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  1. CameronAus

    Wow! Thanks Tony!

    This is a fresh perspective, and at this stage it certainly seems a positive for us. I think we will all be hoping that Belgium, Brazil and Spain go deep into the tournament. Hopefully the other top 5 take a while to get some momentum going and let us get take some early season points in contrast to the last couple of seasons.

    How quickly can Emery get Arsenal to a competitive level? That’s the question but unfortunately we won’t know until the season actually starts!

  2. U Know Who

    All three are likely to make the Qtr finals, with Belgium my outside pick, with Germany my Cup winners choice.

    They did not give us easy fixtures, someone didn’t calculate the rest period, when trying to fudge us.

    gift horses.

  3. Menace

    Weshould have a good idea earlier that season start because we have a few friendlies that Emery will be in charge of. Looking forward to his aggressive formations & Arsenal playing to a new strategy.

  4. Wildphil


    I know Arsene always applied a four week holiday rule but I’m not sure that other clubs have done the same.

    • Tony Attwood

      May be my mistake, but I thought that had been put in the regulations, either by the PFA or by Uefa. If I have time I’ll go searching. I must admit I was writing from memory.

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