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  1. WalterBroeckx
    31 July 2019

    Thank you, Sir Tony ! That was a very well and informative series about us being 100 years in the top division of football. Long may it continue.

  2. Tony Attwood
    31 July 2019

    Walter, you are too kind as always.

    But I do rather like the knighthood.

  3. nicky
    31 July 2019

    I was always under the impression that Bernard Joy was, at one stage a schoolmaster. Any truth in that?

  4. Laos gooner
    31 July 2019

    great series of articles, I just wish some tinies would read it. Could we propose that the little club from up the marshes be returned to the Southern League with immediate effect. Very interesting reading during the lean times of the summer break, much better than all the transfer rumours.

  5. FrankA
    31 July 2019


    I followed all the series and looked forward to the next one daily. It is exhilarating and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Thanks for making out time and the effort to put the records straight. This goes to show how much you care and love this club and posterity will than you for this.


  6. FrankA
    31 July 2019

    Posterity will THANK you Tony

  7. KampalaGun
    31 July 2019

    Hello, offtopic a bit the season starts soon but we still have the very ploblem we had last season, we score first and we either draw or lose. Plobably these are just friendlies but we need to patch it early a stich in time…….

    • Tony Attwood
      31 July 2019

      That was not true at home last season, nor the season before. But away from home it can be a problem – but with the new forward line we will have next season I suspect most clubs will be a lot less likely to go all out to score against us, knowing how easily our three powerful forwards can catch them on the break.

  8. goonersince72
    31 July 2019

    Thanks for this thoroughly well researched and enjoyable series, Tony. I particularly enjoyed learning of the unsuccessful machinations of our still second rate neighbors down the road. ‘Forward’ forever!

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