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  1. omgarsenal

    Tony….Crystal Palace website has this about Seljurst Park: https://www.cpfc.co.uk/news/2018/august/10-upgrades-and-improvements-at-palace/


  2. Brickfields Gunners

    On a personal note , I would like history to repeat itself , and see the occupants of the newest (albeit refurbished)stadia follow the rest (other than the Arsenal, of course!) and spend some time in the low reaches.

    Again I repeat , this is only my own personal wish , but like minded friends are most welcome to pray for divine or other intervention to see our hopes fulfilled !

    With some measure of austerity due for the next few(?) seasons , I can truly see it coming to pass.

    And if need be they might sell the family jewels , to pay the bills , which should weaken them some.


  3. Casmir

    I believe it tomP that showed with facts, using performance of teams in the 5years leading up to when they built their stadium, and in the 5years after stadium move, that teams tended to have done better after the move. Those teams you tell us were relegated a few yrs after the stadium move, probably were promoted after the stadium move, had a fairytale run for some years before returning to status quo


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