Arsenal v Chelsea: the teams, the promise of goals and what happened in history

By Bulldog Drummond

In theory this should be a game of goals since we have two of the top three scorers in the Premier League on view.

Rank Player Club Goals
1. Jamie Vardy Leicester City 17
2. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Arsenal 12
3. Tammy Abraham Chelsea 11

Also we can be helped by the fact that the only time Chelsea have not conceded since the start of November is in the game against Tottenham.

Aubameyang has not scored in the Premier League at Arsenal Stadium since the start of November either and yet he’s still the man most likely to get us a goal or two.  Indeed it would be good if any one of Pepe, Martinelli and Lacazette could find their regular scoring boots.  If that happens then defences will need to give more attention to those players which then in turn gives some extra room for Aubameyang to put on the pressure.   Indeed one more regular goal scorer could really make a huge difference.

HITC suggest that Dani Ceballos should be recalled for this game.  Meanwhile Football.London have another of their very misleading headlines up in “Arsenal predicted line up to face Chelsea – Mikel Arteta’s decision as Calum Chambers returns”.

In fact we don’t get a line-up at all, but get told that “Hector Bellerin could return to face the Blues and is set to be assessed with only Kieran Tierney and Sead Kolasinac expected to be ruled out of playing any part in the fixture.

“Bukayo Saka filled in at left-back at Everton and Bournemouth. He could do so again in the third game of the Arteta era.  After sitting out of the draw with the Cherries through suspension Calum Chambers will also be available for selection against Chelsea.”

They also tell us that some fans at the Bournemouth game wanted Lacazette sold immediately, but that is just part of their eternal negative agenda.  Some, after all, can mean two – and indeed often does.

Moving rapidly on… Read Arsenal say “Holding could return”, while the Irish Examiner says the Xhaka is leaving.   And the somewhat more cautious but also more reliable BBC says “Gabriel Martinelli and Hector Bellerin will be assessed, while Rob Holding and Dani Ceballos are likely absentees.”

As for the boss, he gave us this: “We need to attack better, to concede less on the counter-attack, to defend better and prepare a good training session for them to improve,” which was pretty much what we might expect him to say.

Mind you the BBC also join in the usual negative approach to Arsenal, but at least it is factual, if not very pleasant reading….

  • Arsenal could lose four consecutive home fixtures in all competitions for the first time in 60 years.
  • The Gunners are also in danger of suffering three successive top-flight home defeats for the first time since February to March 1977.
  • They are winless in six home matches in all competitions, their longest streak since an eight-game spell from December 1994 to February 1995.
  • Arsenal have conceded at least twice at the Emirates in their past four fixtures in league and cup. They last did so in five games in December 1965.

That last one is actually not quite right because we didn’t play at the Emirates in 1965, and also a little misleading.  Here is the run from 1965

Date Game Res
Score Competition
23 Oct 1965 Arsenal v Blackburn Rovers D 2-2 Division 1
06 Nov 1965 Arsenal v Sheffield United W 6-2 Division 1
20 Nov 1965 Arsenal v West Ham United W 3-2 Division 1
04 Dec 1965 Arsenal v Aston Villa D 3-3 Division 1
28 Dec 1965 Arsenal v Sheffield Wednesday W 5-2 Division 1

The misleading part is that in 1965, under the management of Billy Wright, we were winning at home.  Indeed after the match on 28 December 1965 the league table was not too dissimilar to now… (Two points for a win of course)

Pos Team P W D L F A GAv Pts
1 Liverpool 24 15 4 5 49 21 2.333 34
2 Burnley 23 14 4 5 53 29 1.828 32
3 Manchester United 22 11 7 4 45 30 1.500 29
4 Tottenham Hotspur 23 12 5 6 48 34 1.412 29
5 Leeds United 20 11 5 4 36 16 2.250 27
6 Stoke City 22 9 8 5 34 31 1.097 26
7 West Bromwich Albion 22 10 5 7 47 35 1.343 25
8 Sheffield United 23 9 7 7 31 34 0.912 25
9 Chelsea 21 10 4 7 33 29 1.138 24
10 Arsenal 22 9 6 7 44 45 0.978 24

We actually finished up 14th that year and Billy Wright was sacked at the end of the season as Arsenal’s home crowd dropped to 4,554 for the game against Leeds.

By today’s points system with three for a win we would have had 33 points at this stage – this season we actually have 24, coincidentally the number Wright’s team had with 2 points for a win.

So, the teams…

The Guardian has given us its version of a team…


Maitland Niles, Chambers, David Luiz, Saka

Torreira, Guendouzi

Nelson, Ozil, Aubameyang


Red London however goes with


Bellerin, Chambers, Mustafi, Saka

Xhaka, Torreira, Guendouzi

Pepe, Aubameyang, Ozil

As a third variation here is SportsMole’s idea…


Maitland-Niles, Chambers, Luiz, Saka

Guendouzi, Xhaka


Pepe, Aubameyang


We’ll be there as usual, and hopefully might be made very happy after the long journey to and from.

(Historic PS: after Wright was sacked in the summer of 1966 Bertie Mee was appointed.  His Arsenal in the following seasons, came 7th, 9th, 4th, 12th and then 1st.  Would Mee, under today’s approach, dominated by fan and media impatience, be allowed to continue past his fourth season?  I am not sure, despite the fact that the season had a European trophy.


40 Replies to “Arsenal v Chelsea: the teams, the promise of goals and what happened in history”

  1. Arsenal XI:
    Maitland-Niles Chambers Luiz Saka
    Torreira Guendouzi
    Ozil Aubameyang Nelson

    Beach: Martinez, Pepe, Musafi, Mavropanos, Willock, Smith Rowe, John-Jules


  2. Team News – Guardian got it right


    Maitland Niles, Chambers, David Luiz, Saka

    Torreira, Guendouzi

    Nelson, Ozil, Aubameyang


    Xhaka not on the bench so it looks like he might be away.

  3. Which is the same as The Guamk3890redkjnfv895tyoiufrg published?

    Oh, PGMO twit in the middle is Pawson.

    The Sun has betting tips, much of which looks like gibberish to me. But there is nto a single thing there about the accuracy or precision of the PGMO. No bet on how many mistakes VAR will make? Sad.


  4. Gord – VAR doesn’t make mistakes. They get everything right even when it’s wrong.

    It all works according to the Laws of Riley who established his credentials officiating our ’50th’.

    We have had to play despite his organised & selected crew both on and off the field of play.

  5. Xhaka not on the field, so Guendouzi has to receive the first yellow.

    Aubameyang with the goal form Chambers! Wonderful.

    7m later, Chel$ea inflict a treatment on Chambers, requiring his substitution. Sargent Pawson Schultz sees NOTHINGH.


  6. Looking at the stats at about 28m, we see that Chel$ea have about twice as many fouls as Arsenal have. Which explains why we have a card and they don’t.


  7. Is Pawson throwing dice to figure out what to call? Now he hands out 2 yellows to Chel$ea within a minute?


  8. Half time. Pawson hands out 3 yellows to Chel$ea in 4 minutes. Fouls are 5:13 and cards are 1:3. We have 2 shots on target and 2 off target for 1 goal. Chel$ea have 2 shots on target. Everything else is about even. Both sides have used a substitution, ours was forced. Supposedly VAR didn’t have anything to look at?


  9. The Chelsea fouls were mainly stamps on the instep of Arsenal players. They should have been red as VAR should have revisited but its PGMOL so no revisit for a foul on an Arsenal player. Mount & Rudiger shouldn’t be on the field. Toreira was fouled serially but Pawson chose not to see most of them.

    The fouling seems to have reduced but its only because Arsenal have already had to replace one injured player.

    The foul on Lacazette should have been a free kick outside the box and then a probable penalty (Kane got his for less).

    It seems to be pissing off the commentators.

  10. Chel$ea need a treatment at 58m. Sargent Pawson Schultz sees NOTHING. Could be a foul by Arsenal, could be a dive, could be time wasting. But to Sargent Schultz, it is NOTHING. Fouls are 6:14 and cards are 2:4.


  11. Another treatment, this time Mustafi of Arsenal in need. What does Sargent Schultz see? Mustafi was the substitute on for Chambers. If Mustafi needs to be substituted, that presumably would be Mavrapanos. But, Mustafi is soldering on.


  12. Consistent fouling by Chelsea but no cards. The slightest excuse and Arsenal get a card.

    Te cheating of the officials is just horrendous.

    WTF are the media doing not commenting anbout the blatant bias and corrupt officiating.

  13. Might as well card Arsenal again, to make the yellows even with 13m remaining. Fouls are 9:17.


  14. Pawson is a cheating bastard. He books Lacazette instead of the clear secod yellow to Gorginho.

    PGMOL the most corrupt officiating ever and the whole fucking world knows it but the English FA just let them do their thing.

  15. @Menace the problem I have is watching the EPL is like watching professional wrestling with less integrity. How do fans watch it and believe it is real? The results are premeditated. How long can it go for before fans just walk away?

  16. How Jorginho didn’t get a second yellow is beyond a joke. Another arsenal game decided by a ref mistake.

  17. Yes, Leno messed up for the first goal. And yes we were naive for exposing ourselves by chasing a winner. The players knew we deserved to win that game….as we certainly did. But ffs, Pawson does he have a clue what the word consistency means. It’s an absolute disgrace. he was giving our players cards for “offences” which seconds earlier he didn’t even see as an offence. I am livid. Another kicking at home (and that doesn’t even include the fouls against us he didn’t give). When will the club legally challenge this?

    And, of course AFTV will now start the ‘Arteta out’ campaign despite the fact that with just a modicum of luck and a referee biased in our favour we would have been 3-0 up at half time against 10 men. So so angry.

  18. Not giving that second yellow is such blatant cheating it is embarrasing.

    Yes Chelsea dominated the second half but I felt we looked pretty comfortable.

    But It’s irrelevant really. Chelsea should of been down to 10 and the goal scorer off the pitch.

    Arsenal: 13 fouls for 5 cards = a card every 2.6 fouls

    Chelsea: 19 fouls for 4 cards = a card every 4.75 fouls

    Yet again we get a card at almost double the rate of our opponent.

    It seems if recent comments by Arsenal where a coded message regarding how we are refereed it hasn’t worked.

    The cheating goes on un abated.

  19. The English version of football seems to be concerned with fouling, fouling and yet more fouling! I am amazed how referees are allowed to be so inconsistent with little or no comment from the media and the powers that be in the game! Maitland-Niles gets a yellow card for shirt pulling but Jorghino does not get yellow for a similar foul against Guendouzi, presumably because it was his second yellow and hence he would be off. Instead, Lacazette gets booked for pointing out to the referee the nature of the foul! Arsenal players were systematically and continuously fouled throughout the match. For Chelsea’s second, Saka could not run because of injury!
    As such this had to be part of the Chelsea game plan. Congratulations Lampard et al. How clever!
    Much work for Arteta to do, in order to ensure that those injured can compete against Man Utd. Do we really want to watch this week in, week out? This is all to do with win at all costs and get the money. The Premier League is the best in the world is it? I can accept Arsenal losing on an equal, flat playing field, but watching games like today, no thank you……….!

  20. Chelsea hardly had a clear cut chance before the equaliser and in the second half Pawson was giving them everything he could…
    An equaliser scored by a player and after a “dive” from the same player who shouldn’t have been on the field anymore if the ref wouldn’t have been a PGMO adept

  21. @ Menace

    Totally right. It was not a mistake, it was 100% deliberate in the same way that not sending Mount of for his 3 or 4 yellow cards offences was absolutely deliberate.

    Over 40 fouls against us in our last two home games and what will happen/ WE’ll get fined for having five yellows against us in a game. Time for Arsenal to take this to court.

    The first card set the tone. A foul by Chelsea just outside the are in the 8th minute. No card. An identical foul by Guendouzi three minutes later and he gets a yellow and has to play under pressure for the next 79 minutes.

    Mount and Jorghino should both have clearly received second yellows (and in Mount’s a case, a third and a fourth). If anyone else can think of anything other than it being blatant bias or corruption, I’d love to see the evidence.

  22. Riley and his acolytes in the PGMO won’t be happy till we are relegated probably two divisions

  23. A crime is committed in full view of the police but the police lets off the perpetrator and arrests one of the onlookers because they dared to point out the crime to the police.

    How can pointing out the offence cause the ref to let off the offender. “Just to show he is charge” say the studio “experts”

    Its sickening because he goes and scores. And AMN gets carded for a similar offence.

    We were simply shafted….

    Now as fans we have to be careful!

    We have picked our coach,we have to stay firmly on the side of the team because it’s going to be a bumpy ride. I personally think the performances are getting better. Sure we ceded control of the middle of the park…but we started well, we just have to learn to finish well.
    ….. That’s something for Arteta to sort out.

    Keep the faith.


    …Damn someone should have at least made an attempt to impede Abrhm… He ran unchallenged for 50 metres with our defence backpedaling…

    Would it have been a red?

  24. It’s easy to say we should have played better after the cheating by Pawson. The problem is how many cheats does one allow?

    The PGMOL are expert at cheating and there is no higher authority that oversees their corruption.

  25. To get an idea of the quality of refereeing, just look at 73mn and the yellow given to Torreira for “pulling” a shirt and the one NOT given to Jorghinc at 77mn. This foul was by far bigger (… but a yellow to Laca for dissent).
    Just compare the fouls. That’s enough to understand! A disgrace.

    A positive from the game anyway. The lads were so good in the first half, particularly Ozil and Torreira excellent. Too bad Xhaka couldn’t (?) play, he could have help keeping the pace in the second half.
    Touch of hope after a such an infuriating and unfair result: this team can obviously do nice things in the future.

  26. Walter

    Pawson definitely should have sent off Jorginho, but he missed what looked to me like a pretty clear pen for Chelsea as well. For the first 80 minutes or so, we were the beneficiary of the huge missed decision.

  27. By the way, Dortmund beat every big european club to the signing of Haaland.

    Here is part of what he said after signing

    “I had the feeling that I definitely wanted to transfer to this club, take this path and play in the incredible atmosphere that Dortmund provides in front of more than 80,000 spectators. I literally cannot wait to get started.”

    Guess Arsenal must NOT have been on his shortlist with all the bullies trying to destroy the players

  28. Following yet another disgraceful exhibition of biased refereeing I think these foul and card stats from a few days ago merit revisiting, and indeed up dating.

    This is what Tony and I put up on the 19th:

    These are the statistics from our last 3 home matches.


    Fouls = 32
    Yellows = 10

    That’s a card every 3.2 fouls.


    Fouls = 54
    Yellows = 7

    That’s a card every 7.7 fouls.

    The only possible explanation there could be for figures such as this would be that the intensity and seriousness of the Arsenal fouls was 2.5 times more serious than those of the opposition.

    Following todays match the stats for the last 4 home games read:


    Fouls = 45
    Yellows = 15

    That’s a card every 3 fouls


    Fouls = 73
    Yellows = 11

    That’s a card every 6.63 fouls

    So still it goes on.

    Those statistics are an absolute damning indictment of just how disgracefully different we are refereed compared to our opponents and yet people, supposed Arsenal fans, still come on here trying to tell us that it was in fact us, and not Chelsea that got the benefit of Mr Pawsons refereeing.

    I don’t know who sickens me more, the referees or their pathetic apologists.

  29. Yes, agree Andrew. I thought the PGMOL, and their masters just wanted us out of the top four, seems they are getting greedy and wanting more.
    The refereeing we are getting should be raised by the board, Wenger was vociferous, but Maybe ultimately silenced by Ivan and co.
    Very hard to compete with the refereeing we saw on show today.
    But until the club do something about it, as I am sure the likes of Liverpool would, it will continue.
    Perhaps a brush with relegation might put a rocket up our boards collective arse on this issue, because that is what I suspect we are heading for before things start improving.
    On another note, at what point does the favours Liverpool receive game in game out become embarrassing?

  30. OT: Liverpool 1 0 Wolves

    Fouls are 7:3 and cards are 1:0. Offence about the same for both, except Liverpool bossed possession.

    Liverpool inflict a treatment on Wolves at 19m, Sargent Taylor Schultz sees NOTHING. Same player needs a treatment at 33m. What does Sargent Schultz see?

    OT: Man$ity 1 0 Sheffield (54m)

    Fouls are 2:1 and no cards. No treatments up to 54m. Kavanagh is the twit for PGMO.

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