Arsenal v Burnley Sunday 6 May 2018 – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

Well Chelsea have done it and become the first team this season to have a referee six times – they have Anthony Taylor for their game against Liverpool.  So far their record is:-

Matchweek Match Score Chelsea W/D/L
2 Spurs v Chelsea 1 – 2 W
11 Chelsea v United 1 – 0 W
16 West Ham v Chelsea 1 – 0 L
22 Arsenal v Chelsea 2 – 2 D
30 Chelsea v Palace 2 – 1 W

Liverpool have had him three times before today

Matchweek Match Score Liverpool W/D/L
1 Watford v Liverpool 3 – 3 D
6 Leicester v Liverpool 2 – 3 W
31 Liverpool v Watford 5 – 0 W

Why am I raising this – Chelsea are currently 5 points behind Spurs and if they win this game there is a possibility of them knocking Spurs out of fourth place in the table which would be nice (not as nice as us doing it of course but still a little tasty).

On to our game this afternoon and we have:-

Referee – Andre Marriner  

Assistant Referee 1 – Richard West  

Assistant Referee 2 – Sian Massey-Ellis

Fourth Official Graham Scott  

We have had Mr Marriner four times already this season, three losses and a win

  1. Stoke v Arsenal 19 August (1 – 0)  Three not given penalties to Arsenal and a Lacazette goal wrongly ruled out for offside cost us all three points in this game.  Still we don’t have to play Stoke in the League next season.
  2. Arsenal v Man United 2 December (1 – 3) Two Manure players should have been sent off and another three penalties not given.  Kos should also have been sent off for a last man foul.  Result should probably habe been a draw. 
  3. Arsenal v Man City 1 March (0 – 3)  The better team won on the day so any complaints about the referee largely irrelevant.
  4. Arsenal v Southampton 8 April (3 – 2)  Mr Marriner set the tone for the day with the first challenge on Nelson which was an old fashioned “leveller” and fully warranted a yellow card (needless to say the card remained in his pocket).  The only error for Southampton’s first goal was from Mustafi.  Two good goals from Auba and Wellbeck.  An equaliser for Southampton when we don’t clear our lines then a big miss from Wellbeck but he makes up for it with a header not long afterwards.  Bertrand escapes a yellow for a shirt pull (identical foul earlier from Bellerin was carded)  At the end Stephens rightly given a red card for retalliation after Wilshere had tried to pull off his shirt and a red for Elneny for a push in the aftermath.  Soft card but Elneny had no need to be involved in any way.

At least we don’t have Mr Marriner’s normal sidekicks this time.  The assistants are Richard West and Sian Massey-Ellis (my favourite assistant referee as she is absolutely competent).

Graham Scott is the fourth Official – we won our only game when he was referee beating Huddersfield 5 – 0 so no issues should he have to take over.


  1. At least it isn’t Mike Dean for Arsene’s last home game
  2. Mr Marriner is still a typical PGMO employee, ready to punish Arsenal players far more readily than our opponents and extremely unwilling to give us a penalty so don’t expect anything different this afternoon.


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  1. With referee Andre Marriner at the centre controlling today’s match between Arsenal and Burnley in the PL at the Ems this afternoon, there should be no cause for alarm but if the Gunners selected by Le Boss for this his last home match as the Gunners boss play to beat the Clarets and do beat them. The light has just been brought back by the PHCN after going off just before the Man City vs Huddersfield match that ended goaless which I didn’t watch due to the light going off. So hopefully, I should watch the Arsenal vs Burnley match live if the light stays ON.

    The Arsenal starts and bench for the match are already out and I’ve seen them. Mavropanos is starting the match alongside C Chambers in the heart of the Gunners defense-line. Iwobi start too. So, since the starts and bench for the match are out, there is no need for me to make my usual anticipated Le Boss’ starts and bench for the match

  2. It is so touching to see that Henry has chosen to celebrate Man City ‘s EPL win with his former manager in Manchester. That show real gratitude to someone who contributed to his career .
    May have to dash down to London, though , to thank another manager who helped him to get his career back on track !

  3. Nice one, dickhead injured himself by trying to barge into Xhaka from behind.

  4. According to Tony Gale (commentator for this game) Arsenal haven’t scored enough goals this season, yet there are only 2 teams to have scored more goals than us. Again, according to Tony Gale, Arsenal aren’t good at defending set-pieces and have conceded too many goals this way; funny that, considering there are only 4 teams in the entire PL to have conceded less goals than us from set-pieces.

    Just another couple of examples of how these “expert” pundits manipulate the audience.

  5. No Jammy maybe you’d say – ‘…how these expert “pundits” “create their own realty”. There may be no clear cut agenda against AW but a there seems, to me, a bias that stinks to high heavens, against him.

  6. Sorry, there are actually only 3 teams to have conceded less goals from set-pieces than us.

  7. We’ve conceded the exact same amount of goals from set-pieces as Burnley, yet Tony Gale claims they are wonderful at defending set-pieces, but apparently we are poor at doing so. An extremely transparent distortion of the facts, which I’m sure many of our “fans” will gobble up and use as something to attack our players with.

  8. Just how many hypocrites in the Ems today to get their free tee shirt and pretend to be upset after slagging the great man the last few years.

  9. Good start. Kolasinac from Wilshere! You don’t have to stop there!


  10. I know we’re definitely up there for goals scored, but Tony Gale only mentioned goals conceded.

    Nice touch from the Burnley fans singing “only one Arsene Wenger”.

  11. That was a slow motion break and Burnley did nothing to stop it.

  12. And PEA for the assist. Keep scoring Gunners, it will help the goals for and goal difference stats.


  13. Where are the trolls? Our fair weather friends. Now that AW is off to a well earned rest from his post as Manager of AFC he will no longer be available for their shooting target practice. He provided good copy for their often biased headlines and snide remarks. All that is now gone. Welcome to the now leaner times for them.

  14. The commentator said “thanks for the football Arsene” which I thought that was really nice actually. I think someone must be chopping up onions in front me..

    Brilliant send off, such a huge shame couldn’t have bought him the Europa League as one final hurrah.

  15. Because Arsenal put Burnley to the sword. The PigMob doesn’t like that, put them out of their misery, most likely.

  16. 1 minute of time added on ? I would guess it looked likely for Arsenal to score more, and so the PGMO rat shut the game down early.

    %Cumulative Arsenal Possession
    _5 65
    10 53
    15 60
    20 62
    25 59
    30 61
    35 61
    40 63
    45 63
    45+5 64
    50 64
    55 62
    60 61
    65 59
    70 60
    75 59
    80 58
    85 57
    90 58
    90+1 58
    Shots on target 4:0 8:2
    _off target _ _ 1:0 5:2
    Corners _ _ _ _ 2:1 4:5
    Fouls _ _ _ _ _ 2:4 6:7
    Yellow _ _ _ _ _0:1 0:1
    Goal kicks _ _ _0:3 2:8
    Treatments _ _ _6:5 6:5

    Congrats to Giroud scoring for Chelsea.

  17. Just a shame it took them 22 years and his retirement from Arsenal to show their appreciation for him…

  18. That was a moving moment, one that many wont ever forget- I wont.
    Cheers Arsène, the greatest manager in my 40 years with the club.


  19. WOO HOO , HOO ! Very well played the boys . A beautiful and fitting farewell tribute to the departing Arsene Wenger . Shall remember this game forever as a testament on how AW wanted us to play- with beauty and panache .

    A very fine and measured response from our fans . They really rocked the stadium . Please do it always .For all of us who are not able to be there personally. And shout down all those negative and abusive fans .

    Up the Gunners.

  20. Excellent tribute to Arsene by the players. There are goals in this team and whoever takes the place of Le Boss should keep the cannon warm throughout whole season.

    Merci Arsene!

  21. That’s more like it. Sure it isn’t the best send off the boys could have given the great man, but it will do for now. Well done lads. from hereon, onwards & forward

  22. Great appreciation as well for Santi.

    I have some photos which I’ll try and put up tomorrow

  23. If only there wasn’t corruption in English football. If only there wasn’t corruption in English football. If only…..

  24. I was watching BFG playing beautifully for Arsenal when he was brought on into the game with about 5 to 10 minutes to the end of the match when the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) Zaria zone took light in my Anguwan Kaya Zaria area and thereby denied me watching the match to the very end of it.

    But notwithstanding, I enjoyed watching the match as the Gunners played wholeheartedly to win the match scoring 5 goals but missed a few other ones too. Surprisingly, Iwobi scored for Arsenal today. Can we believe it? Kolasinac was impressive in the game for Arsenal as he was not only among the 4 Gunners who scored for Arsenal in the match, but looked to have recovered from his injury problem. Auba’ and Laca’ who scored a brace and a goal for the Gunners in the game gave a good account of themselves for Arsenal in the match. But Wilshere who gave the assist to Kolas’ to score should have scored when Auba’ worked tirelessly to give him an assist to score but he blasted it over the bar. By and large, the Gunners gave Le Boss a good sendoff match in his last home match as the Gunners boss. And I believe he has enjoyed watching the products of his hard work as Arsenal manager produced a remarkable performance scoring 5 goals to nil win over Burnley that must question the re known well drilled Burnley defence that is drilled by Sean Dyche, the Clarets manager.

    But did Arsenal lose more than 2 PL games at the Ems this season when they lost to Man Utd and Man City, and played a draw with Chelsea in 3 big games to drop 8 points out of the 54 possible total points they can collect? They’ve ended up collecting 46 points at home all in all this season. But at away, they’ve flattered to deceive as they only garnered 14 points from a maximum 48 points out the 16 matches they’ve played. But against Leicester and the now stubborn Huddersfield teams, they have the opportunities to at least increase their point tally collection at away to 20 points this season by beating these 2 teams. And that’s what they should do to finish on 66 points this season. But that will be 9 points fewer than the 75 points the got last season which still didn’t qualify them for the CL this season but the Europa. Which if they have won to qualify for the CL next season, Le Boss could make a case to stay at Arsenal as the Gunners manager for next season campaign. And if he did that, Stan Kroenke could accept it.

  25. I think I’ve miss calculated the numbers of home matches which Arsenal have played this season to get the 49 points they’ve gotten after playing 19 PL matches and not 18 as I erroneously stated. And at away, it should also be 19 PL games they’ll play and not 18 as I wrote. So at away, how many points have they collected from the 17 matches they played? 11 points? If so, this is a poor points collection at away in 17 games for a possible the maximum 51 points they can collect. But if they beat Leicester and Huddersfield, they will increase their points collection at away to 17 points I assumed. Am I correct?

  26. I would love to have been there to add my vocal support to the wonderful accolade the crowd gave.

    I hope that the nastier section of the fans are ashamed of themselves.

    By the way, did anyone see Ozil amongst the players on the pitch after the game?

  27. A few interesting stats:
    Before this match, Burnley were statistically having a good defense, with 32 goals conceded, and were the only other team in the Bottom 14 with a positive goal difference. We were bang average defensively, having let in 48 goals, and our attack was good, just on the cusp, with 67 goals..
    After today, we have officially crossed the line between a good attack and a great one, with 72 goals scored, putting us third, after $ity and ‘Pool, ahead of the Tinies, United and Chel$ea. Tinies fell below the 68.26 goals bar which represents the statistical boundary, standard deviation considered. Also, Burnley fell below the 36.61 goals baoundary, so they no longer have an overperforming defense. They do remain fifth, behind $ity, United, Tinies and Chel$ea, ahead of ‘Pool (38).

  28. A great game from the lads today, offering the boss fireworks of splendid wengerian football!
    And a moving moment to see that old man alone in the middle of this pitch, surounded by “One Arsene Wenger” songs and waving a goodbye to everything he loved wich he contributed to build

    @Jigsol, good question, at first I didn’t notice him either. Looking again at the video, I can see a player with a cap, (not sure,one can’t see his face) but the manner he moves makes me think of Mesut… It would be strange if he wasn’t there. He said clearly several times how much he respects Arsène.

  29. Thanks for the preview Andrew,


    Florian thanks for that little nugget of data. Very interesting. And useful.
    How do you define the boundary, is it your own calculation or from elsewhere?

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