Totts booed and issue DVD, Wenger supremely clever

By Tony Attwood

What a jolly day.  And so many issues.  I’ll combine them into one article, so we can move on to broader matters of substance for consideration and in-depth analysis tomorrow (or not if I get up late, or if you are bored and have had enough).

Wenger’s “rant” (as one correspondent described it in these august columns) was neither an embarrassment nor a rant as was claimed.  In fact it was a very clever and calculated approach which arose once it was clear that the ref of our game was the man who refereed the Stoke game the previous week.  By focusing on the Stoke play, Wenger was able to criticise the ref prior to the game without criticising the ref, and thus gaining the attention of the FA and EPL.

It was a brilliant strategy that paid off to the full.  Blackburn were less thuggish than usual, played more football, and the ref knowing that everyone would notice him after last week, watched his step.

Blackburn we must recall are not an easy touch. Another correspondent pointed out that it was quite appalling that Wenger was unable to beat Blackburn, and it is of course quite true that we lost there last year.

But if you look at the records you will see that aside for ending the season in 10th place last year they won 10, drew six and lost only three at home.  And Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool and Villa all failed to beat them at Blackburn, just as we did.

In fact the attack on Wenger for his supposed inability to beat Blackburn was typical of the growing AAA hysteria.  Facts have long since departed – it is now a case of making up any statement and just saying it, without any justification.

There was another one this week (while I am on the subject) claiming that we didn’t develop Cesc, even though we took him from obscurity and no progress at the age of 15 and played him at 16.   Ah well.

At Tottenham of course they don’t need an Anti-Tot group, since they are one themselves.   The planet Earth (as I am sure you will know) is 4.6 billion years old (give or take a year), and in all that time the Tinies have not made it into the Champions League.  Now they have, and you would think that someone somewhere might be rather pleased.  But no.   Following their defeat to Wigan they were booed off the pitch.

Loyalty and deep support is clearly not on the agenda for the old Middlesex club.

But still – they do have room to celebrate, and in keeping with past traditions the Tinies have now bought out a DVD of the draw for the league cup, celebrating their victory in getting a home tie when they play us in the third round.  I am told a congratulatory mug commemorating the draw is also on the way.

For us the issue is, what sort of team will our Lord put out? Will the junior kiddies get a kick, or will it be members of the “25” who have not been having too many games of late?   Come to that what will the maniac Arry do?  Knowing (if he remembers) that for the first time in those 4.6 billion years the Tinies have Champ League games on the horizon will he play the first team (as he has done before) or will he too put out his reserves?

Actually there is a problem there since the Tiny Totts don’t have a team in the reserve league.   I think they have a youth team somewhere though, although I am not sure where.

So there we are, three games in and already two points behind  the KGB, in second place.  Obviously time to demand Wenger’s head and shoulders.  The Tinies are in 9th, having played three and won one, scoring a mighty two goals and conceding two as well.

And what price relegation for West Ham?

And, and, you will forgive me I am sure (well really you don’t have any choice) if I point out that Torquay United won again today, and are top of League Two (the fourth division) having played four and won four.  I must admit I don’t know if this is just an English thing, but it is quite common for English followers of a top club to support also a second club, in a lower division.   My second club is Torquay (because I lived nearby for three years and the final football matches I went to with my dad were there), who recently suffered the ignominy of a spell in the conference.  I won’t bore you with the details, but it makes me very happy to see them on the up.

Incidentally talking of lower leagues, AFC Wimbledon (the club born with Wimbledon FC left London and moved to Milton Keynes to become Milton Keynes Dons are now top of the Blue Square Premier league.   If they stay up there they will get into League Two next year, and could even be playing the Dons.   Now that would be a game worth seeing!

Untold Arsenal, not exactly the place for facts, but still, you can’t have it all.

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32 Replies to “Totts booed and issue DVD, Wenger supremely clever”

  1. just like to comment on our game today, loved the way we bullied bbr players, loved watching them moaning about being roughed up to the ref, loved hearing bbr fans go dead quiet,and loved fat mans face when he realised bbr were beaten.

  2. Tony
    As an addendum to the first part of your article which hasn’t so far hit on the net is that The lord’s “rant” has sparked some anger from Stoke.
    Stoke have in point of fact written to arsenal and cc’d bothe the premier league and The FA regarding AW’s comments and in particular ones referring to Ryan Shawcross. They want an apology citing that they would expect better from sombody of AW’s stature.

    One would hope any statement from Arsenal would go something like this.

    SKY interviewer: “Arsene we understand that Stoke football club have written to you regarding your “rugby” comments”..

    AW:” Yes we received their letter and referred it to the head of our complaints department who took the appropriate action.”

    Skt interviewer:” Arsene could you expand on that for example the name of the head of that department and the action taken…”

    AW: ” Certainly, of course! The head of our complaints department is Aaron Ramsey and I believe that the action taken involved the use of his office paper shredder. we always recycle at Arsenal FC.”

    Stoke have some nerve and given that we as a club are regularly accused of hypocracy the irony here is simply too multi-layered to analyse.

  3. I Casually Observed the ‘rant’ for what it really was… it seems Wenger has been reading his Sun Tzu again!


  4. Huge win for us today. This result clearly marks out that we are genuine title contenders.
    We are in second after 3 games that included away trips to Anfield and Ewood park. Chelsea may be ahead but they have had the easiest start to the fixture list that I have ever seen. I am not taking anything away from them. power, pace skill and organisation, they have it all. However, we will see how they do on those away trips because I can see us hammering the teams that they have played so far.

    I mean seriously who wouldn’t hammer the likes of Wigan this year eh? Especially at home……oh wait…

  5. The carling cup tie will be a very tricky one. Do we go with the youth and get thumped or add a bit more experience? Certainly go for the latter.
    Anyway, great win today. The result was never in doubt.

  6. There is a special edition of MOTD later. I am led to understand that outside catering has been organised with a large order of special receipe humble pie which will be eaten live on air by Alan hansen.
    I hope he chokes on it.

  7. I reckon the Lord Wenger will play his usual ‘kids’ but with more experienced players. Probably those who dont get to play as often in the first team. Probably the likes of Vela and Wilshere will play again, and Djourou. Maybe even, Nasri, as to ease him back to match fitness in the premier league.

  8. Special news report!

    Alan hansen has been rushed to hospital from the MOTD studios with a chronic case of food poisoning. The cause was his attempt to break the world record for consumption of humble pie a foodtuff that he has a severe allergy to.
    Mr hansen despite obvious discomfort was attempting to finish the final portion but broke down in his attempt. The doctor at the emergency room stated that his condition was not helped by his friend and co-presenter Alan shearer’s misguided attempt at assisting him by trying to force the sunstance down his throat repeatedly.
    “We hope that mr Hansen will recover fully but we are trying to prepare his friends and family for the worst as he may never be the same again”. the medical staff said in their statement to the press.

    I am sure we all send our heartfelt best wishes to Mr hansen eh;-)

    Anybody else getting that feeling that the hallowed no. 14 has suddenly been properly ressurected?

  9. And, so the “rants” of AW and other adjectives continue in England… But here in America there is a noticeable shift in the Arsenal and Wenger by commentators of Robbie Mustoe and Macmanamee as “the EPL side that will win it this year.” In fact I was very pleased with fair representation presented before the match. They even were asked about Wengers comments. And, to my dismay Mustoe was very critical of lower EPL teams tactics on Arsenal in terms of bullying. Of course, Mcmanamee excused this by telling a story of how ‘Fat-Head’s only choice is this tactic because he cannot buy like Arsenal… So be it! I say. But, for a country who disdains the “dive in the penalty area” (Eduardo) and other foreignors who seem to slip in the area, and you all call them “cheats” how can you then excuse deliberate fouls as a tactic, and not call it cheating? Again, I say don’t be hypocrites! A cheating tactic is a cheating tactic, right? I look forward to more honest opinions on cheating including the Dull-ap throw-in tactic which was adopted today by now the second foreignor of a lower EPL club (towel and all)!

  10. Great result in what proved to be a tough game in the end. Just on The Arsenal’s supposed inability to beat Blackburn, these supposed journalists would do well to check the results of the 5 games or so against Blackburn leading into last seasons poor result. Not exactly struggling against them were we?

  11. I was watching FOX soccer the game also today and cant believe they are giving teams like Blackburn and Stoke frikken towels at every throw in to help loft the ball in to the opposition box. The NBA dont even come close to the carry on seen today.
    The ref doesnt even seem to add on time but why should he …he should be preventing it.

    Was nice agreed to see McManimum and the panel judge the game responsibly and hear their dislike of Blackburns tactics view it for what it is.
    Football won the day in the end and the season could be a good one fingers crossed.

  12. I just love-it, love-it, that the Totts were brought down to earth by Wigan. They had it coming. Their supporters in the blogsphere and the media (Warren Barton, I am looking at you) had already crowned them champions of the CL. Not even in the group stages of the CL and already faltering on Saturday after pasting a fairly ordinary Young Boys on Wednesday is a ready cure for the hubris at Shite Hart Lane.

  13. Doomer Ratings. Read them here first before they go online at LeGroan and all the other places we never read.

    Almunia: We conceded a goal so he was bad. 0

    Clichy: The Blackburn goal was more akin to a Clichy own goal. 0

    Koscielny: Showing his lack of experience. I told Arsene numerous times he needs to sign somebody like Cahill. He didn’t hear, we all have to pay. 0

    Vermaelen: Did okay. 4

    Sagna: Can’t cross. 0

    Song: His awful hair forced me to turn away from the screen whenever he appeared. Couldn’t see him play because of that but I will just assume that he didn’t do well. Still time to buy Melo! 0

    Fabreloangas: Already on a sunny beach in Barcelona in his mind. Didn’t show up at all. 0

    Diaby: Nothing to say about his performance. 0

    Arshavin: Lazy. 0

    RVP: Too injury prone. We need players with strong English bones. 0

    Walcott: No footballing brain. 0

    Chamakh: Hair like a Chav. 0

    Wilshere: He has the potential but training with French players is softening him up. 4

    Rosicky: That guy still with us? 0

  14. Forgot to rate Denilson 🙁

    Denilson: 0 interceptions, 0 tackles, 0 completed passes. 0

  15. Can anyone give me tips for getting tickets to the Carling cup tie? I’ll be visiting London from the US that week. Other engagements during my visit mean that the weekend premier league matches during my visit are not possible. If you lot deem that an impossible dream, can you recommend a London-local team from a lower division worth watching?



  16. Dirk Dawson: I think the Carling Cup game is at Tottenham isn’t it? In which case, sorry no chance. We will get about 3500 tickets and they will go to members of the travel club or Gold Members. In past years for matches against small clubs the tickets have been just £10 each and on general sale – but aside from the fact the Tinies will probably put the price up rather than down.

    In general if you think there is ever a chance of coming to England and of seeing Arsenal then you should either go for a game like that yesterday (Blackburn away) where the tickets are not sold out, or join the USA branch of the Arsenal supporters club, who will probably have access to the tickets, or join Arsenal as a Red Member for £25 a year (I think). Red Members have access to tickets, although it is a scramble and for bigger matches they are hard to find. But if you were here one time for Arsenal v one of the smaller clubs you would have no problem buying an Arsenal ticket on line for the game of your choice. See under tickets and membership for more.

  17. I saw the whole game live and wasnt pleased about Blackburn… That time-consuming, long and never-ending throw-in from Pederson (zzzzzz….), that pathetic dive & fall from Blackburn players, that inmature abuse from Diouf towards Big Al, that continuous long-punt from Robinson, that pushing and shoving from Blackburn during their corner-kick, that big fat, smug face from Sam Allardyce… I almost threw-up in front of my TV… The English alwayz mock the Americans’ version of soccer, but if this is football, then i would rather ‘watch’ soccer…

  18. And I was watching the game with my-ex… (dnt ask..) She said Arsenal has the most ‘beautiful’ center defense… According to her, our Verminator looks like Jude Law on steroids and Koscielny looks like Channing Tatum on coke…

  19. Tony

    In the spirit of supporting AW, would you inform him to tell Alex Song in no uncertain terms that he made more sloppy passes looking like a Black and White Minstrel yesterday than he did in all of last seasons’ games?

    He is supposed to look like a terrifying African dominant male gorilla (who the BBC showed in recent documentaries to be able to attract all the girls, to be incredibly fertile and to scare the bejesus out of any challengers), not an amiable teddy bear on contract to his children’s primary school’s Christmas pantomime.

    We all look forward to his return in the next game to his stature as an F-word-free-Roy-Keane and hope that this temporary aberration, which mercifully did not cost Arsenal any points yesterday, will be attended to in a suitably short space of time (i.e. he can do what he wants until Friday week, but action had better be complete by the next time he puts on an Arsenal shirt…..)

    Piers Morgan is away in America………

  20. Very good points Tony- very clever attack directed at the ref by AW. Also smart attack on Scholes- which kept SAF occupied- otherwise he would be chipping in to aid his mates in the North West. Whats more AW is 100% right- but even in Rugby there are rules to prevent injury to players when going for a high ball.
    May be in the reply to Stoke neanderthal’s manager- we could provide them and the premier league with an update on Aaron Ramsey’s rehabilitation programme- 6 months after his leg was busted by Shawthug, that with luck- Aaron may be able to play again in 3 months time-albeit with a metal plate in his leg.
    Blackburn played very well to nullify us in midfield- which they did largely within the rules for once. They play very much like Stoke- lobbing high balls in to big guys at every opportunity. It was a great result for us- especially as not all our players are fully match fit yet-Song, Fabregas, RVP- maybe Arshavin will all improve sharpness with a few more games under their belt.
    One thing overlooked by the many pundits who have written us off before the season has started is the impact of not having to play a competitive CL qualifier in August. Lets see what shape the mighty Totts squad is in by April, whereas physically we have still got a way to go before we really hit our stride and assuming we can avoid the many serious injuries we suffered last year- we may last the distance this time.
    Personally I think we should try to give as many of the the fringe players a game against Spuds as possible-several could do with a start-Eboue, Gibbs, Djorou, Traore, Squilacci.JET, Wilshere, Denilson -a game against the Spuds has always to be seen as an opportunity not a threat. Yes they are a good team but its the Carling cup FFS.

  21. Wonder if the spuds will do a DVD of yesterday? In my aged innocence and knowing that I am the most useless of correct score forecasters, I put all the parameters in:

    Wigan, two home games…2 losses GD -10
    Spuds, deserved to beat City, wiped up CL game, looking fairly sharp…
    My forecast Spuds 4 Wigan 0.

    I knew I was bad at it, but really!
    Oh well, as long as I keep getting the Gooners result right. I’ll settle for P38 W37 D1 L0 at the end of the season..

  22. and no one mention ryan giggs dive like eduardo! disgrace! That tackle on should barge all full body lean on arshavin before he scored was right in front of ref whats that all about? The refs just stink! hand ball before blackburns corner?!

    the cheek of stoke? how about we ask for the medical fees for ramsey? and at least 3 apology letters for breaking his leg from shawtackle to break a leg. soooo annoying!!!!!!

  23. Dirk,

    Just show up maybe you will find some tickets…I did in 2004 at Highbury no less and was seated right behind the Portsmouth goal..I saw a very young Fabregas alonside TH14 who scored a hatrick…Fantastic!

  24. I did some research after the Blackburn away game last season.
    Not knowing anything about the favoured game up there, I went onto a famous website, which told me that from a Rugby ‘line out’, a Rugby player competing for the egg would have been given more protection then an Arsenal goalkeeper attempting to catch a ball, in a game of football against Blacburn Rovers (last season).

    AW’s Sun Tzu impersonation worked a treat!

    (I also remember reading, that he is a fan of Rugby).

  25. Arsenal will never be the underdogs in North London.
    Spuds should keep dreaming about winning the league or going further than Arsenal in CL.
    They are the scums who are taking the fun out of the EPL and CL.

  26. Michael: LMAO…..literally laughing still.
    Hopefully you get to a match Dirk. I hope one day to be able to at some point. Probably when my mortgage is paid. In 35 years. When I’m 73.

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