Arsenal v Burnley. “English football is losing a beautiful mind”. Jonathan Pearce

“The realisation dawned on my teenagers this week. ‘We’ve never known any other Arsenal manager. We feel lost.’

“They’ve met Arsene. He’s played a big part in their lives – just as he has mine.

“I commentated on his first game in charge at Blackburn in October 1996 and was at Old Trafford for the two wins that sealed titles; I saw cup finals and was there for the end of Highbury and the start of the Emirates. Great memories.

“One hour-long interview was set up with Arsenal. Arsene didn’t know. He said he could give me the normal five minutes. We started talking politics, global warming, his work in Japan. He gave me a 75-minute interview! Highly intelligent, he is also a caring, remarkable man.

“He once said of Japan: ‘It has beautiful things that we have lost in Europe, beautiful things that make life good.’   English football is losing a beautiful mind. We will not see the like again.”

And yes I am with Mr Pearce on that, as with so much else.  And it all seems a bit prosaic to think of Burnley, but of Burnley, today, think we must.  So here’s the last part of the preview series…

Subs from Ospina, Macey, Iliev, Holding, Maitland-Niles, Kolasinac, Mavropanos, Mertesacker, Wilshere, Iwobi, Willock, Nelson, Welbeck

Doubtful None

Injured Cazorla (achilles, unknown), Elneny (ankle ligament, unknown), Koscielny (achilles, unknown)

Suspended None

Discipline Y53 R1


Leading scorer Lacazette 13

12 Replies to “Arsenal v Burnley. “English football is losing a beautiful mind”. Jonathan Pearce”

  1. Santi trained with the first team this week.
    Wenger gone, Per gone, Santi going…. this really makes me sick….

    Oh and I will probably not be able to write a match report as I am away at one of my children’s home for a birthday party. I hope I get to see the match as our sports channel will give the match live and will even go earlier and stay longer for the goodbye of Wenger. Talking about giving respect!

  2. Let the boys do to Burnley what they failed to do to Athleti.

    This is the only fitting tribute to a great manager at the stadium he helped so selflessly to build, while sacrificing his own pride and chance for personal glory.

    Nothing short of a good win will do.

    Hope the boys are up for that.

  3. I wonder if we will get a report as to whether the t-shirts were still on the seats, or if scum stole them off seats?


  4. If i go for another coffee refill, will PEA/Lacazette score again?


  5. That’s wonderful! Right before halftime, Lacazette scores from Bellerin.


  6. Stats to half time.

    %Cumulative Arsenal Possession
    _5 65
    10 53
    15 60
    20 62
    25 59
    30 61
    35 61
    40 63
    45 63
    45+5 64
    Shots on target 4:0
    _off target _ _ 1:0
    Corners _ _ _ _ 2:1
    Fouls _ _ _ _ _ 2:4
    Yellow _ _ _ _ _0:1
    Goal kicks _ _ _0:3
    Treatments _ _ _6:5


  7. Gord – in the North Bank upper there were no T shirt grabbers. We all got one and wore it with pride & sadness.

    For me it was to say goodbye to the Master of the Beautiful Game. His legacy of a Training ground, a stadium and a team & staff, a host of beautiful moments on the field of play, despite the tilted fields of play, with players that shone like diamonds that were nothing more than dull carbon when they arrived at Arsenal. What a man. What a role model. What a wonderful life’s experience. I never knew how much I loved you until you’ve had to go.

    Thank you for showing me the love of the Game beyond the passion of love for my club Arsenal. Our game, your last game at the home you helped build, showed us some of the beautiful game you brought to the world and to Arsenal.

    Bless you Arsene Wenger.

  8. Bulldog – you have homed in on the quote of the whole occasion for me, “English Football is losing a beautiful mind” . That is , in one pithy line, the truth. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Jonathan Pearce deserves real credit for that.

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