Managerial Ping-Pong! And where the **** is Tschaempeeonshipe?

Managerial Ping-Pong!

By Steven Hebert

Why is it that Managers can be sacked and replaced at any time of the year?

The acquisition and selling of players is, as we all know, restricted to two windows. This makes perfect sense as it brings certain stability to the season and benefits the players as much as the clubs.

Once the season has started, a player can get on with his or her job (yes women play football too)  safe in the knowledge that, until January, they are part of the team. The club and most importantly the manager can also get on with his or her job (live with it) safe in the knowledge that they have a bunch of players, that for better or worse, have agreed to all play facing in the same direction come match time.  The collective noun being “a team” of course! (interestingly this is also the collective noun for Horses, Oxen and Ducks – make of that what you will).

Now, why is it that players are bound by such bi-annual transfer restriction and yet Managers are not? How could it be that, quite rightly, players cannot leave or join a team outside the two regulated transfer windows and yet Managers are not protected by such a set up.

You might argue otherwise but for me it is clear that once a club has appointed its manager come the start of the season, then they should bloody well live with that decision until January or June, whichever comes around first.

You could also argue that a team can obtain an unfair advantage by changing managers after the team have suffered a bad start or bad mid- to late season.  It has happened countless times that a new manager has turned around the ailing fortunes of a club just before the impending doom of relegation to, I am told,  a dark and horrible place called “Tschaempeeonshipe”. (Never been there so i am not sure about the spelling) Trust me; it’s a bad place where evil mythical creatures dwell. (I here that the half-time entertainment includes a Ping-Pong table and Badger Baiting! – yeah, best not go there then. )

Anyway, my point is this. Clubs should select a manager within the confines of the two transfer windows and not whenever it pleases or suits their wants or needs.  It’s become far too silly and arbitrary for my liking and needs to stop.

I for one welcome the fact that our lordship, the Duc de Strasbourg has signed a new contract and look forward to four more years of solidity, growth and peace of mind.

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8 Replies to “Managerial Ping-Pong! And where the **** is Tschaempeeonshipe?”

  1. Well its sport there are restraints of trade all over the shop…but they kinda need to happen otherwise it would be a bit farcical…
    Anyway i just heard Steven Taylor of Newcastle has been transfer listed as he isn’t signing a new contract…Does anyone think arsene will go for him? he has been interested in the past and now he will go relatively cheap!
    might be worth a shout, i would rather him than Juan, Squiallaci will bring the necessary exp.

  2. Sorry – this comment has been cut – Untold does welcome comments but not comments that don’t relate to the original text.


  3. Nice article, but you missed point. If “managerial games” are limited what would our friend jeery talk about, and how would his buddy Jose survive without it.

    But I think its because its cheap, you can switch manager without waiting on medical exams, no one would talk about his height, you would not have to wait armory to get letter Q. And best of all, you can blame him for everything.
    Your wife have period, sack manager. Manager sacked, but your wife again have period, well sack other one too. No one respect your opinion, sack the manager its solution. Heck manager sacked but still no respect, sack manager …

  4. Hey off topic but could not stop

    I remember Walter talking about some Ajax forward who did not fit the team. Now its Ibrahomovic who is tipped to go to AC Milan. I would love to ask those buy guys to think that buying is the only way forward.

    Must say its hard to understand what’s the right player for your team and even harder to comment from here.

  5. Steve,
    Why this unisex post? Can you please name the “girls” in the Arsenal set up that Lord Wenger coaches and that plays in EPL?
    Going by the hairs on their heads, I suppose Song will be one of them?
    I hope you don’t tune to watch the games or go to Ems to loll over him or her!!
    (This post is just for laughs please)

  6. Well, I guess at least in football you don’t bump someone off in a zip up bag, because it’s so easy to fire them………

    With all the eavesdropping and peep show artists in football, there’s not much difference between that and a dodgy flat in Pimlico, is there? Especially with all their complicated private lives………

  7. Since it is the executives of the club that are admitting trheir own failure when sacking a manager, I think it should be a rule that when a manager is fired, so should the executive who hired that person!!!!!! That would make people think twice about firing the manager!!!!

  8. Good points especially coming from the stable gunner managerial environment… But I have to confess I am not certain that a club can’t fire a player if he wasn’t pulling his weight or in the case of Joey Barton if the player is jailed that the club couldn’t buy out his contract and send them on the way. And, that is the point. Managers aren’t simply deposed of it’s more likely they are bought out. The better the coach the higher the buyout…. If on the other hand the manager like Arsene who is excellent and distinguishes himself from “the rest as he has done for more than a decade. Here in North London then His demand becomes quite high…. Even more so from the arrogant Jose. Just ask Real & Barca who they really want. And, so Arsene is obligated by contract to stay. But, all in all I like your points of stability and restraint not seen with clubs these days something well documented on this site.

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