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  1. Finsbury

    Q: how many management consultants does it take to change a light bulb

    A: ask “great businessman (according to funny papers and selfless blaggers)” Daniel Levy!

  2. Finsbury

    I think I can understand why the aforementioned comedian gets so much praise and the Arsenal get so much jip.

    If I may be so bold: there are literally hundreds of millions of reasons to consider why.

    Not. A. Mystery.

  3. insideright

    Yet more reasons why no sponsor wants to touch this project with a barge pole. Unless of course some Columbian drug cartel wants to chip in a few quid to get their name up in lights. Or maybe Coke might consider it?

  4. Josif

    Did Pochettino play with Maradona & Caniggia?

  5. NM

    Penny wise and pound foolish

  6. Mandy Dodd

    Ready by the start of the season indeed.
    What were they smoking/snorting at the Lane?

  7. Pete

    Below is from a friend of mine in the industry after I had forwarded the article to him:

    “The procurement route issue is not really an issue, we call it construction management and it’s what they do in the US all the time. I have written so many procurement reports extolling the benefits and burdens but I have always used a fixed price lump sum with contractors design because it pushes liability down the chain but gives less opportunity for the client to make changes. Construction management pulls liability up towards the client but gives them more freedom to own the design and make change. It allows earlier construction starts and design development as you go, which client pays for……but at cost. Looks like the mechanical and electrical hasn’t been coordinated well…..but I’ve never worked on one yet were I have been blown away by that, it is after all 20 different trades with lots of inter-dependencies. I don’t think Mace have done a stadium before, they were programme manager for the Olympic Park but Sir Robert McAlpine built the stadium. This will rumble and rumble and only if there is a court case, will the truth come out…..but it’s probably a bit of a clusterf***!”

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