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  1. Brickfields Gunners

    Nice write up , Tony. Thanks . I do hope that we will be in the top division for a long time to come .
    Happy 100 th Anniversary to the Arsenal !
    Up the Gunners !

  2. Nitram


    “…….in the hope that it might help reduce some of the retelling of the “fake news” account of 1919.”

    Unfortunately Tony, despite your sterling work in uncovering all this information I do not expect for one second that the accusations will go away.

    The fact is the Arsenal haters in the media, of which there are many as we have recently discussed, do not give a toss as to when the stories were written or whether the stories of corruption are true or ‘fake’.

    We all know about ‘fake news’ now, but the reporting of ‘fake news’ has been around for years, as has the writing and rewriting of history many years after the event, but this has never stopped the fake, the account written in hindsight, or indeed the re written version being accepted as ‘the truth’.

    I mean wasn’t ‘the greatest story ever told’ written many years after the event by many different people over many years.

    I refer of course to the bible, a book embraced and believed by Billions.

    As the biblical society says:

    “………the important thing to remember is that when the Bible was written is not as important as what was written.”

    Says it all really.

  3. Ben

    I have been meaning to ask but may have missed the news somewhere, but was there a reason the Untold Banner is not currently up? Visited on Saturday and couldnt see the banner.

  4. Menace

    The incredible Arsenal. The club that has stayed in the Top division in English football for 100 years and the only club in those 100 years to go a whole season undefeated. All this despite corrupt officiating; despite the unfair points deductions; despite the TVs unsporting rescheduling of games and despite the media. What an incredible football club.

    Congratulations to all the Arsenal supporters and past shareholders who loved the club with passion.

    Long may we stay above all that tries to destabilise our love for the club and the beautiful game.

  5. Tony Attwood

    Ben, I have no idea. The club has not told us that the banner is coming down, and it was there until the end of last season. It may have been moved because of the work being done on club level, but the two of us involved in running the project will be there for the Emirates cup so we’ll have a look, and if it is not back, we’ll get in touch with the club.

  6. mikeinatlanta

    100 more years!

  7. omgarsenal

    I wonder if there is anyone alive today who may have been at an Arsenal game in the first division, probably as a child? It would be wonderful to hear from and about this person…..what a testament to our beautiful club’s longevity and class!

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