buy-out clause would take him out of Arsenal’s league it seems especially for a keeper.  But he has stated that he is unsure over his Atletico Madrid future following talk of a move away from what the source tells us is “the Spanish capital”.  Glad we got that one sorted.   He’s 25, he came from Benfica

Having joined from Benfica in 2014, the 25-year-old has impressed many with a number of fine performances over the past four years for Diego Simeone’s team.

4: Keylor Navas. 

Source: The Daisy Cutter

He’s the keeper with Real Madrid and a Costa Rican.  He’s 31 and has played for the madmen almost 100 times.

5:  Karim Benzema

Here’s a new twist on a very old story from the Daily Canon.   “Carlo Ancelotti has told Arsenal he’ll only take over from Arsene Wenger if the club sign Karim Benzema.”

Still, at least they are now calling some of the stuff they report “ridiculous” which is a step in the right direction.  They blame El Gol Digital.

And that is about it for players as otherwise everyone has suddenly stopped printing player transfer stories and is instead talking about the new manager and very slowly some of the loud voices that wanted Arsene Wenger out now realise that actually this could mean someone far worse comes in.   The best of very few original goodies is …

6: Claudio Ranieri (spotted at the Emirates)

His appearance has left many Arsenal fans in a panic.  (Caught Offside)

And elsewhere on the management front…

7: Thierry Henry says he is surprised that no new manager has been appointed yet. (Express)

8: Craig Bellamy in the Star says that the management is already sorted out and a new appointment will be made almost at once.

9: The Mirror says it will be sorted by the start of next week (quoting Gary Neville)

10: The Neville said: “The news that was broke to us earlier this week, I think it was agreed at the end of last season, it isn’t a surprise.   The two-year contract was a shield. I would think the back-room team, the directors, owners at Arsenal have been working on a transition plan.”   Strange he never said that before Mr Wenger left.

10.5: 101 Great Goals and Pain in the Arsenal say it is going to be Arteta who has become as an innovative coach under the guidance of Pep Guardiola.

And apparetly “Gazidis is confident that after just one season in coaching, the Spaniard is ready to make the step up to becoming a manager.”

So there you have it.  The Aftermath.

Part 1.

And here’s the banner pic again, just because we all enjoy it.  Blacksheep, you done us proud.



104 Replies to “Has the successful anti-Wenger movement now made Arsenal unmanageable?”

  1. “The news that was broke to us earlier this week”. Gary Neville is such a knuckle dragger……………but still a positive genius compared to his compoletely brainless brother.

  2. Bad news is good news to media outlets and it seems a 4 to 5 year campaign against Arsene has won , FA Cups were not good enough along with a long run in the Champions League
    He had set his bar so high in the early years , we all know the stadium move and the money clubs changed the dynamics of the EPL but it was him that was hounded and not the club
    We can only wait and see what happens now , IMO the manager they want is already in place with Arsenal just waiting for the right moment to announce who he is

  3. @ markyb

    I think you mean twat Neville who can’t string a sentence together which is grammatically correct but still gets paid to talk on television.

  4. I think the assembled media pundit gang will smell blood and redouble their anti Arsenal, make it up as they go along for the morons to follow natrrrative to be honest. PIGMOB business as usual. What a carrot for Riley and co next year, maybe get rid of the new Manager before the end of the season, unsettle loads of players, star prize relegate AFC in our 100th year and lay the blame on Wenger. Even better than game 50

  5. Hey! Rather than see this as a “win” for the nay sayers and Wenger bashers, I rather take the view that the manager had to leave someday, contrary to the general view and he saw this as the right time; he also considered the club and left because he saw the club’s long held values taking a knock because of division among fans over his stay.

    The Arsenal bashing will take a new turn as seen in the latest scrutiny over the transfer budget (I wonder how they happen on these kinds of internal stuff), as if it becomes anyone’s business how the club chooses to approach its summer. Who goes out to say how much they have to spend, anyway? Speculations being spouted as fact.

  6. I wanted Mr Wenger to leave sometime back ( ultimately because it seemed to me trying to create a team without enough regard for defensive prowess is a fool’s game). but the Club let Mr Wenger continue doing this year after year after year. And , as a result, the anti Wenger noise grew. I don’t like the self promoting rants of Arsenal Fan Tv, or the strident nature of Piers Morgan for instance but Arsenal itself is culperable for letting the bad atmosphere fester. The club ignored reasonable requests and pleas for change over a long period. In fact the Club and Mr Wenger dismissed us as just being “interested in our affairs”, “people who haven’t managed a football team in their lives” and “rabid”. The Club has had ample opportunity to change before the marches, before the banners, before the empty seats of apathy. They could have reorganised things as far back as 2009 when people like me wrote a letter to Mr Gazidis making suggestions on how he might relieve Mr Wenger of fiscal responsibility of budgets so he could just focus on coaching. Or Mr Wenger himself could have brought in new coaches to freshen things up. Or the Manager could have at any point in the last 12 years, moved away from the overly technical orientation of his midfield and reverted back to the greater physicality of his earlier and more successful years. Or the Club could have recognised the intransigence of the coach and not renew his contract. By doing none of these things they fueled the disatisfaction as much, if not more, than any of the aaa, the pundits , the bloggers and the ranters put together. The Club was the cause. The bad atmosphere was the effect. In my opinion. So now the club is in a position where it has to deal with what it has sown. And yes, is the situation unmanageable? Has the club left it too late? Can they create a project that regalvanises everybody, that evidently learns from the mistakes it’s made? I’m encouraged by the behind the scenes changes. I’m very happy the club has found a way of helping Arsene finish with the send off the great man deserves. But we will now learn what kind of Club Kroenke and Gazidis are really creating. And we will find out whether Arsenal fans are worthy of being called true supporters.

  7. From Arseblog today:’it was inferred to me that Stan Kroenke’s mind was made up when there came an ultimatum from members of the board who told him ‘It’s him or us’
    So were the ‘knives out’ after all or is Arseblog being his usual erratic self?
    Looking around different Arsenal blogs since the announcement it looks as though most of them have accepted this as inevitable and are not making accusations although the comments sections are quite revealing, as most seem quite upbeat even surprisingly joyous.
    Fickle fans again.

  8. There is a militant doom and gloom minority on the internet, who seek to criticise, at every opportunity, certain players and the manager.
    They profess loyalty, yet they need to have at least one continual scapegoat at the Club on whom to express their bile.
    Tony and his team will be more than a match will be more than a match for these morons. 😉

  9. That’s normal, as long as you know its their opinion. Since the announcement we’ve also seen varied hypotheses on this site, if its okay here, its okay there. Opinions is allowed

  10. Benzema? Haaaa

    Guys sorry to say, unless Arsenal is willing to pay going rates none of these top players will ever join.

    24/04/2018 at 8:52 am
    ‘And we will find out whether Arsenal fans are worthy of being called true supporters.’

    I think its been thoroughly established now that ‘Arsenal’ fans are victims of rivals and media trolling. In fact so stupid they believe Arsenal was some big club before Wenger and that he failed them. Overseas gunners are not impressed with the actions of local troglodytes nor the behaviour of a weak inept board. They will reap what they sowed.

  11. Forget millions switching on to watch WENGER’S arsenal. Forget the worldwide respect and recognition. True football fans are looking at all this in shock and bewilderment. They sacked Wenger? Because some trolls & media got the better of the board/owners? And the class of the club many talk of, was realistically Wenger’s class radiating throughout.

  12. @tony aka SHA,
    “When someone… Announce that everything will automatically be alright as long as X happens… ” are you for real? Or once again making things up so you can answer phantom questions? Do you have evidence for this?
    “Much of the squad has been so denigrated by the anti-arsene movement that their value has declined along with their self confidence…” Again, where’s your evidence? This has nothing to do with such players ability? Just anti-wengerism? No historical perspective? I guess that’s why Sanogo, Eduardo, and indeed players like rvp, Sanchez, henry,fabregas went for relative peanuts. Very funny article

  13. @fishpie, where have you been man? Your comments/articles are a rare breadth of fresh air on this site. Reasoned, balanced. Please comment more often, the ranters have always been in charge but occasional oases of sanity should be appreciated

  14. The problem is the anti-wenger movement are the same people who abuse the players and groan at misplaced passes. Not all but a lot of them are the sefl -entitled type who only care about their own ‘needs’. If they feel their bad behaviour has scuceeded in making Wenger leave, they will feel empowered. I therefore expect many of these to jump on the back of teh new manager when things aren’t going the way they want.

    If going to three FA Cup finals at Wembley in four years and watching your team win all three makes you moan, you do have to ask what chance the new manager has of keeping them happy. Don’t forget we may also have a Europa Cup final/trophy too.

    The media have raised the expectation to unrealistic levels and motivated the type of people who like to complain and whinge. A good example of that is some clown called Claude, another earning money from his stint on Arsenal Fan TV. He moans even when we win. You will never satisfy selfish fans like him. Never. Unless an oil state buys us, spends half a BILLION quid, as Pep has spent, then he might be happy with winning the PL.

    Fact is some amongst our fan base will never be happy. They may be season ticket holders but they arent going to support the club. They are going to games for their own pleasure and if that means abusing players, manager and the club they will do so. These are the people who complain about sponsorship deals, substitutions, players, the sandwiches at half time while booing the team. Shit fans.

  15. Reap what they sowed – the world outside is as big as the world inside their heads, and inside their heads the FA Cup means Fuck-All, so what they are saying to the world outside – all the national Cup tournaments in your countries where your team has a chance to beat the big boys means Fuck-All.

    We’re the Big Boys!

    Talk about lashing a giant concrete block around their neck! If Mr Wenger has been hammered because his success on the pitch so early set the bar so high, how high has the bar been set by the campaign to get rid of him?

    Winning the Cup means nothing. It’s winning the title or bust. Will Kroenke spend £50 million on a right back? Man City will. Will Kroenke spend £75 million on a centre half? Liverpool did.

    The clowns can only win the title by getting a manager so good he can create a team that can outplay clubs who can pay ever-increasing amounts for the players they need so they can buy the title. Who is that man?

    And if they can’t get the manager to win them the title, they can’t get the FA Cup because they’ve already said it means Fuck-All when they got campaigning and got rid of the guy who won it three times in four years.

    So where can they go?

  16. Personally i want all the wenger influence gone and ramsey bellerin etc to follow Arsene to PSG.

    Then i want to see that snake Henry as manager and relegate the club and all of them (gazidis slhieli sven titi etc) can go fuck themselves together with the fans

  17. Zedsaunt

    Between 2006 to 2013 Wenger was helping the club repay the loan for the Emirates stadium and the redevelopment of Highbury. We became a selling club during this period. Wenger himself said this was more difficult than he had expected, particularly having to watch players he had ‘educated’ leave for more money. For many of those seasons we made a net profit on transfers, whereas other clubs like Chelsea, man Utd and Man City were able to spend whatever they wanted. In fact between 2006 to 2013 were averaged bottom 3 in net spend.

    Despite bottom three in net spend, making a profit most years and relying on young players and prospects, Arsenal were in the top 4 EVERY season. Instead of praise, Wenger and Arsenal were ridiculed with taunts of ‘the top 4 trophy’ and constantlky reminded of how many years we had gone without a trophy. Fans would moan that all they wanted was trophies.

    Mass hypocrisy and lie after lie after lie has been used to create a world of make believe.

    I would argue that 2006-2013 was Wengers greatest achievement. It is also the reason why we are where we are now financially and why a future manager will have Wenger to thanks for the money he can spend. Thsi is why the Arsenal board and people involved in football finances herald Wenger as a miracle worker. he wasn’t perfect, he made bad decisions and he made mistakes. Everyone does. But he was more than a Manager. Much more. Football and Arsenal is where it is today because of Arsene Wenger.

  18. Let the summer incoming and outgoing transfer at Arsenal be kept aside until the season has ended and Le Boss is gone as Arsenal manager. After then the picture at Arsenal will be more clearer to see as the new Arsenal manager enters his office at Arsenal to begin work. Then Arsenal players transfer could become a topical discussion among us the Gooners with serious interest as usual of course..

    My advice to Mr Gazidis, the Arsenal CEO and the Arsenal board members is, they should not allow themselves to fall into the mistake of recommending the wrong person to Stan Kroenke to approve as the next Arsenal senior team, the Gunners manager.

    Whosoever they want to recommend to him for to approve to get the job should not be an offer to a person to get the job on a plate. e.g. Mikel Arteta who captained the failed Arsenal Title winless team before he left. And has he even applied for the job and is he the most qualified candidate who Arsenal can find around? I say this because the Arsenal board members should not based the appointment of the new Arsenal manager solely on because they like the character of the person. Let the job be given to the person who is well professionally qualified in team building and has team managing experience capacity with past record of winning small, big and bigger Titles on his CV among other well qualified candidates. But who has shown keen interest in getting the new Arsenal manager job and is hungry for the job too. By doing this, Arsenal will not have to wait for seasons before they start to win Titles but could start winning immediately as from the very season the new manager took over. It is only when such a person of high pedigree of achievements who is between 35-45 years of age is appointed that us the Gooners will start having the confidence that the Gunners bigger Titles win mentality will change from mediocrity to exceptional and extraordinary. If for vitality and vibrancy a 35-45 year old manager is not available or found, the age limit at the onset of appointment could then be adjusted to 35-48 years in age to still serve the same purpose of vitality and vibrancy new in the office, at the training ground, the changing room and in the dogout.

  19. king please dont go hiding when the next manager fails to win the title next year or decade. Be a man and face my ridicule.

  20. Does Arsenblog give any real source(sauce) for its “him or us” narrative?
    Its like the Torygraphs article on the 50mill warchest. Wind up click-bait. So the club are briefing them TG on whats available? And who told them? Harrys dawg? Claude? Rosemary the telephone operator?
    And who came up with the kacki phrase “warchest”? Gimli? Cap’n Morgan? Jeff Weed, the man from No42?

  21. @AFC Nemesis,
    Your 10.03 was a masterly indictment of those who would bring down our great Club, in order to satisfy their own twisted minds. 😉

  22. @afc nemesis… You spend so much time and effort talking about what dez guys will do or not do, reminds me of mourinho’s voyeur comment. Either you have the big telescope and secretly have been spying on these guys like a voyeur or you’re a clairvoyant. I’d suggest of the 2, the former is more likely

  23. ‘Let the job be given to the person who is well professionally qualified in team building and has team managing experience capacity with past record of winning small, big and bigger Titles on his CV among other well qualified candidates.’


    There are managers who will deliver provided they are adequately funded. Forget that for Arsenal as the club is not willing to pay market rates.

    There are managers who need time to build. You can forget that too.

  24. Lol, that’s the target you set, not mine. Wenger didn’t win it for 14years, I waited. I’m sure I can wait some more

  25. Yes PTO…honour your trousers and dont go hiding when the new manager(s) fail to even do 50% of what Wenger has done for the club.

  26. Oh now you will wait some more huh? Typical idiot…

    So whats the point of sacking him then if youre still going to sit and wait? Morons.. ha

  27. In other words if the new manager wins you’re just gonna say its Wenger’s win since some of his players will still be around, lol, Hunter. Anyways, we don’t care, we hope for the best for the new man

  28. Are we supposed to be judging a new manager on his immediate results. It took Wenger two seasons. At least allow him that much, and with the extra money & competitiveness now in the PL probably four seasons.

  29. First, I didn’t sack him. Secondly, I prefer to wait in hope that the team is going forward towards the objective, rather than wait with Wenger in dread that the team is moving further away from the objective.
    As for your insults, its nice to hear. We also used to be abused when we were winning. Another mourinho quote for you, “the dogs bark while the caravan moves on”

  30. PTO & king: You can stop the nonsense now. Be here when Arsenal fails to win the league title or champions league next year or decade.

    You are the cancer eating the club from within.

    So now you will sit and wait till it all clicks again? Lol…you pathetic low-life scum with no fan culture

    Thats exactly what you will do. Sit and wait in hope. And you will die with that hope. Cretin

  31. @zed,Well tell that to Tony who was writing articles about the FA cup being a dead competition.
    Tell that to Wenger who placed it a distant number 4 on his priority below the 4th place trophy

  32. What objective would that be king? What is the objective? Does Stan share your objectives? 🙂

    Such muppet fans…

  33. Lol, AKB in full meltdown. Take a few days cry, drink vodka. You’ll be fine in a short while

  34. Oh look at you bringing up the 4th place trophy. 21/22 and you still moaned. Why mention it then?

  35. If you ‘fail to even do 50% of what Wenger has done for the club’ in 20 years then the bar has been set pretty low in the first place.

  36. Out of respect to the blog creators i will simply stop now and tell you to go fuck yourself and end it here. You are not even worth my spit, let alone the respect of a discussion.

  37. Hehehehehe, this is painful to see. A full grown man in meltdown because of Wenger. Lol.

  38. I think Gary Neville has it bang on or put it this way I would like to think he’s right. He might not be right with the timing (next week) but his logic mirrors my own thoughts.

    Time will tell.

  39. No Hunter, you don’t get it.
    Unlike you I’m not an overseas wagon jumper and will not preach to life long match going supporters.
    By your own admission you only know Wenger. Too bad you haven’t experienced the culture of British football.
    I can’t speak for King, but I’m now looking forward to the next coach and if he achieves that’ would be great, if not he’ll go the same way as others and we’ll get a new coach and so on…
    How on earth do you get away with TROLLING this blog.

  40. PTO sit down you wally. You dont know how long i have supported you are just upset cause i hold Wenger’s Arsenal superior to whatever else there was in the club’s history. I saw how magnificent we were ending 10th and 12th with a bunch of drunks or losing finals from 50 meter lobs…. remember that?

    Oh and it is the overseas wagon jumpers that brought Arsenal the fame and world wide recognition but you can go back being that drunken fish and chip shop you so adore…..

  41. PTO unlike you i have researched Arsenal’s standing in the European football order and there are stats to solidify everything i say. Go look at league finsihing position average and go have a look at european co-efficient standing before Wenger and the startoshperic rise with Wenger

    You are a typical little englander who cant appreciate what he has done for Arsenal.

    Noone really gave a shit about your graham drunks. The wordl switched on though for Vieira, Henry etc etc. Dont let the truth bruise you in the face

  42. ‘if not he’ll go the same way as others and we’ll get a new coach and so on…’

    So you prefer uncertainty and circus acts than the stability of a Wenger

    You lot are dangerous to Arsenal. Rude awakening coming…

    Like i said dont go hiding please

  43. Tony, FWIW I’m convinced this king, PTO, Leon (and whatever other dozen or so names he’s taken on this site), are all the same person. This character is either a *professional* shit-stirrer, or a very malignant one. S/he’s admitted changing names just for shits in the past, and seems to be very good at soliloquy and juggling multiple emails/IP addresses.

  44. @AFCNemesis

    right on, I fully agree

    As for all these who wanted Wenger gone, well, so I guess we’ll see you all at the Emirates, come hell or high water, chanting yout love for Arsenal the way Pool fans do it, from before the game to after the game, whatever the result. After all you got what you wanted, you are happy and life as an Arsenal fan seen from your perspective, is great. So now comes the time to prove that you were true fans and that you will stand behind this ‘new’ club that you wanted…

  45. so now the new manager can have all the time he wants from the WOB’s. If winning at least 6 trophies (yes the Community Shield is a trophy as each club has it listed as a trophy on their website) in 5 years (and one can still be won) is not enough to keep the current manager then what will be enough for the next manager.

    And yes WOB adepts we have seen many, many, many times WOB people writing: just get rid of Wenger and we will start winning (sic) again.

    So now is the time to produce. I hope the new manager does. I really hope he does. But if he doesn’t do any better than Wenger over 5 years (that is winning 6 trophies at least) then you will be the ones to blame for driving him out for nothing. And for not getting our club moving forward.

  46. Are the stats that AFC have the most trophies in the last five of the top six, Im pretty sure it is?
    Waste of time though, as until its PL and CL…Arsenal will always be seen as a lesser team, by ‘them’. Unlike the big trophy haulers Spurs.

    Odd thing is if we make the El final that five finals in five…win it and its four in five.

    Anyone seen the fake Wenger statement about saying goodbye on the sky sports screen, worth a look, its pretty funny.

  47. Although I agree that I don’t want Arsene abused, I do find it upsetting that the third greatest manager our history George Graham is now subject to abuse.
    Two League titles, one European cup winners cup, one Fa cup and two league cups in the space of what nine years.
    He could possibly have had more success if the Micky Mousers hadn’t of got us banned from Europe.
    I don’t see it as pre 96 v post 96 it was a beautiful transition in our history.

  48. Youve got it wrong Knobby. George Graham is not abused. It is the muppets who insist on telling us that Arsenal had it better before Wenger, which is total nonsense. And in reminding these muppets some harsh realities about that era. How we collected our players from pubs for example or how newspapers would make funny sketches with all arsenal players on the floor from last nights abuse.

    The european cup winners cup you are all so ignorantly fond of was a competition that due to irrelevance was absorbed into the UEFA Cup and later on as Europa League. The actual UEFA Cup of 1994 was won by Inter Milan and Begrkamp. Anderlecht has won 2 of those cup winners cup as well as an actual UEFA cup. Do you consider Anderlecht bigger than Arsenal? Why not? They have 34 domestic champions titles …..and more honours in Europe!

    Yet you mugs wanted Arsenal to catch or look as equals Real madrid Bayern and Milan? Totally deluded…..

  49. Try catching Anderlecht first knobby or benfica and then worry about bayern and ac milan…..

    You deluded arseholes who dont even know your club’s history and standing in world football order.

  50. Yeah Hunter I’m the mug who actually agrees with what you are saying about Arsene.
    We couldn’t enter to win big ears because we were banned.
    If we could have entered perhaps the landscape would have been different.
    Anderlecht were a big club back then as were others like Ajax and Benfica but world football has changed.
    Yeah there was a drinking culture at Arsenal and every other club in England Man U probably the worst with Captain Marvel.
    Europe had a smoking culture which didn’t help either but times have changed

  51. I dont understand. You saying the European ban prohibited Adams and co to defeat Baresi Maldini and Van Basten? Talking about clutching at straws…

    Like i said….let little arsenal catch anderlecht first, then they can catch ajax benfica and then maybe they can go talk to milan real madrid barcelona juve etc.

  52. Could it possibly be that you have elevated the Graham squad into heights or comparisons they dont deserve?

    I mean…who do we think Tony Adams was? He is not even listed in the top50 defenders worldwide. Who do we think Paul Merson was? the Xavi of the 80’s?

    A bunch of clobbers going for the 1-0 in mudfights and you present them as if they were some football superpower that made Europe tremble.

  53. Lets all stick together and win the europa league and give the manager the send off he deserves..Up the Arsenal..

  54. We should have entered the European Cup in 1990 and 1992 but we was banned, if we had who knows?

  55. Had you seen Schezney or Fabianski get beaten in the dying seconds of a final from a lob from the halfway line ….what would your reaction be? Hang him? Shoot him? Fire him?


    Fiascos like the above happened to this club before Wenger.

  56. knobby
    24/04/2018 at 1:18 pm
    We should have entered the European Cup in 1990 and 1992 but we was banned, if we had who knows?

    Yeah right-o we would have humbled Baresi and Van Basten. Ahhh if only….

  57. I thought the media and the Wenger out knuckle draggers would have at least allowed Arsene another season,yet constant attacks from the likes of Adrian Durham on Talk Sport,MOTD pundits,ex disloyal players and the dopey glory hunting Wenger out brigade in the end Gazidas and Kronke caved in to their demands.

  58. Arsene Wenger has brilliantly dedicated himself to the club, he will be imposable to replace but I do genuinely believe the time had come to do that. The league position and results haven’t been acceptable this particular season and the club/manager have justifiable reason to consider and act on his position.

    Behind the scenes this season we know the club have acquired specialists to fill certain positions, paving the way for the managers exit. And although I think the club are absolutely correct to take that approach I’m not sure this hasn’t ultimately sped up the whole process. Confusing the day to day running of things rather than helping offset the mangers burden. Time will tell.

    Finding the right person to take the club forwards is going to be a thankless task. Whoever comes in is sure to upset some snowflake Arsenal fan and off we go again on the merrygoround that has become the bane of the so called supporters.
    And when City, Utd and probably Chelsea outspend Arsenal by upwards of £100m next season and the season after and the season after……..reality may dawn upon those who put all your eggs in the one basket.

    Arsenal FC without Arsene Wenger would not have entertained the many with glamour and silverware down the years. Man City without Pep Guardiola may or may not have won the title this season but Man City without Sheikh Mansour would likely be in the Championship.

  59. I concede we did enter in 1992.
    I don’t really care who was good or bad tbh if they pull on the red and white shirt I support them unless they disrespect the club like Adeybayor etc.

  60. Actually Arsenal did compete in the 1991-92 European Cup and lost to Benfica after extra time in the second round

  61. I also read a lot of times the fact that Wenger was paid 8M a season. Saying that was too much. Today in my Belgian newspaper I read that Mourinho earns 26M a season. Guardiola 21M a season…. and that will rise when he signs a new contract to make him the highest paid manager.
    So Wenger was on lots of money but compared to others he was on peanuts….

  62. Hunter 13 – I’m with you mate. I can feel the pain. It’s almost like the story of Jesus with a Judas somewhere waiting to hang himself while the ethnics take the piss out of his followers.

    Just for the brainy ‘overseas wagon jumpers’ commenter – the overseas supporters who came to England to follow & support Arsenal, came as peace corps workers to educate you aaa lot & teach you English. Sad thing is you still haven’t learned a thing.

  63. Again, quick look at the stats what with all the AW v SAF bs kicking around.

    Of course SAF was a more successful manager, but the stats pulled in before AW’s start are irrelevant,it can only be looked at form AWs start to SAFs finish. Its much closer than you would first think.
    And It was neck and neck for a long time. We arent that far off…

    (If Den hadnt have had that second of guilt before he took the penalty(!) and Mr O’Learys pride, who can say if Man Ure would have done the big 3?Of course it was an outstanding achievement, but it was done by a cats whisker, and two of them were ours.)

    I still fee sure with Romans and Citys money/and the new stadium I think it would have still been us and them all the way.But thats pure spec. Man Ure might have won even more…

    AWs might have been more of a runner up to SAF, but we were the polarity that helped them to go higher, and yet many times beat them.

    Plus every time you see that AW has only won the PL three times, dont forget two of them were doubles.

    Ok final bit: who said this-Daily Mirror article from 1996:

    “Arsenal staggered into another major crisis last night. In an amazing day of blunders and farce, the shamed London giants became the laughing stock of football when they amazingly appointed Frenchman Arsene Wenger”

    Ask the MAnure boys if they thought AWs Arsenal was a laughing stock…

  64. I can remenber Patrick Vieira saying he couldn’t believe how rubbish the football Man Ure were playing back in the days,yet how they always seemed to get the results.Even on the Fergie v Wenger channel 5 programme last night,Phil Neville said they had an advantage over Arsenal because they new how to manipulate the refs,and how they and Fergie would hound them before games..

  65. PTO and King

    Very interesting to see you using the ‘top 4 trophy’ phrase. Any person using that can be instantly ignored as it is pretty meaningless.

    King, you also mention the 14 years run without a title. Do your history sunshine and research what happened between 2006 to 2013. If after that you think Wenger under achieved by not winning the title during that period, you should have your brain removed. Providing of course the surgeons can find it in the first place which is doubtful to be honest.

    What annoys me more than anything is the bloody ignorance.

    When Arsenal were finishing 2nd, 3rd or 4th despite a net spend in the bottom three clubs, it was ridiculed as an under achievement. In fact, we were told it was about winning trophies not finishing top 4. Now we win 3 FA Cups in 4 years and have a possible Europa League final/trophy, its now about finishing 4th. You guys are funny but transparent idiots.

  66. Jimbo.

    Fergie had the power to take big matches away from referees. This is why they rarely gave penalties against Man Utd unless they were absolutely nailed on. Yet the opposite was not true when Man Utd players cried for penalties. Graham Polls book was interesting, he said the intimidation would start as soon as you arrived at Old Trafford. The match officials would get told to watch out for player x doing this or player Y doing that at corners, it was incessant. The Man Utd players would scream for every decision even those they knew they had no right to claim. It was ingrained into them by Fergie.

    The same was true of the extra minutes usually added to Man Utd games, where Fergie could be seen staring at his watch and pointing to the officials.

    Who can ever forget the Old Trafford performances of Mike Riley and the number of consecutive penalties he gave to Man Utd. His refereeing of the Invincibles in their attempt to go 50 games unbeaten, at Old Trafford, will stand as the most biased refereeing ever seen in the English game. Riley was soon promoted to be head of PGMOL.

    Man Utd had power. They dominated and controlled English football. They were the biggest and richest club in the world so they held an immense amount of power. Long before oil money arrived, Man Utd were the financial power. They held all the aces. They could keep and attract the best players. I could go on.

    Never gets mentioned. Fergie was a bully and Man Utd were financial bullies and that’s why they had longevity of success. Fergie leaves and the Oil money arrives – all of a sudden they are not getting the favourable decisions and the Premier League titles disappeared. Make up your own minds why.

  67. Wenger has more PL wins then Spurs, and they say the man is clueless.

    Only Sir Alex Ferguson has won more games, with 528, than Wenger’s 473. That puts Wenger above Tottenham, who have won 420 Premier League games.

  68. I wonder what the game ratio comparison is between AW and SAF from Wengers arrival and SAFs retirement?

  69. Number of wins for each season between SAF vs AW

    96-97 ManU 21 Arsenal 19
    97-98 ManU 23 Arsenal 23
    98-99 ManU 22 Arsenal 22
    99-00 ManU 28 Arsenal 22
    00-01 ManU 24 Arsenal 20
    01-02 ManU 24 Arsenal 26
    02-03 ManU 25 Arsenal 23
    03-04 ManU 23 Arsenal 26
    04-05 ManU 22 Arsenal 25
    05-06 ManU 25 Arsenal 20
    06-07 ManU 28 Arsenal 19
    07-08 ManU 27 Arsenal 24
    08-09 ManU 28 Arsenal 20
    09-10 ManU 27 Arsenal 23
    10-11 ManU 23 Arsenal 19
    11-12 ManU 28 Arsenal 21
    12-13 ManU 28 Arsenal 21
    Total ManU 426 (66%) Arsenal 373 (58%)

  70. You will be the new AAA then, while we’ll be the NKB(new guy knows best). Don’t be so bitter mr Walter, if after 5years we’re worse off, you can lead the next AAA revolution and bring back Wenger

  71. And fiascos like koscielny and sczesny colliding for obafemi martins to tap into an empty net happened during Wenger’s time, so what’s your point?

  72. Top work Polo, thanks for pulling the stats together. Much closer than some would guess. Shame Manure had to resort to other methods to beat us, even more bizarre that they would confess it!

  73. This note is to everyone who like Hunter 13 feel very bad about the near unceremonious ouster of AW from AFC. I understand your grouse and angst against the Club and it’s Board.

    Let’s look at the issues this way; do you think for one moment that AW would be glad to see his life’s work flushed down the drain because he is no longer going to be there to receive the accolades for a well done job? I doubt it very much. No inventor of any note would, if he could see the World from the great beyond, ever be happy that his invention is causing untold misery rather than joy and happiness for those using his invention.

    AW would, in a similar fashion, be quite depressed if AFC disintegrated into a relegation battling team any time after his exit either now or later. It is in this spirit that I want everyone who not only loves AFC but also approved greatly of AW’s nearly 22 years tenure as Manager. We can only make him happier wherever he ends up being a Manager seeing that AFC is doing even better than when he was there. It would be a fitting testament to his labor of love in the Club for all those years of back breaking hard work.

    To do otherwise is to make nonsense of his self-sacrifice for a greater good- the good of AFC and the millions of fans worldwide not only in England. It didn’t matter to him that among those for whom he carried out this self immolation deserved it or not. It was for a greater good greater than he himself. That is what makes him great not just all the hard work and thrill his teams gave millions around the Globe.

    It is in this sense I want us to support the incoming manager and the Board of AFC and also to hold them to the strictest standards of performance as AW would if he was around. Untold Arsenal has done its bit, we the other Untolders should also pledge our unflinching support for the Club at this time and into the future.

  74. Excuse me now but this gos for the blog owners. In the afternoon you moderated my comments, And you allow this piece of shit king and PTO who claearly enjoy the fact Arsenal has been seperated from Wenger? Are we for real? Does he look or sound to you that he is interested in discussing fairly or just to rub it in.

    ‘And fiascos like koscielny and sczesny colliding for obafemi martins to tap into an empty net happened during Wenger’s time, so what’s your point?’ MAYBE THAT YOUR CLUB OF ALCOHOLICS WAS A FIASCO WAY BEFORE WENGER ? 🙂 and will continue to be one. But at least we had a 22 year period where we felt equals to the top names of the industry including the fiascos you mentioned. Dumbass

  75. Bobome: His creation causing misery? To who? A bunch of troglodytes that stage protests outside the stadium he built for them? Who havent got a clue how to run a bath let alone complex multimillion companies? Are you sure? That Gazidis and Josh and Stan will push Wenger out becuase some idiotic fans and anti-wenger media campaigns said so? Where is the authority of the Onwer? Where is th ebackbone? Strength? Any of that? Or will the mdeia and trolls dictate policy at Arsenal football club from now on?

    As for Wenger’s creation per se, when the fans of arsenal piss on it what do you expect? Me to support or align myself with such cretins? I refuse to be associated with a fanbase that forced out such a monumental world football figure. Its hybris in its highest form in sports. And i refuse to be associated with a board of mugs who had no idea what to do and Wenger civilised them and put them on the map of elite football clubs.

    I see how the country and fans value his sacrifices. I see that very clearly. i support values and ideas. Wengers ethos and ideas on the game agreed with mine completely. that arsenal decided to break that trust and betray him like this shows that the club has no class. and no they will receive no money from me anymore and constant ridicule for the hybris and disrespect they have shown. Wenger fan 100%. Arsenal proved to be small minded.

  76. Like the man said: Im not tired. Gazidis had that statement drafted pretty quickly didnt he? funerals….

    So instead of finding the dickheads causing Arsenal problems on public profile and banning them or restricting them…they push Wenger out?

    And you accept that and move on with bullshit romance oh how were all arsenal and the good of the club da da da da…. it does not deserve anything good after this.

  77. Forget your angst about the various factions that you are blaming for Mr Wenger’s demise. Look at it from a different angle. I believe that Platinum club renewals were sent out at the end of March , the empty seats at the stadium and a slow renewal uptake may well have influenced a highly fiscal minded board to act . Sacking the manager is something likely to renew the waning interest in the club it also is the final protection of the board’s standing that Wenger could give them.
    I have long believed the villain of the piece is in in the board room not just than the manager’s chair . Whilst their running of the club’s finances has been frugal they have allocated the money that the self sustaining policy has allowed but unfortunately it has not always been spent accurately , whether by the manager or someone else . Much of our sponsor dealings , especially, when we went into the new stadium seemed to be severely undervalued and our rush to reduce the overhead could have been slowed to give the manager more clout in the market.
    However the much lauded passing football that we played was heavily suited to playing against footballing teams . When we played against the ones that came for a draw , ( bus Parkers ) it was not effective especially away from home where constant mistakes of ball watching and over attacking left us susceptable at the back. This was down to the manager .
    Still we will soon have a new figurehead to get behind , that’s the way of football. To those that have only known Wenger I say give it time . I am going into the reign of my 11th permanent manager , I started with Tom Whittaker the interim ones I have not counted. You either love the club or you don’t if you find that you can’t support them without him then I an sad for you but life and football goes on just as The Arsenal will too.

  78. The people who have attacked Arsenal incessantly over the last 12 years have sought to rip down the entire structure that is the Arsenal Football Club. They have attacked the players, the manager, the owner, the board and the team’s philosophy. No stone has been left unhurled in this debacle.

    To use a political-military analogy it is the constructive/creative chaos theory applied to North London. It is not a revolution because a revolution seeks to replace a structure or order with something else. Here, it is the first part – get rid of the old, without any clear idea of what to replace it with. It is, in my opinion, only a recipe for chaos. And, if what is happening in Iraq (Condoleeza Rice, after all was a great proponent in Constructive Chaos) is any guide…it is profound failure.

    So, in response to the author of this article, I would only say that if it hasn’t made Arsenal unmanageable, it has certainly created one question in my mind that a new manager must ask himself. It is not whether we have a good owner, good players or a good philosoophy but rather – can I trust the fans? And, the answer is no. Sadly, We have cut of our nose to spite our face.

    The proof, in my mind, is that people are still shooting arrows at Arsene Wenger, even though he will show us his backside come 1 June. The anti-Wenger lots and the yellow press continue to attack everything and anything associated with Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal Football Club. Any incoming manager would have to be aware of this.

  79. As much as I accept your conclusion that ‘…life and football goes on…’ I disagree with you that our angry supporters should take it or leave AFC. If we were 1million in numbers before, one supporter or more, less makes us poorer than we were before. If we can, let us bring everyone along and make it a more united support for AFC. It will make us a more formidable proposition than you seem to suggest.

  80. Moderation is largely automatic, simply because I don’t have the resources to run it personally. There is more of an explanation on the comments page http://untold-arsenal.com/untold-comments I do ask for problematic people to be reported to me and will take up the matter you have raised, but moderation is, I know, far from perfect, and indeed there are problems with the technical system, as I have admitted many times.

  81. Well, as far as I can see, hunter has been grossly abusive in every post, and good ole king has taken every insult in his stride. I would say hunter is far more deserving of a ban than king

  82. hunter, menace and the other bullyboys get a free pass and can say whatever want… there are plenty of “evidences” for that. However, since they suit the narrative of the site, they are pretty much let go scot-free

  83. I would like to see the joining of the fan base , but following his performance in the last few days I fear it might be beyond Hunter although who knows in time he may find it to support the club again.

  84. He does seem a very angry person that Hunter..I dont think he can handle the drink that well

  85. I disagree with you that our angry supporters should take it or leave AFC. quote Bobome

    I didn’t say that ! I said that if they can’t accept what has happened then I feel sorry for them but the club will go on whatever.

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