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  1. Goonereris

    Thanks for providing (preferring ?) clarity to the situation. To be honest, after the recent announcements, I couldn’t help but wonder what the structure will be. Hope it is as you’ve indicated, especially (of course) as it concerns Mertesacker’s role.

  2. Gord

    That medja guy “Reports” is apparently in Spain. He has said that Arsenal have signed Joel Lopez from Barcelona. I believe he is 16 years old.

  3. Andrew Crawshaw


    I read that report. He is currently 15, turns 16 this month, I think, and has declined to take up Barcs’s offer of a contract seemingly preferring his chances of further development with us rather than where he is. Like Bellerin he is a left back. Would presumably join us as a first year scholar before getting a professional contract on his 17 th birthday.

  4. Mandy Dodd

    Could Freddie be returning to the academy setup?

  5. Gord

    I would think this Joel Lopez has some guts, if he does this. Yes, Arsenal probably have a better track record at bringing players up through the system than Barcelona, and recently we’ve had a number of excellent young players in the news. But, with a new manager coming on board and Arsenal now seeming to not operate the way typical teams operate; he is taking a big chance coming here. If the stories are true, I wish him the best.

    I wonder if he is fast as Bellerin?

  6. Gord

    Arsenal.com has a snippet out about Eddie Nketiah and the Toulon Tournament, including this

    including scoring the competition’s Best Goal against Scotland


    Congratulations Eddie!

  7. Gord

    Does your smartphone spy on you? The league in Spain (La Liga) made an “app” that has been quite popular. The “app” will ask for permission to access your microphone and GPS. If you grant it permission, the app will listen to the background to find out if you are watching an illegal signal at a bar, and the GPS will give position.


    How long before other leagues do this?

  8. Gord

    Congratulations to Mandy Dodd for calling this yesterday.


    Arsenal.com has an article up, welcoming Freddie back to manage the U23 team.

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