Why isn’t there action about Man U supporters at Arsenal?

According to the Guardian “Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard was forced to endure abusive chants about his daughter” during the Mersey derby and the police have been asked to investigate.

Everton’s spokesman Ian Ross said,. “Whilst we would never condone the singling out of individual players for vitriolic insults, it is a shame that Mr Benítez chose to ignore the actions of his own club’s supporters. Not only was Joleon Lescott subjected to an afternoon-long barrage of quite disgusting and quite audible abuse, Phil Neville was seemingly spat at several times and was also punched in the back by a supporter as he took a throw-in.

“We have asked Merseyside police and our safety officer to look into the matter.”

The sort of things that go on when northern and midlands teams play will come as no surprise to Arsenal supporters who have had to endure 10 years of Man U supporters chanting the most disgusting songs about the Arsenal manager.  Only a few weeks ago there was uproar at the Emirates when Villa fans sang a song glorying the vile attack on Eduardo by a Birmingham City player which left Eduardo out of football for at least nine months.

But there has never been any enquiry by the police or anyone else, and never an admission by the clubs concerned that anything is wrong.  

One law for Arsenal, one for the rest, it seems.