Arsenal v Tottenham: recent games and trophies won by each club this century

By Bulldog Drummond

This is a difficult game to predict using our favoured home and away statistics, because Tottenham’s form has been affected by their sojourn at Wembley.  Now back at Newhl anything could happen.  Their home form might dip, as generally happens when teams move stadia (and this is effectively a move, given the ground has shifted along the road, and Tottenham have had quite a while playing at Wembley).

Here are their results thus far ahead of the derby…

Date Game Res Score Competition
10 Aug 2019 Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa W 3-1 Premier League
17 Aug 2019 Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur D 2-2 Premier League
25 Aug 2019 Tottenham Hotspur v Newcastle United L 0-1 Premier League

Last season in terms of away form they had the third best rec0rd in the league

Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Manchester City 19 14 2 3 38 11 27 44
2 Liverpool 19 13 5 1 34 12 22 44
3 Tottenham Hotspur 19 11 0 8 33 23 10 33

Although they outshone us in terms of away form, for the purposes of this forthcoming match we can note that our home form was better than Tottenham away.

Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Manchester City 19 18 0 1 57 12 45 54
2 Liverpool 19 17 2 0 55 10 45 53
3 Arsenal 19 14 3 2 42 16 26 45

On that simple basis we were on average scoring two goals a game and conceding one.  But then Tottenham were also achieving those figures away from home.

So how come they lost eight away games in the league last season?

Basically what happened was that Tottenham ran into trouble at the end of last season when it came to away games.  For although some of these were tough matches against other top six clubs, some were not so tough, as with the games against Southampton and Bournemouth.

Date Game Res Score Competition
09 Mar Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur L 2-1 Premier League
31 Mar Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur L 2-1 Premier League
17 Apr Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur L 4-3 Champions Lge
20 Apr Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur L 1-0 Premier League
04 May AFC Bournemouth v Tottenham Hotspur L 1-0 Premier League
08 May Ajax v Tottenham Hotspur W 2-3 Champions Lge
01 Jun Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool (neutral) L 0-2 Champions Lge

Anyway, with Tottenham not winning the Champs League I thought it might be an idea to compare the honours of the two clubs achieved this century.  I have left out the three Community Shield games because that seems a bit unfair to include, as you have to win the league or the FA Cup first, and Tottenham have not done that.

So being as fair as I can here is the comparison between the two clubs in terms of trophies won this century

Arsenal’s major trophies this century

Competition Result Season
Premier League Champions 2001-02
FA Cup Winners 2001-02
FA Cup Winners 2002-03
Premier League Champion 2003-04
FA Cup Winners 2004-05
FA Cup Winners 2013-14
FA Cup Winners 2014-15
FA Cup Winners 2016-17

Tottenham this century

Football League Cup Winners 2007-08

Of course that can be a little unfair, because Tottenham have shown an improvement in form and have come runners’ up quite a lot of late, and this should be acknowledged.  Being second isn’t a trophy, but it shows effort.

Tottenham’s runners’ up list this century

Football League Cup Runner-up 2001-02
Football League Cup Runner-up 2008-09
Football League Cup Runner-up 2014-15
Premier League Runner-up 2016-17
UEFA Champions League Runner-up 2018-19

But then to balance the table here’s our runners’ up list –

Arsenal this century runners’ up

Premier League Runner-up 1999-2000
Premier League Runner-up 2000-01
FA Cup Runner-up 2000-01
Premier League Runner-up 2002-03
Premier League Runner-up 2004-05
UEFA Champions League Runner-up 2005-06
Football League Cup Runner-up 2006-07
Football League Cup Runner-up 2010-11
Premier League Runner-up 2015-16
Football League Cup Runner-up 2017-18
UEFA Europa League Runner-up 2018-19

So let us do a bit of totting up.

First the totting up of the Tots this century

  • Trophies won: 1 league cup.  Total one.
  • Trophies runners’ up: 3 league cups, one Premier League, one Champions League.  Total five.

Arsenal trophies this century

  • Trophies won: 2 Premier League titles, 6 FA Cups.  Total eight.
  • Trophies runners’ up: 5 Premier League runners’ up, one FA Cup, one Champions League, three League Cups, one Europa League.  Total 11.

So we seem to be winning, and doing some running up as well, although these titles and all but one of the runners’ up slots were achieved under the direction of Mr Wenger, so I guess under AAA rules they don’t count.

It has been suggested that the League Cup shouldn’t count as it is a bit of a diddly widdly cup, but I think it would be unfair to take away Tottenham’s only trophy of the 21st century, so I have left it in.


22 Replies to “Arsenal v Tottenham: recent games and trophies won by each club this century”

  1. Brilliant Bulldog

    What a wonderful way to show just what a shambolic failure our club is compared to the fantastic success story that is Spurs.

    How sad it is that so many of our own fans actually buy into that.

  2. OT: Nacho Monreal

    All the best at Real Sociedad. Thank you for all the effort you put in at Arsenal. has also announced that Elneny has gone to Beskitas on loan.

    All the best to you Mohammed at Beskitas. Thank you for all the effort you put in at Arsenal.

  3. Monreal will be missed but his replacement will probably make up for the change. Elneny was a temptation that didn’t deliver. His movement was lost as his mentality was gradually changed to pass back rather than forward.

    Good midfielders are generally creative rather than defensive. Their positional sense and distribution usually results in goals.

    Looking forward to tomorrows game with the new gems unearthed by our management team & coach.

  4. I liked Monreal. He was a solid player with a great attitude. I wish him only the best back in Spain.

  5. Elneny wasn’t getting a place in our side so a loan is a good way for him to get playing time.

  6. Loved Monreal. Solid, dependable with a fantastic attitude and unbridled enthusiasm.

    I think we will miss him but we can’t keep everyone 😢

    Good luck Nacho and thanks 👍

    And good luck to Elneny as well. Always gave his all.

  7. Nitram
    I hope u r doing well. I told you that I will ask you a few questions regarding the current state of affairs at Arsenal.
    As I am of the view that Arsenal as a club is in a state of regression since our greatest ever manager Arsene Wenger left to which you dont agree. So I submit as below.

    1) To start with on the pitch performance. Everyone can see that Unai Emery is a defensive coach unlike AW. So the football we saw last season was not entertaining as against the one we saw under AW. Sometimes it gets very boring to see Arsenal under Emery.

    2) How can Emery Justify by not playing Ozil and Ramsey your best players and choose to play less influential players.
    Why Emery cannot play a system to get the best out of his superior lot?
    By benching Ozil and Ramsey against lower teams we lost points and missed top 4 as well.

    3) AW made Arsenal a world reknown brand by playing an attacking free flow passing attractive brand of football which won fans all across the globe. Infact AW is the father of modern day Arsenal. By playing a defensive counter attacking game Arsenal have lost it’s identity of playing an attractive brand of football which was a hallmark of AW for 2 decades. Now we are creating less chances lesser shots on goal and with more focus on defence which imo is not a good strategy.

    4) Wenger who kept players at the club and remain sincere to them which made the players and fans associated to each other for longer period of times which made the club feel like home. But now we see players leaving and the club is unable to keep services of loyal players like Koscielny Ramsey Monreal.
    Ozil being sidelined and Xhaka being booed we have lost the core of the team.

    5) people may say we finished 5th last year as against 6th during AW last season but I think we know AW average league position was 3rd during his 20 years Reign.
    I think we funished 5th last year only bcos the core of the team was still basically intact and AW footprints were still there. This season we will see more regression in my view as Kos Ramsey Monreal Welbeck have left.Also look at how Kos has been treated and forced to leave the club. Does anybody treat a plsyer let your captain since 4/5 years like this. Shameful. Treatment of world cup winner Ozil is another pathetic story. No values have been adhered to as the club declines.

    Awaiting your response.

  8. OT: the early game

    According Mike Dean, pretty much all the fouling in the second half was by Soton.

    Did this clearance by Soton at 31 minutes have something to do with this?

    31 mins: Bosh! Mike Dean loves to be involved in the game, but even he probably didn’t enjoy this one as Vestergard leathers his clearance straight at him.

    Vestergard did score the tying goal a little later on.

    Mikey did make Soton play shorthanded for 17+ minutes.

    With that resounding draw, ManU are now ahead of Leicester on goal difference having played one game more in 4th place (which is not a trophy). All teams other than Watford and Soton can leap over ManU yet this weekend.

  9. Nitram

    Agree with both posts, and especially enjoyed the first. AFC in recent seasons has been criticised as “fourth is not a trophy” and the FA Cup is not important (since Arsenal win it regularly), but I’m thinking NO trophies really is not a trophy, lol. Media darlings none the less. We’ll see how they fare in their new commode or bidet or whatever the f**k it is! Bed pan?

  10. Rosicky@Arsenal

    “As I am of the view that Arsenal as a club is in a state of regression since our greatest ever manager Arsene Wenger left to which you dont agree.”

    I didn’t say I don’t agree, I actually said it’s way too early to judge.

    I also said I think we had what looks like, on the face of it, a good transfer window, but again only time will tell, time that I am prepared to give.

    You make some good points and you may end up being proved right, but you may not.

    For example, you, I and a few others rate Ozil very highly. As such I agree I think he should of been played more often, but the fact is we don’t know what goes on in the background.

    As much as I rate Ozil, to use a racing term, he’s obviously not easy to train. How many times is he unavailable ‘ill’ ?

    I’m just saying, we don’t know.

    Even if you make good points, if within the next year or 2, and that’s how long we need to make a real judgement, we are performing a la Wenger, or even better, then Emery will be proved right.

    But on the other hand this time next year you may well be saying I told you so.

    Only time will tell.

  11. goonersince72


    By coincidence just by way of reinforcing how differently Spurs are judged in the media compared to us, this from The Suns ‘Top Tips’ guy doing an evaluation of tomorrows match:

    “Both sides are comming off defeats and it’s hard to say which was more embarrasing – Arsenals meek surrender at Anfield or misfiring Spurs’ shock home loss to Newcastle”


    Note how Arsenal ‘Meekly surrendered” whilst Spurs just “misfired” !

    Liverpool are the European Champions.

    Liverpool are last years premier league runners up.

    Liverpool haven’t lost at Anfield since early 2017.

    Liverpool are a settled, top quality side.

    Arsenal played a second string back 4.

    Arsenal had a striker making his first PL start.

    On the other hand:

    Newcastle are……well, Newcastle.

    And apparently it’s hard to say which was the most embarrasing. Really ?

  12. OT: Man$ity game

    Something odd at 30-ish minutes. Laporte needs treatment on the field, apparently gets booked a minute later, and then a minute after that is substituted.

    At 71m, Brighton have a player needing treatment, so the treatments evened out.

    But, it would be interesting to know what happened at 30-ish minutes. My guess is that Moss did something screwy again.

  13. I think the general consensus among the Gooners including myself in regard to Arsenal home match against Tottenham Hotspur tomorrow in the PL is Arsenal will beat Tottenham in the match by whatever goals scoring margin in the match. And if I must be honest with myself, I’ll say that I’ve succumbed to the general opinions of the Gooners who are believing the outcome result of the match will be to the favour of Arsenal.

    So, going in into the international break, Arsenal will cool down collecting 9 solid points to stay 3rd in the PL table. But for God’s sake, isn’t about time a team in the PL puts a stop to Man City’s excesses in the PL matches. Because at 59 minutes into their home match against Brighton today they are beating them 3 nil with Aguero scoring a brace at that stage in the game. Are Man City the only team in the PL who know how to score many goals and always beating the opposition teams?

    I don’t think Arsenal are regressing. If at all anything I think they are progressing and making progress. Any Gunner who can no longer measure up to Arsenal standard quality should be moved out from the club to pasture new elsewhere. For, Arsenal is top-six Premier League club side always having ambitions win titles. And therefore cannot afford to be keeping Medicare players or players who have past it or are injury prone at the club.

    Monreal. Us Gooners thank you for the valued services you’ve rendered to Arsenal for the million pounds paid to you by Arsenal for the 6 and half years you’ve had with them. Our best wishes to you at your new club.

    Was Elneny playing the defensive midfielder’s role at Arsenal before he’s loaned out to a Turkish club? Anyway, I’ve watched him a good passer of the ball who hardly gives the ball away to the opposition. But to be honest, he lacks being bold to advance forward to the opposition’s 18 yard or box to size up the goalie to score or gives assist to score. Maybe he is afraid of losing the ball to the opposition and that bothers on showing lack of confidence by him.

  14. OT: Man$ity game

    An explanation is that the Man$ity player injured himself in a yellow card tackle, and hence was carded after treatment finished.

    Why the one commentary suggested that the game time had changed from need for treatment, to issuing card, I don’t know. It is likely the substitution also took place before play was restarted.

  15. Nitram
    Comments from a fellow gooner at PA.

    Sorry to see Monreal go! A strange time to be an Arsenal supporter. I must admit I just don’t feel as connected as I once did. Seeing some of our beloved players leave all at once is drag.
    This new regime weighs on me for real. I mean, at present we have a team that are unfamiliar with each other and a manager that changes schemes and line ups every sec. how is that supposed to work. How did Pellegrini and Rogers get their teams playing so well with lesser talent and without wholesale changes.

    This is how I feel right now. Hope I’m wrong.
    See how Arsenal fans are thinking about the present regime.

  16. OT: Burley Liverpool game

    Fouls were 10:16, no cards! There seems to have been just a single treatment (to a Liverpool!! player), which required a substitution not long after.

  17. Great article. Been way too much hype around Spurs.
    One thing I will predict tomorrow is a dodgy penalty for Spurs, with or without VAR, has happened far too often in recent games.
    Rosicky, on point 4 of your post , time waits for no man. We may have loved these players, but Emery is within his rights to let them go if he feels it’s for the best just as Wenger was with the likes of Wrighty and Merson. Managers are judged on such decisions, as will emery be seasons end.
    Ozil, great player, love watching him, but whether under emery or Wenger, there are certain games where he just doesn’t perform to his true level. Emery has bigged him up, made him captain, picked him for many games, but clearly only trusts him in certain games, it would seem at home or on the bench for certain away games. And plays him accordingly. Ozil hasn’t been the same since elite players such as Alexis and Cazorla have departed, perhaps he thinks Pépé will eventually help him out?
    I respect your view on Wenger, but he is gone, he isn’t coming back, not with Josh Kroenke now seemingly running things. holding on to him will not add to your experience in following the club, and may affect your objectivity in judging those who follow Wenger, emery and post emery, they have a hard enough job as it is.
    Things have changed, the values you talk about are probably more to do with wengers view of the world than the clubs current view, it is unrealistic to expect the club to hold onto all of wengers ethics principles and views,
    I know you don’t rate emery or the current regime, partly for reasons you have stated in this thread, fair enough. But I suspect the reality is that emery will be offered a new contract if we are in the Champions league this time next year, and will be let go if not, I think it is as simple as that. Personally I want Arsenal to win every game, and so by default, back emery all the way, how many of those games he will win , we all need to wait and see.

  18. Really sorry to see Nacho go. One of the most underrated players in the PL. A real solid pro with a great attitude. Wished he could have stayed but understand that he needs to further his career at home. Best of luck Nacho and thanks for the splendid contribution to the Arsenal.

    Liked Elneny too, hope he does well in Turkey. Never really lit up Les Ems but never really let us down either.

  19. Tks Mandy. I respect your view point and agree that Emery has his own playing style. If you like to see Emery style of football it’s your own choice. Since I prefer the Wenger style of attacking football I have my reservations.
    In my viewpoint the club has gone backwards with regards to football on the pitch as well as off the pitch by letting your senior players go without a proper send off. The way our loyal players like Ramsey Koscielny and now Monreal go without a proper send off shows Arsenal as a club has lost it’s ethics and principles.Look how Ramsey was treated during his contract deals. It was shameful in all respect.
    You may have reservations regarding Ozil but everybody knows he is a class act and if you can’t utilize his skills he may not perform. It was upto Emery to use Ozil as the playmaker role but he had failed to do so. Instead he has been sidelined and we are deprived to see the one of the best playmaker in the league to show his talent.

  20. Been an Arsenal supporter for 60 years and I must say that Arsene brought entertainment with attacking football for Arsenal supporters , let them worry about us . He was bless with wonderful players who all bought into his philosophy and he tried to take out the business side of football for the players so they could just concentrate solely on football , everyone equal , but don’t forget it is a business .
    In his 20 odd years at Arsenal big changes occurred and in my opinion it became results driven by money , you needed money to progress .
    Emery seems to look at every game differently to see what the best way to play to get a result which is vastly different to the past 20 years .
    I think he will get Arsenal back where we want them , at the top as long as he’s given time , but we come back to what I said earlier it’s a results based money business will he be given time .

  21. Emery’s madness has its own method to it:

    1) He is building up a cohesive team chemistry by combining youth with highly skilled attackers and versatile midfielders.

    2) He is missing 4 of his best defenders; Bellerin,Tierney,Mavroponos and Holding. When they return we will have a better defensive strategy,

    3) His style is very different from what Wenger’s was. He believes that playing out from goal is the best option, that scoring more than your opponent is the best approach to winning, that the fullbacks and center-backs should be varied according to the opponents…..all very unique.

    He is working to mold his team in his image….and if it works he’ll be a hero.

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