Another problem at Tottenham’s new ground? No, that can’t be right.

By Dr Billy “the dog” McGraw, head of industrial relations and other family members.

We have occasionally dealt with one or two minor issues at Tottenham Hotspur’s New WHL ground, which have put the date of its opening back from the summer of 2018 to, well, I am not sure but I suspect that is just because I have not been paying attention properly, and I know the date has been announced somewhere and all these games at Wembley have just been played there because the grass at New WHL hasn’t been painted green yet.

So I really am very dubious about stories that tell us that Tottenham have a problem with the payment of workers who have been employed by contractors themselves employed by the agency who were employed by Tottenham to see that everything happened on time.

This time it seems to be the electricians who have not been paid.  It is said that their families can’t have a Christmas tree with lights because they don’t have enough money to pay an electrical tree specialist to come in and do the job.

The company in question seems to be BCL Recruitment who recruited a lot of alarm installers.   At least the company had the wherewithal to come up with a unique line of explanation, reportedly saying “our funding line is now abruptly inactive”, which is rather droll, unless of course one is working for them in which case presumably one nips round there and pulls their plug.  As it were.

There is also talk that contractors are working around the clock, but I really can’t see why.  I mean why not take the clock down and allow everyone to have immediate access.  It seems like another silly bit of whatnot from Tottenham not to think of that.

“Twelve hours a day, seven days a week and if you didn’t work at the weekends then you were looked badly upon,” said one. “People have been crashing with tiredness, going to sleep in cupboards.”

They also report that “Union representatives say it is one of the latest examples of the way in which the so-called “gig economy” is hitting traditionally stable trades. The agency was used by Tyco, a company contracted to install fire alarms at the ground.”

Continuing this line of investigation they have quoted Sam McDouall, chairman of the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain’s electrical workers branch, as saying that

“The IWGB find it very difficult to understand how a football club that prides itself on being a club of moral distinction allows its contractors to act in such a morally and ethically poor way. Considering this will have a major impact on the electrical workers’ families and it’s a month before Christmas we are hoping for a swift resolution.”

And yes, I think there is a lot in that.   The Guardian quotes a Tottenham spokesman said: “This is a matter between Tyco and its subcontractors.”

So it is helpful I guess that the match is being played at the Arsenal Stadium.


8 Replies to “Another problem at Tottenham’s new ground? No, that can’t be right.”

  1. Arsenal MUST find a way at home tomorrow in the NLD big game to beat Tottenham Hotspur in the match and beat them accordingly as us the Gooners are desiring to see the Gunners dealt Spurs a blow in the match.

    The delays being encountered by Tottenham to get their NWHL Stadium ready for action in games so far this season is their own problem to sort it out and not that of Arsenal that will make them be worrying over it. After all, it is not on record that Arsenal have submitted to Uefa the NWHL as their alternative Stadium to the Emirates Stadium to any Uefa organised games should the Ems is not available to play a match due to a reason or the other that makes it unavailable.

    What I think should be of importance to Arsenal as of now, is for them to beat Tottenham tomorrow at the Ems in a big game encounter in the PL. And i strongly believe Arsenal will beat Tottenham by 3 goals to nil at the final whistle ending the match by referee Mike Dean.

    My 4-2-3-1 playing formation style Arsenal team starts and the 7 on the bench Gunners that I want to see Emery play against Tottenham tomorrow to beat them are below.

    Bellerin Sokratis Mustafi Kolasinac;
    Torreira Xhaka;
    Mkhitaryan Ozil Iwobi;

    Cech Lichtsteiner Holding AMN Guendouzi Ramsey Lacazette.

  2. I would like to state my firm and unwavering opposition to this week rainbow captain armband in support of homosexual people, especially in a game most are eager to watch. The PL is an international sport event and should refrain from becoming a propaganda platform for a particular aggressive living style which is still a criminal act in many countries around the globe.

  3. Regretfully not. Probably doesn’t help when on the one hand the club is vociferously supporting tolerance, whilst using the other to trouser vast sums of cash from people who share none of those values.

  4. I think I have an absolute right to express my disagreement on social issues like that especially when universal platform like football is used. Note that not all British people share your idea, it is simply because they are powerless and scared to express themselves.

  5. Not all, but we have a parliamentary democracy where we get to vote on such matters. Arsenal is a club in London, born out of London, that you choose to follow from another culture, with different norms and beliefs, if you don’t respect our beliefs and philosophies then choose another league to get emotionally involved in. Personally I don’t want my fellow supporters to feel marginalised or discriminated against, and neither on the whole does my country that has passed laws to protect and enshrine human rights.

  6. I think you are wrong again. Passing legislation for someones right and using football platform for one particular expansionist life style is two completely different staffs. For example, someone is expected to respect a person and his views from a different religion, but it is completely wrong to think it is legal to make someone see or hear the religion practices without concent. You can be homosexual, that is none of my business. You can do whatever you want in your life, again that is none of my business, I don’t even want to know about it. But I have a right not to be preached about it, especially by football platform I am emotionally connected with. I know you know what I want to mean. As for jog on comment, you can also jog on if you don’t want to read about a ones disagreement for a particular life style.

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