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  1. colario

    When I did a paper round I used to read what I was delivering, especially the football news on the back page.

    I soon realised that, the bigger the headline, the smaller the amount of news there was to read.

    The papers might have different headlines but the news content was generally the same.

    What took awhile to understand is the point you have made here, that newspapers not only differed on their political slant but also slanted their football news.

    So it was that when I read that ‘Arsenal were lucky.’ and similar phrases I new it wasn’t necessarily true.

    The only differences from then, is that now ‘these purveyors of invention as fact’, have more outlets to promote their lies and a much bigger following that are duped into not questioning what they read or hear.

  2. Menace

    FL has always been the mnemonic for condom – as in French Letter. I suppose this Football London is not dissimilar in that it pretends to please whilst ejaculating garbage into its market.

    The football has been overshadowed by the officials & VAR but that has not hidden the gem that is Iran. They played good football despite being trumped in all their attempts to get specialist sports equipment. Messi has been robbed of exposure by poor coaching & team selection. Germany has been very lucky. England have made the best of whats been put in front of them, only to waste an opportunity of scoring a bag full to record an unbeatable score.

  3. Michael Collins


    Lets face it the football sections of the main papers are only good for lighting the fire or wrapping wet fish

  4. Brickfields Gunners

    Don’t they still line the bottom of bird cages with them ? Rather apt if you ask me ! And a fresh one daily or maybe even sooner , depending on the frequency of the droppings .

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