Colorado Arsenal off to a flying start

Colorado Arsenal – the club formed following the historic partnership agreement between Arsenal FC and Colorado Rapids – got off to a flying start by thumping LA Galaxy 4-0.

The game saw superstar David Beckham playing all over the pitch (no one was quite sure what his position was supposed to be) for the full game, before giving a press conference in which he first blamed the referee for poor decisions, then the international in mid-week for his poor form, and then the altitude.   So no change there then.

Former Manchester United winger Terry Cooke scored the first for Arsenal in the 10th, leading to a round of “One nil to the Arsenal” from some fans behind the goal who had done their homework.   Christian Gomez got the second with a 60th minute penalty.  Omar Cummings made it 3-0 in the 67th minute and Colin Clark the last goal in the 80th.  

At the end, LA’s Portugese defender Abel Xavier was sent off for a rough tackle on Ciaran O’Brien, who in turn was sent off soon afterward for his own hard tackle on Carlos Ruiz.  So US football begins to learn what the game is really all about.    

Galaxy are managed by Ruud Hullit – of whom it has been said. 

Quite often.