Vorskla, the road trip: mostly fun except for the road, plus it’s tough breaking the law

By Tony Attwood

Yes it was fun; fun to see just how we know how to deal with a team with far fewer resources than we are privileged to have, but none the less beat a team that needs to be beaten.

Fun because, although there are many some season ticket holders choose not to come to games like this, and who it seems were unable to sell their tickets to others who are willing, there are still many more of us who will turn up and enjoy the show.

Obviously there are large numbers who won’t turn up, and of course that is their choice, their personal circumstances, and what else they had in mind.

3 Replies to “Vorskla, the road trip: mostly fun except for the road, plus it’s tough breaking the law”

  1. Having dealt a blow to Vorskla yesterday night at the Ems in the Europa, the thoughts now among us the Gooners have shifted away from the match to our home game against Everton on Sunday in the PL.

    Yes, we’ve had our fun yesterday night watching Arsenal at the Ems or on the TV overcome the resistant of Vorskla in the game against Arsenal. Which the Gunners squarely dealt with but lost some colours in the process of their handing the resistant of Vorskla against them at the later stages of the match which becomes a concern to the Arsenal faithful.

    Keeping clean sheet in games by Arsenal has now become a topical discussion issue among us the Gooners since Arsenal have recovered from the 2 games back to back loss they suffered in the PL at the beginning of the season. But start a 4 game winning run afterwards in all competitions.

    This winning run I believe will extend to 5 on Sunday at the Ems when the Gunners host the Toffees in the PL and beat them soundly and at the same time and will keep a clean sheet in the match for the first time this season to pacify the Arsenal clean sheet keepers that includes myself.

  2. pochettino . glad Spurs have got him. Poor mans mourihno. all the wingeing and negativity ,without any trophies. wouldn’t waste my waste on him.

  3. At some point Andrew is likely to publish another article on the match appointments for GameDay 6.

    I ran across an article from Feb 2018 on possible bias in the EPL.


    The author seems to be well capable of looking at this problem. Using what appears to be reasonable tools and approach, he concludes that there is no apparent bias using match betting statistics from Bet365. I would think it highly likely that the match betting statistics take into account bias by officials, if there is any present.

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