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  1. James LeBlanc

    Merson’s drug addled brain still cannot get over the fact he was replaced by World Class Overmars.

  2. Nitram

    It’s not even that the likes of Merson wants to spout this tripe, it’s more the fact that SKY Sports want to broadcast it.

    I pay those w*****S a fortune for their ‘service’, almost entirely for football, yet I hardly watch 1% of what they broadcast football wise.

    I know I’m a mug. I know those c****s are ripping me off. But I cant watch Arsenal live, for many reasons, so what do I do?

    I tell you what I do. I get mugged off.

  3. Colario

    Glen Hoddle on his birthday seriously ill in hospital. Our hopes – prayers for and his family

  4. U know who

    Big news syndicate cover up strikes Liecestwr Chairman. A press release from the club states that it is not believes the chairman was on board. Although most frequently the man is seen flying out of the stadium post home game.

    No other release have been issued. We intend to keep you fully updates as thos story breaks.


  5. Gord
  6. Gord

    SportBible has a blurb about Arsenal fans getting into Merson on this.


    Merson needs to retire. Their must be some football club looking for a new groundskeeper. Mowing the lawn is something Merson might be able to do (properly).

  7. Menace

    Get well soon Glen Hoddle.

    Merson? No comment.

    Sky? an abuse of the word.

  8. Gord

    Why do the TV organizations have to employ ex-players with an agenda?

    Some things I’ve read, talk 5-1. The game against Cardiff ended 4-1. There were only 10 fouls in the game, slightly more than half (6) by Liverpool!. Going into the game, Cardiff do tend to receive a lot of treatments, and they are guilty of inflicting more treatments than Liverpool!. There was one treatment in my records. I have no idea if a foul was called on this. But it took 8 minutes to get this player back on the pitch, and after another 8 minutes he was substituted. There is no card for that? Oh, but Liverpool! don’t play dirty. That not what this suggests. It does suggest Stuart Attwell had a problem disciplining Liverpool!.

    There is the Top-6. Arsenal are in the doghouse because 😈 Mike Riley hates Arsenal (and possibly some referees hate Arsenal all on their own). The only other “Top-6” (currently sitting in 10th) currently getting the attention of the PGMO “experts” is ManU. Maybe Moaninho should switch from garlic flavoured mouthwash, or something?

    Arsenal and ManU (before Game Day 10) were both about 680 man-minutes of caution. Man$ity is the next highest Top-6 at 468. Spuds at 416. Arsenal isn’t a dirty team, that should be picking up yellows early and often. PGMO has an agenda, just like Merson. We are being issued about twice the caution of the other Top-6 (ignoring ManU) for no good reason.

    Let’s hope that Atkinson doesn’t allow another long term injury of an Arsenal player on Sunday. With no card, possibly without even calling a foul.

  9. Ferg

    Try Now TV mate
    You can pay per view for a weekend pass when u can watch live.
    Otherwise, this year at least, Arsenal .com has shown pretty much ever game 24 hrs after, in full, and with sympathetic commentators.
    That’s wot I do. £90 a month better off for it.

  10. Ferg

    Get well Glen

  11. Nitram


    Thanks for that and certainly worth thinking about.

    Also like to echo your sentiments regarding Glen Hoddle.

    A Brilliant footballer.

    Decent manager.

    Questionable pundit.

    But whatever he was doing he has always struck me as a decent bloke.

    All the best Glen and get well soon.

  12. Jammy

    Merson really is a vile little man. His anti-Arsenal rants have ramped up SIGNIFICANTLY in the past few weeks, and it is clear to see that that is his reaction to seeing Arsenal go on a 11 game winning streak, which speaks volumes of his character and shows exactly where he is coming from. What pains me the most is how this fat, bitter alcoholic is always referred to as an “Arsenal legend”, when the truth of the matter is that he has had a stick up his arse about Arsenal ever since Wenger saw him for the waster that he is.

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