Merson in weirdest anti-Arsenal rant yet on Sky as Nicholas discovers rotational fouling

by Bulldog Drummond

“Ozil will be going back to Real Madrid in six months time if he continues to play as he did against Leicester,” according to Paul Merson in his latest and one of his most bizarre and incoherent rants.

Much of what he said was difficult to fathom, as when he continued on the Ozil theme, “this is what he can do on any given day but them days are not that special.  He is head and shoulders above all them players at Arsenal, head and shoulders.”

Directed to move on to the issue of Xhaka, Merson noted that the player was playing at left back.

“If they don’t lose by more than three goals next saturday I’ll be shocked.  I’ll be shocked.  Leicester are average at best and they should have been out of sight in thirty minutes, I mean Holding was pulling people back on the half way line I mean they’re not in the same class as this Liverpool football team.

“If Liverpool turn up and they fancy it they will rip Arsenal to absolutely and they’ll get found out they’ll get found out they’re just waiting to get found out.  They’re like a boxer who’s got a dodgy chin who hasn’t been hit yet and as soon as he gets hit he’s just going sparks.  Sparks.  You could put another one on that Premier League title no way they will win it…”

Merson continued talking after this but as his speech became more and more incoherent the chair and other panelists started to speak over him until he shut up.

But we gather that for the game against Liverpool, Liverpool merely have to put eleven men on the pitch and they will win by four or more goals.

At which point we might bring in the goals against chart.

G.A Pos Lge Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 1 Manchester City 9 7 2 0 26 3 23 23
2 2 Liverpool 9 7 2 0 16 3 13 23
3 3 Chelsea 9 6 3 0 20 7 13 21
3= 5 Tottenham Hotspur 9 7 0 2 16 7 9 21
5 9 Wolverhampton Wanderers 9 4 3 2 9 8 1 15
6 4 Arsenal 9 7 0 2 22 11 11 21
6= 15 Crystal Palace 9 2 1 6 5 11 -6 7

Although Mr Merson was suggesting that the Arsenal defence was appalling, (a common theme of his), and although we might wish that it was better, it is not the worst defence in the league.  In fact it is the sixth best defence in the league.

So realistically Mr Merson could have made the point that it should be better than Tottenham (who have let in seven to our 11) if we want to overtake Tottenham in the league on points as well as goal difference.  But he was just saying that Liverpool (who have scored six fewer goals than Arsenal) will score four against Arsenal (who have conceded eight more than Liverpool.

It is a possible argument to make, but it is hard to jump from that point to the conclusion that Liverpool will score four against Arsenal.  But we shall see.

Let’s finish today’s preview with a look at the League table one year ago after nine games and compare it with now…

One year ago the league table looked like this

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Manchester City 9 8 1 0 32 4 28 25
2 Manchester United 9 6 2 1 22 4 18 20
3 Tottenham Hotspur 9 6 2 1 19 6 13 20
4 Chelsea 9 5 1 3 17 10 7 16
5 Arsenal 9 5 1 3 17 12 5 16
6 Watford 9 4 3 2 15 17 -2 15

And now we see how it looks before today’s games – with a column showing the difference in the number of goals scored this year against this point last season…

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts Diff
1 Manchester City 9 7 2 0 26 3 23 23 -2
2 Liverpool 9 7 2 0 16 3 13 23 +10
3 Chelsea 9 6 3 0 20 7 13 21 +1
4 Arsenal 9 7 0 2 22 11 11 21 +5
5 Tottenham Hotspur 9 7 0 2 16 7 9 21 +1
6 AFC Bournemouth 9 5 2 2 16 12 4 17 +10

Manchester United have dropped out of the top six and are six points lower than they were at this stage last year.  The big winners are Bournemouth and Liverpool, both ten points above this time a year ago.

We’ll have more on Sunday ahead of the game.



12 Replies to “Merson in weirdest anti-Arsenal rant yet on Sky as Nicholas discovers rotational fouling”

  1. Merson’s drug addled brain still cannot get over the fact he was replaced by World Class Overmars.

  2. It’s not even that the likes of Merson wants to spout this tripe, it’s more the fact that SKY Sports want to broadcast it.

    I pay those w*****S a fortune for their ‘service’, almost entirely for football, yet I hardly watch 1% of what they broadcast football wise.

    I know I’m a mug. I know those c****s are ripping me off. But I cant watch Arsenal live, for many reasons, so what do I do?

    I tell you what I do. I get mugged off.

  3. Glen Hoddle on his birthday seriously ill in hospital. Our hopes – prayers for and his family

  4. Big news syndicate cover up strikes Liecestwr Chairman. A press release from the club states that it is not believes the chairman was on board. Although most frequently the man is seen flying out of the stadium post home game.

    No other release have been issued. We intend to keep you fully updates as thos story breaks.


  5. Why do the TV organizations have to employ ex-players with an agenda?

    Some things I’ve read, talk 5-1. The game against Cardiff ended 4-1. There were only 10 fouls in the game, slightly more than half (6) by Liverpool!. Going into the game, Cardiff do tend to receive a lot of treatments, and they are guilty of inflicting more treatments than Liverpool!. There was one treatment in my records. I have no idea if a foul was called on this. But it took 8 minutes to get this player back on the pitch, and after another 8 minutes he was substituted. There is no card for that? Oh, but Liverpool! don’t play dirty. That not what this suggests. It does suggest Stuart Attwell had a problem disciplining Liverpool!.

    There is the Top-6. Arsenal are in the doghouse because 😈 Mike Riley hates Arsenal (and possibly some referees hate Arsenal all on their own). The only other “Top-6” (currently sitting in 10th) currently getting the attention of the PGMO “experts” is ManU. Maybe Moaninho should switch from garlic flavoured mouthwash, or something?

    Arsenal and ManU (before Game Day 10) were both about 680 man-minutes of caution. Man$ity is the next highest Top-6 at 468. Spuds at 416. Arsenal isn’t a dirty team, that should be picking up yellows early and often. PGMO has an agenda, just like Merson. We are being issued about twice the caution of the other Top-6 (ignoring ManU) for no good reason.

    Let’s hope that Atkinson doesn’t allow another long term injury of an Arsenal player on Sunday. With no card, possibly without even calling a foul.

  6. Nitram
    Try Now TV mate
    You can pay per view for a weekend pass when u can watch live.
    Otherwise, this year at least, Arsenal .com has shown pretty much ever game 24 hrs after, in full, and with sympathetic commentators.
    That’s wot I do. £90 a month better off for it.

  7. Ferg

    Thanks for that and certainly worth thinking about.

    Also like to echo your sentiments regarding Glen Hoddle.

    A Brilliant footballer.

    Decent manager.

    Questionable pundit.

    But whatever he was doing he has always struck me as a decent bloke.

    All the best Glen and get well soon.

  8. Merson really is a vile little man. His anti-Arsenal rants have ramped up SIGNIFICANTLY in the past few weeks, and it is clear to see that that is his reaction to seeing Arsenal go on a 11 game winning streak, which speaks volumes of his character and shows exactly where he is coming from. What pains me the most is how this fat, bitter alcoholic is always referred to as an “Arsenal legend”, when the truth of the matter is that he has had a stick up his arse about Arsenal ever since Wenger saw him for the waster that he is.

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