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  1. Ferg

    If only they’d put a bid in for the other,other tax payers stadium!

  2. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Hmmm. Tottenham Hotspur were this night at Wembley undone 0-1 by Man City in the PL. The implication of the lose for Spurs is, they are now a point and GD below Arsenal in the table. However, Arsenal can cut Liverpool 4 points lead on them to 1 point on Saturday evening when the Gunners host the Reds and beat them to collect all points in the match. But let me not distract the Gunners in their focus with the Arsenal vs Liverpool match talks now as they are preparing for their next match against Blackpool in the League Cup on Wedsday night at the Ems.

  3. Michael Collins

    The Spurs match was very nostalgic. The pitch was like most pitches were like this time of year. By January White Hard Lane had a bit of grass in the corners and West Ham had no grass at all. However none of these rolled mud pitches appeared to stop Jimmy Greaves etc. However, all grass does look nicer. As next year there are going to be 4 NFL matches in England probably leading to a permanent team at the new White Hart Lane we should get used once again to pitches that look like a WW1 Battlefield.

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